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B. J. Simmons & Co. Costume Design Records

Folder List (Original Inventory)

Series I. Costume Design Portfolios, 1878-1969

Subseries A. Theatre Productions, 1878-1964

JobTitleTheater / ProductionDateItemsBoxOS BoxFlat File
11066 AND ALL THATunidentified1945, nd161.1252.1 
11066 AND ALL THAT ("musical comedy of English history")West Hartlepool Operatic and Dramatic Society's production1951incl.incl.incl. 
11066 AND ALL THAT ("musical comedy of English history")Lloyds Bank Dramatic and Operatic Society's production1951incl.incl.incl. 
11066 AND ALL THATSt. Ives Operatic Society's production1954incl.incl.incl. 
2ACE OF CLUBS (musical play)Cambridge Theatre195011 482.1-2679
3ADMIRABLE CRICHTON, THE (fantasy)Duke of York's Theatre1902331.2482.3-6 
3ADMIRABLE CRICHTON, THE (fantasy)[Duke of York's Theatre]1908incl.incl.incl. 
3ADMIRABLE CRICHTON, THEunidentified (amateur)1936incl.incl.incl. 
3ADMIRABLE CRICHTON, THEDion Boucicault's production in Australiandincl.incl.incl. 
4ADMIRABLE CRICHTON, THE (fantasy)Royalty Theatre192061.3252.2 
5ADREA (tragic play)Belasco Theatre, New York190570 252.3-5 
6ADVENTURE STORY (play)St. James's Theatre194938 481.1-4, 485.1-7680
7AFRICAINE, L'unidentifiednd41.4  
8AFTER THE BALL (musical play)Globe Theatre195440 482.7-483.9681
9AFTER THE GIRL ("revusical comedy")Gaiety Theatre1914171.5252.6 
10ALADDIN (children's pantomime)Drury Lane1909571.6-2.3  
11ALADDIN (pantomime)Drury Lane19171  1120
see 359ALADDINTom Arnold's tour1943    
12ALADDINCoventry Theatre1956212.4252.7-11682
see 137ALADDIN (pantomime)Tom Arnold's productions in Liverpool and Newcastle1958    
see 193ALADDIN (pantomime)Golders Green [Hippodrome?]1963    
see 655ALCHEMIST, THEMalvern Festival Theatre1932    
13ALI BABA AND THE FORTY THIEVES ("pantomimic ballet")Alhambra Theatre189410 252.12 
14ALICE IN WONDERLANDScala Theatre194317 252.13-18 
15ALICE IN WONDERLANDunidentified1964, nd72.5  
16ALKESTIS (opera)Covent Garden192482.6484.1 
17ALL SCOTCH (revue)Apollo Theatre1915193.1253.1 
18ALL'S WELL THAT ENDS WELLShakespeare Memorial Theatre193525 253.2-9, 484.2 
19AMORELLE (comic opera)Comedy Theatre190473.2  
20ANDREA CHÉNIER (opera)Covent Gardennd123.3  
21ANGELO: THE ROMANCE OF A GREAT COMPOSER (play)Drury Lane1923323.4253.10 
22ANGELUS, THE (opera)Covent Garden1909203.5-6  
23ANTIOPEOscar Asche's productionnd873.7253.11-254.15 
see 98ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA (play)St. James's Theatre1951    
24ANYTHING GOES (musical)unidentifiednd494.1  
25APHRODITEU.S. production1919444.2-4 683
26APPLE CART, THEMalvern Festival TheatreAug. 1929154.5254.16 
26APPLE CART, THE ("political extravaganza")Queen's TheatreSept. 1929incl.incl.incl. 
26APPLE CART, THEtourndincl.incl.incl. 
27ARABESQUELondon Coliseum1916105.1254.17 
28ARC DE TRIOMPHE (musical play)Phoenix Theatre1943905.2484.3-8, 486.1-487.111121
29ARCADIANS, THE (fantastic musical play)Shaftesbury Theatre1909105.3  
30ARCADIANS, THEunidentified (amateur)1928215.4254.18 
31ARCADIANS, THEJames Shirvell's tour194458 488.1-490.21122
32ARIADNE IN NAXOS (opera); also incl. THE PERFECT GENTLEMAN, 1913His Majesty's Theatre1913175.5 684
32ARIADNE AUF NAXOS (opera)[Covent Garden?]1924incl.incl. incl.
32ARIADNE AUF NAXOS (opera)Glyndebourne Festival Opera in Edinburgh1950incl.incl. incl.
33ARISTOCRAT, THE (play)St. James's Theatre1917455.6-6.2 685
34ARLETTEPrince's Theatre, ManchesterAug. 1917236.3254.19 
34ARLETTE (operette)Shaftesbury TheatreSept. 1917incl.incl.incl. 
34ARLETTEGeorge Dance's tourndincl.incl.incl. 
35ARMIDE (opera)Covent Gardennd56.4  
36ARMS AND THE MAN (comedy)New Theatre19444 254.20-21 
37AS YOU LIKE ITOscar Asche's production [in Australia?][1909?]16.5  
38AS YOU LIKE ITunidentified1911, nd46.6  
39ATTILA (tragedy)His Majesty's Theatre1907396.7-7.1 686
40AUNTIE MAME (comedy)production in Australia1958-59127.2254.22-24 
41BABES IN THE WOOD; also incl. CINDERELLA, RED RIDING HOOD, and THE SLEEPING BEAUTY, all 1950Golders Green Hippodrome195085 490.3-492.5687
42BABES IN THE WOOD (ice show)Wembley [Arena?]195530 255.1-10, 492.6 
see 137BABES IN THE WOOD (pantomime)Empire Theatre, Edinburgh1958    
see 137BABES IN THE WOOD (pantomime)Tom Arnold's production in Brighton1958    
43BABES IN THE WOODunidentifiednd27.3  
44BABY BUNTING (musical play)Shaftesbury Theatre191987.4  
45BAD MAN, THEMatheson Lang's tour[Feb.] 1923277.5255.11 
45BAD MAN, THE (melodramatic comedy)New TheatreMar. 1923incl.incl.incl. 
45BAD MAN, THEproduction in New Yorkndincl.incl.incl. 
46BALALAIKA (musical play)Adelphi Theatre193675 255.12-256.161123
47BALKAN PRINCESS, THE (musical play)Prince of Wales's Theatre191067.6256.17 
48BALLO IN MASCHERA, UN (opera)unidentifiednd37.7  
see also 483BALLO IN MASCHERA, UN (opera)      
49BARBER OF SEVILLE, THE (opera)Cambridge Theatre194735 257.1-11688
50BEAU AUSTIN (comedy)Haymarket Theatre18907 257.12 
50BEAU AUSTIN (comedy)Her Majesty's Theatre1901incl. incl. 
51BEAUTY PRIZE, THE (musical comedy)Winter Garden1923267.8-8.1257.13 
52BEAUTY STONE, THE (romantic musical drama)Savoy Theatre1898638.2-4492.7 
53BEETHOVEN (play)His Majesty's Theatre1909218.5-6492.8 
54BEGGAR ON HORSEBACK (play)Queen's Theatre1925169.1257.14 
55BEGGAR'S OPERA, THE (comic opera)Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith192959.2  
56BELLA DONNA (play)St. James's Theatre1911119.3  
57BELLE OF BRITTANY, THEunidentified1929179.4  
58BELLE OF CAIRO, THE (musical play)Court Theatre189679.5  
59BELLE OF MAYFAIR, THE (musical comedy)Vaudeville Theatre190679.6  
60BELLE OF NEW YORK, THEScala Theatre19252510.1492.9 
60BELLE OF NEW YORK, THE (musical play)London Coliseum1942incl.incl.incl. 
60BELLE OF NEW YORK, THEunidentified1950incl.incl.incl. 
61BELOVED VAGABOND, THE (play)His Majesty's Theatre190813910.2-11.2492.10-493.1 
61BELOVED VAGABOND, THEHis Majesty's Theatre production on tourndincl.incl.incl. 
61BELOVED VAGABOND, THE (musical play)Duke of York's Theatre1927incl.incl.incl. 
62BEN-HURDrury Lane190210011.3-4  
63BEN-HURDavid Belasco's production (?) in New Yorknd2011.5  
64BERKELEY SQUARE (play)St. Martin's Theatre19265212.1-2257.15-21 
64BERKELEY SQUARELyric Theatre1929incl.incl.incl. 
65BEST OF LUCK, THE (spectacular drama)Drury Lane19163312.3-4 689
66BET YOUR LIFE (musical comedy)London Hippodrome195253 258.1-18690
67BETROTHAL, THE (fairy play)Gaiety Theatre19216013.1493.2-4691
68BETTY (musical play)Daly's Theatre19151913.2-3258.19 
68BETTYDaly's Theatre production on tourndincl.incl.incl. 
68BETTY IN MAYFAIR (musical play)Adelphi Theatre1925incl.incl.incl. 
69BING BOYS ARE HERE, THEAlhambra Theatre19161913.4258.20 
70BING BOYS ON BROADWAY, THE ("adventures of Lucifer Bing")Alhambra Theatre19184313.5-14.1493.5 
70BING BOYS ON BROADWAY, THEGeorge Dance's toursndincl.incl.incl. 
71BING GIRLS, THEAlhambra Theatre19171814.2  
72BING GIRLS ARE THERE, THE ("musical poster in eight folios")Alhambra Theatre19171614.3 692
73BIRD-SELLER, THE (operetta)Palace Theatre19472614.41124
74BITTER-SWEET (operette)His Majesty's TheatreJuly 1929114.5
74BITTER SWEET (operette)Ziegfeld Theatre, New YorkOct. 1929incl.incl.
75BLACKBIRDSPalace Theatre193633259.1-11693
76BLESS THE BRIDE (musical show)Golders Green Hippodrome195016414.6259.12-261.9, 493.6-7694, 1125
77BLESS THE BRIDEunidentified (amateur)nd9493.8-9
78BLESSED DAMOZEL, THELady Howard de Walden's production19141014.7695
79BLOOD AND SAND (play)New Theatre19211015.1261.10
80BLUE BIRD, THE (fairy play)Haymarket Theatre19092515.2696
81BLUE EYES (romantic musical play)Piccadilly Theatre192810315.3-16.2697
82; see also 1017BLUE MOON, THE (musical play)Lyric Theatre19054416.3
83BLUFF KING HAL (play)Garrick Theatre19146616.4-17.3261.11-12
84BOHÈME, LA (opera)Covent Garden19142117.4261.13-14
84BOHÈME, LA (opera)unidentifiedndincl.incl.incl.
85BOHÈME, LA (opera)Shaftesbury Theatre19153617.5494.1
85BOHÈME, LA (opera)Aldwych Theatre1916incl.incl.incl.
86BOHÈME, LA (opera)Cambridge Theatre19462018.1494.2
see also 1010BOHÈME, LA (opera)
87BOHEMIAN GIRL, THE (opera)Covent Garden19511218.2494.3-5
88BOHEMIAN GIRL, THEunidentifiednd1218.3
see 1018BOND OF NINON, THE (comedy)Savoy Theatre1906
89BONDMAN, THEDrury Lane19063218.4-5698
90BORIS GODUNOVunidentifiednd418.6
91BOX OF TRICKSLondon Hippodrome19181619.1-2261.15
92BRANWENamateur production at Pembroke Dock Grammar Schoolnd7261.16-18
93BURY ST. EDMUNDS PAGEANT, THE (folk play)Bury St. Edmunds Abbey1907
93   Episode I219.3
93   Episode II119.4
93   Episode III319.5
93   Episode IV319.6
93   Episode V119.7
93   Episode VI, HENRY VI2419.8-9
93   Episode VII1620.1
93   Miscellaneous2420.2494.6
see 638BUSINESS AS USUAL (revue)London Hippodrome1915
94BY CANDLE LIGHT (comedy)Prince of Wales's Theatre1928120.3
95BY JUPITER (musical)Jack Waller's production19441620.4261.19-21
96BY PIGEON POST (play)Garrick Theatre19182320.5262.1-3
96BY PIGEON POST (spy thriller)Garrick Theatre1940incl.incl.incl.
97CAESAR AND CLEOPATRA ("history")Savoy Theatre19079320.6-21.2698a
98CAESAR AND CLEOPATRA (play); also incl. ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA, 1951St. James's Theatre1951421.3
99CAIRO ("mosaic in music and mime")His Majesty's Theatre19214921.4-22.1699-700
100CALL ME MADAM (musical play)London Coliseum19524022.2262.4-14, 494.7
102CAN-CAN (operetta)Adelphi Theatre19469322.4495.1-497.10701
103CAN-CAN (musical)London Coliseum19541262.15
see 345CANDIDEPitlochry Festival Theatre1959
104Canterbury Coronation Pageantcity of Canterbury19531497.11
105CAPTAIN CARVALLOunidentifiednd2262.16
106CAPTAIN THERESE (comic opera)Prince of Wales's Theatre189027262.17
107CARDINAL, THEproduction in New York19015122.5-6263.1-2
107CARDINAL, THE (play)St. James's Theatre1903incl.incl.incl.
108CARELESS RAPTURE (musical play)Drury Lane193636263.3-141126
109CARISSIMA (musical romance)Palace Theatre194891263.15-264.12702-713
110CARMEN (opera)unidentified1903-1912, nd2822.7-23.1264.13
111CARMEN (opera)Beecham Opera Company's productionnd1723.2264.14
see also 1011CARMEN (opera)
112CARMEN UP TO DATA (burlesque)Gaiety Theatre18903023.3
113CARNIVAL (play)New Theatre19202323.4264.15
113CARNIVALMurray King's tour1920incl.incl.incl.
114CAROUSEL (musical play)Drury Lane1950
114   Act I, Scene 135264.16-265.9
114   Act I, Scene 329265.10-19
114   Act II, Scene 437265.20-266.6, 498.1-3
114   Act II, Scene 67266.7-9
114   Plots and patterns4714
115CAROUSEL (musical play)Derby Opera Company's production19622123.5266.11
116CASANOVA (musical play)London Coliseum193227323.6-24.2498.4-501.8715-716, 1127
117CASH ON DELIVERYPalace Theatre19171024.3
118CASTLES IN THE AIR (revue)Charles B. Cochran's production in Liverpool1927324.4
119CATHERINE (musical play)Gaiety Theatre19234924.5-25.1717
120CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA (opera)unidentifiednd325.2
121CHAMPAGNE TIMETrocadero1927425.3266.12
122CHARLES THE KING (play)Lyric Theatre19365266.13-14
123CHARLEY'S AUNT (comedy)Palace Theatre19479266.15-17
125CHIEFTAIN, THE (opera)Savoy Theatre18942625.5-6
126CHIEFTAIN, THE (comic opera)Abbey's Theatre, New York18957525.7266.18
see 284CHILD'S PLAY, A
127CHINESE HONEYMOON, A (musical production)Prince of Wales's Theatre19154525.8266.19
128CHOCOLATE SOLDIER, THE (comic opera)Lyric Theatre19101826.1-2
129CHU CHIN CHOW (musical tale of the East)His Majesty's Theatre19168826.3-27.4266.20
130CHU CHIN CHOW (musical tale of the East)His Majesty's Theatre (redressing of 1916 production)19174028.1-3
131CHU CHIN CHOWSouth Shore Amateur Operatic Society's production in Blackpool19363028.4266.21-22718, 1128
131CHU CHIN CHOW (spectacular play)Palace Theatre1940incl.incl.incl.incl.
131CHU CHIN CHOWunidentifiedndincl.incl.incl.incl.
see also 1012CHU CHIN CHOW
132CIGALE, LA (comic opera)Lyric Theatre189010501.9
133CINDERELLA (pantomime)Drury Lane18953529.1
134CINDERELLA (pantomime)Theatre Royal, Birmingham192613267.1-6, 501.10
135CINDERELLATom Arnold's production in Sheffield19404729.2267.7-14719-722
135CINDERELLAunidentified1948-59, ndincl.incl.incl.incl.
135CINDERELLA (pantomime)Moss' Empires Ltd. productionndincl.incl.incl.incl.
see 41CINDERELLAunidentified1950
136CINDERELLA (pantomime); also incl. THE SLEEPING BEAUTY, 1951production in Brighton195110267.15-18
137CINDERELLA (pantomime); also incl. ALADDIN, BABES IN THE WOOD, and JACK AND THE BEANSTALK, all 1958Grand Theatre, Leeds195842268.1-13723
137CINDERELLA (pantomime)Tom Arnold's productions in Belfast and Manchester1958incl.incl.incl.
see 877CINDERELLATheatre Royal, Nottingham1961
138; see also 877[CINDERELLA] (pantomime); also incl. DICK WHITTINGTON, GOLDILOCKS, HUMPTY DUMPTY, LITTLE OLD KING COLE, MR. WHITTINGTON, OLD KING COLE, PUSS IN BOOTS, ROBINSON CRUSOE, and THE SLEEPING BEAUTY, [1962?]-1963[Hippodrome Theatre, Birmingham][1962]3429.3724
138CINDERELLA (pantomime)Tom Arnold's production in Leeds[1962?]incl.incl.incl.
see 193CINDERELLA (pantomime)Tom Arnold's production in Bournemouth1963
140CINDERELLA ON ICE (ice show)Tom Arnold's production in Brighton19574529.5268.14-269.6
141CINDERELLA ON ICE (ice show)production in Johannesburg, South Africa19573729.6269.7-21
142CINEMA STAR, THE (musical farcical comedy)Shaftesbury Theatre19142229.7-8270.1
143CINGALEE, THE; OR, SUNNY CEYLON (musical play)Daly's Theatre19048929.9-30.2270.2
143CINGALEE, THEunidentified1922incl.incl.incl.
144CIRCLE OF CHALK, THE (play)New Theatre19293630.3-4270.3
145CIRCUS GIRL, THE (musical play)Gaiety Theatre18961830.5
146CLEOPATRA (ballet)unidentified1910931.1
146CLEOPATRA (ballet)Anna Pavlova's production1914incl.incl.
147CLEOPATRA (musical comedy)Daly's Theatre19259731.2-32.3501.11
148CLOCHES DE CORNEVILLE, LES (comic opera)[Folly Theatre]18781032.4
149CLOWNS IN CLOVER, "Second Edition" (revue)Adelphi Theatre19281432.5270.4-7
150COLOMBE (comedy)New Theatre19511832.6270.8-12725
151COLONEL SATAN (comedy)Haymarket Theatre193121270.13-19
152COMUS (ballet)International Ballet tour194642271.1-15
153CONVERSATION PIECE (romantic comedy with music)His Majesty's Theatre193454502.1-504.2726
154COQ D'OR, LE (opera)Covent Garden19542833.1504.3-8727-729, 1129
see 726COSÌ FAN TUTTI (opera)Glyndebourne Festival Opera1950
155COUNT HANNIBALOscar Asche's tours[1909?]2433.2-3
155COUNT HANNIBAL (romantic play)New Theatre1910incl.incl.
156COUNT OF LUXEMBOURG, THE (musical play)Daly's Theatre19115833.4-34.1
157COUNT TEZMA (romantic play)Comedy Theatre19011134.2
158COUNTRY GIRL, A; OR, TOWN AND COUNTRY LIFE (musical play)Daly's Theatre19148834.3-5271.16
159COURT SCANDAL, A (comedy)Court Theatre18992434.6
160COURT SINGER, THEunidentified19587271.17-19
161CRACOW WEDDING (ballet)Anglo-Polish Ballet tour19405135.1271.20-24
162CRISIS IN HEAVEN (comedy)Lyric Theatre19442335.2504.9-14
163CRITIC, THE; OR, A TRAGEDY REHEARSED (play)His Majesty's Theatre19114735.3
164CRITIC, THE; OR, A TRAGEDY REHEARSED (comedy)New Theatre19459505.1-3
165CRITIC, THE; OR, AN OPERA REHEARSED (opera)Shaftesbury Theatre19164335.4-6272.1
166CROWN OF INDIA, THELondon Coliseumnd3036.1-3730
167CZARINA, THEGilbert Miller's U.S. tour1921936.4
168DAIRYMAIDS, THE (farcical musical play)Apollo Theatre1906837.1
169DANCING MISTRESS, THE (musical play)Adelphi Theatre1912537.2
170DANCING YEARS, THE (musical play)Drury Lane193910637.3505.4-506.151130
171DANCING YEARS, THE (musical play)Adelphi Theatre19426637.4507.1-509.61131
172DANCING YEARS, THEtour, headlined by Jessica James194664272.2-273.10, 509.7731
172DANCING YEARS, THE (musical play)Casino Theatre1947incl.incl.incl.
173DANCING YEARS, THEamateur productions in Douglas and Halifax19547637.5274.1-275.9
174DANCING YEARS, THEtour, headlined by Barry Sinclair and Olive Gilbert195936276.1-12, 509.8
175DANCING YEARS ON ICE, THE (ice show)unidentified195443277.1-13732
176DANDY DICKunidentifiednd3278.1
177D'ARCY OF THE GUARDS (comedy)St. James's Theatre19101537.6733
178DARK IS LIGHT ENOUGH, THE ("winter story")Aldwych Theatre19542734
179DARK LADY OF THE SONNETS, THE (interlude)Haymarket Theatre1910537.7
180DARLING OF THE GODS, THEHis Majesty's Theatre19035238.1-3
181DASHING LITTLE DUKE, THE (musical play)Hicks Theatre19095938.4-39.4735
182DAVID COPPERFIELD; also incl. THE PASSING SHOW OF 1915: "DAVID COPPERFIELD," 1915His Majesty's Theatre19144539.5-40.2278.2-3
183DAVID GARRICK (opera)unidentifiednd240.3
184DEAR MISS PHOEBE (musical play)Phoenix Theatre19506740.4278.4-279.131132
185DÉBUTANTE, THE (ballet divertissement)[Empire Theatre]19062040.5
185DEBUTANTELondon Coliseum1933incl.incl.
186DECAMERON NIGHTS (romantic play)Drury Lane19225640.6-41.2280.1
187DESERT SONG, THE (musical play)Drury Lane19272341.3280.2-6
187DESERT SONG, THE (musical play)Prince of Wales's Theatre1943incl.incl.incl.
see 546DESERT SONG, THE (musical play)unidentified1951
188DESERT SONG, THE (musical play)Tom Arnold's tour19624441.4736
189DEUX PIGEONS, LES (opera)unidentifiednd241.5
190DEVIL'S DISCIPLE, THE (melodrama)Savoy Theatre19301441.6280.7
191DICK WHITTINGTON (pantomime)unidentified19508280.8-10
192DICK WHITTINGTON (pantomime)unidentified19546280.11-12737
193; see also 138DICK WHITTINGTON (pantomime); also incl. ALADDIN, CINDERELLA, GOLDILOCKS, HUMPTY DUMPTY, PUSS IN BOOTS, ROBINSON CRUSOE, and THE SLEEPING BEAUTY, all 1963Tom Arnold's production in Nottingham196369281.1-19738
see 877DICK WHITTINGTONTom Arnold's productionnd
194DICK WHITTINGTON (pantomime)production in Glasgownd442.1
195DICK WHITTINGTON (pantomime)production in Liverpoolnd52281.20
196DICK WHITTINGTON ON ICE (pantomime)production in Brighton1955142.2
197DISRAELIJohn Lawson's production1912942.3
198DOCTOR'S DILEMMA, THE (play)Saville Theatre195615509.9-10739-741, 1133
199DON GIOVANNI (opera)Cambridge Theatre194768282.1-283.6742
200DON PASQUALE (opera)Cambridge Theatre19465442.4509.11-511.3
201DORA'S DOZEunidentifiednd442.5
202DORIS (comic opera)Lyric Theatre18893742.6
203DRAKE (pageant play)His Majesty's Theatre19122342.7283.7743
203DRAKE (pageant play)London Coliseum1939incl.incl.incl.incl.
204DRUMS OF OUDE, THE (drama)Comedy Theatre1906942.8
205DU BARRY, LA (opera)Covent Garden1913842.9744
206DU BARRY WAS A LADY (musical comedy)His Majesty's Theatre194236283.8-18745
207DUBARRY, THE (operette)His Majesty's Theatre19324142.10-43.1746
208DUBARRY, THEunidentified19351283.19
209DUBARRY, THEunidentified (amateur)195458284.1-19747
210DUCHESS OF DANTZIC, THE (light romantic opera)Lyric Theatre190316943.2-5285.1-8
210DUCHESS OF DANTZIC, THEDaly's Theatrendincl.incl.incl.
211DUCHESS OF MALFI, THE (tragedy)Haymarket Theatre19457285.9-11
212DUKE IN DARKNESS, THE (play)St. James's Theatre19423544.1285.12-15
213DUKE OF MOREA, THEunidentified1959344.2
214DUST OF EGYPT, THE (farcical fantasy)Wyndham's Theatre1912344.3
215DYNASTS, THE (epic drama)Kingsway Theatre1914444.4511.4
216EAGLE HAS TWO HEADS, THE (play)Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith19469285.16-18
see 571EAGLE HAS TWO HEADS, THEThe Company of Four's production1946
217EARL AND THE GIRL, THE (musical comedy)Aldwych Theatre19141444.5285.19-20
218EAST IS WEST (comedy)Lyric Theatre19202544.6-8286.1
219EDMUND KEAN (play)Vaudeville Theatre19031345.1
220ELEKTRA (opera)Covent Garden19104645.2-4748
221ELIZABETH OF ENGLAND (legend)Cambridge Theatre19315345.5-46.1511.5-7
222EMMARobert Donat's tour194428286.2-10749
222EMMA (play)St. James's Theatre1945incl.incl.incl.
223ETERNAL CITY, THEHis Majesty's Theatre1902646.2286.11
224EVENSONGTivoli Theatrend10511.8-11
225EVER GREEN (musical show)Adelphi Theatre19307512.1-3
227FAIR MAID OF PERTH, THE [LA JOLIE FILLE DE PERTH] (opera)Drury Lane19173146.4-5512.4
228FALLEN FAIRIES; OR, THE WICKED WORLD (opera)Savoy Theatre1909946.6
229FALSE GODS (drama)His Majesty's Theatre19095847.1-41134
230FALSTAFF (opera)Cambridge Theatre194813748.1-2512.51135
231FANNY'S FIRST PLAY ("easy play for a little theatre")Little Theatre1911248.3
232FANNY'S FIRST PLAYEdinburgh Festival1956948.4
233FANTASIA (musical entertainment); also incl. PUT AND TAKE, 1921Queen's Theatre19211548.5286.12-14
234FANTASTICKS, THE (romantic comedy)Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith19331248.6
see 487FAUSTunidentifiednd
235FAVORITA, LA (opera)unidentifiednd448.7
236FEDORAGlobe Theatre1920848.8286.15
237FEUERSNOT (comic opera)His Majesty's Theatre19102348.9-10
238FIG LEAVES (musical frolic)Adelphi Theatre19402849.1512.6-513.7750
239FINE AND DANDY (musical show)Saville Theatre19424449.2286.16-287.11751
240FINE FEATHERS (revue)Prince of Wales's Theatre19452513.8
241FIRST GENTLEMAN, THE (play)New Theatre19454549.3513.9-514.8752
241FIRST GENTLEMAN, THEHenry Sherek's tour1945incl.incl.incl.incl.
242FLEET'S LIT UP, THE (musical frolic)London Hippodrome19382287.12
243FOLLIES, THE: LOVE'S GARDEN (fantasy)Apollo Theatre[1908]849.4
245FOLLIES, THE: PÉLISSIER'S POTTED PLAYS, "HENRY OF NAVARRE"Apollo Theatre[1908/1909]1049.5287.15
247FOLLIES, THE: PÉLISSIER'S POTTED PLAYS, "MERRY WIDOW"Apollo Theatre[1908/1909]1049.7
248FOLLIES, THE: PÉLISSIER'S POTTED PAGEANT (musical entertainment)Apollo Theatre19101549.8-9
249FOLLY TO BE WISE (revue)Piccadilly Theatre19313349.10-50.1288.1-2753
250FOR LOVE OR MONEY (comedy)Ambassadors Theatre19508288.3-5
251FRASQUITALyceum Theatre, Edinburgh19244150.2-4754
252FREAKS, THE ("idyll of suburbia")New Theatre19182451.1-3288.6
253FRENCH PEASANT TABLEAUIndia Office, London19393351.4288.7-10
254FULL SWINGJack Hulbert's tour1942incl.incl.incl.
254FULL SWING (musical comedy)Palace Theatre19425651.5288.11-289.7
255FUNNY SIDE UP ("musical show with a �plot'")His Majesty's Theatre194023289.8-15, 514.9
256GAY'S THE WORD (musical play)Saville Theatre19518551.6290.1-291.4, 514.10-11
257GEISHA, THEPalace Theatrend952.1756
258GEISHA, THEunidentifiednd10291.5-8
259GENERAL CRACKMatheson Lang's tour19312052.2514.12-14
260GENEVAMalvern Festival Theatre1938452.3
262GET A LOAD OF THIS ("surprise musical")London Hippodrome194112515.1-4
263GIANNI SCHICCHI (opera)Covent Garden1924852.5
264GIANNI SCHICCHI (opera)Covent Garden19624452.6291.9-17757-759
265GIOCONDA, LA (opera)Covent Garden19072052.7-8292.1
265GIOCONDA, LA (opera)unidentifiedndincl.incl.incl.
266GIPSY BARON, THEunidentifiednd153.1
267GIPSY LOVE (musical play)Daly's Theatre19127353.2-6760
267GIPSY LOVEtours, headlined by Leonard MacKay and Charlton Broughndincl.incl.incl.
268GIPSY PRINCESS, THE (musical operette)Prince of Wales's Theatre19211054.1292.2-3
268GIPSY PRINCESS, THE (operette)Saville Theatre1944incl.incl.incl.
269GIRL FROM UTAH, THE (musical play)Adelphi Theatre1913454.2
270GIRL IN THE TRAIN, THE (musical play)Vaudeville Theatre19101454.3
271GIRL ON THE FILM, THE (musical farce)Gaiety Theatre19131354.4292.4
271GIRL ON THE FILM, THEGaiety Theatre production on tourndincl.incl.incl.
272GIRLS OF GOTTENBERG, THE (musical play)Gaiety Theatre19071354.5
272GIRLS OF GOTTENBERG, THEunidentified (amateur)1927incl.incl.
272GIRLS OF GOTTENBERG, THEGaiety Theatre production on tourndincl.incl.
273GISELLE (ballet)His Majesty's Theatre194210292.5-8
274GLAMOROUS NIGHTunidentified (amateur)19383554.6292.9-293.2
275GLORIANA (opera)Covent Garden19537554.7515.5-8761-777, 1136
276GOING GREEK (musical show)Gaiety Theatre19372755.1516.1-6778
277GOING TO TOWNTrocadero193820293.3-9
278GOLDEN LAND OF FAIRY TALES, THE (fairy play)Aldwych Theatre1911655.2
see 138GOLDILOCKS (pantomime)Tom Arnold's production in Oxford[1962?]
see 193GOLDILOCKS (pantomime)Tom Arnold's production in Sheffield1963
279GONDOLIERS, THE; OR, THE KING OF BARATARIA (comic opera)Savoy Theatre18893855.3-4
279GONDOLIERS, THE; OR, THE KING OF BARATARIA (comic opera)Savoy Theatre1907incl.incl.
279GONDOLIERS, THEunidentified U.S. productionndincl.incl.
280GONDOLIERS, THED'Oyly Carte Opera Company on tourJan. 19198455.5-56.4293.10779
280GONDOLIERS, THE (comic opera)Princes TheatreSept. 1919incl.incl.incl.incl.
280GONDOLIERS, THED'Oyly Carte Opera Company on tour1926incl.incl.incl.incl.
281GONDOLIERS, THE (comic opera)Savoy Theatre19297557.1516.7-518.8780
282GONDOLIERS, THE; OR, THE KING OF BARATARIA (comic opera)Sadler's Wells19476257.2294.1-13
283GONDOLIERS, THE (comic opera)unidentified19501294.14
see 546GONDOLIERS, THE (comic opera)unidentified1951
284GOOD LITTLE DEVIL, A (fairy play, originally titled A CHILD'S PLAY)Republic Theatre, New York19135357.3-6295.1
285GOOD-NATURED MAN, THE (comedy)Buxton Festival19393558.1
286GOOD-NIGHT VIENNAScala Theatre193610958.2295.2-296.18781
287GOOD OLD DAYS, THE (romantic musical play)Gaiety Theatre19254758.3-5782
288GÖTTERDÄMMERUNG (opera)unidentified1900, nd1958.6518.9
289GRAND DUCHESS, THE (operetta)Daly's Theatre19377559.1297.1-298.4, 518.10-12783, 1137
290GRASS WIDOWS, THE (comic opera)Apollo Theatre19126059.2-6298.5
291GREAT CONSPIRACY, THE (drama)Duke of York's Theatre19071360.1
292GREAT DAY, THE (drama)Drury Lane1919860.2
293HABANERA, LA (opera)Covent Garden19101260.3
294HADDON HALL (light opera)Savoy Theatre18921260.4
295HALF-PAST EIGHT (revue)Comedy Theatre19161160.5519.1
296HAMLET (tragedy)Adelphi Theatre19052960.6298.6-7
297HAMLET (tragedy)Haymarket Theatre19444760.7298.8-20784
298HAMLET (opera)Covent Garden1910860.8
299HAMLET (opera)unidentifiednd660.9
300HANSEL AND GRETEL (opera)unidentifiednd561.1
301HAPPY DAY, THE (musical play)Daly's Theatre19163061.2-3785
302HAPPY ISLAND, THE (play)His Majesty's Theatre19136861.4-62.1299.1-2
303HAPPY RETURNS ("show with music and dancing")Adelphi Theatre19384162.2299.3-6, 519.2
304HARLEQUIN KING, THE (masquerade)[Imperial Theatre]1906562.3
305HASSAN (poetic prose play)His Majesty's Theatre19236862.4299.7-300.7786, 1138
306HASSAN (play)Cambridge Theatre19515562.5519.3-8787
307HAVANA (musical play)Gaiety Theatre19082963.1-2788
308HEAD OVER HEELS (musical comedy)Adelphi Theatre19234363.3-64.1300.8
309HEIRESS, THE (play)Haymarket Theatre194931300.9-17, 520.1-2
310HELEN! (opéra bouffe)Adelphi Theatre19324520.3-4
see 381HENRY IV, PART I (historical play)His Majesty's Theatre1914
311HENRY IV, PART I (play)New Theatre19452301.1
312HENRY V (historical play)Drury Lane19387864.2520.5-521.111139
see 381HENRY Vunidentifiednd
see 93HENRY VIBury St. Edmunds Abbey1907
313HENRY VI (Shakespeare ball)unidentified1911564.3
see 381HENRY VIunidentifiednd
314HENRY VIIIHis Majesty's Theatre19106064.4-65.2522.1789
315HEROD (historical play)Her Majesty's Theatre190014765.3-66.1522.2-3
316HERODIADE (opera)unidentifiednd366.2
317HIDE AND SEEK (play)[His Majesty's Theatre]1915866.3
318HIGH TIME! (revue)London Palladium194656522.4-523.7790
319HIS HIGHNESS MY HUSBAND (fantastic comedy)Comedy Theatre19041366.4
320HIS MAJESTY; OR, THE COURT OF VIGNOLIA (comic opera)Savoy Theatre18974066.5-6301.2
321H.M.S. PINAFORE (comic opera)D'Oyly Carte Opera Company on tour19191066.7
322H.M.S. PINAFORE; OR, THE LASS THAT LOVED A SAILOR (comic opera)[Princes Theatre]19202067.1301.3
323H.M.S. PINAFORE[Savoy Theatre?][1929?]2867.2301.4-10
323H.M.S. PINAFORED'Oyly Carte Opera Company production1947incl.incl.incl.
324H.M.S. PINAFORE (comic opera)unidentified1952167.3
325H.M.S. PINAFORE (comic opera)unidentifiednd3301.11
326HOLY CITY, THE (scriptural drama)Comedy Theatre19146967.4-68.2301.12791
327HONEYMOON, THEOscar Asche's production in Australiand4168.3-5523.8
328HOPE, THE (sporting drama)Drury Lane19112869.1-2301.13
329HOUP LA! (comedy with music)St. Martin's Theatre19132169.3-4792
330HOUSE OF TEMPERLEY, THE ("melodrama of the ring")Adelphi Theatre19093269.5-70.3
331HOUSE ON THE BRIDGE, THERea Company's tour194422301.14-20, 523.9
332HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT, THE (revue)Adelphi Theatre19295570.4302.1-9
333HOW ARE THEY AT HOME? (topical comedy)Apollo Theatre19441302.10
334HUGUENOTS, LES (opera)unidentified1959470.5
335HUGUENOTS, LES (opera)unidentifiednd870.6
336HULLO AMERICA! (revue)[Palace Theatre][1918]370.7
337HULLO, RAG-TIME! (revue)London Hippodrome19121870.8-71.1
338HULLO, TANGO! (revue)London Hippodrome19144671.2-3523.10-12793
338HULLO, TANGO!toursndincl.incl.incl.incl.
339HUMAN TOUCH, THE (play)Savoy Theatre1949871.4302.11-12
see 578HUMOUROUS LIEUTENANT, THE (tragic comedy)Drury Lane1918
340HUMPTY DUMPTYTom Arnold's production[ca. 1950-1952]57524.1-18794-795, 1140
341HUMPTY DUMPTYunidentified19549302.13-15
see 138, 193HUMPTY DUMPTY (pantomime)Tom Arnold's production1963
see 877HUMPTY DUMPTYEmpire Theatre, Liverpoolnd
342HUMPTY DUMPTYVal Parnell's productionnd3302.16
343IB AND LITTLE CHRISTINA ("picture in three parts")Lyric Theatre1904871.5
344IDEAL HUSBAND, AN (play)Westminster Theatre19431571.6302.17
345IDEAL HUSBAND, AN; also incl. CANDIDE, MADELEINE SMITH, SPLENDID OUTCAST, and THE WONDER, all 1959Pitlochry Festival Theatre195936302.18-303.2
347IF I WERE KING (romantic play)St. James's Theatre19022471.7-72.1
348IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST, THERoyale Theatre, New York19472525.7
349IN DAYS OF OLD (romantic drama)St. James's Theatre18992272.2
350IN GOOD KING CHARLES'S GOLDEN DAYSMalvern Festival Theatre19392272.3525.8-526.2796
351IN THE SNARE ("adventure of 1810")Savoy Theatre19244672.4-6526.3
352IOLANTHE; OR, THE PEER AND THE PERI (fairy opera)Savoy Theatre19073373.1-2303.3-5
352IOLANTHESavoy Theatre production on tourndincl.incl.incl.
352IOLANTHEunidentified1932-49, ndincl.incl.incl.
353IRENE (musical comedy)His Majesty's Theatre194516526.4-9
354IRON HAND, THELondon Coliseum1916873.3303.6
355IT'S ALL WRONG (musical complaint)Queen's Theatre19201573.4303.7
356IVANHOE (romantic opera)Royal English Opera House1891673.5
357IVANHOE (opera)Covent Garden19103774.1-3303.8
358IVORY TOWER, THE (play)Vaudeville Theatre19505526.10-11
359JACK AND THE BEANSTALK; also incl. ALADDIN, 1943Tom Arnold's tour19438303.9-10
see 137JACK AND THE BEANSTALK (pantomime)Tom Arnold's production in Nottingham1958
360JACK AND THE BEANSTALK; also incl. PUSS IN BOOTS, ROBINSON CRUSOE, and THE SLEEPING BEAUTY, all 1959Empire Theatre, Liverpool195926303.11-16797
361JENNY JONES (musical play)London Hippodrome194422303.17-304.3
362JEW SUSS[Opera House], BlackpoolJuly 192911374.4-76.2798
362JEW SUSS (tragicomedy)[Duke of York's Theatre][Sept. 1929]incl.incl.incl.
362JEW SUSSU. S. productionndincl.incl.incl.
363JEWELS OF THE MADONNAunidentifiednd1476.3
364JILL DARLINGunidentifiednd15304.4-8
365JOAN OF ARCThéâtre du Chatelet, Paris18913476.4799, 1210
366JOAN OF ARC (opera)Covent Garden19136776.5-77.4
367JOAN OF ARCunidentifiednd4578.1-3
368JOHNNY JONES (revue)Alhambra Theatre19201878.4-5304.9
see 227JOLIE FILLE DE PERTH, LA (opera)
369JOSEPH AND HIS BRETHREN (play)His Majesty's Theatre19137179.1-80.1800-801
370JOSEPHINEDuke of York's Theatrend580.2
371JUDITH OF ISRAEL (biblical drama)Strand Theatre19283980.3-4304.10-13802
372JUIVE, LAunidentifiednd280.5
373JULIUS CAESAR[Lyric Theatre], New York19123881.1-2304.14
374JULIUS CAESAR (tragedy)Drury Lane19161981.3304.15-17803-804
374JULIUS CAESAR (tragedy)His Majesty's Theatre1932incl.incl.incl.incl.
376KATINKA (musical play)Shaftesbury Theatre192312881.5-82.4304.18-19
376KATINKAamateur production on tourndincl.incl.incl.
377KATJA, THE DANCER[Prince's Theatre], Bradford1924283.1
378KEEP SMILING (revue)Alhambra Theatre1913483.2
379KIND OF FOLLY, A (comedy)Duchess Theatre19557305.1805-806
380KING AND I, THE (musical play)Drury Lane195358305.2-15807-812, 1141
381KING HENRY IV, PART I (historical play); also incl. HENRY V and HENRY VI, both ndHis Majesty's Theatre19142383.3305.16
382KING JOHNHis Majesty's Theatrend15183.4-85.4305.17-18
383KING LEARunidentifiednd21306.1-7
384KINGDOM FOR A COW, A (musical play)Savoy Theatre19356285.5306.81142
385KINGMAKER, THE (play)St. James's Theatre1946885.6306.9813
386KING'S RHAPSODY (musical romance)Palace Theatre1949157527.1-530.81143
387KING'S RHAPSODY (musical romance)Palace Theatre (additional designs for 1949 production)19502686.1306.10814
388KING'S RHAPSODY (musical romance)Palace Theatre (additional designs for 1949 production)195113286.2-3530.9-532.8815
389KING'S RHAPSODY (musical romance)Palace Theatre1949-51
389   Act I, Scene 11986.4532.9
389   Act I, Scene 2586.5
389   Act I, Scene 3686.6
389   Act I, Scene 41586.7532.10
389   Act I, Scene 64386.8-87.1306.11
389   Act II, Scene 11387.2306.12-13
389   Act II, Scene 2887.3532.11
389   Act III, Scenes 2 and 4587.4
389   Act III, Scene 54306.14
390KING'S RHAPSODYunidentified (probably Palace Theatre, 1949-1951)nd4687.5532.12
391KING'S RHAPSODYunidentified (amateur)196375306.15-307.11816
392KISMETOscar Asche's U.S. tour19115187.6-88.2307.12
392KISMET (melodrama)Globe Theatre1914incl.incl.incl.
393KISMET (musical play)Stoll Theatre195532888.3-89.1307.13-309.13817, 1211
393KISMETproduction in Australia1955incl.incl.incl.incl.
393KISMET (musical Arabian night)Neath Amateur Operatic Society's production1961incl.incl.incl.incl.
393KISMET (musical Arabian night)Wolverhampton Musical Comedy Company's production1961incl.incl.incl.incl.
395KNIGHTS OF MADNESS (revue)Victoria Palace19503589.3533.1-9818
396KONG (play with music)Cambridge Theatre193110589.4-6309.14-21819
397LADY BARBARITYComedy Theatre19082290.1-2310.1
398LADY MADCAP (musical play)Prince of Wales's Theatre1904990.3310.2
399LADY OF LEEDS, THE (farcical romance)Wyndham's Theatre1905290.4
400LADY OF THE ROSE, THEunidentifiednd4190.5310.3
401LADY PATRICIA (comedy)Empire Theatre, New York19123290.6-7310.4
402LADY TATTERS (romantic light opera)Shaftesbury Theatre19075891.1-4
403LADY WINDERMERE'S FAN (play)Haymarket Theatre19451091.5533.10-11
404LAST LOAD, THELondon Coliseumnd491.6310.5
405LAST OF THE DANDIES, THEHer Majesty's Theatre19014892.1533.12
406LAST WALTZ, THE (musical comedy)Gaiety Theatre19222992.2533.13-16
406LAST WALTZ, THEunidentified (amateur)ndincl.incl.incl.
407LATIN QUARTER (revue)Casino Theatre194927534.1-9
408LATIN QUARTER, 1950 (revue)Casino Theatre195036310.6-16, 534.101144
409LAUGHING CAVALIER, THE (musical romance)Adelphi Theatre193710392.3311.1-17, 534.11-121145
410LAVENDERRobert Courtneidge's tour19301692.4312.1
411LETTER FROM PARIS (play)Aldwych Theatre195216312.2-7
413LIFE WITH FATHERSavoy Theatre194715313.10-14
414LIGHTS UP! (revue)Charles B. Cochran's production in Manchester193929313.15-314.3
415LILAC DOMINO, THE (operetta)Empire Theatre19183693.3314.4
416LILAC DOMINO, THEJoe Sacks' production19286293.4-94.1314.5
417LILAC DOMINO, THEtour1932594.2314.6
418LILAC DOMINO, THE (operette)His Majesty's Theatre194351535.1-536.8820-821
419LILAC TIMETom Arnold's productions in England and South Africa1963
419   Act I3294.3314.7-15
419   Act II23314.16-23
419   Act III25315.1-9
419   Miscellaneous2094.4822
420LILIES OF THE FIELD, THEunidentifiednd494.5
421LISBON STORY, THE (musical play)London Hippodrome19431994.6315.10-13823
422LISTENERS (play)Wyndham's Theatre1928494.7
423LITTLE ADMIRAL, THE (play)[Lyric Theatre]19071794.8316.1
424LITTLE CATHERINE (comedy)Phoenix Theatre19314194.9316.2-11824
425LITTLE CHERUB, THE (musical play)Prince of Wales's Theatre19061094.10
426LITTLE DUTCH GIRL, A (musical play)Lyric Theatre19206195.1
427LITTLE FATHER OF THE WILDERNESS, THE (comedy)Comedy Theatre19052095.2
428LITTLE JAPANESE GIRL, A (play)Duke of York's Theatre1907595.3
429LITTLE MICHUS, THE (comic opera)Daly's Theatre19054995.4-96.1316.12
430LITTLE MINISTER, THE[Haymarket Theatre][1897/1899]7696.2-4317.1-3825
430LITTLE MINISTER, THE (comedy)Duke of York's Theatre1914incl.incl.incl.incl.
430LITTLE MINISTER, THE (romance)Queen's Theatre1923incl.incl.incl.incl.
430LITTLE MINISTER, THEtour[1924?]incl.incl.incl.incl.
see 138LITTLE OLD KING COLE (pantomime)Palace Theatre, Manchester[1962?]
see 138LITTLE OLD KING COLE (pantomime)Tom Arnold's production in [Oxford?][1962?]    
see 138LITTLE OLD KING COLE (pantomime)Tom Arnold's production[1962?]    
431LOHENGRIN (opera)London Coliseum19081296.5  
432LOHENGRIN (opera)Covent Gardennd4096.6-97.1  
433LONDON ASSURANCE (comedy)St. James's Theatre19131597.2317.4 
see 655LONDON ASSURANCEMalvern Festival Theatre1932    
434LONDON LIFE (play)Drury Lane19241297.3317.5-7 
435LONDON PRIDEWyndham's Theatre1916197.4  
436LOOK WHO'S HEREunidentifiednd297.5  
437LORELEY (opera)Covent Garden1907397.6  
438LOUISE (opera)unidentified1901-10, nd1097.7  
439LOVE IN A COTTAGE (play)Globe Theatre1918697.8  
440LOVE LIES (musical play)Gaiety Theatre1929197.9  
441LOVE RACE, THE (musical play)Gaiety Theatre19302097.10-98.1317.8 
442LOVE'S AWAKENING (light opera)Empire Theatre19221398.2317.9 
443LOVE'S LABOUR'S LOSTShakespeare Memorial Theatre19341498.3536.9-12 
444LOVE'S LABOUR'S LOSTShakespeare Memorial Theatre194634 317.10-318.5826
445LOVE'S LABOUR'S LOSTunidentifiednd298.4  
446LOVE'S PRISONER (musical play)Adelphi Theatre19255198.5-98.7 827
447LUCIA DI LAMMERMOOR (opera)Covent Garden1902899.1  
448LUCKY STAR, THE (comic opera)Savoy Theatre189911499.2-3  
448LUCKY STAR, THEtour, headlined by J. J. Dallasndincl.incl.  
449LULLABY (play)Globe Theatre19256199.4-100.1 828
450LYSISTRATALittle Theatre191113100.2  
451MACAIRE (melodramatic farce)Her Majesty's Theatre19016100.3318.6 
452MACBETH (tragedy)His Majesty's Theatre191183100.4-101.4537.1 
see 578MACBETHDrury Lane1918    
453MACBETH (tragedy)Winter Garden194529101.5318.7-11 
454MACBETHMichael Redgrave's productionnd5 318.12829
455MACBETHunidentifiednd4 537.2-3 
see 345MADELEINE SMITHPitlochry Festival Theatre1959    
456MAGIC CARPET (musical extravaganza)Princes Theatre194362102.1318.13-319.15, 537.41146
457MAGIC FLUTE, THE [DIE ZAUBERFLÖTE] (opera)Aldwych Theatre191739102.2319.16-23 
457MAGIC FLUTE, THE (opera)unidentifiedndincl.incl.incl. 
see 585MAGYAR MELODY (musical romance)His Majesty's Theatre1939    
458MAGYAR MELODYRushden Operatic Society's production195172 320.1-18830
458MAGYAR MELODYDewsbury Collegians Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society's production1951incl. incl.incl.
459MAGYAR MELODY (musical romance)unidentifiednd5102.3  
460MAID OF THE MOUNTAINS, THE (musical play)Daly's Theatre191779102.4-7320.19-21831
461MAID OF THE MOUNTAINS, THE (musical play)London Hippodrome19308103.1  
462MAID OF THE MOUNTAINS, THEJulian Wylie Productions Ltd.196413 321.1-3832
see 681MALADE IMAGINAIRE, LE (comedy)      
463MALINGERER, THE (fantastic wordless comedy)Prince of Wales's Theatre19128103.2  
464MAN AND SUPERMAN (play)New Theatre195115 537.5-8833
465MAN WHO WAS, THEHis Majesty's Theatre19031103.3  
466MAN WITH A LOAD OF MISCHIEF, THE (comedy)Haymarket Theatre19259103.4537.9 
466MAN WITH A LOAD OF MISCHIEF, THEDennis Neilson-Terry's South African tour[1926]incl.incl.incl. 
466MAN WITH A LOAD OF MISCHIEF, THEtour, headlined by Edgar Norfolkndincl.incl.incl. 
467MANON (opera)Covent Garden19206103.5321.4 
468MANON (opera)productions with Maggie Teyte and Margaret Sheridannd25103.6-7  
468MANON LESCAUT (opera)Covent Garden1905incl.incl.  
469MAN'S HOUSE, A (play)Malvern Festival Theatre193421 537.10-538.3 
470MARIE ODILE (play)His Majesty's Theatre19153103.8  
472MARITANA (opera)unidentifiednd7104.2  
473MARLBOROUGHS, THEFred Terry's productions1923, 192423104.3321.5-8 
474MARQUISE, THEunidentified19594  834
475MARRIAGE A LA MODE (play)St. James's Theatre194627 321.9-17 
476MARRIAGE MARKET, THE (musical play)Daly's Theatre191337104.4-6321.18 
476MARRIAGE MARKET, THEDaly's Theatre production on tourndincl.incl.incl. 
477MARRIAGE OF CONVENIENCE, A (comedy)Globe Theatre192011104.7321.19 
478MARRIAGE OF FIGARO, THE (opera)Covent Garden194919  835-839
479MARTHA (opera)unidentifiednd1105.1  
480MARVELLOUS STORY OF PUSS IN BOOTS, THE (play)Fortune Theatre195414 321.20-24840
481MARY QUEEN OF SCOTSunidentifiednd4105.2  
482MARY READ (play)His Majesty's Theatre193428105.3322.1-3 
483MASKED BALL, A [UN BALLO IN MASCHERA] (opera)Covent Garden195217  841-844
484MASQUE OF WAR AND PEACE, THEHer Majesty's Theatre1900108105.4-5322.4-6, 538.4 
485MEASURE FOR MEASUREOscar Asche's productionnd1105.6  
486MEFISTOFELE (opera)unidentified1912, nd16105.7  
486MEFISTOFELE (opera)Covent Garden1914incl.incl.  
487MEISTERSINGER, DIE (opera); also incl. FAUST, ndCovent Garden[1901]43105.8-106.2  
487MEISTERSINGER, DIE (opera)unidentifiedndincl.incl.  
487MEISTERSINGER VON NURNBERG, DIE (opera)productions with Thea Philips and Heddle Nash[1930s]incl.incl.  
488MERCHANT OF VENICE, THE (comedy)His Majesty's Theatre190832106.3-4 845
488MERCHANT OF VENICE, THEDrury Lanendincl.incl. incl.
see 37MERCHANT OF VENICE, THEOscar Asche's production [in Australia?][1909?]    
489MERCHANT OF VENICE, THEunidentifiednd4106.5  
490MERCHANT OF VENICE, THEunidentifiednd4 322.7 
491MERCHANT OF VENICE, THEunidentifiednd7106.6  
492MERELY MOLLY (musical comedy)Adelphi Theatre192612106.7322.8 
493MERRIE ENGLAND (comic opera)Princes Theatre193470107.1322.9-323.81147
494MERRIE ENGLAND (comic opera)Princes Theatre194578107.2538.5-539.14846
494MERRIE ENGLANDJack Waller's tour1945incl.incl.incl.incl.
see 546MERRIE ENGLANDunidentified1951    
495MERRY WIDOW, THE (musical play)Daly's Theatre190718107.3  
496MERRY WIDOW, THE (musical play)His Majesty's Theatre194325107.4323.9-15847
497MERRY WIDOW, THEunidentified (amateur)1958, 195986107.5323.16-324.15848-849
498MERRY WIDOW, THEunidentifiednd2107.6  
499MERVEILLEUSES, LES (comic opera)Daly's Theatre190640107.7-9324.16 
500MESSENGER BOY, THE (musical play)Gaiety Theatre190021108.1324.17 
500MESSENGER BOY, THEGaiety Theatre production on tourndincl.incl.incl. 
501MIDSUMMER MARRIAGE, THE (opera)Covent Garden19555 324.18-19 
502MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, A (comedy)Her Majesty's Theatre190066 324.20 
503MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, A (comedy)His Majesty's Theatre191175108.2-4  
504MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, A (comedy)Drury Lane192415108.5324.21 
505MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, A (comedy)Open Air Theatre19423 324.22 
506MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, A (comedy)Haymarket Theatre194516109.1325.1-4 
507MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, Aunidentified1950, 195812109.2539.15-16 
508MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, Aunidentifiednd1109.3  
see also 1014MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, A      
509MIGNON (opera)unidentifiednd10109.4  
510MILLER'S DAUGHTER, THETheatre Royal, Manchesternd5109.5325.5 
511MIRETTE (opera)Savoy Theatre189450109.6-8  
512MIS' NELL O' NEW ORLEANS (fantastic comedy)Duke of York's Theatre192121109.9325.6 
513MISS HOOK OF HOLLAND (Dutch musical incident)Prince of Wales's Theatre191488110.1-111.1 1148
513MISS HOOK OF HOLLAND (Dutch musical incident)Daly's Theatre1932incl.incl. incl.
513MISS HOOK OF HOLLANDEmile Littler's tour1945incl.incl. incl.
513MISS HOOK OF HOLLANDunidentified (amateur)ndincl.incl. incl.
see 546MISS HOOK OF HOLLANDunidentified1951    
514MISTRESS WILFUL (play)Strand Theatre191514111.2325.7 
515MONEY (comedy)Drury Lane191167111.3-112.1539.17 
516MONNA VANNA (play)Queen's Theatre191425112.2325.8 
517MONSIEUR BEAUCAIRE (romantic opera)Princes Theatre191954112.3-6  
518MONSIEUR BEAUCAIREunidentifiednd24 325.9-16 
519MONSIEUR BEAUCAIRE (romantic opera)unidentifiednd2113.1  
520MONTH IN THE COUNTRY, A (comedy)St. James's Theatre194336113.2325.17-326.3 
521MOON AND THE CHIMNEY, THEHenry Sherek's tour19554 326.4-5 
522MORE (ODDS AND ENDS) (revue)Ambassadors Theatre191531113.3-4326.6 
523MOTHER GOOSEunidentified195510 326.7-10 
524MOUNTAINEERS, THE (romantic comic opera)Savoy Theatre190944113.5-114.2 850
525MR. GEORGE (comedy)Vaudeville Theatre190731114.3-4  
526MR. JARVIS (play)Wyndham's Theatre191179114.5-115.3326.11 
527MR. MANHATTAN (musical play)Prince of Wales's Theatre191611115.4326.12 
528MR. PEPYS (ballad opera)Everyman Theatre19265115.5539.18 
529MR. POPPLE OF IPPLETON (comedy with music)Apollo Theatre190517116.1-2  
see 138MR. WHITTINGTON [TURN AGAIN WHITTINGTON?] (pantomime)Bristol Hippodrome[1962?]    
530MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING (opera)Covent Garden190112116.3  
531MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING (comedy)His Majesty's Theatre1905109116.4-117.1326.13 
532MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHINGunidentifiednd2 326.14 
533MUSKETEERS, THELewis Waller's tournd19117.2  
534MY LADY MOLLY (comic opera)Terry's Theatre1903104117.3-4 851
535NAUGHTY MARIETTAJames Shirvell's tour1945119117.5326.15-327.23852
536NEROHis Majesty's Theatre190681117.6-118.2540.1-31149
537NEW MOON, THE (romantic musical play)Drury Lane1929113118.3-119.2 853-854
537NEW MOON, THEproduction in Australiandincl.incl. incl.
see 546NEW MOON, THEunidentified1951    
538NIGHT IN VENICE, A (operetta)Cambridge Theatre194475 540.4-541.111150
539NINA ROSALee Ephraim's tourFeb. 193176119.3-4541.12 
539NINA ROSA (musical play)Lyceum TheatreJuly 1931incl.incl.incl. 
540NO OTHER TIGERDennis Neilson-Terry's tour[Oct.?] 192833119.5327.24 
540NO OTHER TIGER (drama)St. James's TheatreDec. 1928incl.incl.incl. 
541NOBLE SPANIARD, THE (Victorian farce)Royalty Theatre190932120.1-2  
542NOT LIKELY (revue)Alhambra Theatre191445120.3-4327.25 
543NOW'S THE TIMEAlhambra Theatre191560121.1-2 855
544OCEAN REVUE, THE (revue)Ocean Theatre, Clacton-on-Sea196114121.3327.26 
545OCEAN REVUE, THE (revue)Ocean Theatre, Clacton-on-Sea196244121.4-5327.27 
546OCEAN REVUE, THE (revue); also incl. SUMMER SHOW, 1963Ocean Theatre, Clacton-on-Sea196322121.6327.28-30856
547; see also 1019O'FLYNN, THE ("tale of love and war")His Majesty's Theatre191050122.1-3 857
548OH, JULIE! (musical comedy)Shaftesbury Theatre19207122.4328.1 
549OH! MY PAPA! (comedy with music)Garrick Theatre195722122.5328.2-7858
550OH! OH!! DELPHINE!!! (musical comedy)Shaftesbury Theatre191329122.6-123.1328.8 
551OKLAHOMA! (musical play)unidentified (amateur)1955, 195849 328.9-24859
552OKLAHOMA! (musical play)unidentified (amateur)1958, 1959217123.2329.1-331.191151
553OLD CHELSEABernard Delfont's tour194262 541.13-543.3860
553OLD CHELSEA (musical romance)Princes Theatre1943incl. incl.incl.
see 138OLD KING COLE (pantomime)Tom Arnold's production Manchester[1962?]    
554OLD KING COLE (pantomime)Tom Arnold's production in Manchesternd24 543.4-11861
555OLD MAID, THE[King's Theatre], Glasgow193618 544.1-6 
556OLD MUSIC (play)St. James's Theatre193733 331.20-332.5, 545.1862
557OLIVER TWISTHis Majesty's Theatre19129123.3332.6 
see 578ON THE FIRST NIGHT OF DR. JOHNSON'S "IRENE"Drury Lane1918    
558ONE DAM THING AFTER ANOTHER (revue)London Pavilion192711123.4332.7 
559ONE HUNDRED YEARS OLDunidentifiednd11 332.8-11 
560OPERETTE[Opera House], ManchesterFeb. 193898123.5545.2-547.81152
560OPERETTE (musical play)His Majesty's TheatreMar. 1938incl.incl.incl.incl.
561ORCHID, THE (musical play)Gaiety Theatre190369123.6-124.1  
see 562ORFEO ET EURIDICE (opera)      
see 655OROONOKOMalvern Festival Theatre1932    
562ORPHÉE [ORFEO ET EURIDICE] (opera)Covent Garden19053124.2  
563OTELLO (opera)unidentified1910, nd17124.3  
564OTELLO (opera)Aldwych Theatre191644124.4-5548.1-3 
565OTELLO (opera)Covent Garden195581 548.4-550.13863
566OTHELLO (tragedy)Lyric Theatre19028124.6  
567OTHELLO (tragedy)Shaftesbury Theatre190516125.1 864
568OTHELLO (tragedy)Lyric Theatre19063125.2  
569OTHELLO (tragedy)His Majesty's Theatre19072125.3  
570OTHELLO (tragedy)His Majesty's Theatre191290125.4-6 865
571OTHELLO; also incl. THE EAGLE HAS TWO HEADS, 1946Arts Theatre Players' production194615  866-870
572OTHELLO (tragedy)St. James's Theatre195133126.1332.12-19, 550.14 
574OUR NELL (musical play)Gaiety Theatre192436126.3-4332.20 
575PACIFIC 1860 (musical romance)Drury Lane194678126.5550.15-552.9870a-b, 1153
576PAGAN IN THE PARLOURunidentifiednd11  871-874
577PAGANINI (operette)Lyceum Theatre1937125126.6333.1-334.8, 553.1-21154
579PAGEANT OF FAIR WOMENQueen's Hall191739126.8-127.1553.3 
580PAGLIACCI, IL (opera)Covent Gardennd9127.2  
581PALLADIUM REVUELondon Palladium194323 334.10-15875
582PANAMA HATTIE (musical comedy)Lee Ephraim's production in Manchester194312 553.4-7 
583PANTALOON ("plea for an ancient family")Duke of York's Theatre[1905]5127.3  
584PAOLO AND FRANCESCA (tragedy)St. James's Theatre190230127.4-5  
585PAPRIKA (romantic play with music); also incl. MAGYAR MELODY, 1939His Majesty's Theatre1938113127.6334.16-335.181155
586PARSIFAL (opera)Covent Garden191417128.1  
see 182PASSING SHOW OF 1915, THE: "DAVID COPPERFIELD" (travesty)Palace Theatre1915    
587PATIENCE; OR, BUNTHORNE'S BRIDE (comic opera)[Savoy Theatre][1907]95128.2336.1-15, 553.8 
587PATIENCESavoy Theatre1918incl.incl.incl. 
587PATIENCE; OR, BUNTHORNE'S BRIDE (opera)[Princes Theatre]1919incl.incl.incl. 
587PATIENCE; OR, BUNTHORNE'S BRIDE (comic opera)[Princes Theatre]1921incl.incl.incl. 
587PATIENCELeek Amateur Opera Society's production1921incl.incl.incl. 
588PATIENCE (comic opera)unidentified193713 336.16-20 
589PATRIE! (opera)[Opéra, Paris?]18873128.3  
590PEARL FISHERS, THE (opera)unidentifiednd8128.4 876
591PEGGY (musical play)Gaiety Theatre191122128.5-6  
592PELLÉAS ET MÉLISANDE (opera)unidentifiednd6128.7337.1 
593PENNY FOR A SONG, A (farcical comedy)Haymarket Theatre195120128.8337.2 
594PERCHANCE TO DREAM (musical romance)London Hippodrome1945269128.9553.9-121-77, 877-880, 1156
594PERCHANCE TO DREAMIvor Novello's South African tour[1947]incl.incl.incl.incl.
594PERCHANCE TO DREAMIvor Novello's tour1948incl.incl.incl.incl.
594PERCHANCE TO DREAMB.B.C. production[195-]incl.incl.incl.incl.
594PERCHANCE TO DREAMMill Hill Amateur Operatic Society's production1962incl.incl.incl.incl.
595; see also 32PERFECT GENTLEMAN, THEHis Majesty's Theatre191332129.1-2337.3 
596PERICHOLE, LA (comic opera)Garrick Theatre189752 337.4-9 
see 599PERICLESOpen Air Theatre1939    
597PERSIAN PRINCESS, A (musical play)Queen's Theatre190942129.3-130.1337.10 
598PETER PAN; OR, THE BOY WHO WOULDN'T GROW UP (play)Duke of York's Theatre190421 554-555 
599PILGRIM'S PROGRESS, THE; also incl. PERICLES, 1939Olympic Theatrend53130.2337.11-16 
600PILGRIM'S PROGRESS, THECovent Gardennd21 337.17-20 
601PINK CHAMPAGNEunidentifiednd61130.3337.21-338.16 
602PINK CHAMPAGNEunidentifiednd10 338.17-20 
603PINK STRING AND SEALING WAX (play)Duke of York's Theatre19434 338.21-22 
604PINKIE AND THE FAIRIES (fairy play)His Majesty's Theatre190814130.4  
605PINS AND NEEDLESunidentifiednd4130.5  
606PIRATES OF PENZANCE, THE; OR, THE SLAVE OF DUTY (melo-dramatic opera)[Opera Comique][1880]11130.6338.23 
606PIRATES OF PENZANCE, THE; OR, THE SLAVE OF DUTY (comic opera)Savoy Theatre1908incl.incl.incl. 
607PIRATES OF PENZANCE, THE; OR, THE SLAVE OF DUTY (comic opera)[Princes Theatre]192026130.7-8338.24 
see 546PIRATES OF PENZANCE, THE (comic opera)unidentified1951    
608PIRATES OF PENZANCE, THE (comic opera)unidentifiednd27 338.25-33 
609PLAIN AND FANCY (musical comedy)Drury Lane195620131.1339.1-5881
see 655PLAY OF THE WEATHERMalvern Festival Theatre1932    
610POLLY (play)Kingsway Theatre192219131.2 882, 1212
610POLLYtour, headlined by Miss Hignellndincl.incl. incl.
611POMANDER WALK (comedy)Wallack's Theatre, New York191137131.3-5  
see 546POMPADOURunidentified1951    
612POPPY (musical comedy)Gaiety Theatre192417131.6339.6 
613POUPÉE, LA (comic opera)Prince of Wales's Theatre1897145132.1-4339.7-8 
614POUPÉE, LAunidentifiednd5 339.9-10 
615POWER OF DARKNESS, THE (play)Lyric Theatre194833 339.11-14883-887
616PRAYER OF THE SWORD, THE (play)Adelphi Theatre190453133.1-3 888
617PRESENT ARMS (musical comedy)Prince of Wales's Theatre19407 339.15-17 
618PRIDE AND PREJUDICEunidentifiednd14133.4  
619PRIMROSE (musical comedy)Winter Garden19246133.5339.18 
622PRINCE IGORunidentifiednd3133.7  
623PRINCESS AND THE VAGABOND, THEunidentifiednd1134.1  
624PRINCESS CAPRICE (comedy with music)Shaftesbury Theatre191214134.2 78
624PRINCESS CAPRICE[Reginald?] Highley's tourndincl.incl. incl.
625PRINCESS CHARMING (musical romance)Palace Theatre192667134.3-5 890
626PRINCESS IDASavoy Theatre192178135.1-4 79-81, 891-892, 1157, 1213
626PRINCESS IDASavoy Theatre production on tourndincl.incl. incl.
627PRINCESS OF KENSINGTON, A (comic opera)Savoy Theatre190312135.5  
628PRINCESSE OSRA, LA (romantic opera)Covent Garden19027136.1  
629PRISONER OF ZENDA, THE (romantic play)St. James's Theatre189615136.2 82-83
630PRISONER OF ZENDA, THE (romantic play)Haymarket Theatre192338136.3 893
631PRODIGAL SON, THEDrury Lane190524136.4-5  
632PROUD MAISIE (romantic play)Aldwych Theatre19128136.6  
633PUNCH REVUE, THE (revue)Duke of York's Theatre195535  84-95, 1158
634PUNCHINELLO (play)Globe Theatre1932142136.7-137.4340.31159
635PUPPENFEE, DIE (ballet)Anna Pavlova's production19149138.1  
636PURPLE MASK, THE; also incl. THE PURPLE MASK (film), ndMatheson Lang's tour191821138.2 894
637PURSUIT OF PAMELA, THE (comedy)Royalty Theatre19134138.3  
638PUSH AND GO! (revue); also incl. BUSINESS AS USUAL, 1915London Hippodrome191522138.4-5 895
see 360PUSS IN BOOTSBrighton Hippodrome1959    
see 138, 193PUSS IN BOOTS (pantomime)Tom Arnold's production [in Birmingham]1963    
see 138, 193PUSS IN BOOTS (pantomime)Tom Arnold's production1963    
see 233PUT AND TAKE (revue)Queen's Theatre1921    
639PYGMALION (romance)St. James's Theatre195320 340.4-10896
640PYGMALIONunidentifiednd6 340.11-12 
641QUADRILLE (romantic comedy)Phoenix Theatre195231138.6340.13-18897-898
641QUADRILLE (romantic comedy)Coronet Theatre, New York1954incl.incl.incl.incl.
642QUAKER GIRL, THE (musical play)Adelphi Theatre191012138.7341.1-2 
643QUAKER GIRL, THE (musical play)unidentified195727138.8341.3-11 
644QUALITY STREET (comedy)Vaudeville Theatre190263138.9-139.3 899
644QUALITY STREET (comedy)Duke of York's Theatre1913incl.incl. incl.
645QUALITY STREET (comedy)Haymarket Theatre192123139.4341.12-13 
646QUALITY STREET (comedy)Haymarket Theatre19295139.5341.14 
646QUALITY STREETproduction in Australiandincl.incl.incl. 
647QUEEN AND THE REBELS, THEHenry Sherek's productionnd1  900
648QUEEN OF HEARTSPalace Theatre, Manchester19258139.6341.15 
649QUEEN OF HEARTSunidentifiednd8 341.16-1896
650QUEEN OF SPADES, THE (opera)Covent Garden[1951?]22  97-103, 901
651QUEEN VICTORIAunidentifiedca. 192632140.1-2341.19-20 
652RAINBOW, THE (revue)Empire Theatre19231 342.1 
653RAINBOW INNScala Theatre193647140.3342.2-161160
654RAINBOW SQUARE (musical play)Stoll Theatre1951142140.4342.17-343.201161
655RALPH ROISTER DOISTER; also incl. THE ALCHEMIST, LONDON ASSURANCE, OROONOKO, PLAY OF THE WEATHER, and TOM THUMB, all 1932Malvern Festival Theatre193212 343.21-22902
656RAPE OF THE BELT, THE (play)Piccadilly Theatre195716 343.23-28 
657RAZZLE-DAZZLE (revue)Drury Lane191631140.5-6 903
658REBEL MAID, THEunidentifiednd7141.1  
659REBEL MAID, THEunidentifiednd19141.2  
see 41RED RIDING HOODOpera House, Leicester1950    
660RED SHOES, THE (spectacular ballet)Alhambra Theatre189815 344.1 
661REMNANT (play)Royalty Theatre19178141.3344.2 
662RENAISSANCEShaftesbury Theatrend7141.4  
663RESURRECTIONHis Majesty's Theatre190381141.5-6344.3-4 
664RHEINGOLD, DAS (opera)unidentifiednd6141.7  
665RICHARD II (tragedy)His Majesty's Theatre1903274142.1-144.1344.5 
666RICHARD IIunidentifiednd6144.2  
667RICHARD IIunidentifiednd2144.3  
668RIGOLETTO (opera)Cambridge Theatre194788 344.6-345.16 
669RIGOLETTO (opera)unidentifiednd18144.4  
670RIKI-TIKI (musical play)Gaiety Theatre192671144.5-145.2 904
671RING ROUND THE MOON ("charade with music")Globe Theatre19507145.3345.17905
672RIO RITA (romantic musical comedy)Prince Edward Theatre193061145.4345.18-346.4 
673RIP VAN WINKLEHis Majesty's Theatrend57145.5-6  
674RISING OF THE SUN, THEunidentified192118146.1  
675RIVALS, THE (comedy)Lyric Theatre191018146.2-3  
676RIVALS, THE (comedy)Criterion Theatre194516  104-108
677RIVALS, THE (comedy)Saville Theatre195616 346.5-8 
678RIVALS, THELyric Theatre, Hammersmith19628146.4346.9 
679ROAD TO ROME, THE (play)Strand Theatre19286146.5  
680ROBINSON CRUSOE (pantomime)Theatre Royal, Birmingham192712146.6346.10 
see 360ROBINSON CRUSOETom Arnold's production in Manchester1959    
see 138, 193ROBINSON [CRUSOE] (pantomime)Tom Arnold's production [in Liverpool]1963    
see 138, 193ROBINSON CRUSOE (pantomime)Tom Arnold's production1963    
see 877ROBINSON CRUSOETom Arnold's productionnd    
681ROBUST INVALID, THE [LE MALADE IMAGINAIRE] (comedy)Apollo Theatre193814146.7346.11 
682ROMANCEMurray King's tour192020147.1346.12 
682ROMANCEMurray King and Clarke's Eastbourne tourndincl.incl.incl. 
683ROMANOFF AND JULIETunidentified (amateur)19583 346.13 
684ROMANTIC YOUNG LADY, THEunidentifiednd3147.2  
685ROMEO AND JULIET (tragedy)New Theatre191169147.3-5346.14 
686ROMEO AND JULIET (tragedy)His Majesty's Theatre19134 346.15-16 
687ROMEO AND JULIETunidentified (John Gielgud's production?)nd2 346.17 
688ROMEO AND JULIETunidentifiednd24148.1  
689ROMEO AND JULIET (opera)Aldwych Theatre191630148.2-3346.18 
690ROMEO ET JULIET (opera)Covent Gardennd18148.4  
691ROSE MARIE (musical play: "romance of the Canadian rockies")Drury Lane192567148.5-149.3  
692ROSE MARIE (musical play)Craft House production (amateur)19332 346.19 
692ROSE MARIE (musical play)unidentified (amateur)1934incl. incl. 
693ROSE MARIETom Arnold's toursJune 19423 346.20 
693ROSE MARIE (musical romance)Stoll TheatreJuly 1942incl. incl. 
694ROSE MARIE (musical play)unidentifiednd21149.4  
695ROSE OF PERSIA, THE; OR, THE STORY-TELLER AND THE SLAVE (comic opera)Savoy Theatre[1899]119149.5-150.5  
695ROSE OF PERSIA, THESavoy Theatre production on tourndincl.incl.  
695ROSE OF PERSIA, THEU.S. tourndincl.incl.  
696ROSE OF PERSIA, THE (comic opera)Princes Theatre1935115151.1347.1-348.8109, 906
697ROSENKAVALIER, DER (opera)Covent Garden192416 348.9-13 
698ROUND THE MAPunidentifiednd1151.2  
699ROUND THE WORLD IN EIGHTY DAYSLondon Pavilion196321 348.14-18 
700ROYAL FAMILY, A (comedy of romance)Royal Court Theatre[1899]6151.3  
701RUDDIGORE; OR, THE WITCH'S CURSE (comic opera)D'Oyly Carte Opera Company on tour194835151.4348.19-349.7907
702RUDDIGORE; OR, THE WITCH'S CURSE (comic opera)D'Oyle Carte Opera Company on tournd19151.5 908
702RUDDIGORE; OR, THE WITCH'S CURSE (comic opera)unidentifiedndincl.incl. incl.
703RUNNING RIOT (musical show)Gaiety Theatre19388151.6349.8 
704R. U. R. (fantastic melodrama)St. Martin's Theatre[1923]3 349.9 
705SACRAMENT OF JUDAS, THELyric Theatrend4151.7  
706Saint Bartholomew's Hospital PageantSt. Bartholomew's Hospital, London192323151.8349.10-13 
707SAINT JOANMalvern Festival Theatre193819151.9349.14-15 
708SALOME (opera)Covent Garden[1910]25151.10-11  
709SAMSON ET DALILA (opera)Covent Garden190916152.1  
710SAN TOY; OR, THE EMPEROR'S OWN (musical comedy)Daly's Theatre[1899]117152.2-5349.16 
711SANTA CLAUS (pantomime)Robert Arthur's production in Liverpoolnd38152.6  
712SAVITRI (opera)unidentifiednd3 349.17 
713SCARLET PIMPERNEL, THE (romantic play)[Strand Theatre][1928]26153.1-2 110
714SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL, THE (comedy)His Majesty's Theatre190937153.3-4 111-113, 909
714SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL, THE (comedy)His Majesty's Theatre1913incl.incl. incl.
714SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL, THECovent Garden1915incl.incl. incl.
see 578SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL, THEDrury Lane1918    
715SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL, THEunidentified19192153.5  
716SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL, THEE.N.S.A. tour19468 349.18-20 
717SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL, THETyrone Guthrie's productionnd4  114-115
718SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL, THEBasil Dean's productionnd5 349.21-22 
719SCHOOL GIRL, THEPrince of Wales's Theatre190335153.6-7  
720SEA URCHIN, THEBasil Dean's tours at Oxford19256154.1  
721SEAGULL, THE (play)Saville Theatre195619154.2349.23-27116
722SECOND MRS. TANQUERAY, THE (play)Haymarket Theatre195019  117-122
723SEE-SAW (musical show)Comedy Theatre[1916]15154.3349.28 
724SEE-SEE (Chinese comic opera)Prince of Wales's Theatre190631154.4-5  
725SEGRETO DI SUSANNA, IL (intermezzo)unidentifiednd3154.6  
726SERAGLIO, IL [DIE ENTFÜHRUNG AUS DEM SERAIL] (opera); also incl. COSÌ FAN TUTTI, 1950His Majesty's Theatre191016154.7 123
726SERAGLIO, IL (opera)Drury Lane1917incl.incl. incl.
726SERAGLIO, IL (opera)Glyndebourne Festival Opera1950, ndincl.incl. incl.
727SHADOW OF THE EAST, THE (oriental drama)Strand Theatre192919155.1350.1 
728SHAKESPEARE'S ENGLANDunidentifiednd10155.2  
729SHAMUS O'BRIENunidentifiednd9155.3  
730SHANGHAI (spectacular operette)Drury Lane191838155.4-5 1162
731SHE STOOPS TO CONQUERamateur production in Edinburgh19326 350.2-3 
731SHE STOOPS TO CONQUERSt. Martin's Players' productionndincl. incl. 
732SHE, TOO, WAS YOUNG (play)Wyndham's Theatre193819155.6350.4-8910
733SHELL OUT (revue)Comedy Theatre191514155.7350.9 
734SHEPHARD SHOW, THE ("medley of mirth and music")Princes Theatre194618 350.10-15 
734SHEPHARD SHOW, THEFirth Shephard's tour1946incl. incl.incl.
735SHOW BOAT (musical play)Drury Lane1928138156.1-157.4 124-125, 911-912
735SHOW BOAT (musical play)tourndincl.incl. incl.
736SHOW BOAT (musical play)unidentified193611157.5  
737SHOW BOAT (musical play)unidentifiednd99157.6350.16-17 
738SIGH NO MORE (revue)Piccadilly Theatre194512  126-129
739SIGN OF THE CROSS, THE (drama)Lyric Theatre189678158.1-3  
740SIGN OF THE SEVEN DIALS, THE ("omnibus entertainment")Cambridge Theatre193111158.4  
741SIGURD (opera)unidentifiednd13158.5  
742SILENT KNIGHT, THE (romantic comedy)St. James's Theatre193757158.6351.1-10130
743SILVER PATROL, THEScala Theatre193745 351.11-352.131163
744SITTING PRETTY ("song and dance show")Princes Theatre193948158.7352.14-353.9913
745SKY HIGH (revue)Phoenix Theatre194225  131-139
746SLEEPING BEAUTY, THEEmpire Theatre, Liverpool192521159.1353.10 
746SLEEPING BEAUTY, THEunidentifiedndincl. incl. 
see 41SLEEPING BEAUTY, THEPrince Littler's production1950    
see 41SLEEPING BEAUTY, THEunidentified1950    
see 136SLEEPING BEAUTY, THE (pantomime)Golders Green [Hippodrome?]1951    
747SLEEPING BEAUTY, THEproduction in Newcastle19541 353.11 
see 360SLEEPING BEAUTY, THETom Arnold's production1959    
see 138SLEEPING BEAUTY, THE (pantomime)Tom Arnold's production in Liverpool[1962?]    
see 138, 193[SLEEPING BEAUTY, THE] (pantomime)Tom Arnold's production [in Bristol]1963    
748SLEEPING BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, THE (children's pantomime)Drury Lane190042 353.12 
749SLEEPING CLERGYMAN, THEMalvern Festival Theatrend1159.2  
750SNOWDROP AND THE SEVEN LITTLE MENunidentifiednd1159.3  
751SONG OF NORWAY (operetta)Palace Theatre194572159.4353.13-354.13140, 1164
752SONG OF NORWAYunidentifiednd35159.5  
753SONG OF THE DRUM, THE (musical play)Drury Lane1931117159.6-160.4 141-142, 914-915
754SONG OF THE SEA, THE (musical play)His Majesty's Theatre192842161.1-3 916
755SONS O' GUNS (musical comedy)London Hippodrome193060  143-162, 917
756SORCERER, THE (comic opera)unidentifiednd3161.4  
757SOUTHERN MAID, A[Prince's Theatre], Manchester1918121161.5-163.2 163-164
757SOUTHERN MAID, A (musical play)Daly's Theatre1920incl.incl. incl.
757SOUTHERN MAID, ADaly's Theatre production on tourndincl.incl. incl.
758SPANISH MAIN, THEOscar Asche's toursSept. 191513163.3354.14 
758SPANISH MAIN, THE (romantic drama)[Apollo Theatre]Dec. 1915incl.incl.incl. 
see 345SPLENDID OUTCASTPitlochry Festival Theatre1959    
759SPRING, 1600 (comedy)Shaftesbury Theatre1934103163.4354.15-355.15918
760SPRING CHICKEN, THE (musical play)Gaiety Theatre190538163.5-164.1  
761SQUALL, THE (play)Globe Theatre192721164.2-3355.16 
762STARLIGHT ROOF (revue)London Hippodrome19476 356.1-2 
763STEPDAUGHTERS OF WAREmpire Theatre, New York19307164.4 165
764STIGMATAPhyllis Neilson-Terry's tour192438164.5356.3-10919
765STOP PRESS (revue)Adelphi Theatre193575165.1356.11-357.10920
766STRANGE PLAY, APalace Theatrend4 357.11 
767STRANGER'S ROADunidentified19424 357.12 
768STREAMLINE (revue)Palace Theatre193435 357.13-23921
769STRIKE A NEW NOTE (revue)Prince of Wales's Theatre194333165.2358.1-5166
769STRIKE IT AGAIN (revue)Prince of Wales's Theatre1944incl.incl.incl.incl.
770STUDENT PRINCE, THE unidentified (amateur)1934104165.3358.6-359.14922
770STUDENT PRINCE, THEBernard Delfont's tour1943incl.incl.incl.incl.
770STUDENT PRINCE, THE (light opera)[Stoll Theatre]1944incl.incl.incl.incl.
770STUDENT PRINCE, THEcorrespondence re Delfont returning costumes to B. J. Simmons1949incl.incl.incl.incl.
771STUDENT PRINCE, THEunidentifiednd3165.4  
772SUCH MEN ARE DANGEROUSMatheson Lang's tours[Feb.] 192853165.5-7 167
772SUCH MEN ARE DANGEROUS (play)[Duke of York's Theatre]Sept. 1928incl.incl. incl.
773SUDDENLY LAST SUMMER (play)Arts Theatre19585 359.15-16 
774SUMMER NIGHT, A (opera comique)His Majesty's Theatre19106165.8  
see 546SUMMER SHOWRene Stepham's production in Margate1963    
775SUMMER SONG (musical play)Princes Theatre1956102166.1359.17-360.21168
775SUMMER SONGWestcliff Operatic Society's production1958incl.incl.incl.incl.
775SUMMER SONGunidentified1959incl.incl.incl.incl.
776SUMMER STARSCoventry Theatre195625166.2361.1-7922a
777SUNNY RIVER (musical play)Piccadilly Theatre194373 361.8-362.15923
778SUNSHINE GIRL, THE (musical play)Gaiety Theatre191221166.3-4  
779SUNSHINE OF THE WORLD (operetta)Empire Theatre192037166.5-6362.16 
780SWAN, THE (comedy)Cort Theatre, New York192324167.1 170
780SWAN, THE (comedy)St. James's Theatre1930incl.incl. incl.
781SWEET PEPPER (play)Everyman Theatre19254167.2  
see 1013SWEET YESTERDAY (musical romance)      
782SWORDPLAYER, THEMatheson Lang's productionnd15167.3362.17-18 
783SWORDSMAN, THETheatre Royal, Nottingham1927136167.4-168.3 171
784SYBILunidentified (amateur)nd12168.4 924
785SYLVIA (tableau)Empire Theatre19113168.5  
786SYLVIA'S LOVERS (light opera)Ambassadors Theatre191942168.6362.19 
787TAG, DERunidentifiednd3168.7  
788TALES OF HOFFMAN, THE (opera)His Majesty's Theatre191059169.1-170.1362.20 
788TALES OF HOFFMAN, THEShaftesbury Theatre1915incl.incl.incl.incl.
789TALES OF HOFFMAN, THE (opera)Covent Garden195415  925-928
790TÄNNHAUSER (opera)Covent Garden195569 363.1-22929
791TÄNNHAUSER (opera)unidentifiednd16170.2  
792TEAHOUSE OF THE AUGUST MOON, THE (comedy)Her Majesty's Theatre195424170.3 930-934
792TEAHOUSE OF THE AUGUST MOON, THEtour, headlined by Bill Kerr1955incl.incl. incl.
793TERROR, THEDennis Neilson-Terry's tour19273 363.23 
794TESS (opera)Covent Garden190919170.4-5  
795TESS OF THE D'URBERVILLESBarnes Theatre19253170.6  
796THAÏSU.S. production, headlined by Constance Colliernd7170.7  
797THAÏS (opera)Covent Garden191128171.1-3364.1 
798THEODORE AND CO. (musical play)Gaiety Theatre191611171.4364.2 
799THIS SIDE IDOLATRY (play)Lyric Theatre1933115171.5 172-198, 935
800THISTLE AND THE ROSE, THE (play)Vaudeville Theatre195119172.1 199
801THREE GRACES, THE (musical play)Empire Theatre192416172.2364.3 
802THREE LITTLE MAIDS (musical play)Apollo Theatre19029172.3  
803THREE MUSKETEERS, THE (romantic musical play)Drury Lane193044172.4-5364.4-6936
804THREE ROGUES, THE ("morality")Haymarket Theatre[1925]5172.6364.7 
805THREE SISTERS (musical play)Drury Lane1934137173.1 200-235, 1165
806THREE WALTZES (musical play)Princes Theatre194584173.2-3364.8-22937
807TINA (musical play)Adelphi Theatre191511173.4  
see 1014TITANIA, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM (ballet)      
808TO-NIGHT'S THE NIGHT (musical play)Gaiety Theatre191580173.5-174.2365.1938
808TO-NIGHT'S THE NIGHTGaiety Theatre production on tour[1916?]incl.incl.incl.incl.
808TO-NIGHT'S THE NIGHTGeorge (?) Dance's tours[1916?]incl.incl.incl.incl.
809TOM JONES (comic opera)Apollo Theatre19079174.3365.2 
809TOM JONESunidentifiedndincl.incl.incl. 
see 655TOM THUMBMalvern Festival Theatre1932    
810TOSCA (opera)Covent Garden19142174.4  
811TOSCA (opera)Cambridge Theatrend3 365.3 
812TOSCA, LAGilbert Porteous' production in BrightonFeb. 192066174.5-7 939
812TOSCA, LA (play)Aldwych TheatreSept. 1920incl.incl. incl.
813TOSS OF A COIN (play)Vaudeville Theatre193811175.1365.4-5 
814TOUGH AT THE TOP (musical play)Adelphi Theatre194998175.2 940-965, 1166
815TOULOUSE LAUTRECunidentifiednd5175.3 966
816TRAVIATA, LA (opera)unidentified1907, nd40175.4-6  
817TREASURE ISLAND (play)Strand Theatre192226175.7365.6 
818TRELAWNY OF THE "WELLS" (comedietta)Court Theatre18984175.8  
819TRELAWNY OF THE "WELLS" (comedy)Globe Theatre192651175.9365.7 
820TRIAL BY JURY (comic opera)Princes Theatre192022176.1-2365.8 
820TRIAL BY JURY"Savoy tour" [D'Oyly Carte Opera Company?]1921incl.incl.incl. 
821TRILBYPhyllis Neilson-Terry's tours192031176.3  
822TRIP TO SCARBOROUGH, A (comedy)St. James's Theatre193139176.4365.9-15236
823TROILUS AND CRESSIDA (Shakespeare ball)unidentified191121176.5-177.1  
824TROVATORE, IL (opera)unidentifiednd12177.2  
825TULIP TIME (comedy with music)Alhambra Theatre193549177.3  
see 877TURN AGAIN WHITTINGTONTom Arnold's production1961    
826TWELFTH NIGHTHis Majesty's Theatre190448177.4365.16 
827TWELFTH NIGHT (comedy)Savoy Theatre19124177.5  
828TWELFTH NIGHTCourt Theatrend5 365.17-18 
828TWELFTH NIGHTunidentifiedndincl. incl. 
829TWELFTH NIGHTJohn Trevor's productionnd9 365.19-21 
830TWO MERRY MONARCHS (musical play)Savoy Theatre191056177.6-178.4 967
831TWO PINS, THE ("comedy of the Middle Ages")Aldwych Theatre190840179.1-3 968
832TYPHOONDennis Neilson-Terry's tournd5179.4  
833TYRANT, THE: AN EPISODE IN THE CAREER OF CESARE BORGIA (romantic play)New Theatre192518179.5366.1 
834ULYSSESHer Majesty's Theatre190299180.1-4  
835UNDER CAPRICORNunidentifiednd7 366.2-3 
836UNDER THE COUNTER (comedy with music)Phoenix Theatre19458 366.4-5 
837UNDER WHICH KING? (play)Adelphi Theatre190521180.5  
838UTOPIA (LIMITED) (comic opera)St. Aidan's Church, South Shields195369181.1366.6-18 
838UTOPIA (LIMITED) (comic opera)unidentifiedndincl.incl.incl. 
839VAGABOND KING, THE[Opera House], Manchester4 Apr. 1927172181.2367.1-369.14969
839VAGABOND KING, THE (romantic musical play)Winter Garden19 Apr. 1927incl.incl.incl.incl.
839VAGABOND KING, THEunidentified (amateur)1929incl.incl.incl.incl.
839VAGABOND KING, THE (romantic musical comedy)London Coliseum1937incl.incl.incl.incl.
839VAGABOND KING, THE (romantic musical comedy)Winter Garden1943incl.incl.incl.incl.
840VALENTINE (romantic comic opera)St. James's Theatre191846181.3-5 970
841VANITY FAIR (revue)Palace Theatre19164182.1369.15 
842VENICE PRESERVED; OR, A PLOT DISCOVER'D (play)Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith195322182.2370.1-5 
843VENUS IN SILKAlhambra Theatre, Glasgow193735 370.6-171167
843VENUS IN SILKLondon Hippodrome1937incl. incl.incl.
844VERONIQUE (comic opera)Apollo Theatre1904138182.3-183.2371.1-9971
844VERONIQUE (comic opera)Adelphi Theatre1915incl.incl.incl.incl.
844VERONIQUEHendon Operatic, Choral, and Dramatic Society's productionndincl.incl.incl.incl.
844aVERONIQUEStock Exchange Dramatic and Operatic Societynd1 371.10 
845VICAR OF WAKEFIELD, THEWimbledon Theatre194525 371.11 
845VICAR OF WAKEFIELD, THEEmile Littler's tour1945incl. incl. 
846VICTORIA REGINABroadhurst Theatre, New York193599183.3-4372.1-4972-973, 1168, 1214
846VICTORIA REGINA ("scenes from a biography")Lyric Theatre1937incl.incl.incl.incl.
847VIE PARISIENNE, LAunidentified (amateur)19383 372.5 
848VIKTORIA AND HER HUSSAR (operette)Palace Theatre193160183.5372.6 
848VIKTORIA AND HER HUSSARunidentified (amateur)1935incl.incl.incl. 
849VILLAGE ROMEO AND JULIET, A (musical drama)Covent Garden19105183.6  
850VIRGIN GODDESS, THE (play)Adelphi Theatre19064 372.7 
851VISION OF DELIGHT, THE (masque)His Majesty's Theatre191133183.7-184.1  
852WANDERING JEW, THE (play)New Theatre19206184.2  
853WAY OF THE WORLD, THE (comedy)Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith192424184.3 238
853WAY OF THE WORLD, THE (comedy)Wyndham's Theatre1927incl.incl. incl.
854WELLINGTONMatheson Lang's tour193343184.4-5372.81169
855WHITE HORSE INN (musical spectacular play)London Coliseum193152185.1 239-243
856WILD GROWS THE HEATHER (musical play)London Hippodrome195614185.2 244-246
857WILD OATS ("song and laugh show")Princes Theatre193831 372.9-18 
858WILD ROSE ("new treatment of an old story")Princes Theatre194294 373.1-18247-249, 974-981, 1170
859WOMAN IN WHITE, THEunidentifiednd2  250
see 345WONDER, THEPitlochry Festival Theatre1959    
860WORDS AND MUSICOpera House, Manchester[Aug.] 193221  251-257, 982
860WORDS AND MUSIC (revue)Adelphi TheatreSept. 1932incl.  incl.
861YANKEE AT THE COURT OF KING ARTHUR, A (musical play)Daly's Theatre192932185.3 258-267
862YELLOW MASK, THEproduction in Birmingham19278  268-270
863YELLOW TICKET, THE (play)Playhouse19174185.4374.1 
863YELLOW TICKET, THEMurray King's tour1918incl.incl.incl. 
864YEOMEN OF THE GUARD, THE; OR, THE MERRYMAN AND HIS MAID (opera)Savoy Theatre188864185.5-7 271-273
864YEOMEN OF THE GUARD, THEunidentified1929, ndincl.incl. incl.
865YEOMEN OF THE GUARD, THE; OR, THE MERRYMAN AND HIS MAID (comic opera)Princes Theatre191949186.1-4 983
866YEOMEN OF THE GUARD, THE (opera)unidentified192715186.5374.2 
867YEOMEN OF THE GUARD, THE (opera)unidentified193713  274-278
868YES, MADAM? (musical comedy)London Hippodrome193411186.6374.3-4 
869YES, UNCLE (musical comedy)Prince of Wales's Theatre191835187.1374.5 
869YES, UNCLEGeorge Dance's toursndincl.incl.incl. 
870YOU CAN NEVER TELL (comedy)Wyndham's Theatre19471187.2  
see 457ZAUBERFLÖTE, DIE (opera)      
871ZIG-ZAGLondon Hippodrome191743187.3-4  
872Unidentified productionPalace Theatre19011187.5  
873Unidentified productionproduction in Manchester1901-024187.6  
874Unidentified production (ballet)Jooss Ballet at the Cambridge Theatre194317 374.6-11 
874Unidentified production (ballet)Jooss Ballet on tour1945incl. incl. 
875Unidentified productionTom Arnold's production in Brighton19587187.7  
876Unidentified productionproduction in Clacton-on-Sea19592 374.12 
877Unidentified production; also incl. CINDERELLA, DICK WHITTINGTON, HUMPTY DUMPTY, ROBINSON CRUSOE, and TURN AGAIN WHITTINGTON, 1961-62, ndTom Arnold's productions1960, nd84  279-297, 984
877Unidentified productionHippodrome Theatre, Birminghamndincl.  incl.
877Unidentified productionHippodrome Theatre, Bristolndincl.  incl.
877Unidentified productionTheatre Royal, Nottinghamndincl.  incl.
878Unidentified production (ballet)Empire [Theatre]nd1187.8  
879Unidentified productionRené Clair's production, with Gertrude Musgrovend2187.9  
880Unidentified production"Coventry Birthday Show"nd1 374.13 
881Unidentified production (opera)production at Glyndebournend2 374.14 
882Unidentified production (Welsh characters)unidentifiednd9187.10  

Subseries B. Film Productions, 1923-1962

JobTitleDirector / StudioDateItemsBoxOS BoxFlat File
883ABDUL THE DAMNEDKarl Grune / British International Pictures, Capitol Film Corporation Ltd.193517  298-307
884ADVENTURES OF QUENTIN DURWARD, THERichard Thorpe / MGM19558188.1375.11171
885AMATEUR GENTLEMAN, THEThornton Freeland / Criterion Productions, United Artists193690188.2 308-334, 1172
886ARCADIANS, THEVictor Saville / Gaumont192755188.3-4  
887AS YOU LIKE ITPaul Czinner / Inter-Allied193683188.5375.2-181173
888ATLANTIC FERRYWalter Forde / Warner Bros.194163188.6 985-1003
889AUNT SALLYTim Whelan / Gainsborough Pictures, Gaumont British Picture Corporation Ltd.193310  335-338
890BARRETTS OF WIMPOLE STREET, THESidney Franklin / MGM195724188.7375.19-24 
891BEAU BRUMMELCurtis Bernhardt / MGM19541  339
892BEGGAR'S OPERA, THEPeter Brook / Imperadio195349 376.1-161004
893BEN-HURWilliam Wyler / MGM1959159188.8 340-365, 1005-1008, 1174-1179, 1215
894BONNIE PRINCE CHARLIEAnthony Kimmins / London Film Productions194875189.1376.17-181009, 1180
895CANTERBURY TALE, AMichael Powell, Emeric Pressburger / The Archers19445 376.19-20 
896CAPTAIN HORATIO HORNBLOWERRaoul Walsh / Warner Bros.195153189.2 366-379, 1181
897CAPTAIN LIGHTFOOTDouglas Sirk / Universal International Pictures195511  1010-1013
898CARAVANArthur Crabtree / Gainsborough Pictures, Rank Film Organization19462 377.1 
899CARD, THERonald Neame / British Film-Makers Ltd., Rank Film Organization19524 377.2-3 
900CATHERINE THE GREATPaul Czinner / London Film Productions193471189.3377.4-378.101182
901CHAMPAGNE CHARLIEAlberto Cavalcanti / Affiliated Pictures, Ealing Studios194446189.4378.11-379.31183
902CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUSDavid MacDonald / Gainsborough Pictures, Rank Film Organization1949206189.5379.4-383.21184, 1216
903COLOMBE (television)BBC19602 383.3 
904COLONEL BLOODW. P. Lipscomb / Sound City193444189.6 380-387, 1014
905CONQUEST OF THE AIRAlexander Esway et al. / London Film Productions193612189.7383.4 
906CONSTANT NYMPH, THEBasil Dean / Gaumont British Picture Corporation193312189.8383.5 
907CYRANO DE BERGERACLondon Film [Productions]nd34 383.6-384.2 
908DANCING YEARS, THEHarold French / Associated British Picture Corporation194831 384.3-121185
909DEADLOCKFilm Location Ltd.19542 384.13 
910DIAMOND CITYDavid MacDonald / Gainsborough Pictures194951  388-403, 1015
911DICTATOR, THEVictor Saville / Toeplitz Productions1935175189.9 404-455, 1186
912DOCTOR SYNRoy William Neill / Gaumont British Picture Corp.19377189.10 384.14 
913EAST MEETS WESTHerbert Mason / Gaumont British Picture Corporation Ltd., Gaumont (France), Rank Film Organization19368 385.1-3 
914ESCAPE ME NEVERPaul Czinner / British & Dominions Film Corporation193510189.11385.4 
915FANNY BY GASLIGHTAnthony Asquith / Gainsborough Pictures194423 385.5-121016
916FIRST GENTLEMAN, THEAlberto Cavalcanti / Two Cities Films Ltd.194884190.1386.1-387.121187
917FREUDJohn Huston / Universal International Pictures196220190.2388.1-4 
918GASLIGHTThorold Dickinson / British National Films Ltd.194042190.3 456-465, 1016a
919GAY ADVENTURESinclair Hill / Grosvenor19362  467
920GREAT EXPECTATIONSDavid Lean / Cineguild, Rank Film Organization[1946]1190.4  
921GREAT MR. HANDEL, THENorman Walker / G.H.W. Productions Ltd., GHW Films, Independent Producers194297190.5388.5-390.6468-470, 1017
922GYPSY AND THE GENTLEMAN, THEJoseph Losey / British Film, Rank Film Organization195846190.6 471-484, 1018
923HATTER'S CASTLELance Comfort / Paramount British, Paramount Pictures194138190.7390.7-141018a-b
924HE FOUND A STARJohn Paddy Carstairs / General Films194110 390.15-17 
925HENRY VLaurence Olivier / Two Cities Films Ltd.194473190.8 496-498, 1019
926HOUSE IN THE SQUARE, THERoy Ward Baker / 20th Century Fox19519190.9 499-500
927HOW HE LIED TO HER HUSBANDCecil Lewis / British International Pictures19313  501
928HUNGRY HILLBrian Desmond Hurst / J. Arthur Rank Films19478  502-504
929I ACCUSE!José Ferrer / MGM195816  505-510
930I, CLAUDIUSDenis Kavanagh, Josef von Sternberg / London Film Productions1937127190.10391.1-393.9511-512, 1020, 1188
931I WAS A SPYVictor Saville / Gaumont British Picture Corporation Ltd.19334190.11  
932IDEAL HUSBAND, ANAlexander Korda / 20th Century Fox, London Film Productions194743 393.10-394.61021-1023
933I'LL BE YOUR SWEETHEARTVal Guest / Gainsborough Pictures194522 394.7-131024
934INVITATION TO THE DANCEGene Kelly / MGM195619190.12394.14-161025
935IRON DUKE, THEVictor Saville / Gaumont British Picture Corporation Ltd.193425190.13395.1-31026
936IVANHOERichard Thorpe / Loew's Inc., MGM1952140190.14 513-535, 1027-1033, 1189
937JAMAICA INNAlfred Hitchcock / Mayflower Pictures193932190.15 536-543, 1034
938JASSYBernard Knowles / Gainsborough Pictures, Rank Film Organization194730191.1395.4-121190
939KIND HEARTS AND CORONETSRobert Hamer / Ealing Studios194950191.2395.13-396.9 
940KING'S RHAPSODYHerbert Wilcox / Everest Pictures Inc.195517  1035-1040
941KNIGHT WITHOUT ARMOURJacques Feyder / London Film Productions193756191.3396.10-397.41041
942KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLERichard Thorpe / MGM195367191.4397.5-101042-1055, 1191
943LADY WITH A LAMP, THEHerbert Wilcox / Imperadio195125191.5397.11-398.31056
944LATE EDWINA BLACK, THEMaurice Elvey / Romulus Films Ltd.19519  544-546
945LAUGH IT OFFAlbert S. Rogell / Universal Pictures19399191.6398.4-5 
946LAUGHING ANNEHerbert Wilcox / Imperadio195312 398.6-91057
947LOVE LOTTERY, THECharles Crichton / Ealing Studios19542 398.10 
948LOVES OF MARY, QUEEN OF SCOTS, THEDenison Clift / Ideal19234191.7  
949MAGIC BOW, THEBernard Knowles / Gainsborough Pictures194658191.8398.11-399.81058
950MAGIC BOX, THEJohn Boulting / Festival Film Productions195113191.9 547-550
951MASTER OF BALLANTRAE, THEWilliam Keighley / Warner Bros.19535  551-552, 1058a
952MEET ME TONIGHTAnthony Pelissier / Rank Film Organization19522 399.9 
953MEN ARE NOT GODSWalter Reisch / London Film Productions193629191.10399.10-12 
954MOBY DICKJohn Huston / Moulin195680192.1 400.1-101059-1060, 1192
955MONTH IN THE COUNTRY, A (television)Robert Hamer / Associated-Rediffusion19558 400.11-121061
956NICHOLAS NICKLEBYAlberto Cavalcanti / Ealing Studios1947108192.2401.1-402.6552a, 1193
957ON APPROVALClive Brook / Verity Films Ltd.194422192.3402.7-121062
958ONE OF OUR AIRCRAFT IS MISSINGMichael Powell, Emeric Pressburger / British National Films Ltd., The Archers194215192.4402.13-14 
959OUTCAST OF THE ISLANDSCarol Reed / London Film Productions19523 403.1 
960PANDORA AND THE FLYING DUTCHMANAlbert Lewin / Dorkay Productions, Romulus Films Ltd.19514  553
961PENN OF PENNSYLVANIALance Comfort / British National Films Ltd.194159192.5403.2-111063-1070
962PINK STRING AND SEALING WAXRobert Hamer / Ealing Studios194524192.6403.12-404.3 
963PLACE OF ONE'S OWN, ABernard Knowles / GFD194419 404.4-9554
964PORTRAIT OF CLAIRELance Comfort / Associated British, Pathé195042192.7404.10-405.61071
965PRIME MINISTER, THEThorold Dickinson / Warner Bros.194146192.8 555-563, 1072, 1072a-c
966PRIVATE LIFE OF DON JUAN, THEAlexander Korda / London Film Productions19342192.9  
967PRIVATE LIFE OF HENRY VIII, THEAlexander Korda / London Film Productions1933120192.10405.7-406.13567, 1194
see 636PURPLE MASK, THEunidentifiednd    
968QUEEN OF SPADES, THEThorold Dickinson / Associated British Picture Corporation194980  568-581, 1072d-p, 1195
969RETURN OF THE SCARLET PIMPERNELHanns Schwarz / London Film Productions193746193.1406.14-407.91196
970ROB ROY, THE HIGHLAND ROGUEHarold French / Walt Disney Pictures19535 407.101073
971SARABAND FOR DEAD LOVERSBasil Dearden / Ealing Studios, Rank Film Organization1948125193.2408.1-409.20594, 1197
972SCARLET PIMPERNEL, THEHarold Young / London Film Productions1934139193.3410.1-413.31198
973SEEKERS, THEKen Annakin19544  1074-1075
974SING AS WE GOBasil Dean / Associated Talking Pictures19343  595
975SO LONG AT THE FAIRAntony Darnborough, Terence Fisher / Gainsborough Pictures195054 413.4-414.71076
976SOUTHERN MAID, AHarry Hughes / British Alliance19332 414.81199
977STORY OF GILBERT AND SULLIVAN, THESidney Gilliat / London Film Productions195398193.4414.9-415.201200
978STORY OF ROBIN HOOD AND HIS MERRIE MEN, THEKen Annakin / Walt Disney Pictures195214 416.1-5 
979STRANGER LEFT NO CARD, THEWendy Toye / British Lion Film Corporation, Meteor19521 416.6 
980SWISS FAMILY ROBINSONKen Annakin / Walt Disney Pictures196042193.5 596-598
981SWORD AND THE ROSE, THEKen Annakin / Walt Disney Pictures195320193.6 1077-1082
982TALES OF HOFFMAN, THEMichael Powell, Emeric Pressburger / British Lion Film Corporation, London Film Productions, The Archers, Vega Film Productions195118193.7 599-601
983THIEF OF BAGHDAD, THELudwig Berger, Michael Powell, Tim Whelan, Alexander Korda, Zoltan Korda, William Cameron Menzies / London Film Productions1940105193.8 602-619, 1201
984THINGS TO COMEWilliam Cameron Menzies / London Film Productions193666193.9416.7-417.5620, 1202
985THIS ENGLANDDavid MacDonald / British International Pictures194169194.1417.6-141083-1091
986THOSE WERE THE DAYSThomas Bentley / British International Pictures19337 418.1-3 
987THUNDER ROCKRoy Boulting / Charter Films Inc.194320  621-627
988TIME FLIESWalter Forde / Gainsborough Pictures194412 418.4-7 
989TOM THUMBGeorge Pal / Galaxy Pictures Limited195838194.2 1092-1095
990TREASURE ISLANDByron Haskin / Walt Disney Pictures195034194.3 628-631
991TRIOKen Annakin, Harold French / Gainsborough Pictures, Rank Film Organization19508 418.8-10 
992UNCLE SILASCharles Frank / GFD, Two Cities Films Ltd.194781194.4418.11-420.6632, 1203
993UNDER THE GREENWOOD TREEHarry Lachman / British International Pictures192916194.5  
994UNDER THE RED ROBEVictor Sjöström / 20th Century Fox, New World Pictures Ltd.193741194.6420.7-111096
995UNDER YOUR HATMaurice Elvey / Republic Pictures Corporation19403  633
996WANDERING JEW, THEMaurice Elvey / Twickenham Film Studios193342194.7 634-649, 1204
997WICKED LADY, THELeslie Arliss / Gainsborough Pictures, J. Arthur Rank Films19451  1205
998YOUNG MR. PITT, THECarol Reed / 20th Century Fox1942130194.8421.1-422.10 
999Unidentified productionunknown194716194.9 650-651, 1206
1000Miscellaneous film sketchesBeaconsfield [Productions], Gainsborough [Pictures], London Film [Productions]nd20194.10 652-656

Subseries C. Other Projects, 1931-1967

JobClientDescriptionDateItemsBoxOS BoxFlat File
1001"21" Club (restaurant)Costumes for "Showgirl," "Dancers," "Charleston Girls," "Charleston Men," and "Charleston Principal"nd18  657-662, 1097
1002Benton & Bowles Ltd. (advertising agency)Pirate costumes19636195.1  
1003Gorringes (auction house?)Unknownca. 19634195.2  
1004Hastings CarnivalCostumes for "Carnival Queen" and her attendants19542 422.11 
1005International Horse Show at OlympiaCostumes for Parade of Historic Coaches193140 422.12-423.41098
1006Selfridges (department store)"Uncle Holly" costumes1949-196716195.3-4 1098a
1007Soldiers', Sailors', and Airmen's Families AssociationRiding costume for Miss Inkster19533 423.5 
1008WaxworksProjects in St. Petersburg, Phoenix, San Francisco, Banff, and Niagara Fallsnd1195.5  
1009Unidentified client in [Bishopthorpe?], YorkCostumes for a fancy dress ball195024 423.6-13 

Subseries D. Work by Other Costumiers, 1895-1945

JobTitleDescriptionDateItemsBoxOS BoxFlat File
1010BOHÈME, LA (opera)Reproductions of costume and set designs pub. by G. Ricordica. 190083195.6-7  
1011CARMEN (opera)Reproductions of costume designs pub. by G. Ricordind20195.8  
1012CHU CHIN CHOWCorrespondence, notes, and costume designs re Charles H. Fox Ltd.'s purchase of CHU CHIN CHOW costumes from Keith Prowse & Co. Ltd.193172196.1-2  
1013SWEET YESTERDAY (musical romance)Adelphi Theatre (costumes by L. & H. Nathan)194525196.3  
1014TITANIA, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM (ballet)Alhambra Theatre (costumes by M. and Mme. Alias)189572 423.14 

Subseries E. Unidentified and Miscellaneous, 1893-1969, nd

JobTitleSketch No. / DescriptionDateItemsBoxOS BoxFlat File
1015Unidentified productionAA, Miss Bernard as "Apprentice"nd1196.4  
1015Unidentified productionB 323, "Strelza Brown"nd1 423.15 
1015Unidentified productionC 542, C 548nd2196.5  
1015Unidentified productionF 136, Diana Dors as "Fanny"nd1  664
1015Unidentified productionG 6nd2  665, 1207
1015Unidentified productionG 35, Miss J. Forbesnd1 423.16 
1015Unidentified productionH 4, Pat Kirkwoodnd2 423.17 
1015Unidentified productionH 22-24, 26nd4  666-667
1015Unidentified productionH 25, Mr. Greynd1 423.18 
1015Unidentified productionH 426nd1  1099
1015Unidentified productionK 564nd1  1100
1015Unidentified productionN 9, N 13-20, Misses Young, Wys, Blackston and Price as "Girls"; Misses Payne, Hale, Retter, S[uno?]nette, Groll, Kay, Bryant, and Hayes as "Morris Dancers"; Misses Kellaway and H. Braine as "Minstrels"; unidentified actor as "Burgher's Wife"nd10 424.1-3 
1015Unidentified productionN 110-111, "Chorus"nd1196.6  
1015Unidentified productionR 1-30nd1 424.4 
1015Unidentified productionS 342, Michael Redgrave (costume design by Motley)nd1  668
1015Unidentified productionS 368nd4  1101
1015Unidentified productionS 383, "Angel"nd1 424.5 
1015Unidentified productionS 389-390 / A - E, "Stock cabaret"nd6 424.6-7 
1015Unidentified productionS 392nd4 424.8-9 
1015Unidentified productionS 417nd1 424.10 
1015Unidentified productionS 455, Errol Addisonnd1 424.11 
1015Unidentified productionS 530, "Colonel Hudson"nd1 424.12 
1015Unidentified productionS 905 (costume design by J. R. Macken)nd2 424.13 
1015Unidentified productionT 50, Miss Dunkley and Miss Trupp as "2 Children"nd1 424.14 
1015Unidentified productionT 207, "Partner to Stella"nd1 424.15 
1015Unidentified productionTA 30, "Toads"nd1 424.16 
1015Unidentified productionTA 37a-bnd1196.7  
1015Unidentified productionW 31, "Kelly"nd1196.8  
1015Unidentified productionAshwood, W., as "Princess Leyla"; M. Lyon as "Second Girl"; unidentified actors as "Principal Boy" and "Second Boy"nd2196.9  
1015Unidentified productionBruce, Alannd1196.10  
1015Unidentified productionBurke, C., et al. as "Court Ladies"; G. Harvey as "Lady Juliana"nd1 424.17 
1015Unidentified productionCarr, Pearlnd1196.11  
1015Unidentified productionFerguson, M., and unidentified actors as "Dancing Boys" and "Singers"nd4 424.18-19 
1015Unidentified productionHamsher, P., as "May Queen"nd1196.12  
1015Unidentified productionMarks, Alfrednd1 424.20 
1015Unidentified productionRawlings, Mr., as "Yen You"nd1196.13  
1015Unidentified productionRené, Idand2196.14  
1015Unidentified productionSaunders, Miss, as "Grisette" (costume design by Attilio Comelli)19111196.15  
1015Unidentified productionSheffield, Mr.nd1196.16  
1015Unidentified productionWhitfield, Davidnd1196.17  
1015Unidentified productionWorth, Harry (incl. correspondence)19635196.18  
1015Unidentified productionVarious (incl. correspondence)1907-69, ndca. 250197.1-199.3424.21-425.6669
1016MiscellaneousMorris dancers, freaks, and harlequins (incl. materials re P. T. Barnum and Imre Kiralfy)1893-1919, nd65199.4-5425.7 
1016MiscellaneousMusic hall sketches1901-14, nd75200.1-3  
1016MiscellaneousKey to contents of lockers in Pantomime Room (Tom Arnold's productions?)1953-58, ndca. 75200.4-201.1  
1016Miscellaneous"National": Sketches that exemplify the national character of a particular countrynd11201.2  
1016MiscellaneousDrawings of eighteenth-century gowns with intricate decorations on the skirtnd7201.3  
1016MiscellaneousCutout sketches, mounted as if for presentationnd45 425.8-427.9 

Series II. Production Portfolios, ca. 1880-1959

Portfolio No.	Description

1		A - Ado
2		Adr - Af
3		Ag - Aj
4		Aladdin
5		Alas - Alw
6		Ama - Ame
7		Ami - Amp
8		An
9		Ap
10		Ara - Arl
11		Arm - Art
12		As
13		At - Az
14		B - Baf
15		Bag - Bal
16		Balla - Baree
17		Bark - Bav
18		Bear - Beau
19		Bec - Beg
20		Bella - Belleo
21		Belleh - Bells
22		Belo - Ber
23		Bes - Bet
24		Bia - Bit
25		Bla - Blo
26		Bluea - Blueb
27		Bluee - Bluf
28		Boa - Bon
29		Boo - Bour
30		Bout - Bric
31		Brid - Brok
32		Bron - Burg
33		Burl - By
34		Cab - Cae
35		Cag - Cam
36		Can - Carmel
37		Carmen
38		Carmi - Cart
39		Cas
40		Cat - Caz
41		Ce - Chan
42		Chap - Chau
43		Che - Chief
44		Chien - Chis
45		Cho - Chr
46		Chr - Cim
47		Cinderella
48		Cinderelle - Civ
49		Cla - Cleo
50		Clev - Clu
51		Cob - Col
52		Com - Conq
53		Conr - Cop
54		Coq - Counte
55		Counth - Countx
56		County - Cox
57		Cr
58		Cu - Cz
59		Dad - Dam
60		Danc - Dante
61		Danto - Das
62		Dau - Day
63		Dea - Deg
64		Dei - Des
65		Det - Dev
66		Diab - Diar
67		Dickens
68		Dickh - Dict
69		Dieu - Dja
70		Doc - Dol
71		Dom - Donn
72		Donp - Dor
73		Dot - Dow
74		Dr - Dub
75		Duc - Dy
76		E - Ed
77		Ef - El
78		Em - Ene
79		Enf - Env
80		Ep - Es
81		Et - Eu
82		Ev - Ez
83		F - Fal
84		Fam - Fat
85		Fau - Fav
86		Fea - Feu
87		Fia - Fil
88		Fin - Fiv
89		Fl
90		Foi - Foo
91		For - Foy
92		Fr - Fu
93		Ga
94		Ge - Gh
95		Gig - Gip
96		Gira - Girl
97		Giro - Giv
98		Gon - Goody
99		Gor - Grea
100		Gree - Gy
101		Hab - Ham
102		Han - Hap
103		Har - Hay
104		Hea - Hen
105		Her - Heu
106		Hi
107		Ho - Hy
108		Ib - Imp
109		Ina - Inv
110		Io - Iz
111		Jac - Jaz
112		Jea - Jew
113		Jig - Johns
114		John - Joyb
115		Joyb - Ju
116		Ka - Kil
117		King A - King H
118		King J - King O
119		King R - King S
120		Kip - Ku
121		Lab - Lar
122		Lass - Leur
123		Lia - Lio
124		Little
125		Ll - Loute
126		Love - Lyons
127		Mab - Mac
128		Mada - Madr
129		Maf - Maiz
130		Maj - Mam
131		Man - Many
132		Maq - Marjory
133		Mark - Mary
134		Mas - Maz
135		Mea - Men
136		Merchant of Venice
137		Merc - Merl
138		Mer - Mes
139		Mia - Mid
140		Mig - Mill
141		Mil - Mix
142		Mob - Monn
143		Mons - Moon
144		Mor - Moz
145		Mr.
146		Mu - My
147		Na - Nel
148		Ner - New
149		Ni - No
150		Nor - Ny
151		Ob - Ois
152		Ol - Omb
153		Ona - Ore
154		Org - Oth
155		Ou - Oz
156		Pad - Pan
157		Pao - Parm
158		Pars - Pary
159		Pasd - Past
160		Pat - Pay
161		Pea - Perc
162		Perd - Perz
163		Pet - Pi
164		Pin - Plu
165		Po
166		Pot - Pou
167		Pray - Prince
168		Princess
169		Pris - Priv
170		Proc - Pyr
171		Qua
172		Que - Quo
173		Rab - Raz
174		Rea - Ren
175		Rep - Rev
176		Rh - Rio
177		Rip - Riv
178		Roa - Rog
179		Roi - Roma
180		Romeo and Juliet
181		Rome - Roses
182		Rosi - Roz
183		Rud - Ruz
184		Russian Ballet
185		Russian Opera
186		Sab - Sal
187		Sam - Sap
188		Sar - Sav
189		Sca - Scu
190		Sea - Sec
191		See - Sex
192		Sha - She
193		Si
194		Sk - Sn
195		Soc - Sor
196		Sos - Soy
197		Sp - Sto
198		Str - Stu
199		Su - Swa
200		Swe - Sy
201		Tab - Tat
202		Tea - Tes
203		Tha - The
204		Thi - Thu
205		Ti
206		Tod - Top
207		Tor - Toy
208		Tr - Trip
209		Tris - Tru
210		Ts - Ty
211		U
212		Vagabond
213		Vai - Vau
214		Ve
215		Vic - Vik
216		Vo - Vr
217		Wal - Wan
218		Wap - Way
219		We
220		Wha - Whir
221		Whitea -Whiteh
222		Whitel - Why
223		Wi
224		Wo - Wy
225		X
226		Y
227		Z

Series III. Geographic Portfolios, ca. 1890-1960

DescriptionDateItemsOS BoxFlat File
Abyssinia19th-20th centuries20428.1 
Afghanistan19th-20th centuries36428.2 
Albania19th-20th centuries32428.31102, 1208
Algiers19th-20th centuries16428.4 
Arabia19th century14428.5 
Armenia19th century15429.1 
Austria15th century, 19th-20th centuries84429.2-31103
Barbarian Europe4th-5th centuries6429.4 
Belgium15th-20th centuries47429.5-430.11104
British Isles: England: Civil and religious     
     Butlers, drivers, footmen, doormen, and other civilians in uniform19th-20th centuries193430.2-431.2 
     Female fashions, incl. bathing costumes, coiffures, lingerie, maids' uniforms, millinery, riding habits, VID uniforms, Vogue designs, and WAAC uniforms20th century302431.3-432.1 
     Government and civil officials, esp. mayors and justices15th-20th centuries132432.2-3 
     Pageants and department store window displays20th century79433.1-434.1 
     Religious and other government officials, academics, foundlings, members of secret orders, "Bluecoat" boys, and hunters19th-20th centuries207434.2-3 
British Isles: England: Military    
     Artillery18th-20th centuries115435.1-2670-671, 1105-1106, 1217
     Engineers and auxiliary personnel (e.g., military police, cadets, pensioners, signal corps, and tank corps)18th-20th centuries109435.3 
     Footguards17th-20th centuries340436.1-437.11107, 1217a
     Heraldry, incl. Knights of St. John, Knights Templar, Star of India, and orders (e.g., of St. Patrick)11th-20th centuries167437.2-4 
     Highland regiments18th-20th centuries430438.1-439.1 
     Household cavalry17th-20th centuries158439.2-440.11108
     Regular cavalry17th-20th centuries504440.2-441.4 
     Regular infantry and territorial army17th-20th centuries1,626442.1-446.11109-1110, 1218
     Royal Marines and their artillery19th-20th centuries40446.2672
     Royal Navy, air forces, and Merchant Navy18th-20th centuries192446.3-447.1 
     Volunteer regiments18th-20th centuries181447.2 
     Yeomanry (volunteer cavalry)19th-20th centuries73447.3673
     Miscellaneous17th-20th centuries18447.4674
British Isles: England: Monarchy    
     William I - Henry V11th-15th centuries113448.1 
     Henry VI - Elizabeth I15th-16th centuries184448.2-3 
     James I - William III17th century365449.1-2 
     Anne - George III18th century354449.3-450.4 
     George IV - Victoria19th century495451.1-452.1 
     Edward VII - George VI19th-20th centuries86452.2-453.11111-1112
     Miscellaneous monarchynd1453.2 
British Isles: Ireland18th-20th centuries39453.3 
British Isles: Scotland    
     Commoners18th-20th centuries98453.4-454.1 
     Royalty11th-19th centuries55454.2 
British Isles: Wales, incl. Isle of Man19th-20th centuries44454.3 
Bulgaria19th-20th centuries42454.4 
Burma19th-20th centuries25454.5 
Byzantium6th century, 10th century8454.6 
Canadand2 1113
Czechoslovakia19th century1455.1 
Denmark15th-18th centuries15455.2 
Egypt14th century B.C.-1st century A.D., 19th-20th centuries69455.31114
Fiji19th-20th centuries30455.4 
Finland19th century4455.5 
France: Common and noble dress[1st century B.C.?], 10th-20th centuries60455.6-456.2 
France: Military    
     Army13th-20th centuries324456.3-457.31115
     Dreyfus Affair19th-20th centuries21458.1 
     Navy19th-20th centuries29458.2 
France: Monarchy, civil employees, and Napoleon I and Josephine8th-20th centuries98458.3-4 
France: Regions, incl. Arachon, Boulogne, Brittany, Burgundy, Calais, Concarneau, Epernay, Landes, Nice, Normandy, and Toulouse16th-20th centuries67459.1-2 
     Military16th-20th centuries100459.3-460.1 
     Regions19th-20th centuries57460.2-3 
     Royalty, common dress, fencing, and works by Dürer15th-16th centuries, 19th-20th centuries44460.4 
Greece4th century B.C., 5th century A.D., 19th-20th centuries17461.1 
Hawaiian and Samoan Islands19th century61461.2 
Holland15th-20th centuries143461.3-462.1 
Hungary17th-19th centuries62462.2-463.1 
Iceland[19th century?]1463.2 
India18th-20th centuries96463.3-5675-677
     Ancient Rome, chiefly statues8th-1st centuries B.C.17464.1-2 
     Art, incl. works of Bellini, Botticelli, Carpaccio, da Vinci, and Raphael; Venetian keys, cameos, lutes, and shoes14th-20th centuries157464.3-465.1 
     Ecclesiastical, incl. popes, papal guards, attendants, and clergy19th-20th centuries156465.2-3 
     Military, incl. government and courts of law18th-20th centuries98465.4 
     Regions, incl. Capri, Naples, Sardinia, Sicily, Tuscany, and Venice, and royalty15th-16th centuries, 19th-20th centuries126466.1-2 
     Civilian dresspre-180024466.3-467.1 
     Civilian dresspost-180030467.2-3 
     Monarchy and military12th-20th centuries14468.1 
     Religion and the supernaturalnd37468.2-3 
     Theatre and entertainers18th-20th centuries13469.1 
     Young children19th century9469.2 
Lapland19th-20th centuries9469.3 
Mexico19th-20th centuries19469.4 
Montenegro19th-20th centuries48470.1 
New Zealand20th century2 1116
Norway17th-20th centuries44470.2 
Papua19th-20th centuries9470.3 
Persia19th-20th centuries28470.4 
Philippine Islands19th-20th centuries9470.5 
Poland17th-20th centuries23470.6 
Portugal15th-20th centuries34470.7 
Romania19th-20th centuries72471.1 
     Civilian dress[10th century?], 18th-20th centuries41471.2-472.1 
     Military, police, and prison system17th-20th centuries16472.2 
     Monarchy, peers, and regalia10th-20th centuries34472.3-4 
Serbia20th century25472.5 
Siam19th-20th centuries4473.1 
South America19th-20th centuries15473.2 
     Commoners and customs, esp. bullfighting16th-20th centuries41473.3-4678, 1117-1118, 1219
     Ecclesiastical16th-20th centuries5473.5 
     Military16th-20th centuries22473.6 
     Monarchy, incl. works by Velasquez and Goya16th-20th centuries18474.1 
     Women, esp. Sevillañas and Andalusians16th-20th centuries6474.2 
Sudan19th century8474.3 
Sweden19th-20th centuries11474.4 
Switzerland18th-20th centuries68474.5-475.1 
Turkey and the Ottoman Empire19th-20th centuries77475.2 
United States    
     Presidents (esp. Washington and Lincoln), cowboys, Native Americans, and police17th-20th centuries26475.3 
     Military18th-20th centuries24476.1 
Yugoslavia, esp. Bosnia19th-20th centuries27476.2 
     Ecclesiastical: Biblical scenes, monks, Roman Catholics, nuns, Salvation Army; patterns for vestments and dalmatics, samples of bishops' silk, cassocks, and material for robes5th-20th centuries130476.3 
     Historical: Coats of arms, historical figures (e.g., Duke of Buckingham, Bacon, Shakespeare, Dante, Joan of Arc, kings and queens, and knights), thrones, and tableaus (incl. works of Percy Anderson, Sers, and Percy Macquoid)12th-20th centuries198477.1-478.1 
     Military19th-20th centuries5478.2 
     Police: "Charlies," Bow Street runners, and police helmets; incl. Canada, India, North Borneo, Natal, Matabeleland, Zululand, and Sydney18th-20th centuries95478.3 
Various entertainments    
     Circuses and carnivals19th century11478.4 
     "Coon shows"19th-20th centuries39479.1 
     Pierrots, clowns, and harlequins19th-20th centuries50479.21119
     Punch and Judy18th-20th centuries9479.3 
Composites and unidentified16th-19th centuries, nd27479.4 

Series IV. Business Records, 1920-1969, nd

Box/Folder	Description

Subseries A. Costume Plots, 1920-1966, nd

		Costume plots and notes
			Plays, 1947-61, nd
Box 202.1			A - Sh
Box 202.2			Sp - Z and unidentified plays
Box 202.3		Pantomimes, 1959-66, nd
		"Dramatic Books" of estimates for clients (each vol. is self-
				indexing by title of play)
OS Box 225		1920-34
OS Box 226 		1935-40
		Master catalog of costume plots, nd
OS Box 227			A - G
Box 202.4			H - L
Box 202.5			M - O
Box 203.1			P - S
Box 203.2			T - Z
			Operas and musicals
Box 203.3			A - B
Box 203.4			C - G
Box 203.5			H - Mi
Box 204.1 			Mo - R
Box 204.2 			S - Z

Subseries B. Correspondence, 1937-1969, nd

Subseries B1. Correspondence with Clients, 1937-1969, nd

		General correspondence
Box 204.3		1949-67
Box 204.4			A - Andrews
Box 204.5			Anstruther - Ayrshire
Box 205.1			B - Bedford
Box 205.2			Berkhamsted - Bournemouth
Box 205.3			Bowen - Brindley
Box 205.4			Brislington - Brynmawr
Box 205.5			Buchanan - Bymead
Box 206.1			C - Chapman
Box 206.2			Charles - City
Box 206.3			Clacton - Cornwall
Box 206.4			Cosmopolitan - Cwmbran
Box 206.5			D - Didsbury
Box 207.1			Doncaster - Dursley
Box 207.2			E - Eltham
Box 207.3			Emanuel - Exmouth
Box 207.4			F
Box 207.5			G - Glyndebourne
Box 208.1			Goad - Guthlaxton
Box 208.2			H - Haughton
Box 208.3			Haverhill - Herts
Box 208.4			Hesketh - Horsham
Box 208.5			Hounslow - Hyvärinen
Box 209.1			J
Box 209.2			K
Box 209.3			L - Lewes
Box 209.4			Libertas - Lytton
Box 209.5			M - May
Box 210.1			Medmenham - Myerson
Box 210.2			N - Newcastle
Box 210.3			Newland - Nunthorpe
Box 210.4			O
Box 210.5			P - Philbeach
Box 211.1			Piggott - Pye
Box 211.2			Q
Box 211.3			R - Rickmansworth
Box 211.4			Ringwood - Royal
Box 211.5			Rudd - Ryner
Box 211.6			S - St. Just
Box 212.1			St. Laurence - St. Thomas
Box 212.2			Sales - Sherwood
Box 212.3			Shildon - Southwick
Box 212.4			Spalding - Stowmarket
Box 212.5			Stratford - Swinton
Box 213.1			T -Thornton
Box 213.2			Thurlow - Tynings
Box 213.3			U
Box 213.4			V
Box 213.5			W - Welsh
Box 213.6			Wembley - Whitehaven
Box 214.1			Whyteleafe - Withnall
Box 214.2			Wolstenholme - Wye
Box 214.3			Y
Box 214.4		No date
		Subject files
Box 214.5		Arnold, Tom / Julian Wylie Productions Ltd., 1962-63
Box 214.6		Christus Biblical Gardens (Gatlinburg, Tenn.), 1963-64
Box 214.7		Newco Productions Ltd., Coventry Spring Show, 1964
Box 214.8;		SONG OF THE SOUTH, Halesowen & District Amateur Operatic &
  OS Box 479.5				Dramatic Society's production, 1937-38
Box 215.1		Tennessee Rental Co., 1959-60
Box 215.2		WHITE HORSE INN, insurance claims on costumes, 1960-61

Subseries B2. Legal and Administrative Correspondence, 1940-1961

Box 215.3-4	A. & L. Corne (Firm), purchase and sale of, 1947-60
Box 215.5	English & French Embroidery Company Ltd., 1949-51
Box 215.6	Lloyds Bank Limited, B. J. Simmons accounts, 1941-59
		Office and warehouse space
Box 216.1-2		Earlham St. warehouse, 1951-56
Box 216.3		Floral St., 1959
			King St.
Box 216.4			General correspondence, 1945-56
Box 216.5			Move from, 1955-56
Box 216.6			Surrender of lease, 1959-60
Box 216.7		Rent and insurance, 1956-59
Box 216.8		Shelton St., 1943-55
Box 217.1		Shorts Gardens, 1947-56
Box 217.2	Trust fund for Edith Miller, Mr. J. M. Miller, and I. Miller,
Box 217.3	van Schrader, J. R., employment of, 1940-56

Subseries C. Costume Sales and Rentals, 1927-1964, nd

		Cost accounting
Box 217.4		Arnold, Tom / Julian Wylie Productions Ltd., 1962-63
					(sketch nos. T 870-894)
Box 217.5		Banff, 1963 (B 1-76)
Box 217.6		B.B.C. productions, 1962-64 (BBC 1-47; F 1003-1005; SCJ
					1-23; 601-711)
Box 217.7		Canadian waxworks, 1959 (NF 1-100)
Box 217.8		CAROUSEL, nd (616-637)
Box 217.9		Charles H. Fox Ltd., 1963 (771-782)
Box 217.10		CINDERELLA ON ICE, production in South Africa, 1957 (SA
Box 217.11		Coventry, 1957 (C 771-779)
			GEMS (supplier to wax works and museums)
Box 217.12			Exhibition in Phoenix, Ariz., 1961 (P 701-765)
Box 218.1			Exhibition [in?] Nassau, Bahamas, 1961-62 (N 1-54)
Box 218.2			General costumes, 1962 (G 106-107)
Box 218.3		Josephine Tussaud Wax Museum, St. Petersburg Beach
					exhibition, 1962-63 (PB 1-84)
Box 218.4		LILAC TIME, Tom Arnold's production, nd (L 77-124)
Box 218.5		MERRY WIDOW, THE, 1958-59 (R&R 300-314; incl.
Box 218.6		OKLAHOMA, 1958-59 (R&R 333-403)
Box 218.7		Pitlochry Festival, 1959 (R&R 417-434)
Box 218.8		Potter's Wax Museum, 1962-64 (US 137-162)
			Unidentified clients
Box 218.9			BC 36-61, 1961-62
Box 218.10			F 999-1002, replacements for costumes damaged in fire,
Box 218.11			G 105-105A, 1962
Box 218.12			NF 105-123, 1962
				R&R and S sketches, 1959-1962
OS Box 228				Cost book
Box 218.13				Index to cost book
Box 218.14			S 1029-1039, 1963-64
		Daybooks of costume orders
Box 218.15		1950-60
Box 219.1		1955-56
		Journals of costume orders (each vol. is self-indexing)
OS Box 229		July 1938 - July 1939
OS Box 230		July 1939 - Mar. 1941
OS Box 231		Dec. 1941 - May 1942
OS Box 232		Nov. 1942 - Apr. 1943
OS Box 233		Apr. - Oct. 1943
OS Box 234		Oct. 1943 - May 1944
OS Box 235		May 1944 - Jan. 1945
OS Box 236		Jan. 1945 - Sept. 1946
OS Box 237		Aug. 1946 - Sept. 1948
OS Box 238		Jan. 1948 - Dec. 1950
OS Box 239		Jan. 1948 - July 1952
OS Box 240		Jan. - Dec. 1950
OS Box 241		May 1953 - Dec. 1958
OS Box 242		Oct. 1953 - May 1954
OS Box 243		Dec. 1955 - Jan. 1957
OS Box 244		Jan. 1957 - Mar. 1958
OS Box 245	Journal of issuances of costume-making materials from stock,
		Lists of orders executed for amateur operatic societies
Box 219.2		1928-39
Box 219.3		1938-53, plus chart for 1927-39
		Measurement charts
Box 219.4		Television actresses (index only), 1953-57
OS Box 246		Actresses, nd
OS Box 247		Actors, nd
Box 219.5-220.1	Receipts for costume rental fees, 1963
		Receipts for delivery of costumes to clients
OS Box 248		Feb. 1954 - Aug. 1955
OS Box 249		Aug. 1955 - May 1957
OS Box 250		May 1957 - Apr. 1958

Subseries D. Financial and Miscellaneous, 1933-1969, nd

			Cash dockets
Box 220.2			July 1954 - Aug. 1956
Box 220.3			Sept. 1956 - July 1958
Box 220.4			Oct. 1958 - Oct. 1964
Box 220.5			No date
Box 221.1		Credit notes, 1957-64, nd
			Invoices and receipts, 1963-64
Box 221.2			A - Br
Box 221.3			Bu - C
Box 221.4			D - G
Box 221.5			H - L
Box 222.1			M - S
Box 222.2			T - Z
OS Box 251		Ledger of company accounts, 1941-55
Box 222.3-5		Payment vouchers and invoices, 1963
OS Box 479.6			1958-59
OS Box 480.1			1959-60
OS Box 480.2			1960-61
Box 223.1			Income taxes, 1943-54
Box 223.2			Insurance policies, 1951-56
Box 223.3			Legal and professional services, 1941-51
Box 223.4		Address book, nd
Box 223.5		Album of photographs of the offices of Charles H. Fox Ltd.,
Box 223.6		Articles about Simmons and Fox, [1893], 1936
			Indexes to titles of plays in PLAYS AND PLAYERS, PLAYGOER, THE
					1933-1969, nd
Box 224.1			Arranged A - Z, then by title of publication
Box 224.2			Arranged A - Z, then roughly by date

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