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Norman Bel Geddes & Co.
Rubber stamps
Ca. 1945-1958

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Norman Bel Geddes Database

Job 942, Supplies and Equipment, 1945-1958

Summary: This job includes office supplies, equipment, correspondence, and brochures. For cross references, see Bel Geddes's card file.

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Box/Location Folder Description
box 91 942.1 NBG Handbook.
box 91 942.2 Correspondence 1947-1958.
object 942.1 Address stamp.
box 92 942.3 Audograph Dictating Machine correspondence, testimonial, brochure 1948-1958.
object 942.2 Audograph machines (1 of 4).
object 942.3 Audograph machines (2 of 4).
object 942.4 Audograph machines (3 of 4).
object 942.5 Audograph machines (4 of 4).
object 942.6 Audograph machines --- Leather case.
object 942.7-8 Audograph machines --- Cords.
object 942.9-10 Audograph machines --- Parts.
flat box 17b 942.1 Audograph supplies (blank discs, empty sleeves, index strips). Empty sleeves with numbers were removed to CA 18-19.
box 92 942.4 Curta Calculator brochure, notes.
object 942.11 Curta Calculator.
box 92 942.5 Data --- Office and drafting equipment.
box 92 942.6 Dictating Machines (not Audograph).
box 92 942.7 Drafting.
object 942.12 Drafting Equipment --- Drafting Table.
object 942.13a Drafting Equipment --- Paint Box.
object 942.13b Drafting Equipment --- Two bottles of liquid, removed from paint box and stored separately for preservation.
flat box 17c 942.2 Drafting Equipment --- T-squares, rulers/straight edges, drafting brush, folding parallel ruler, equal spacing divider.
flat box 17d 942.3 Drafting Equipment (continued).
flat box 17e 942.4 Drafting Equipment (continued).
flat box 17f 942.5 Drafting Equipment (continued).
flat box 17g 942.6 Drafting Equipment (continued).
box 92 942.8 Dry Mounting Press.
box 92 942.8a-c Engraving Dies (formerly stored with rubber stamps).
box 92a 942.9 Labels.
box 92a 942.9a Lantern slide binding strips.
box 92a 942.10 Photocopy Machines.
box 92a 942.11 Photocopying Instructions.
box 92a 942.12 Remington Duplicator.
box 92a 942.13 Roloflow Printer.
box 92a 942.14 Rubber Stamps.
flat box 17h 942.7 Rubber Stamps (continued).
flat box 17i 942.8 Rubber Stamps (continued).
object 942.14 Scrapbook (blank).
box 92a 942.15 Stationery.
damaged box 28 942.1 Suppliers 1956-1957 [Spain Resort].
flat file 942.1 Transfer paper.
box 92a 942.16 Trendicator.
box 92a 942.17 Type for drafting.
box 92a 942.18 Type (Fototype).
flat box 17j 942.9 Fototype lettering system.
flat box 17k 942.10 Fototype lettering system (continued).
flat box 17l 942.11 Fototype lettering system (continued).
flat box 17m 942.12 Fototype lettering system (continued).
flat box 17n 942.13 Fototype lettering system (continued).
flat box 17o 942.14 Fototype lettering system (continued).
flat box 17p 942.15 Fototype lettering system (continued).
flat box 17q 942.16 Fototype lettering system (continued).
flat box 17r 942.17 Fototype lettering system (continued).
flat box 17s 942.18 Fototype lettering system (continued).
damaged box 28 942.2 Typewriter.
object 942.15 Typewriter, IBM "Executive" model (9 1/2 x 20 1/2 x 16 1/2 inches).
box 92a 942.19 Varitype.