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Carlo Coccioli:

A Preliminary Inventory of His Collection at the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center

Creator: Coccioli, Carlo, 1920-
Title: Carlo Coccioli,
Dates: 1948-1989
Extent: 6 boxes
RLIN Record ID: None

Open for research


Gift no. 10462

Processed by:

Liz Murray, 1996


Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center The University of Texas at Austin

In addition to Carlo Coccioli's books and manuscripts already received at the HRHRC, this collection contains over twenty edited typescripts, as well as notes and clippings, reflecting five decades of literary activity from 1948-1989. Arranged in approximate chronological order by the author, the works are written in Spanish, Italian, and French. Included are Coccioli's award-winning novel Fabrizio Lupo and the play El Esperado .

Except where indicated, the works in this collection are typed manuscripts with holograph corrections.

Material for Fabrizio Lupo , holograph notebook Box 1 Folder 1   
Fiorella              Folder 2-3   
Correspondence, notes, clippings, documents regarding Hombres en Fuga              Folder 4-6   
La Casa di Tacubaya              Folder 7   
David [French] Box 2 Folder 1-6   
David [Italian] Box 3                     
Notes and clippings regarding Le Tourment de Dieu              Folder 7   
"Los alcoholicos" [later became Hombres en Fuga ]              Folder 8   
Uomini in Fuga Box 4 Folder 1   
Le Case del Lago [Italian]              Folder 2   
Requiem per un Cane [Spanish]              Folder 3   
Journal [French] La Table Ronde              Folder 4   
David [French]              Folder 5-6   
Fabrizio Lupo [Italian] Box 5 Folder 1-4   
Piccolo Karma [Italian]              Folder 5   
Documento 127 [Italian]              Folder 6   
Documento 127 , edited proofs              Folder 7   
La Sentencia del Ayatola              Folder 8   
Buda y su Glorioso Mundo Box 6 Folder 1   
Petit Karma              Folder 2   
Le Case del Lago , notes              Folder 3   
Les Cordes de la Harpe , edited French proofs              Folder 4   
Journal Mexicain , edited French proofs              Folder 5-7   
El Esperado              Folder 8