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Inside El Salvador


Various photographers

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The collection consists of 70 photographic prints (69 gelatin silver, 1 chromogenic color) from an exhibition excerpted from the book El Salvador: Work of Thirty Photographers. Associated materials are also present including 13 bilingual text panels written by Carolyn Forche, and the paper work and comments book from the original exhibition tour. The titles and photographers of the 70 photographs included in the collection follow.

2006:0003:0001 -- Susan Meiselas. “Mano Blanco,” signature of the death squads left on the door of a slain peasant organizer, Arcatao, Chalatenango Province. Choromogenic print mounted onto original poster.

2006:0003:0002 -- Harry Mattison. Neighborhood known as “La Fosa” (The Grave), San Salvador.

2006:0003:0003 -- Susan Meiselas. Streets of Sonsonate.

2006:0003:0004 -- Kenneth Silverman. Coffee drying farm, Los Ateos.

2006:0003:0005 -- Alain Keler. Beach resort restaurant, La Libertad.

2006:0003:0006 -- Bill Stanton. Home in Reparto Manuel José Arce neighborhood, San Salvador.

2006:0003:0007 -- Susan Meiselas. Private security guard, Colonia Escalón neighborhood, San Salvador.

2006:0003:0008 -- Susan Meiselas. Wedding reception in the countryside, Santiago Nonualco.

2006:0003:0009 -- Susan Meiselas. Blood of students slain while handing out political leaflets, San Salvador. 1979.

2006:0003:0010 -- Susan Meiselas. Collecting contributions for families of the “disappeared” in front of the Metropolitan Cathedral, San Salvador.

2006:0003:0011 -- Alain Keler. Downtown San Salvador.

2006:0003:0012 -- Alon Reininger. Mourners wait to pay last respects to youths killed by the National Guard after a street theater performance critical of the government, Rosario Church, San Salvador. October 1979.

2006:0003:0013 -- Alain Keler. Writing on coffin of one of the youths killed reads: “I love you, I will never forget you, I will tell my daughter about you when she grows up and can understand,” Rosario Church, San Salvador. October 1979.

2006:0003:0014 -- Aslak Aarhus. March in celebration of the unification of the popular political organizations, San Salvador. January 22, 1980.

2006:0003:0015 -- Etienne Montes. National Policeman using ice-cream vendor as a shield during a skirmish with demonstrators, San Salvador.

2006:0003:0016 -- Michel Philippot. National Guard arresting members of popular political organizations who had occupied the Christian Democratic Party (PDC) headquarters, San Salvador.

2006:0003:0017 -- Mike Goldwater. Confession in the Metropolitan Cathedral, San Salvador.

2006:0003:0018 -- Harry Mattison. Mourners in plaza of Metropolitan Cathedral during funeral for assassinated Archbishop Romero, San Salvador. March 30, 1980.

2006:0003:0019 -- Etienne Montes. Crowd in plaza during funeral mass for Archbishop Romero, San Salvador.

2006:0003:0020 -- Harry Mattison. After bomb explosion near cathedral, people try to escape being trampled. March 30, 1980.

2006:0003:0021 -- Patrick Chauvel. Member of a popular political organization provides cover for fleeing civilians.

2006:0003:0022 -- Harry Mattison. Interior of cathedral where the dead and wounded have been carried.

2006:0003:0023 -- Harry Mattison. Nuns leaving the cathedral.

2006:0003:0024 -- Susan Meiselas. Waiting for the bus on the road to La Libertad.

2006:0003:0025 -- Christian Poveda. Payday at a farm under the administration of the Agrarian Reform.

2006:0003:0026 -- John Hoagland. Two young girls found alongside the highway to Comalapa Airport.

2006:0003:0027 -- Susan Meiselas. Road to Aguilares.

2006:0003:0028 -- Kenneth Silverman. Las Vueltas, Chalatenango.

2006:0003:0029 -- Kenneth Silverman. National Guardsman arresting a suspected guerrilla, Chalatenango.

2006:0003:0030 -- Eli Reed. Families looking for “disappeared” relatives in the “Book of the Missing,” Human Rights Commission Office, San Salvador.

2006:0003:0031 -- John Hoagland. El Playon, well-known location where bodies of the “disappeared” are often found, Sonsonate.

2006:0003:0032 -- Susan Meiselas. Funeral procession for member of the civil defense, El Triunfo.

2006:0003:0033 -- John Hoagland. La Virtud Refugee Camp, Honduras.

2006:0003:0034 -- Susan Meiselas. Literacy class, San José de la Montaña Refugee Camp, San Salvador.

2006:0003:0035 -- Susan Meiselas. Soldiers searching bus passengers, Northern Highway.

2006:0003:0036 -- John Hoagland. Arrest of auto repair mechanic for failure to carry an ID card, San Salvador.

2006:0003:0037 -- Oswald Iten. Students forced to vacate building by security forces during closing of National University, San Salvador. June 26, 1980.

2006:0003:0038 -- Oswald Iten. Students forced to vacate building by security forces during closing of National University, San Salvador. June 26, 1980.

2006:0003:0039 -- Oswald Iten. Students killed by security forces, National University, San Salvador. June 26, 1980.

2006:0003:0040 -- Oswald Iten. Students killed by security forces, National University, San Salvador. June 26, 1980.

2006:0003:0041 -- Chris Steele-Perkins. Female victims of death squad, Apopa.

2006:0003:0042 -- Alain Keler. Mass for slain Revolutionary Democratic Front (FDR) leaders, Metropolitan Cathedral, San Salvador. December 3, 1980.

2006:0003:0043 -- Susan Meiselas. Religious service, Mejicanos.

2006:0003:0044 -- Susan Meiselas. Unearthing of three assassinated American nuns and layworker from unmarked grave, Santiago Nonualco. December 4, 1980.

2006:0003:0045 -- Richard Cross. Trenches dug by guerrillas, Cabañas.

2006:0003:0046 -- Christian Poveda. Fabricating explosives in “liberated zone,” Chalatenango.

2006:0003:0047 -- Susan Meiselas. Field hospital in “liberated zone,” Morazán.

2006:0003:0048 -- Christian Poveda. Dance in a guerilla camp, Chalatenango.

2006:0003:0049 -- Harry Mattison. Building barricades on the coastal highway to prevent army access, Usulután.

2006:0003:0050 -- John Hoagland. Civilians flee as guerrillas burn trucks on the coastal highway, Usulután.

2006:0003:0051 -- Harry Mattison. Army on an operation, Morazán.

2006:0003:0052 -- Arturo Robles. Guerilla defends town of San Lorenzo against National Guard attack as civilians flee.

2006:0003:0053 -- Susan Meiselas. Victims of the Mozote massacre, Morazán. January 1982.

2006:0003:0054 -- Christian Poveda. Portraits of guerrillas, Chalatenango.

2006:0003:0055 -- Christian Poveda. Guerrillas retreat after stripping dead soldier for his uniform and rifle, Chalatenango.

2006:0003:0056 -- Susan Meiselas. Soldier under fire, Cabañas.

2006:0003:0057 -- Harry Mattison. Wounded army officer being evacuated by helicopter, Guazapa.

2006:0003:0058 -- Richard Cross. José Napoleón Duarte, PDC candidate, campaigning, San Salvador. March 1982.

2006:0003:0059 -- Susan Meiselas. Guerrilla dragged through the streets of Cuscatlancingo the day before elections. March 1982.

2006:0003:0060 -- James Nachtway. Voting lines, San Salvador. March 1982.

2006:0003:0061 -- J. Ross Baughman. Entrance of the U.S. Embassy, San Salvador.

2006:0003:0062 -- Eugene Richards. U.S. adviser at naval base, La Unión.

2006:0003:0063 -- Eugene Richards. U.S. Special Forces adviser instructs soldiers in use of M-203 grenade launcher, Hopango.

2006:0003:0064 -- Michel Setboun. Training of civilian militia by guerrillas, Usulután.

2006:0003:0065 -- Richard Cross. Telephone lines downed by guerrillas, Coastal Highway.

2006:0003:0066 -- Susan Meiselas. Mother of dead soldier receiving his coffin, Dolores.

2006:0003:0067 -- Susan Meiselas. Mother and daughter killed by government bombing, San Francisco Javier.

2006:0003:0068 -- John Hoagland. Independence Day military parade, National Stadium, San Salvador.

2006:0003:0069 -- Susan Meiselas. Firing range used by U.S.-trained Atlactl Battalion.

2006:0003:0070 -- Harry Mattison. Cleaning the Presidential Palace, San Salvador.

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PH 18 2.6 Box 1 (2006:0003:0001-0015)
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