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George Bernard Shaw:

Photography Collection Literary File at the Harry Ransom Center

Creator: Harry Ransom Center
Title: Bernard Shaw Literary File
Dates: 1879-1978
Extent: 871 items
Abstract: The Bernard Shaw literary file consists of 871 items including four albums and photographs of various processes, spanning 1879-1978. The majority of images are portraits of Shaw.
Language: English
Access: Access: Open for research

The Bernard Shaw literary file consists of 871 items including four albums and photographs of various processes, spanning 1879-1978. Many are portraits of Shaw. Other individuals represented include his sister Lucy Carr Shaw; actresses Alice Archainbaud, Lynn Fontanne, Wendy Hiller, Vivien Leigh, and Sybil Thorndike; actors Harley Granville-Barker, Alfred Lunt, and Claude Rains; director Anthony Asquith; and Sidney and Beatrice Webb. Many images are of scenes from Shaw's plays produced across Europe and America and film stills from adaptations of Shaw's plays (see list below). There are also images of Shaw's estate in Ayot St. Lawrence and scenes from London, Spain, Italy, and Egypt. Three of the albums were assembled by the Ransom Center in Shaw's original groupings; the fourth was assembled by a Mrs. B. L. Lyle, of the Lyles of Westbourne, and it contains ten images of Shaw, and five images taken by him. An index at the end of this guide lists photographers whose work is featured in this file. Further descriptions are available in a database at the repository.
Androcles and the Lion--957:0001:0547, 957:0001:0626-0627 Annajanska, The Wild Grand Dutchess--957:0001:0612A-0612B The Apple Cart--957:0001:0578-0588, 957:0001:0598-0600, 957:0001:0609-0610 Arms and the Man--957:0001:0149-0153, 957:0001:0310-0315 Back to Methuselah--957:0001:0611 Buoyant Billions--957:0001:0551 Caesar and Cleopatra--957:0001:0157, 957:0001:0182-0183, 957:0001:0411-0415 Candida--957:0001:0279-0282 Captain Brassbound's Conversion--957:0001:0372 The Doctor's Dilemma--957:0001:0394-0402 Geneva--957:0001:0403-0405 Getting Married--957:0001:0406-0410 Great Catherine--957:0051:0001-0006 Heartbreak House--957:0001:0189-0205, 957:0001:0226-0234 The Inca of Perusalem--957:0001:0148 Major Barbara--957:0001:0553-0556 Man and Superman--957:0001:0569-0577 Man of Destiny--957:0001:0156 The Millionairess--957:0001:0302-0309 Misalliance--957:0001:0352-0371 Mrs. Warren's Profession--957:0001:0132-0139, 957:0001:0284-0287, 957:0001:0345-0347, 957:0050:0001-0003 On the Rocks--957:0001:0297-0301, 957:0001:0601-0605 The Philanderer--957:0001:0589-0597 Pygmalion--957:0001:0499, 957:0001:0557 Saint Joan--957:0001:0158, 957:0001:0206-0218, 957:0001:0618 The Simpleton of the Unexpected Isles--957:0001:0179, 957:0001:0180-0181, 957:0001:0184-0188 Too True to be Good--957:0001:0416-0449, 957:0001:0608

The Ransom Center also holds manuscript materials by Bernard Shaw and artworks related to Shaw.