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Norman Bel Geddes Database

Deleted Jobs

Summary: The following jobs were deleted from the Norman Bel Geddes database in 2010. In all previous inventories, these jobs were not associated with documents in the collection, nor were they described in any way beyond a job number and title.

Job 8, Theater of Dionysus
Job 82, Community Chorus
Job 10, Flexible Proscenium
Job 138, Natural Plant Preserves - Manakin
Job 160, Toledo Scale Co. - U.S. Mail Boxes
Job 167, Alice in Wonderland
Job 227, American Union of Decorative Arts Exhibit
Job 257, Davitt Design
Job 258, Experimental Camera #2
Job 306, Hires Trade Mark
Job 307, Hires Extract Package
Job 308, Hires Dispenser
Job 309, Hires Glasser
Job 310, Hires Bottles
Job 311, Hines Display Advertising
Job 319, Road Striping Machine
Job 379, Alfred Sloan Foundation
Job 395, Kelsey Printing Press
Job 406, International Paper Company
Job 413, Heald Manufacturing Company Trade Mark
Job 417, Markwell Stamping Machines
Job 423, Markwell Mfg. Co. - Robot & Whippet Stapler
Job 431, Architectural League Exhibit 1941
Job 436, Lambert Pharmeceutical Company
Job 438, Packages Advertising Company
Job 463, U.S. Steel Corporation - Fleet
Job 468, Associated Press
Job 502, House of Westmore Cosmetics
Job 503, Davidson Manufacturing Company
Job 504, Women’s Day
Job 505, National Cash Register Company
Job 506, Kansas City Development Committee
Job 508, Avon Products
Job 510, Hunt Stromberg
Job 512, Heywood, Wakefield
Job 513, Howe Manufacturing Company
Job 514, Floyd Wells Company
Job 516, National Cash Register - Cancelled
Job 520, Textile Building - Layout
Job 521, Jergens/Woodbury - Lemmon & Mitchell
Job 500, Air Curtain - Baerman
Job 537, Texas Company - Sleepy Hollow Golf Club
Job 523, A.H. DeGranier, Inc.
Job 914, Published Reviews
Job 910, Story - Magazine Article Procedure
Job 908 TV Production Correspondence
Job 907, TV Production Procedure
Job 906, Movie Production Ideas
Job 905, Movie Production Correspondence
Job 903, Stage Production Ideas
Job 904, Movie Production Procedure
Job 899, I Am an American
Job 897, Abode of Love
Job 896, What This Country Needs
Job 895, New York on a Dime
Job 891, You Are There
Job 890, John Nesbitt - Telephone Hour TV
Job 889, Sumurun
Job 816, To the Moon
Job 815, Time of Your Life
Job 810, American Spirit
Job 541, D & W Metal Product Co. Wall Cabinet
Job 585, Chez Baker
Job 801, The Children’s Play
Job 615, Roen House
Job 621, Large Screen Television
Job 686, Broadcast Programs
Job 642, Amana Refrigerator
Job 677, Texas World’s Fair
Job 670, Rip Van Winkle Musical
Job 651, News of the Week - TV

Extent: None.