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Reviewed Titles

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Ta hellenika tou Tzaiems Tzous
Tale of a Pub: Re-Reading the "Cyclops" Episode of James Joyce's Ulysses in the Context...
Tales from Finnegans Wake
Tales Told of Shem and Shaun
Tales Told of Shem and Shaun: Three Fragments from Work in Progress
Talking of Joyce
Taste and Consumption in Ulysses
Technē: James Joyce, Hypertext, and Technology
Teller and Tale in Joyce's Fiction: Oscillating Perspectives
Telling the Other: The Question of Value in Modern and Postcolonial Writing
Tempi difficili su Joyce e Proust
Tender Consciousness: Sentimental Sensibility in the Emerging Artist-Sterne, Yeats, Joy...
Tense Future: Modernism, Total War, Encyclopedic Form
Terribilia meditans: La coeranza del monologo interiore in Ulysses
Terrible Beauty: Yeats, Joyce, Ireland, and the Myth of the Devouring Female
Terror and Irish Modernism: The Gothic Tradition from Burke to Beckett
Texts (Waiting for-) for Nothing, Samuel Beckett, in Play; Titled (Art as Idea as Idea)...
Textual Awareness: A Genetic Study of Late Manuscripts by Joyce, Proust, and Mann
Textual Bodies: Modernism, Postmodernism, and Print
Textual Diaries of James Joyce
Textualizing the Feminine: On the Limits of Genre
"That submerged doughdoughty doubleface": Pomes Penyeach di James Joyce: Uno studio gen...
Theorists of the Modernist Novel: James Joyce, Dorothy Richardson, Virginia Woolf
They Were Like Poetry
Thief of Reason: Oscar Wilde and Modern Ireland
Think, Pig! Beckett at the Limit of the Human
Thinking in Literature: Joyce, Woolf, Nabokov
Third Census of Finnegans Wake: An Index of the Characters and Their Roles
This Timecoloured Place: The Time-Space Binarism in the Novels of James Joyce
Thought-Tormented Music: Browning e Joyce
Three Days with Joyce
Three Great Irishmen: Shaw, Yeats, Joyce
Three Philosophical Novelists: James Joyce, André Gide, Thomas Mann
Thrust Syphilis Down to Hell and Other Rejoyceana: Studies in the Border-lands of Liter...
Time and Western Man
Time of Apprenticeship: The Fiction of Young James Joyce
Tit-Bits: James Joyce, un'epoca e i suoi media
To Ireland, I
Toccatootletoo! Papers on James Joyce
Too Fine a Point: A Stylistic Analysis of the Eumaeus Episode in James Joyce's Ulysses
Topographical Guide to James Joyce's Ulysses
Tour of the Darkling Plain: The Finnegans Wake Letters of Thornton Wilder and Adaline G...
Traditional Music and Irish Society: Historical Perspectives
Transcultural Joyce
Transformation Process in Joyce's Ulysses
Transformations of Circe: The History of an Enchantress
Transgressions of Reading: Narrative Engagement as Exile and Return
transition: The History of a Literary Era, 1927-1938
Transits: The Nomadic Geographies of Anglo-American Modernism
TransLatin Joyce: Global Transmissions in Ibero-American Literature
Translation and Humour
Transparent Minds: Narrative Modes for Presenting Consciousness in Fiction
Tres síntomas de Europa: James Joyce, Vincent van Gogh, Jean-Paul Sartre
Trouble with Genius: Reading Pound, Joyce, Stein, and Zukofsky
Études irlandaises
Twelve and a Tilly: Essays on the Occasion of the 25th Anniversary of Finnegans Wake
Twenty-First Joyce
Twice Round the Black Church: Early Memories of Ireland and England
Twinge of Recollection: The National Library in 1904 and Thereabouts
Two Tales of Shem and Shaun