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Reviewed Titles

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Backgrounds for Joyce's Dubliners
Bash in the Tunnel: James Joyce by the Irish
Bays are Sere, and, Interior Monologue
Bearing Witness: Essays on Anglo-Irish Literature
Beaucoup de jours: d'après Ulysse de James Joyce
Beauty of Mortal Conditions = La bellezza della condizione mortale
Beckett after Beckett
Beckett and Joyce: Friendship and Fiction
Beckett and Myth: An Archetypal Approach
Beckett before Godot: The Formative Years, 1929-1949
Beckett On and On...
Beckett Studies Reader
Beckett, Joyce and the Art of the Negative
Beckett, Modernism and the Material Imagination
Beckett's Dedalus: Dialogical Engagements with Joyce in Beckett's Fiction
Before Daybreak: "After the Race" and the Origins of Joyce's Art
Bely, Joyce, and Döblin: Peripatetics in the City Novel
Benstock Library as a Mirror of Joyce
Best-Loved Joyce
Between "Race" and Culture: Representations of "the Jew" in English and American Litera...
Between Shadows: Modern Irish Writing and Culture
Bewusstseinsdarstellung im werk von James Joyce: von 'Dubliners' zu 'Ulysses'
Beyond Borders: IASIL Essays on Modern Irish Writing
Beyond Egotism: The Fiction of James Joyce, Virginia Woolf, and D.H. Lawrence
Beyond the Word: Reconstructing Sense in the Joyce Era of Technology, Culture, and Comm...
Beziehungen und Identitäten: Österreich, Irland und die Schweiz = Connections and Ident...
Bibliography of James Joyce
Bibliography of James Joyce [1882-1941]
Bibliography of James Joyce Studies
Biology of Luck
Blake and Modern Literature
Blakean Translation of Joyce's "Circe"
Blinding Torch: Modern British Fiction and the Discourse of Civilization
Bloom & Bloch: roman
Bloomers on the Liffey: Eisegetical Readings of James Joyce's Ulysses Part ii
Bloomers on the Liffey: Eisegetical Readings of Joyce's Ulysses
Bloom's Major Literary Characters: Leopold Bloom
Bloom's Old Sweet Song: Essays on Joyce and Music
Blooms Schatten
Bloomsday 100: Essays on Ulysses
Bloomsday '97
Bloomsday Book: A Guide through Joyce's Ulysses
Bloomsday Dead
Bloomsday on Broadway XXIV
Bloomsday Postcard
Bloomsday: An Interpretation of James Joyce's Ulysses
Bloomsday: gids door Dublin en Ulysses van James Joyce
Bloomsway: A Day in the Life of Dublin
Book as World: James Joyce's Ulysses
Books at the Wake: A Study of Literary Allusions in James Joyce's Finnegans Wake
Borges and Joyce: An Infinite Conversation
Briefe I
Briefe II
Briefe III
British and Irish Writers in the Spanish Periodical Press (1900-1965) = Escritores brit...
British Literary Culture and Publishing Practice, 1880-1914
British Modernism and Censorship
Broadcasting Modernism
Bronze By Gold: The Music of Joyce
Brouillons d'un baiser: premiers pas vers Finnegans Wake
Byron and Joyce Through Homer: Don Juan and Ulysses