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Members of the Harry Ransom Center

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list. If your name was omitted, misspelled, or incorrectly listed, please accept our apologies and notify us at 512-232-3669 so that we may correct the error.

Linda Aaker and Robert Armstrong
Arlinda Abbott
Greg Abell and Cindy Work
Hughes and Betsy Abell
Susie Abright
Robert Abzug and Penne Restad
Mary Helen Acosta
Patricia Adams
Christina and Michael Adkins
Stephen Aechternacht
Melanie and Chris Alberts
Ted Albracht
Alex Albright and Clint Parsley
Leon Alesi
Vaughn Alexander
Margie Alford
Emilie Algenio
Raye Allen
Patricia Alofsin
Angela Alwin
Christine and Bruce Anderson
James Anderson
Tyler Anderson and Deborah Besch
Julie Andrada
Amenity Applewhite and Adam Jones
Richard and Dawna Armstrong
Dennis Arnold and Lanette Causey
Victor and Marie Arnold
Paola Arreola
James Arth
Anna Lou Ashby
Linda Ashton and Louis Taylor
Bill and Gail Aspinwall
Michelle Atkinson
Mary P. Attwell
Mary V. Attwell
Carlos Austin
Kara and Mario Ayala
Helen Baer
Joseph and Yvonne Bailes
Donna Bailey and Sarah Arredondo
Susan Bailey
Daniel and Cathy Baird
Jeffrey and Susan Baker
Sage Baker
Donald Baldovin
Linda Ball and Forrest Preece
Lorraine and Robert Ball
Barton Ballard
Rachael Ballard
William and Vicki Barber
Samuel and Carol Barclay
Stephanie Barko
Kenneth and Jane Barna
Charles and Mary Lynn Barnard
Megan Barnard
Warner Barnes
Douglas and Jennifer Barnett
Laura Barnett
Paul and Ilene Barr
Carol Barrett
Nancy Barton
James and Emily Barufaldi
Merry Bateman and Camille Saad
Laura and Michael Baucum
Bill Bauer
Bryce Beasley
Roger and Jean Beaumont
Jeffrey Beckage
Susan Beckman
Eugene and Julia Bednar
Linzy Beltran and Sophia Sherman
JoAnna Benko and Laurence Goines
Denis and Michelle Berlinger
Pamela Berry and Douglas Warren and Emma Warren
Robert and Anne Bertholf
Shelley and Mark Beto
Paul Beutel and Anthony Kuhnert
Daniel and Laura Bezden
Jill Bickford
Phyllis Biggar
Harold Billings
Carolyn and Bill Bingham
Mary Beth Bingham
Daniela Bini and Joseph Carter
Margaret Bishop
Walter Bissex
Joan Black
William Blackburn and Helene Gordon
Robyn Blackford
KeAshia and Stephen Blake
Nan Blake
James Bland
Nancy Blansett
JP Bleibtreu
Thomas Bleich
John and Marilyn Blewett
Susan Block
Terrell Blodgett
Janie Bloor
Mary Bock
Lori Bockstanz
Henry and Theodora Boehm
Martha Boethel
Bob and Paula Boldt
Ernest and April Boordman
John and Camilla Bordie
Christopher Born
Sandra Bosley
Shelly Botkin and Ryan Marquess
Anna Bourland
Joseph Bousquet and Elizabeth Arnold
Nancy Bowles
Bethany Boyd
Lisa Boyd
Al Braden
Jessyl Bradford
Frederick and Lesley Bradstreet
Paula and Jim Brady
George Brainard
Patricia Brand
Sylvia and Pinkard Brand
Heather Brandon
William and Susan Brandt
Mary Brantl
Jace and M.S. Braziel
Judith Brenninkmeijer
Otis and Paula Brinkley
Marvin and Leslie Brittman
Sarah Britton
Lynne Brody and David Stark
Joan Brook
Lynn and Hayden Brooks
Barbara Brown
Billye Brown
Patti Brown
Robert Brown
S. Bruce Brown and Mary Braunagel-Brown
Sherry Brown
Sherry and Sam Brown
Susan Brown
A.J. and Celeste Brune
Glenn and Barbara Brunson
Howard Brunson
Charlotte Bryan
Cynthia Bryant and Richard Holland
Brett Buchanan
William and Julia Buchholz
Andre Bui
Caroline Bull and Margaret Pace
AnnJene Bunyard
Linda Burgess and Stephen Lemmon
Kathleen Burke
Anne Burnham and Brian Kitchen
Janis Burrow
Ann Butler
Steve and Mollie Butler
David Byknish and Samantha Lester
Karen Callaway
Andrea Calo
Drew and Erin Calver
Henrieta Cameron-Mann and Randy Mann
Tura Campanella Cook
Richard Campbell
Sandra and Sam Cangelosi
Carol Capitani
Clara and John Cargile
Don Carleton
James Carlisle
Jeff and Elizabeth Carmack
Cheryl Carrabba and David Palmer
Catherine and Margaret Carrel
Bernard Carreno and Eva Olson
Jaime Carrero
Margaret Carson
Jill and Larry Carver
Wanda Cash
Kim Cates
Elizabeth Catlos
Robert and Mary Caudill
Grayson Cecil
Joe Celko
Laurie Celli and Joyce Hubbell
Frances and Oskar Cerbins
Elisa Cervantes
Jeffrey Chan
Polly Chandler
Thomas Chandler
Robert Chapin and Bertha Anna Pedroza
William and Rita Chapman
Anthony Chapple
Gabriel and Catherine Chereches
Claudia Chidester
William Chiego
Charles Childress and Nancy O'Neill
Sara Childress
Rosalie and Gene Chiles
Elinor Christian
John Christian
Michael Churgin
John E. and Carolyn T. Clark
Julia Clark
Kate and Stephen Clark
Kathryn Clark
Stephen and Joan Clark
Michael Clark-Madison and Rita DeBellis
Julia Clarke
John and Lisa Clayton
Pat and Mark Clayton
Sally Clayton
Peter and Dorothy Cleaves
Bonnie Clevering
Carla Click
Lynne and Harold Cline
Fredrick Cloud
Frank and Sue Ann Clugage
Gregg and Jacqueline Cochran
Paul Cockreham
Susan and Richard Cody
Rosemary Coffman
Eileen Cohen
Rochelle Cohen
Edward and Diane Coleman
Rodney and Mary Ann Coleman
Sally and David Coleman
Sandra Collier
Catherine and Russell Collins
Hugh and Cathy Collins
Maggi Collins
Joe Colvin
Michael and Kelly Condon
Ellsworth Conkle
Jay Conlon
Rebecca and Jerry Conn
Geoffrey Connor
Jeremy Conway
Dale and Valerie Cook
Amy Cooper
Stephen Cooper
Paula and Tom Coopwood
David and Eliza Beth Copeland
Glenn and Margaret Copeland
Alyssa Coppelman
Maria Corbett
Anne Corn
Jose and Angelica Corona
Debra Coulter
James Cousar and Donna Squyres
Mark Cowling
David and Laura Cox
Jim Crace and Pam Turton
Patricia Crain
Christine Cramer
Lisa and Eric Craven
Anna Crawford
Richard and Dianne Crawford
Eleanor Crook
Christine Crosby
Debra Crosby
Jack and Joanne Crosby
Mary Crouch
John Crow and Marcus Loy
Steven and Helen Crowther
Mark and Mary Crozier
Neil Crump and Sally Van Sickle
Ginger Cucolo
Rebecca Cultra
Molly Cumming
Catherine Cunningham
Colleen Cunningham
Isabella and William Cunningham
Sarah Cunningham
Thomas Cunningham
Ellen Cunningham-Kruppa and Joseph Kruppa
Darlene Currier
Cathey Curtis
Greg Curtis
Robert and Natalie Daigh
Dawn and James Dammann
Geraldine and Dan Dart
Betsy and Ken Davis
Carol and William Davis
Donald and Avis Davis
Greg Davis
James Davis and Jan Demetri
Dorothy and John De La Garza
Ghislaine De Regge
Jasmine DeFoore
Marion DeFord
Lea DeForest
Robert DeSimone
Kelly DeWitt
Lana and Ben Denny
Lauren Dest
Raman and Rebecca Dewan
Charles and Deborah Dewees
Jim and Mary Diaz
James Dick
Eric and Colleen Dieter
Alicia Dietrich
Brian Diggs
Lonnie Dillard and Sandi Sain
William Diven
Penelope Doherty
Laura and Larry Doll
Beth Donnelly
Elizabeth Donohoe and Stephan Kirichenko
Dianna and Kenneth Dorman
Shannon Dorsey
Nathan Downing
Kathleen Doyle
Donald and Janelle Dozier
Susan and Louis Drew
Sally Drews
Philip Drexler
Gary and Ellen Druss
Dan Duffee
Jeff and Stacey Dunahoo
Genevieve Duncan
John Duncan and Becky Beaver
Thomas and Mary Duncan
Samuel and Valerie Dunnam
Kelley Dwyer and David Leal
John and Karla Dzienkowski
John and Marie Eastty
Caylah Eddleblute and Steve Joyner
David Edwards
Ted and Anita Edwards
Carl and Kathryn Ehlert
Bruce Elfant and Lisa Harris
Helen and David Elkins
Luther Elmore
Patrick and Diane Emerson
Emilio Englade
Stephen and Lucy Enniss
Pat Epstein
Anita Erickson and John Stanhope
Leslie Ernst
Martha and Cliff Ernst
Micah and Michelle Erwin
Teresa Renee Esparza
Jennifer Evans
Gayle and George Evertson
Barrie and Larry Ewing
Dennis Fagan
Philip and Sherry Fagan
Susan and John Fainter
Mary Margaret and Ray Farabee
Audrey Farias
Emily Farias
Susan and Richard Farias
Jane Farmer
Mike Farmer and Carol Haywood
Stanley Farrar
Edmund and JoAnn Farrell
Keryl Farrell
Sam and Maydelle Fason
Dan Fatigato
Sylvia Fatzer
Erica Faulkenberry
Karoline and Christopher Felts
Dillon and Marialice Ferguson
Pamela Ferguson
Jason Fialkoff
John and Barbara Fibiger
Cody and Kristen Fields
David and Kelly Finkel
Mark and Jo Ann Finley
Stephen Finn
Richard and Susanna Finnell
George and Paula Fischer
Joe and Carol Fisher
Ken Fisher
Maverick Fisher
Michael and Connie Fitzpatrick
Carol Flake
Perry and Janet Fleckman
Marian Fleming
Linda Flores and Josh Allen
Mary and Joe Fly
Howard Fomby
Thomas Forbes and Shelley Scott
Debra Ford and Sarah Ann Robertson
Lauren Ford
David Fore
Michele Forman
Thomas Fowler and Judy Roby
Timothy and Marie Fowler
Stephen Fox
John Foxworth
Debra France and Michael Kinberger
Veronique Francois
Thelma Franklin
Carla Fraser and Herman Dyal
Betty Fredeman
Carol Fredericks and Helen Whitcraft
Pete and Amanda Fredriksen
Jolynn Free
Magdalena and Rick Freeman
Katie Friel
Jill and Terry Frisbie
James and Carol Fruge
Phillip Fry
Holly Fuller
Rob Futrick and Margaret Saunders
Kayla Gabriel
Holly Gaete
Gene and Pricilla Gage
Theresa Gage
Frances Gale
Sean Gallagher
Cathleen Gallander and Milton Simpson
Joe Gallio
Regan and William Gammon
Helen and David Garman
Elizabeth Garver
Elizabeth Garzone
Nina Gat
David and Janie Gavenda
Kimberle Geary
Francis Genco
Linda Genet
Rick and Sharon Gentry
I. Steve and Lora Gerson
Russel and Rachel Gibaut
Rodney Gibbs and Nancy Mims
Tim and Amanda Gibney
Gwen Gibson
Bobby and Diane Gierisch
Karen Gilbert and Daniel Hawkins
Elleen Gill and Kevin Pruitt
LeAnn and Michael Gillette
William and Marlene Glade
Kendal and Kenneth Gladish
C. J. and Martha Glassmire
Gail Glick
Robert and Sarah Goebel
Ruth Goerger and Eric Johnson
Gayle Goff and Linda Land
Mark Goldberg
Carl Golden
Connie Goldston
Daniel Goncalves
Patricia Gonzalez
Miguel Gonzalez-Gerth
Steven and Kathryn Goode
Elaine Goodson
Judy Gordon
Kelly Gordon
Nancy Gordon
Scott Gordon
Faye and J. L. Gorman
Ihor Gowda
Everardo and Elena Goyanes
Jace Graf
Ann Graham
Felicia Graham
Joan Graham
Dena and Michael Granof
Kenneth Grant
Linda Gravatti and Phil Hewitt
Charles and Jeanne Graves
Barry Gray
David and Karol Gray
Joanne Gray and Virginia Duke
Philip and Gloria Gray
Leah Greenberg
William Greene and Uma Jadhav
Martha Grenon
Judith Gressel
Joe and Susan Griffin
Anthony and Gwen Grigsby
Corinne and Jimmie Grimes
James Grimes
Halley Jane Grogan
Julie Grothues
Bridget and Cody Ground
Sarah and Andy Grubert
Judy and Maurice Guimont
Ann and Ron Guinn
Harvey and Kathleen Guion
Patti and Jack Gullahorn
Nancy and Phillip Gustafson
Laura Gutierrez-Witt
Douglas Haake and Elizabeth Hilkin
Jacque Haas
David Habenicht
Robert and Anna Haggard
Russell Hahn and Laura King
Steven Hains
Charles Hale
Jane Hall and Jim Lockart
Michael and Elizabeth Hall
Winifred Hall
Michele Hallahan
Marilyn Halpin
Reeves and Lori Ham
Dennis and Bonnie Hamill
Heather Hamilton
Janet Hamilton and Eric Hartman
Nancy Hamilton and Herbert Brandt
Patricia and Hall Hammond
Nan and Loyd Hampton
David Hamrick
Kathryn Hansen and Carla Petievich
Niles Hansen
Kathy Harden
Robert Hardgrave
Coleen and Richard Hardin
Mark Hardwick
Max Harger
Beverly Harlan
Margaret Harman
Mary Alice Harper
Catherine and James Harris
Claire Harris
Rand and Jennifer Harris
Robert Harris and Diane Snell
Steven and Shannon Harris
John and Judy Harrison
Tamara and Benjamin Harrison
Harriett Harrow and Paul MacLean
Julia and Sherman Hart
Patricia and Jeffery Hart
Sarah Harvey
Kristine Haskett
Stepheni Hass
Peggy Hasse
William Hasty
James Haws and Catherine McCoy
Katie Hayes Luke
Kate Hayes
Jane and Peter Hayman
Billy and Myrtle Hazlewood
Verna Hazlewood
Jerald Head
William Head and Patricia Winston
Carol and J. B. Headrick
Martha Heard
Carol and Fred Heath
Jane Hedgepeth
Wendy Heger
Catherine Heidrick
Alan and Catherine Heine
Salman and Kathleen Helal
Andrew and Mary Ann Heller
Sara Hemenway
Brenda and Gregory Hemphill
Floylee Hemphill-Goldberger
Cathy Henderson and Jim Stroud
Frederick Hensey
Joshua Henslee
Alan Herbert
Jake Herrle
Charlotte Herzele and Carmen Pulido
Christina Hester
Kevin Heyburn
George Heyer
Kristen Hicks
Timothy Higgins and Vonee Reneau
Margaret Hight
Terry and Gayle Hight
Jane Hilfer
David and Joan Hilgers
Becca Hill
Kay and J. Hines
Jason Hinson and Steven Phelps
Deborah Hiser and Peter Nolan
Martyn and Joanna Hitchcock
William and Diana Hobby
Joel and Stacy Hock
John Hodges and Shanea Davis
Lewis and Marsha Hoffer
Margaret Hoffman
Pamela Hold
Winona and Sara Holland
Madeline Hollern
Lois Hollis
Wayne and Joan Holtzman
Charles Homer
Cass and Scout Hook
Barbara Horan
Samuel Horchow
Sharon and Jim Hornfischer
Kristie Hotchkiss and Michael Cerza
Stephen and Dixie Houston
Gladys Howard and Nelda Roessler
Jo Ann Howard
Laura and Charles Howard
Robert and Anita Howard
Jeffrey Howell and William Press
Henry and Julia Hu
Sandra and George Huber
Clare Hudspeth
Elizabeth Hueben
John Huehnergard and Jo Ann Hackett
Mary Paige Huey
Don Hughes and Michel McCabe-Hughes
Ellen Hughes
Joan Hughes and Lee Klencher
Jane Hughson
David Hume and Joan Harman
Meta Hunt
Stephen and Joyce Hunt
Tobias Hunziker and Heather Lunow
Tara Hurst-Holley
Rene Hurtado
Lindsay Hutchens
J. Bradley Hutchinson
William and Diana Hyland
Carolyn Hynson
Deborah Ingraham
Katherine Isham
Will and Janice Jackson
Amanda Jackson
Claire Jackson and Penny Mudgett
Jenny Jacobi
Brenda Jaeck
Kelly James
Gina Jamison
Jay Janner
Donald Jansen and Janice Law
Sirkka Jarvenpaa
Christopher Jenkins and Leslie Romoli
Marsha Jensen
Craig Jepson
Linda and Jon Jewett
Jami John
Anthony Johnson
Armead Johnson
Carol Kay Johnson
Kenneth and Sonje Johnson
Paula Johnson
Pauline and Don Johnson
Stephen and Janice Johnson
Linda Johnston and Bill Hardison
Suzanne Jones Maas and Terrence Maas
Chris Jones
Elizabeth Jones
Sarah Jones
William Jones
Bryce and Barbara Jordan
Joe and Hazel Joseph
Timothy and Martha Joyner
Dick Kallerman
Loli Kantor
David and Shawn Kaplan
Kevin Kaplan
Mark Kapner
Richard and Kathy Karp
Penny Karpel
Robert and Kim Karstens
Susan Kay
Anne Keene
Cynthia Keever
Thierry Kehou and Emily Schiffer
Allen Keith
Sara Kennedy and Mark Fries
Don and Julie Kenner
Jana and Steve Kennon
David and Colleen Kerstein
Matt Kerwick and Lynne Kammer
Wayne and Elizabeth Kesterson
Ankur Khanna
Sydney Kilgore
Miyong Kim
Jacqueline Kin
Katrina King
Bob Kinney
Shirley Kirk and Michael Merki
Cynthia and Frank Kittredge
Michael and Jeanne Klein
Camela Knapp
Nancy Knechtel
Cassandra Knobloch
Gail and Jeffrey Kodosky
Suzanne Koett
Pamela Kopfer
Len Kowitz and Catherine Hodge
Gregory and Cynthia Kozmetsky
Marsha Endahl and Hugh Kramer
Barnett and Camille Kress
Gopal and Lalitha Krishnan
Geoffrey Kruml
Anand Kruttiventi and Annie Prasad
Patricia Kubala
Dana and Andrew Kull
Ravelle Kundinger
Lisa Kuntz
Michael and Ingrid Kuper
Wendi and Brian Kushner
Jennifer Kutzik
Nancy Kwallek
Amy Kwalwasser
Alexander Labry
Ryan Lakich
Jason and Shelley Lambert
Barbara and Shawn Lane
Ray and Christy Langenberg
Martha Langford and Carla Wynn
John Langmore
Mary Larson Brown
Leon and Laraine Lasdon
Jeff Latimer and Tricia Tabor
Cheryl Laughlin
Richard Lavine
Norm and Zoe LeCompte
Sally Leach
Christine Lee
Hunter and Janice Lee
Matthew and Anna Lee
Sherry and Randy Lee
Marilyn and Leonard Lehrer
Beth Leibo and Whitney Blair
Eric Leibrock and Ellen Justice
Gerlinde Leiding
Ann Leifeste
Maria Leigh
Matt Lemke
Kelly Lemons
Walter Lenoir
Tracy and Clint Leonard
William and Paula Levihn-Coon
Sanford and Cynthia Levinson
Michael Levy
Beverly Lewellen
Larry and Sue Lewellyn
Allen and Nora Lieberman
Paul Liebman
Rebecca Lilienstern
Bernth and Judith Lindfors
Joyce and David Lindsey
Rob and Cathy Lippincott
Gregory Lipscomb
Linda Litowsky
Jennifer Litterer
Dolores Little and Walter Penk
Shelby Little and Teresa Chapman
Paula Littles
Sarah and Franklin Lively
Cindy and Stephen Livingston
Jacqueline Lloyd
Charisse Locke Mayer and David Mayer
Lisa Lockhart
Davidson Loehr and Cathy Weaver
Walter and Lillian Loewenbaum
Douglas and Carol Logan
Charity and Hector Lopez
Joyce Lopez
Dagmar and William R. Louis
R. Barry and Joann Lovelace
George and Nancy Lowe
Joan Lowe
Tom and Sara Lucas
Emily Lucid
Gary Luedecke and Molly Alexander
Eileen and Ed Lundy
Vivian Lura
Robert Luther
Mary Luzius
Megan Lyon
Dave and Camille Lyons
Frank and Paullette MacDougal
Judy and Bruce MacKenzie
Sara Mackie
Prudence Mackintosh
Beth Madison
Diane Madison-Brown
Michael Maguire
Matthew Mahon
Kathleen Majorsky
Bruce and Molly Beth Malcolm
Lucia Maley
Ajay Malghan
Simon Mangiaracina and Nicole Davis
Debra Mann and Austin Wall
Leah Mann
Charles and Pat Maples
Kathy Marcus
Richard and Susan Marcus
Janis Marion
Karen Marker
Herbert and Deborah Marks
Nicole Marquis
James Marston
Cynthia Marszal
Andrea Martin
Anna Martin
Carol Martin
Harry and Molly Martin
Joshua and Christy Martin
Tim Mateer
Nancy and Steve Mathews
Janet Matteson
Shannon and Deborah Matthews
William and Kathryne Maurer
Elizabeth Maxim
Clayton Maxwell
Madeline Maxwell
Jerry and Margaret Mayfield
John Mayfield
Thomas Mays
Nancy McBride
Amy McCaffrey
Annes McCann-Baker and William Baker
Gail McClanahan
Thomas McClendon and Nancy Schmechel
Casey McCool
Donne McCormick
Dolph McCranie
Vicki McCullough
Virgil McCullough
Walter and Cynthia McCullough
Charles and Dora McDonald
Ruth and Durstan McDonald
Michael and Margaret McDoniel
John McEachran
Earl McGehee
Katherine and John McGhee
Elizabeth McGiffert
Michael McGill
Maisel McGlone
George and Martha McGonigle
Cheryl McGrath and Robert Miller
Terese and Clyde McKee
Maureen McKeon
Mike McKetta and Sallie Sharp
Philip Ward McKinley
Anne and Mark McKinnon
John McLane
Mark and Amy McLaughlin
Ray McLeod
James P. and Melinda McMichael
Sharon McNamara
William McNeal and Catherine Bartley
Megan McNerney
Sarah and Brian McNerney
Ruth and Lynn McWaters
Thomas and Sherry Melecki
Julia Mellenbruch
Guy and Margie Mellick
Amanda Mendez
Diana Mendoza
Thomas and Lynn Meredith
Frank Merlino
John Merritt
Nancy and Kerry Merritt
Deena Mersky
Elizabeth and Brad Messer
Robert and Judith Mettlen
Richard Meyer and Kathleen Jenkins
Michelle and Dan Michel
Malcolm and Beryl Milburn
Kathryn Millan
Cindy Miller
David Miller
F. Roberts and Eugenia Miller
Jon and Julie Miller
Margaret Miller
Roger Miller
Efrain Miranda and Sue Sellstrom
Marshall and Michele Missner
Harvey and Joyce Mitchell
John Mitchell
Paul Mitchell and Alison Macor
Suzanne Mitchell and Richard Zansitis
Marilyn Mock
James and Doris Mohler
Joseph Moldenhauer
Carol Monroe
Kristofer and Beth Monson
Mary Moody
Theresa Mooney
Bill Moore and Nancy Byrd
Carol Moore
Gerrell Moore
Sam Moore
Nancy Moran
Thomas and Barbara Moran
Eliza Morehead
Susan Morehead
Jill Morena
Zane Morgan
Patricia Morrison
Kim Mosley
Carolyn and Gary Mueller
Anne Marie Mullen
Paul Mullen and Sherrie Patum
Linda Mullenix
Donald Mullins
Evelyn Munn
Clemente and Priscilla Murguia
Peggy Murphy
Ellen and Ewell Muse
Ken Musgrave
Edie Musgrove
Barbara Myers
Tom and Suzanne Napier
Marvin and Arlene Nathan
Dennis Nauert
Alison and Boyd Naylor
Leslie and John Neal
Victoria Neal
Elizabeth and Jerele Neeld
Jack Neff and Beryl Simpson
Maria Nehring
Carol Nelson
Karen Nelson
Gina Nesloney
Patricia Nettleship
Lauren Neugebauer
Elizabeth and Charles Newell
Harry Newman and Barbara Reiss
Alex Nghiem
Nancy Nguyen
Candy and David Nichols
Lyndsee Nielson
Dan Niendorff
Dan Noack
Wynnell Noelke
Ken and Linda Nordhauser
Bradley and Jo Anne Norton
Lipscomb and Cynthia Norvell
Bernard Norwood
Patricia and Casey Noxon
Charlotte Nunes
John Nyfeler and Sally Fly
William and Beverly O'Hara
Shanna Oatman
Rosie Oberg
Howard Ochman
Helen Oelrich
Dana Oglesby and Liz Stettler
Gary and Beth Oliver
Mary Oliver
Diane and Kevin Oncken
Katherine Oncken
Richard and Conna Oram
Raymond and Eva Orbach
John and Laura Ore
Martha Orozco and Rebecca Robertson
Fernando Ortiz
Carolyn and Joe Osborn
Thomas Palaima
Mercedes Palau-Ribes
Sara Pantin
Sophia Pappas
Nancy Parkinson
Brad Parman and Tim Seeliger
Julie and Catherine Parsley
Billie Passmore
Brent Patch
Samuel and Connie Pate
Ann Paterra
Liz Patranella
Sue Patrick
Betty and Ron Patterson
Mary Ann Patterson
Lois Pattie
Lisa Pausback
Sarah Pavitt
Nancy Payne
Robert and Jeana Payne
Gordon and Georgine Peacock
Von and Kitty Pearsall
Albert Pearson
Robert and Beth Peck
Nancy Pellerin
Ruth and James Pennebaker
Julie and Dane Perkins
Robert Perkins
Judith and Kirby Perry
James and Mary Person
Linda Peterson
Marina Petric
Charles Peveto
Peter Pfeiffer
Joyce Pfluger
Gary Phelps and Paulette Barwinkel
Lyn and Thomas Phillips
Ann Phipps
Brad Pierson and Mary Beth Thomas
Jackie Pinkowitz
Jeffery and Alwyn Pinnow
Carol Pirie
Sheila Plank
Kathie and C. Ronald Platt
Christine Plonsky
Brea Plum
June Podlech
Augustus Polhill and Rita Proctor
Tillie Policastro
William Portales
Hanneke Portier
Jennifer Poteat-Phelps
Toi and Richard Powell
Donna Preibisch
Linda and James Prentice
Whit Preston and Danelle Briscoe
Anne Price
Olivia Primanis and Christopher Hynes
Denise Prince
Erik Pronske
Tom and Shirley Prudhomme
Lisa Pulsifer
Alison Raffalovich and David Abbs
Jane Raiford
Frances and George Ramsey
Michelle Ramshur
Karen Ratcliffe
Tommy and Tina Rather
Shannon and Gay Ratliff
Katie Raver
Burris Ray
Kyle and Leanne Read
Harry and Macey Reasoner
Dwight and Victoria Reck
Steve Redman
Amy Redmond
Clifford Reid
Donna and Philip Reilly
Michael and Beverly Reilly
Rob and Christine Cox Reinauer
James Renovich
Rick and Jo Ann Reyna
Elizabeth Reynolds
Alec Rhodes
Hans Rhodes
Adam and Gwen Rice
Robert and Jana Rice
Alyce and Terry Richardson
Jody Richardson
Mike Richardson and Mary Beth Bigger
Callie Richmond
Mary Anne Rickhoff and Charles Buerschinger
James Rienstra
Richard and Joanne Riley
Margie Rine and David Ochsner
Linda Rivera
Jacqueline Rixen
Catherine Robb
Buck and Bonnie Roberds
Jan Roberts
Pam Roberts
Heath and Kelsey Robinson
Ken and Rita Rochlen
Peter Rock
Benjamin Rode
Barbara Rodgers
Michelle Roell
John Roenigk
Douglass and Shirley Rogers
Joni Rogers
Richey and Heather Rogers
Steve Rogers
Darcy and Ernest Roland
Karen Roller
Mary Sue Rose
Victoria and Austin Rosenthal
Janell Ross and Richard Black
John Rosshirt
Laura and Michael Rousseau
Karl and Karen Rove
Patrick Rowles
Joan and Paul Rubin
Justin Ruiz
Ralph Ruth and Judith Driscoll
Harriet Rutland
Cory Ryan
Kent and Sue Saathoff
Marshall and Sandra Sack
Darcy Sacks
Monica Samuels
Janet Sanders
Katherine Sangster
Richard and Susan Santamaria
Joseph and Gwendolyn Santiago
Jerre and Fern Santini
Stephanie and David Savage
Derek Sayer and Yoke-Sum Wong
Susan Scafati
John and Joanne Scarborough
Daniel and Gretchen Scardino
Glen and Robin Schaeffer
Nina and William Schenck
Robert and Phyllis Schenkkan
Buddy Schilling
Robert and Elizabeth Schlechter
Louis Schleuse and Louis Schleuse and Virginia McDermott and Virginia McDermott
Otis Schmidt and Claire Breihan
Julie Schneider
Richard Schneider and Barbara Atkinson
Julia and Jean Schuler
Elizabeth Schultz
Robert Schultz
Linda and Arne Schuring
Thomas and Claudia Schurr
Geraldine Schwartz
Sandy and Leonard Schwartz
Susan and I.T. Schwartz
Gwendolyn Scott
Mary Ellen Scribner
Mary Scrudder
Tiana Scruggs and Linda Rowland
Adam Sear
Charleen Searight
Robert Sedgewick and Gloria Castro
Rinette Seidner
A. Donald and Eleanor Sellstrom
Trey Selman
Don Sembera and Jeanette Scott
Sander and Lottie Shapiro
Susan Sharlot
Sydney Sharples
Kathy Sharplin
Sylvia and Dan Sharplin
Jane Shaughness
Christopher Shaughnessy and Frances Hurley
Gary Shaver
Gary and Jane Shaw
Hilary Sheard
Kate Sheerin and Stephen Ames
Marv and Valerie Shepherd
Susan and David Sheppard
Theresa Sherer
Josephine Sherfy
Autumn Shields
Nancy Shields
Julia Shinn and Colin Walsh
Linda Shirck
Anne Shires
Robert Shivers
Brettne Shootman and Whitney Nelson
Charlene Shrake
Nita and Glen Shuffler
Jane Sibley
Joan Sibley and Lee Moore
Al and Sheila Simmons
Frances Simmons
Winifred Simon
Nick Simonite
Jim and Gay Simpson
Jonathan Simpson and Kristene Blackstone
Marcus and Anita Simpson
James and Mary Jane Sinclair
Steven Singer
Elizabeth Skerpan-Wheeler
Richard and Charlotte Slack
Patty and John Sloan
Susan Sloan
Serena Slocum
Arthur and Margo Smith
Bea Ann Smith
Curtis Smith and Vanessa Fuentes
Ellen Smith
Hank Smith and Jeff Goodman
Laura and Mike Smith
Laura Smith and Daniel Traverso
Ronald and Anna Smith
Sara Smith
Steve and Stacey Smith
Tony Smith and Stephanie Nutt
David Snow
Melody Snow
Amelia Sondgeroth
Dale and Stephen Sonnenberg
Deborah Sours
Linda Southwick
George and Nancy Spaulding
Helen Spear
Andrew and Kathy Spencer
Jack and June Spencer
Marcelle Spilker
Helen St. Martin
Meg Staahl and Hennen Chambers
Randy and Charlotte Stacy
Ambassador Joseph and Kathleen Stafford
Lynn Stahl
Thomas and Muffi Staley
Gary Stallard
Katherine Staples
Elizabeth Stauber
Amy Stearns
Katherine Stefos
Sherry Stephens
Mary Stephenson and David Minter
Bobbie Sterling and Mary Bauer
David Sterner and Donna Jordan
Leslie Stevens
Katherine and Shirley Stewart
Patricia Stone and David Richardson
Jonathon Storms
Melanie Stovall
Peter and Catherine Stow
George Stricker
Scott and Sheila Stricker
Buff Strickland
David Sullivan and Mary Baughman
Jerry Sullivan
Michael Sullivan
Scott and Sara Sutcliffe
Diana Sutherland
Gail and Richard Swallow
Amy Swank
Kyle and Tanja Swartz
Barbara Swearingen
Danielle and Kevin Sweeney
Julia Swisher
Paul and Susan Szaniszlo
Donna and Scott Tagliarino
Talaf and Nicoletta Talpur
Elaine Tankard
Ann Tarleton
John and Joann Taunton
Catherine Taylor
Cindy Taylor and Cindy Taylor and James Wilson
Jeffrey Taylor and Janelle Curlin-Taylor
Tom and Judy Taylor
Paul and Emily and Samuel and Kathryn Teich
Ellen Temple
Kimberly Theel
Laura and David Theis
Court Thieleman
Henry and Margot Thomas
Lee Thomas
Abigail Thomason and Tom Sawyer
Toni Thomasson
Charles Thompson and Laura Prestwood
Davison and Frances Thompson
Helen Thompson and Charles Lohrmann
Melinda Thoms
Scott Thomsen and Irene Garza
Jane Thorne
Russell Thorstenberg
Saralee Tiede
Margaret Tiedeken
Peggy and Gerald Tietz
Andres Tijerina
Samuel and Mary Tisdale
William Tolan
Kirsten Tollefson
Patricia Tollison
Dana Tomlin
Suzanne Mackowiak Tomlin
Alan Tonnesen
Peyton and Carolyn Townsend
Jennifer Trammell
A.R. and Martha Trautwein
Bill and Connie Travillion
Rich Trepanier and Lauren Crawford
Elliot Trester and Barbara Wilson
Catherine Troutner
Dale Truitt
Susan Tull
William Tullis and Jane Derebery
Alan Tully
Patricia Tuohy-Cuny and Gene Cuny
Tammie Turner
Glenn Twiggs
Betsy Tyson
Pamela Uglietta
John Uglum
Michael Upshaw and Meghann Guthrie
Mary Uriegas
Andy Uzendoski
Matt Valentine
Lori and William Van Dell
Jacqueline and Stephen Van Erp
Martha Van Sickle
Maria Vanderauwera
Glenna Vanway-Jones
Suzi Varin
Ian Varley and Jill Meyers
Rodney and Roxanne Varner
Agnes Varnum and Raoul Hernandez
Jack Vaughan
Rosemary Vaughn
Christina Vehar and Nate Schneider
Martha and Ralph Vertrees
Dorothy Vescovo
E. Dan and Pat Vickers
Fred and Shirley Viehweg
Marilyn and Lance Vinson
Joseph Visconti
Ashland Viscosi
Dianna Vitanza
Connie and Ronnie Volkening
William and Sara Von Voss
Mary Waage
Patricia Wahlstrom
J. Thomas Ward
George Warmingham and Rosemary Merriam
Les Warren
Candace Wasilew
Joe Bill and DeDe Watkins
Robert and Debra Watkins
Sharon Watkins
Ann Watson and James Allison
James and Alice Weatherby
Temple and Mary J. Webber
Karen Weber
David Weigle
Amy Weldon
Maria Wells
Robert and Cristabell West
Steve and Susan West
Brett Westbrook and Kathleen Brown
Jay and Pauline Westbrook
Lynn and Frankie Westbrook
Ann Wheeler and Michael Smith
Brooke Wheeler
Susan Wheeler
Monica Wheelock
Denise White
Karen White
Kay White
Lucy White
Mary Whiteside Lee
Marilyn and Joe Whitlock
Simone Wicha
Kathleen and James Wicoff
Karen and Al Widdifield
Cindy Widner
Elizabeth Wiewall
Mary and D. Morris Wilder
Quinton Wiles and Jeffrey Coon
John Wiley
Doris and Deone Wilhite
Sylvia and Jerry Wilkenfeld
Walter and Sandra Wilkie
Betty and James Williams
Dwight Williams and Cynthia Glover
Elizabeth Williams
Jacob Williams
John and Barbara Williams
San and Jan Williams
Wendell and Tracy Williams
Beverly Williams-Hawkins and Dora Robinson
Aubrey Wilson and E.W. Fomby
Dave Wilson
Julie Wilson
Laura and Robert Wilson
Sarah Wilson
Anne and Jay Winckler
Julia and Walt Winicki
Suzanne and Marc Winkelman
Margaret and Matthew Winkler
Michael Winship
Donald and Ellen Winspear
Laura Wisdom
Neal Wise
Anne Withrow and Tanya Gauthreaux
Adele Witt
Charles Witt
Douglas and Suzanne Wixson
Howard and Glenys Wolf
Michael Wolszon and Julie Isaacson
Marvin and Eva Womack
Paul and Lucia Woodruff
Virginia Woods
John Worrall and Hillary Hart
Dick and Michele Worrel
Carolyn Wright
Paul and Marilyn Wright
William and Alice Wright
Robert Wyatt
Sanford Wyatt
Rich Wyde and Angela Branch
Carlene Wyndham
Marc Yagjian
Beatrice and Sian Yen
Canan Yetman and Lee Bash
Andrew York
Dean and Laurie Young
Joe and Nancy Young
Tiffany Young
Patricia and Paul Youngdale
Andrew and Leslie Zachary
Yan Zhou
Kenna Zimmer
Bruce and Jill Zivley
Leo and Lucia Zonn
Gloria Zyskowski
Luis de Santos
Louie deBlanc
Scott van Horn-Zakotnik and Ryan Van Horn-Zakotnik



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