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Case of ship models for Submarine Attack Teacher

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Norman Bel Geddes Database

Job 458, Navy Ordnance (#2), 1942-1947

Summary: This job includes photography of Japanese, German, and Italian ship models for the United States Navy.

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Box/Location Folder Description
box 30 458.1 Diary --- Contracts May, Oct1942. Cost estimates Mar1942. Correspondence May1942 (33 Pilot Ship Models) - Mar1944 (Submarine attack Teacher Models). Job Diary 1942.
box 30 458.2 86 Photostats of model drawings with ms. notes May-Jul1942.
box 30 458.3 36 Photostats of Pilot Model Ships 1942.
box 30 458.4 Sketch of ship model superstructure (Admiral Scheer).
photo box 14 458.1 37 Photographs of models.
photo box 14 458.2 15 Photographs of Japanese ships and drawings.
photo box 14 458.3 4 Photographs of German ships, drawings, article.
flat file 458.1-3 6 Photostats of ship model drawings, Jane's Fighting Ships drawings.
damaged box 12 458.1 Blueprints of model drawings (charred fragments).
box 30 458.5 Correspondence --- Admirals Doyle, Brown, Radford 1947 (re selling NBG's 13,000 models).