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John A. Dilliard for Norman Bel Geddes & Company
Perspective drawing of Geddes’s design for a never-built All Weather-All-Purpose Stadium for the Brooklyn Dodgers
Pencil on paper

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Job 577, Brooklyn Dodgers Stadium, 1947-1957

Summary: Bel Geddes designed a covered ball park to replace Ebbets Field in Brooklyn. Designed between 1948 and 1952, 20 years before Houston’s Astrodome, this completely covered stadium, equipped with a roof that could slide open if weather allowed, was to be the new home of the Brooklyn Dodgers. Designed to be the ideal baseball park, but never built, the stadium could be converted for use as a football field or even flooded for boating events.

The report in box 45, folder 577.11 was added to the Geddes papers in October 2012.

See also the Suspended Roof Stadium (job 466).

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Box/Location Folder Description
box 45 577.1-2 Correspondence, report 1947-1957.
box 45 577.3 Job Diary --- Memos 1948-1949.
box 45 577.4 Data --- Memos, ms. notes, correspondence, clipping, brochure 1948-1954.
box 45 577.5 Diagram, sketches, ms. notes, blueprint, map.
flat file 577.1 Diagram, sketches, ms. notes.
flat file 577.2 All-Weather All-Purpose Stadium --- 9 Drawings, 9 sketches, 25 blueprints.
flat file 577.3 Sketches of Suspended Roof Stadium (ex 466).
flat file 577.4 Folder of drawings and sketches.
flat file 577.5 Presentation --- Folder of camera ready copy.
flat file 577.6 Presentation --- 'An Analysis toward More and Better Seating'.
oversize box 10 577.1-2 Data --- Clippings with ms. notes - Collier's 27Sep1952.
photo box 18 577.1 Data --- Photograph of Collier's staff and illustration.
photo box 18 577.2 Vero Beach --- 2 Photographs (1 autographed) of NBG, Jackie Robinson, and Roy Campanella.
photo box 18 577.3 Vero Beach --- 3 Photographs of a stadium under construction (not Holman Stadium).
box 45 577.6 Analysis of Major League Ball Park Grounds 1949.
box 45 577.7 Cost Estimate 1948.
box 45 577.8 Presentation --- "New Dodger Stadium to Replace Ebbets Field" 1952.
box 45 577.9 Clippings 1948-1954.
box 45 577.10 Programs --- 1947 World Series. 1951 Dodgers Yearbook.
box 45 577.11 "Norman Bel Geddes Involvement with the Dodgers," report by Brent Shyer and Robert Schweppe of O’Malley Seidler Partners, 2012.
damaged box 17 577.1-2 All-Weather All-Purpose Stadium --- Clippings, memos, blueprint (damaged).