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Eugene Robert Richee (American, 1896-1972)
Film still for Feet of Clay

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Norman Bel Geddes Database

Job 92, Feet of Clay, 1924

Summary: This motion picture was written by Margaret Tuttle, produced by Famous Players-Lasky Corporation, designed by Bel Geddes, and directed by Cecil B. DeMille in May-June 1924. It starred Rod LaRocque, Vera Reynolds, Ricardo Cortez, and Julia Faye.

Hunter Code: MP 1
Hunter Guide: page 123

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Box/Location Folder Description
theater box 102 e 1 Preliminary Sketches --- 3 Sets, plan.
theater box 102 h 1 Photographs --- 17 Sets.
theater box 102 h 2 Photographs --- 9 Stills.
flat file h 3-6 Photographs --- 3 Sets.
theater box 102 i 1 Publicity --- Clipping.
theater box 102 j 1 Correspondence --- Jesse L. Lasky, Charles Lapworth Apr-May 1924.
theater box 102 o 1 Cost Estimates --- Sets.
theater box 102 y 1 Autobiography draft excerpt.