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W. S. (Walter Scott) Adkins Photography Collection


Adkins, W. S. (Walter Scott), 1890-1956

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5,000 photographs taken and items collected by W. S. (Walter Scott) Adkins including vintage silver gelatin prints; glass, nitrate, and safety negatives; postcards. Mining in West Texas, including Chisos Mining Company, Terlingua Quicksilver District, and the Marfa and Mariposa Mining Company; oil fields in Big Spring, Mexia, Van Horn, Spindletop, and High Islands; geological formations, including Barringer Hill, American Lignite (Briquette) Company, and Chaddick’s Mill; Mexico, including landscapes, aerial photography, Mayan architecture photographed in the vicinity of Mexico City, Chiapas, and Guadalajara; West Texas scenery in the Big Bend region; travel photographs from around the U.S.; Adkins family; Texas cities, including Austin, San Antonio, Grand Saline, Fort Worth, Waco, Alpine, El Paso, Llano, and Del Rio. Photographers include: W. S. Adkins; William Battle Phillips; Ellison Studios (Austin); Frank Duncan; J. F. Gandara; Elmer L. Foote; Fabian Bachrach; Knaffla Brothers; J. C. Thaine; Lippe Studio; W. H. Horne Company; Jordan Company (Austin); F.A. Gildersleeve; various unidentified photographers. Time period represented 1890 to 1955.

Also 6 albums (568 items):
Album 127 (Adkins Album #1): 126 photographic prints (including 2 laid in, not mounted) of Mexico, ca. 1920s; printed list, with ms. notations, laid in: American Museum of Natural History. Popular publications.
Album 145 (Adkins Album #2): 150 photographic prints and photographic postcards (including 25 photographic postcards laid in, mounted on separate pages; 2 photographic prints laid in, mounted on separate leaves; 2 unmounted photographic prints laid in; 1 original negative laid in) of Mexico, ca. 1920s to 1939; unphotographic postcard and magazine article also laid in.
Album 146 (Adkins Album #3): 40 photographic prints (including 1 loose, laid in), chiefly of Central Texas snowstorm, January 1944; also two newspaper clippings from 1954.
Album 147 (Adkins Album #4): 124 items (123 photographic prints and 1 photomechanical postcard), chiefly of Central Texas from 1937-1940, but also scenes of Tampico, Mexico in the 1920s, Galveston, Texas, Spindletop, and a couple of photo Christmas cards;
Album 242 (974:0017:0000 = Adkins Album #5): 89 photographic prints of New York (1915-1916) and East Tennessee (summer 1916).
Album 243 (974:0019:0000 = Adkins Album #6): 39 photographic prints of people and miscellaneous subjects.

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974:0010:0001- ; 974:0011:0001- ; 974:0012:0001- ; 974:0013:0001- ; 974:0014:0001- ; 974:0015:0001- ; 974:0016:0001- ; 974:0017:0001- ; 974:0018:0001- ; 974:0019:0001- ; 974:0020:0001- ; 974:0021:0001- ; 974:0022:0001-0008; 974:


Adkins, W.S., Albums
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Adkins, W.S., Print Boxes
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Oversize prints (15, some are duplicates)
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