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Pavel Tchelitchew, 1898-1957
Literary File, Photography Collection

306 items (3 boxes)

Acquisition: Internal transfers
Access: Open for research
Processed by: Susan McClellan, 2006
RLIN Record ID: None

Table of Contents

Scope and Contents
Item List
Index of Photographers

Scope and Contents

The Pavel Tchelitchew Literary File consists of 306 items, including images of Tchelitchew and various friends and associates, such as Alice De Lamar, Charles Henri Ford, Stephen Tennant, Parker Tyler, and Orson Welles. There are also views of the town of Malcesine, Italy, and its vicinity, as well as photographic reproductions of art by or collected by Tchelitchew. An index at the end of this guide lists photographers whose work is featured in this file. Further descriptions of some items are available in a card catalog in the repository.

This file forms a part of the Literary File Collection, which is comprised of photographs and albums withdrawn from the libraries and/or papers of literary figures, and generally include portraits and images collected by or of those figures.

Item List

Container Accession / P No. Description
PH:Tchelitchew, P., Box 1 P1A-P1F, P2-P4, P5A-P5B, P6, P7A-P7C, P8A-P8B, P9-P11, P12A-P12B, P13A-P13B, P14A-P14C, P15A-P15C, P16A-P16B, P17A-P17E, P18-P20, P21A-P21E, P22, P23A-P23B, P24A-P24B, P25A-P25B, P26A-P26E, P27A-P27B, P28, P29A-P29I, P30A-P30B, P31-P34, P35A-P35C, P36-P37, P38A-P38B, P39-P40, P41A-P41E, P42A-P42C, P43A-P43D, P44-P50Images of Tchelitchew alone and with others in various places, as well as images of people associated with him, such as Alice De Lamar, Charles Henri Ford, Stephen Tennant, Parker Tyler, and Orson Welles.
PH:Tchelitchew, P., Box 2P51A-P51B, P52, P53A-P53F, P54-P55, P56A-P56B, P57, P58A-P58B, P59A-P59AU, P60, P61A-P61B, P62, P63A-P63B, P64, P65A-P64B, P66A-P66J, P67A-P67E, P68A-P68C, P69, P70A-P70C, P71A-P71B, P72-P75 Images of people associated with Tchelitchew, as well as views of the town of Malcesine, Italy, and its vicinity (P59A-P59AU).
PH:Tchelitchew, P., Box 3 P76, P77A-P77D, P78, P79A-P79C, P80A-P80B, P81, P82A-P82C, P83, P84A-P84R, P85A-P85F, P86, P87A-P87C, P88A-P88AG, P89A-P89B, P90A-P90B, P91-P92, P93A-P93B, P94A-P94L, P95A-P95C, P96, P97A-P97CImages of people and places associated with Tchelitchew, as well as photographic reproductions of his art work (P87A-P87C) and art collected by him (P88A-P88AG).
NV:LF Boxes P87ANitrate negative of art work by Tchelitchew (same number assigned to corresponding print).

Index of Photographers

Beaton, Cecil Walter Hardy, Sir, 1904- --P19
Dahl-Wolfe, Louise--P7, P29A-P29I, P80A-P80B
Donner, Dick--P51A-P51B
Editions Dechambre--P84O-P84P
Ford, Charles Henri--P3 (attr. by researcher), P22, P34
Johannes, B. (Bernard)--P41C-P41E
Kahle, Alex--P81
Maltese, A.--P41A
McClellan Studios--P13A, P14A-P14C, P15A-P15C, P16A-P16B, P18, P20, P26E, P30A-P30B, P31, P38A-P38B, P43A-P43B, P60, P61A-P61B, P82A-P82C, P83
Ollivier, L.--P84R
Tchelitchew, Pavel, 1898-1957--P35A-P35C
Valentine, James, 1815-1880--P84N
Ye Holland Studios--P40

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