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Norman Bel Geddes Database

Job 937, Publicity - Articles by NBG, 1919-1950

Summary: This job includes articles written by Bel Geddes.

Hunter Code: WA
Hunter Guide: page 238

Box/Location Folder Description
theater box 173 WA 0 Bibliography --- Articles by and about NBG.
theater box 173 WA 1 'The Artist in Industry' Theatre Guild Magazine Jan1930.
theater box 173 WA 2 'Bel Geddes Sees Wider Use of Prefabrication' NYT 15Mar1942.
theater box 173 WA 3 'Broadcasting Theatres' Architectural Record Jul1938.
theater box 173 WA 4 'Design for a New Kind of Theatre' NYT Magazine 30Nov1947.
theater box 173 WA 5 'Design for a Russian State Theatre' Theatre Engineering Jul 1931.
theater box 173 WA 6 'Dreamlining Tomorrow' Mademoiselle Mar1944.
theater box 173 WA 7 'Flexible Theatre' Theatre Arts Jun-Jul1948.
oversize box 24 WA 8 "The House of Tomorrow," in Ladies' Home Journal, Apr. 1931.
theater box 173 WA 9 'Lighting Ideas ... ' Illumination Apr1946.
theater box 173 WA 10 'The Man of Tomorrow ... Today' Information about New York 7Apr1939.
theater box 173 WA 12 'Modern Theory of Design' Encyclopaedia Britannica 14th ed.
theater box 173 WA 13 'Six Theatre Projects' Theatre Arts Monthly Sep1930.
theater box 174 WA 14a (folder 1 of 3) "Streamlining," reprint of article in Atlantic Monthly, Nov. 1934 (labeled job 296).
theater box 174 WA 14a (folder 2 of 3) "Streamlining," reprint of article in Atlantic Monthly, Nov. 1934 (labeled job 296).
theater box 174 WA 14a (folder 3 of 3) "Streamlining," article in Atlantic Monthly, Nov. 1934.
theater box 174 WA 14b 'Streamlining' --- Correspondence - Mailing and ca. 200 letters rec. Nov1934-Jan1935 (296).
theater box 174 WA 14c 'Streamlining' --- Correspondence - NBG - Atlantic Monthly re article based on Horizons.
theater box 174 WA 14d 'Streamlining' --- Research.
theater box 174 WA 14e 'Streamlining' --- 24 Preliminary Sketches (296).
theater box 175 WA 15 "Ten Years from Now," article in Ladies' Home Journal, Jan. 1931 (206).
theater box 175 WA 16 'Theatre and Motion Pictures' Encyclopaedia Britannica 14th ed.
theater box 175 WA 17 'Theatre of the Future' Theatre Arts Magazine Apr1919.
theater box 175 WA 18 'Theatre Planning' Educational Theatre Journal Mar1950.
theater box 175 WA 19 "Toledo Tomorrow," article in the Bulletin of the Garden Club of America, May 1946; with booklet, "Toledo Tomorrow ... Created by Norman Bel Geddes and Associates," ca. 1945.
theater box 175 WA 20 'Tomorrow's Consumer' 39th Annual Meeting of American Society of Refrigeration Engineers 1943.
theater box 175 WA 21 'Tomorrow's Homes for the Many' Revere Copper and Brass, Inc.
theater box 175 WA 22 'War Maneuver Models' Life 26Jan-5Mar1944.
theater box 175 WA 23 "Your Home of Tomorrow," article in American Weekly, 21 Mar. 1954.
theater box 175 WA 24 Articles 1922-1948.