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James Joyce, 1882-1941
Literary File, Photography Collection

83 items (1 box)

Acquisition: Internal transfers
Access: Open for research
Processed by: Mary Foster and Susan McClellan, 2006
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Table of Contents

Scope and Contents
Item List
Index of Photographers

Scope and Contents

The James Joyce Literary File consists of 83 photographic prints, many of which are copy prints. An index at the end of this guide lists identified photographers whose work is featured in this file.

This file forms a part of the Literary File Collection, which is comprised of photographs and albums withdrawn from the libraries and/or papers of literary figures, and generally include portraits and images collected by or of those figures.

*All items are located at PH:LF:Joyce, J.

Item List

Accession / P No. Description
P1Joyce, 1904 (copy print).
P2Italo Svevo [Ettore Schmitz] (copy print).
P3 Joyce, seated, playing guitar (copy print).
P4Postcard portrait of Joyce.
P5Joyce in Trieste, circa 1912 (copy print).
P6 Joyce in Zurich, circa 1917 (copy print).
P7 3/4 left profile portrait of Joyce looking down.
P8Portrait of Joyce looking down, with left eye-patch on.
P9 3/4 right profile portrait of Joyce with left eye-patch on and his right hand behind his head (photo is mounted and cracked).
P10A-P10BJoyce sitting in a field, hands over ears, circa 1920s (2 copy prints; P10B was mounted on board, but adhesive has yielded).
P11Portrait of Joyce (copy print).
P12A-P12C Left profile portrait of Joyce (3 copies, sepia-toned).
P13Joyce reading with a magnifying glass (copy print?).
P14A-P14G Seven variant portraits of Joyce sitting in a chair (contact prints).
P15Studio portrait of Joyce in fedora, seated, holding a cane.
P16 Photograph of a 1918 painting of Joyce by Frank Budgen.
P17Portrait of Joyce "from a photograph taken when he was finishing Ulysses" (copy print).
P18Photograph of Sean O'Sullivan's 1935 drawing of Joyce (image heavily creased).
P21 Photograph of Cesar Abin's 1932 caricature of Joyce.
P22A-P22BPhotograph of a caricature of Joyce with handwritten notation in Greek (2 copy prints).
P23Photograph of Milton Hebald's 1966 sculpture of Joyce seated.
P24 Photograph of a Frank Budgen oil painting of Joyce, "owned by Charles Feinberg, Detroit."
P25 Photograph of three Frank Budgen paintings of James and Nora Joyce mounted in a single frame.
P26 "James and Nora Joyce on their way to be married in London, July 4, 1931" (copy print).
P27 "Four generations of Joyces. James with his son George and grandson Stephen beneath the portrait of Joyce's father by Tuohy." (copy print; original is in the Carlton Lake Collection).
P28A-P28B "Joyce and his family in Paris, 1924" (2 copies: P28A is an 8 x 10”, sepia-toned print with handwritten copyright instructions on verso; P28B is a 5 x 7" copy print).
P29Joyce and Sylvia Beach sitting at a table in front of "The Scandal of "Ulysses" poster (mounted print).
[was P30][Snapshot of Joyce and Carola Giedion-Welcker, Lucerne, 1935: returned to Carlton Lake Literary File.]
P31James Stephens, John Sullivan, and Joyce sitting on a sofa.
P32 Cabinet card portrait of George Clancy, J. F. Byrne, and Joyce (image is faded).
P33Group portrait of Joyce (back row, second from left), while a student at University College, Dublin, with: Rev. O'Neill, J. M. O'Sullivan, R. J. Kinahan, James Clandillon, Patrick Semple, George Clancy, Rev. E. Hogan, Prof. Edouard Cadic, Rev. James Darlington, Felix Hackett, Seumas O'Kelly, Michael Lennon, and C. P. Curran.
P34A-P34B Two variant portraits of Joyce sitting in a chair, with an unidentified man (contact prints).
[was P35] [M'elle. Lucia Joyce: returned to Carlton Lake Literary File (enlarged copy print of P46)].
P36 Stanislaus Joyce in Trieste, circa 1905 (copy print).
P37Helen Koster Joyce with two dogs; handwritten presentations on print recto and verso from Helen to "Elsa."
P38Helen Koster Joyce (and others), standing by a horse drawn carriage; handwritten presentations on print recto and verso from Helen to "Elsa."
P39 Portrait of Dr. John Francis Byrne, 1903.
P40Portrait of Francis Sheehy-Skeffington.
P41 Joyce sitting in a field, with hat and cane nearby and his right hand over his right ear (similar to P10A-P10B).
P42 Joyce nodding off on a beach.
P43James and Nora Joyce with an older man and younger woman (possibly Lucia) standing arm in arm.
P44Nora and Giorgio sitting at a table outside.
P45 Nora and two other women, one possibly Lucia, sitting in chairs on the beach (Nora in foreground).
P46Lucia Joyce sitting at a table, resting her head on her right hand.
P47Lucia Joyce sitting in grass, wearing a hat that partially obscures her face.
P48 Eight young women performing gymnastics (?) on the beach.
P49Nora with two other women standing arm in arm on an esplanade; beach tents visible at left and buildings at right (image is blurred).
P50 Group portrait of Vincent Clarke, J.M. O'Sullivan, Felix Hackett, Hugh Kennedy, Charles McGarry, Thomas Kettle, Joseph [illegible], and C. P. Curran.
P51Group portrait of C. McGarry, F. Sheehy-Skeffington, Farrelly (?) or Merriman, and Jim O'Toole.
P52A-P52BPortrait of Richard Ellman (2 copies, both of which may be copy photos; P52B is an enlargement).
P53Group portrait, inscribed on verso: "University College, Dublin."
P54A-P54C Views of an exhibition, Cornell University, 15 Apr. 1959.
P55A-P55EViews of an exhibition in Paris.
P56A-P56B Image of Joyce's grave, 1948.
P57A-P57C Views of No. 7 Eccles St., Dublin.
[was P58][Framed. portrait of Joyce, by Sylvia Beach: returned to Carlton Lake Literary File.]
[was P59][Portrait of Joyce, by Henry Martinie: returned to Carlton Lake Literary File.]
P60Ford Madox Ford, Joyce, Ezra Pound, and John Quinn, Nov. 1923 (copy print).
P61 Portrait of Joyce, Dec. 1921; signed presentation from him to Richard Dablon (?), Paris, 12 Jan. 1921.
P62-P64 Three photographic reproductions of final page proofs with the author's autograph corrections, emendations, and additions, and signed notes by Joyce and Sylvia Beach.
957:0068:0001Portrait of Joyce in Zurich, 1938.
981:0047:0001 Half figure portrait of Joyce, seated, with hands folded in lap.
981:0047:0002Half figure, 3/4 right profile portrait of Joyce.

Index of Photographers

Abbott, Berenice, 1898- --P7-P9, 981:0047:0001
Cornell University. Photo Science Studios--P54A-P54C
Druzinsky, Dorothy Siegal--P52A-P52B
Foley, E. F.--P40
Foto Frugoni--P23
Furich, W. Pliyen--P4
Giedion-Welcker, Carola--957:0068:0001
Helga Photo Studio--P25
Manning Bros.--P24
Martinie, Henri, 1897-1965--P12A-P12C
Maywald, Willy, 1907- --P55A-P55E
Moore, W. G.--P32
New York Times Studio--P31
Ray, Man, 1890-1976--P61
Slocum, John J.--P56A-P56B
Wide World Photo, Inc.--P28A-P28B

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