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Norman Bel Geddes and Co.
WWII Ship Models: Japanese Battleship Hiei, German Battleship Bismark, and Japan's Akitsushima
Ca. 1942
Cast metal

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Norman Bel Geddes Database

Job 420, Submarine Range Finder, 1942-1943

Summary: This equipment was designed to project scale model ship images on a periscope screen. See also job 536.

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Box/Location Folder Description
box 28 420.1 Correspondence, memos 1943. Draft descriptions of range finder 1942. Clipping.
box 28 420.2 Presentation Book (3 copies).
photo box 14 420.1 4 Photographs of model ship case labeled "Ship Models for Submarine Attack teacher MK2 & Mods".
flat box 11d 420.1 51 Ship models --- 29 Navy ships, 6 Japanese Navy, 16 Merchant Marine.
flat box 11e 420.2 Ship models (continued).
flat box 11f 420.3 Ship models (continued).
flat box 11g 420.4 Ship models (continued).
flat box 11h 420.5 Ship models (continued).
flat box 11i 420.6 Ship models (continued).
flat box 11j 420.7 Ship models (continued).
flat box 11k 420.8 Ship models (continued).