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"Design and Application of Mosaics," in Pencil Points, with a reference to Norman Bel Geddes's curtain for La Nave
March 1927

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Norman Bel Geddes Database

Job 59, Nave, La, 1919-1927

Summary: La Nave was an opera with a prologue and three episodes by Gabriele D'Annunzio; music was by Italo Montemezzi and Tito Ricordi. It was produced by the Chicago Opera Association at the Chicago Opera House on 18 November 1919 with Rosa Raisa and Alesandro Dolci. It was directed by Montemezzi, and Bel Geddes designed the scenery, costumes, and lighting.

Hunter Code: OP 7
Hunter Guide: page 145

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Box/Location Folder Description
flat file b 1-6, 9 Scene Renderings --- Tempera.
flat file b 7-8 Scene Renderings --- Charcoal.
flat file c 1-14 Costume Renderings --- Tempera sketches.
flat file c 1 Costume Renderings --- Men Feasters, tempera sketch.
flat file c 2 Costume Renderings --- Catecumeni, tempera sketch.
flat file c 3 Costume Renderings --- Presbitera Theodora, tempera sketch.
flat file c 4 Costume Renderings --- Woman Feaster, tempera sketch.
flat file c 5 Costume Renderings --- Priest, tempera sketch.
flat file c 6 Costume Renderings --- Farmer, tempera sketch.
flat file c 7 Costume Renderings --- Harbor Master, tempera sketch.
flat file c 8 Costume Renderings --- Carpenter, tempera sketch.
flat file c 9 Costume Renderings --- Anafesta and Tradonica, tempera sketch.
flat file c 10 Costume Renderings --- Penitent from processional choir, tempera sketch.
flat file c 11 Costume Renderings --- Marco Gratico, tribune elect, tempera sketch.
flat file c 12 Costume Renderings --- Trumpeter in Scene III, tempera sketch.
flat file c 13 Costume Renderings --- Zosinia, the exorcist, tempera sketch.
flat file c 14 Costume Renderings --- Gauro, stone mason, tempera sketch.
flat file d 1-14 Drawings --- Set details.
flat file e 1-9 Preliminary Sketches --- Plans and elevations.
theater box 118 h 1 Photograph --- Scene rendering.
flat file i 1 Publicity --- Review 1920.
theater box 118 i 2-5 Publicity --- Review clippings.
oversize box 21 i 6 Publicity --- The Music Leader (20Nov1919).
theater box 118 j 1 Correspondence --- Production 1919-1921. Ravenna Mosaics, Inc. use of design 1924-1927.
theater box 118 k 1 Script --- La Nave Libretto.
theater box 118 k 2 Script --- Manuscript synopsis titled 'Program Notes'.
theater box 118 m 1 Programs --- Chicago 18Nov1919. Prospectus for New York Season 1920.