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Alexander Leidenfrost for Norman Bel Geddes & Co.
Preliminary sketch of a car for the Chrysler Corporation
July 27, 1934
Pencil on paper

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Norman Bel Geddes Database

Job 271, Chrysler Corporation ("Q" Account), 1934-1956

Summary: In September 1933 Bel Geddes, then in partnership with Earl Newsom and Worthen Paxton under the firm name Norman Bel Geddes & Company, signed a contract with Chrysler Corporation. In all memoranda and minutes the client is referenced secretively only as “Mr. Q.” Geddes's charge was to design a lighter-weight car with a smaller wheelbase (to reduce freight charges) and a rear engine. Its price class was to be “cheaper than anything built yet.”

This material consolidates the jobs Rear Engine car (job 272), Restyle (jobs 275 and 285), Plymouth Restyle and Wind Tunnel (job 287), and Exhibit (job 271).

Please note: The photograph in photo box 5, folder 271.4 is an unfixed proof print which cannot be exposed to light.

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Box/Location Folder Description
box 14 271.1 Agreement 1933. Client and inter-staff meeting minutes Sep1933-Jan1934.
box 14 271.2 Wind tunnel specifications, memos; technical report Jan-Apr1934.
box 14 271.3 C Restyle client meeting minutes Feb-Mar1934; Interior dwg. schedule Jan-Apr1934; Exterior Jan-Jul1934.
box 14 271.4 Letters rec. Aug1933-Feb1934, 1944. Confidentiality memoApr1934.
box 14 271.5 Publicity --- "Airflow" Brochure, clippings 1933-1934, clipping, corporate report 1955-1956.
oversize box 7 271.1 Publicity --- Clipping 1933.
box 14 271.6 Plymouth (Car #14) design program. List of drawings "Client Prints". Design schedule "PL 113" Apr-Jul1934.
box 14 271.7 15 Sketches 26-29Jul1934.
flat box 5 271.1 5 Sketches 26-29Jul1934 (matted).
box 14 271.8 Photograph envelope with ms. note (photo removed).
flat file 271.1-3 8 Renderings. 1 sketch. 9 photostats (damaged). Drawing of model display stands. 1 drawing, 4 blueprints Train Unit.
damaged flat files, drawer 3 271.1 3 Renderings of interior.
damaged flat files, drawer 3 271.9-10 1 Drawing, 12 Apr. 1934.
photo box 5 271.1-2 2 Photographs of clay models. 2 photos front end prototype fabrication Jun1934.
photo box 5 271.3 1 Photograph of "Dwg. 601".
photo box 5 271.4 1 Photograph of rendering of Chrysler interior. UNFIXED PROOF PRINT: DO NOT PAGE. Use digital reproduction, DiDb #27804.
flat box 5 271.2 3 Negative photostats of renderings of Chrysler interior.
negative box 3 271.1 9 Negatives.
box 14 271.9 Chrysler Exhibition (NBG Streamline models) - 6 Display stand drawings, 5 blueprints 6Jul1934.