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Constantine FitzGibbon, 1919-
Literary File, Photography Collection

86 items (1 box)

Acquisition: Internal transfers
Access: Open for research
Processed by: Mary Foster and Susan McClellan, 2006
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Table of Contents

Scope and Contents
Item List
Index of Photographers

Scope and Contents

The Constantine FitzGibbon Literary File consists of 86 photographs, the bulk of which were used in of FitzGibbon's books, The Shirt of Nessus and The Blitz. A small number of the images are portraits of FitzGibbon and/or his family, friends, and associates. An index at the end of this guide lists photographers whose work is featured in this file. Further descriptions of some items are available in a card catalog in the repository.

This file forms a part of the Literary File Collection, which is comprised of photographs and albums withdrawn from the libraries and/or papers of literary figures, and generally include portraits and images collected by or of those figures.

*All items are located at PH:LF:FitzGibbon, C.

Item List

Accession / P No. Description
P1Snapshot of FitzGibbon with his publisher.
P2 Portrait of Ruth Wessel, 1955.
P3, P4A-P4BPortraits of Zeze von Hutten alone (P3) and with her husband and children (P4A-P4B).
P5A-P5BViews of the grave of Robert Francis Dillon FitzGibbon.
P6 Photographic reproduction of a drawing of Dylan Thomas.
P7-P9, P10A-P10B, P11A-P11B, P12A-P12B Views of building rubble and other images pertaining to the blitz in England during World War II.
P13 Portrait of "General Erwin von Witzleben. [of the] resistance movement. "
P14Portrait of "General Oster, of the resistance movement against Hitler. Hanged in 1945 by the Nazis."
P15Portrait of General von Treskow of the resistance movement.
P16 Portrait of Colonel Albrecht Ritter Mertz von Quirnheim.
P17Portrait of "General of the Infantry v. Stulpnagel, Leader of the Armistice Commission."
P18Portrait of "Field Marshall General von Kluge during 1939-45 War the newly appointed Chief of Staff for the Western Army during an inspection tour of the Channel coast. He inspected divisions in action there and received reports on the strength of the defence in case of renewed enemy action."
P19Portrait of "General Hoepner. General in command of a tank division."
P20 Portrait of "Lt. General [Friedrich] Olbricht with the order of the Ritterkreuz during the second world war."
P21 Portrait of "Field Marshall Rommel."
P22Portrait of Dr. Carl Goerdeler.
P23Photographic reproduction of a drawing of General Friedrich Fromm.
P24Image of "Fieldmarshall von Witzleben at the trial before the People's Court."
P25 Image of "The accused Stieff at the Trial. (released 9.8.44)."
P26Image of "Hitler and Mussolini looking at wreckage caused by Stauffenberg's bomb to Hitler's Headquarters in East Prussia."
P27Image of "One hour after bomb missed Hitler; with Keitel, Bormann & Goering."
P28Image of "The place of the attempt on Hitler's life on July 20th, 1944. Arrow shows where Hitler stood when the bomb exploded. (released 24.7.44) ."
P29 Image of a bust sculpture of Count Klaus Schenk von Stauffenberg.
P30Image of people sleeping on the walkway of Elephant and Castle (underground) Station, London, 11 November 1940.
P31Image of "Firemen fighting a fire in riverside wharves in London," dated 11 September 1940.
P32Image of furniture and other belongings of London residents, the morning after a bombing, dated 7 September 1940.
P33Image of items found in the debris of the Café de Paris (a restaurant in London) after it was bombed, 1941.
P34View of St. Paul's Cathedral during the Blitz, 1941.
P35 Image of "London's Air Raid Damage. St. Paul's still rises above the ruins of this once again blitzed area," dated 12 May 1941.
P36Image of "Air Raids on London. The freakish effect of the blast zone bomb which held a stationery bus empty of passengers against the side of an adjoining house so that its radiator rested almost on the second story windows," dated 9 September 1940.
P37 Image of a "Famous London Church Wrecked. All that is left of Chelsea Old Church famous throughout the world which received a direct hit from a heavy bomb and was completely wrecked during the big air raid," dated 18 April 1941.
P38-P40Aerial views (of London?) with bombers.
P41Image of women in an air raid shelter.
P42 Image of workers clearing debris inside a building.
P43Aerial view of a burning city at night (London?).
P44 Image of a building falling down.
P45 View of workers clearing debris from a bombsite in the middle of a major street in London.
P46 View of London on fire.
P47 Duplicate of P45.
P48 Duplicate of P30.
P49 Night view of firefighters and burning buildings (similar to P31).
P50-P71Photographic reproductions of ink and watercolor drawings by Henry Moore used to illustrate The Blitz (depicting effects of bombing on London and its residents; some duplicates, some similar to photographs described above).
P72-P81 Miscellaneous photographs of FitzGibbon and his family and friends (mostly snapshots 2" x 3" or smaller).

Index of Photographers

Associated Press of Great Britain--P33
British Information Services--P30
Central Press Photo Ltd.--P32
Daily Mail (London, England)--P11A-P11B, P34
Daily Mirror (London, England)--P43
Fox Photos Ltd.--P10A-P10B, P42
Imperial War Museum (Great Britain)--P7-P8, P38-P41, P44, P46, P48-P49
Keystone Press Agency Ltd.--P22-P23, P26
Limmer, Ingeborg--P29
London News Agency--P45, P47
Mason, H., photographer--P34
Planet News Ltd.--P27
Popper, Paul, photographer--P13-P14, P17-P21, P24-P25, P28
Radio Times Hulton Picture Library--P31, P35-P37

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