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Eugene Walter, 1921-
Literary File, Photography Collection

77 items

Acquisition: Internal transfers
Access: Open for research
Processed by: Susan McClellan, 2006
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Table of Contents

Scope and Contents
Item List
Index of Photographers

Scope and Contents

The Eugene Walter Literary File consists of 77 items, the majority of which depict Princess Marguerite Caetani (née Chapin), founder of the multinational literary journal Botteghe Oscure, and her family. An index at the end of this guide lists photographers whose work is featured in this file. Further descriptions of some items are available in a card catalog in the repository.

This file forms a part of the Literary File Collection, which is comprised of photographs and albums withdrawn from the libraries and/or papers of literary figures, and generally include portraits and images collected by or of those figures.

*All items are located at LF:Walter, E.

Item List

Accession / P No. Description
P1A-P1BImages of Walter, Marguerite Caetani, and Donna E. Quaranta at Ninfa; P1A dated 1957 on verso.
P2, P3A-P3B, P4A-P4B, P5, P6A-P6F, P7, P8A-P8B, P9, P10A-P10FPortraits of Marguerite Caetani in various places, including Paris (P2, P3A-P3B), Ninfa (P5, P6A-P6F, P7), and Rome (P8A-P8B, P9), circa 1900-circa 1957.
P11Portrait of Marguerite Caetani and her daughter Lelia at Villa Romaine, Versailles, circa 1913.
P12A-P12BImages of Marguerite Caetani and her daughter Lelia at Ninfa.
P13 Portrait of Marguerite Caetani and her husband Roffredo in Oberengadiner, Switzerland.
P14A-P14B Portraits of Lelia with her parents Marguerite and Roffredo on her wedding day.
P15A-P15B, P16A-P16B Images of Marguerite Caetani with unidentified people at Sils-Maria, Oberengadiner, Switzerland, circa 1902-circa 1904.
P17 Images of Marguerite Caetani with a dog at Ninfa (contact print of 3 frames of 35mm film).
P18A-P18DPortraits of Marguerite Caetani with a dog in Switzerland; "after the war" inscribed on verso of P18D.
P19Portrait of Lelia as a girl with her father Roffredo Caetani and a dog at Villa Romaine, Versailles, circa 1920s.
P20A-P20CPortraits of Camillo Caetani (Marguerite Caetani's son) as a young man.
P21 Portrait of three men identified as the "Princes Caetani" on verso.
P22A-P22B, P23Portraits of Lelia Caetani as a young woman.
P24, P25A-P25B, P26-P27Portraits of Lelia Caetani, her husband Hubert Howard, her father Roffredo Caetani, and an unidentified boy on her wedding day.
P28A-P28BImages of Cornelia Van A. Chapin, Marguerite Caetani's half sister, at work as a sculptor at the Vincennes Zoo, Paris, 1936 (P28A), and in New York(?) (P28B).
P29 Image of the violinist Gioconda di Vita at Ninfa.
P30A-P30CViews of and from the roof terrace of the Palazzo Caetani in Rome.
P31A-P31N Views of Ninfa, some including Marguerite Caetani and others; P31M dated 1946 on verso.
P32A-P32CImages of three sculptures (frog, bear, and turtle) by Cornelia Van A. Chapin.
2002:0018:0001Image of Marguerite Chapin with an unidentified man (same image as P15B); inscribed on verso: "just before / or during W.W.I. / at Sils-Maria, / Oberengadiner, / Switzerland."
2002:0018:0002Portrait of Marguerite Caetani.

Index of Photographers

Bosio, Gastone--P1A-P1B, P31N
Eisenstaedt, Alfred--P28B, P32A, P32C
Foto Vasari--P31M
Poplin, Maurice--P28A
Senigallia, Elaine--P8A-P8B, P9
Sprague, Jane--P6A-P6F, P7

Eugene Walter Literary File Finding Aid
(Last modified: 27 June 2007)

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