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The Kraus Map Collection

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The Ransom Center has only one notable collection of individual maps and globes: the Kraus Map Collection, representing nearly the entire contents of Catalogue 124: Monumenta Cartographica from the New York antiquarian dealer Hans P. Kraus. This 1969 catalogue featured a wide range of individual maps of Europe and America, a few atlases, and a group of manuscript letters by Abraham Ortelius. A supplement included a group of globes, including celestial and terrestrial globes by Vincenzo Coronelli and a 1541 Mercator globe.

In typical fashion, Harry Ransom arranged to acquire most of the maps and atlases as a single purchase. While the Kraus collection has not been developed thereafter, it continues to draw researchers. Because of size and conservation considerations, some of these extraordinary maps, notably the enormous Blaeu wall map (Nova Totius Terrarum Orbis Tabula, first state 1648) and the manuscript map of Virginia (ca. 1610), a unique relic of America's earliest English settlement, have previously been seen by a relative handful of viewers. This digitization makes it possible for a larger public to examine the entire collection (except Kraus 23 and 33 [not included in the 1969 purchase], the atlases, and the globe gores).


The descriptive notes have been adapted from the 1969 Kraus catalog and do not reflect the latest historical research. Viewers are invited to submit corrections and additions. Roland Folter kindly granted permission for the reproduction of the catalog and its text.

Permission must be requested from the Ransom Center for any re-use of these images. High-resolution images, which are suitable for publication, are available on request and for a fee.


Download H.P. Kraus Catalogue 124: Monumenta Cartographica (PDF 13MB)

View H.P. Kraus Catalogue 124: Monumenta Cartographica


Globes II, Mercator Terrestrial Globe (1541)
Globes VI, Coronelli Celestial Globe (1688)
Globes VI, Coronelli Terrestrial Globe (1688)
Kraus 1, La gran citta di Milano (1638)
Kraus 2, Venetie (Circa 1514)
Kraus 3, Nova totius terrarum orbis tabula (1648)
Kraus 4, Nova et acurata totius Africae tabula (Between 1601 and 1650)
Kraus 5, America (1673)
Kraus 6, Asia (Between 1650 and 1700)
Kraus 7, Nova et acurata totius Europae tabula (Between 1601 and 1650)
Kraus 8, Nova et acurata totius Germaniae tabula (Not after 1634)
Kraus 9, A Discription of Cartagena (Circa 1697)
Kraus 10, America (1706-1710 [?])
Kraus 11, Peru est la derreniere Contree descouuerte des terres Neufues (1545)
Kraus 12.1, Nova et acvrata totivs Americae tabvla (Between 1580 and 1600)
Kraus 12.2, Asiae Orbis partivm maximae nova descriptio (Between 1567 and 1700)
Kraus 12.3, Nova totivs Africae descriptio (Between 1566-1608?)
Kraus 12.4, Europa (Between 1580 and 1600)
Kraus 13, Etymologiae (1472)
Kraus 14, Urbis Romae descriptio (1557)
Kraus 15, Americae et proximar[um] regionum orae descriptio (Circa 1589)
Kraus 16, Sketch for a map of Germany (Between 1645 and 1650)
Kraus 17, Americae sive Novi Orbis (1587)
Kraus 18, Das Ann Herrspruck samt den Drey darin ligunden Empter Reicheneck (1596)
Kraus 19, Pfleg ampt Liechtenaw (1592)
Kraus 20, Polesine Region (Circa 1600)
Kraus 21, Carta geo-hidro-topographica (1761)
Kraus 22, Africa (Circa 1520)
Kraus 24, Universale Descrittione di tutto il Mondo (Between 1642 and 1647)
Kraus 25.1, Africa (1597)
Kraus 25.2, America (1597)
Kraus 25.3, Asia (1597)
Kraus 26, Venetia (Circa 1688)
Kraus 27, America (Between 1600 and 1625)
Kraus 28, Virginia (Circa 1610)
Kraus 36, Manuscript plans of Dutch towns (1572)
Kraus 57-70, Abraham Ortelius correspondence (1590-1607)