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The Texas Collection of Comedias Sueltas and Spanish Theater Database

The Texas Collection of Comedias Sueltas and Spanish Theater contains over 15,000 dramatic works from the Spanish theater published in Spain from the 17th through the early 20th century. This database contains item-level descriptions for each item in the collection. Included in the database are approximately 600 titles held in the Cushing Memorial Library at Texas A&M University. For an overview of the collection, please consult the Collections page.

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Tonadillas y tonadilleras españolas : ultimos cuples de Raquel Meller, La Goya, Mercedes Serós, Adelita Lulú, Chelito, Lola Méndez, Asunción Madrid, Maruja Lopetegui, Carmen Flores, Evan Stachino, Bella Emilia, Nita Solbes, Salud Ruiz, etcétera, etc / cancionero frívolo de Alvaro Retana. Retana, Álvaro, 1890-1970
Tonadillas y tonadilleras : antologia de los más célebres cuplés de Raquel Meller, La Goya, Niñon, Luisa Vila, Chelito, Gloria Gil Rey, Adelita Lulú, Ofelia de Aragón, Lina Valery, etc. Retana, Álvaro, 1890-1970