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NES ArnoldIn 1989 most of the firm of E. J. Arnold & Son Ltd was acquired by Nottingham Group plc and merged with Nottingham Educational Supplies to form NES Arnold. NES Arnold became part of the Novara group and in 2001 was purchased by Findel plc. See and
New American LibraryThe publishing firm known as New American Library was founded in 1948 by Kurt Enoch and Victor Weybright. In 1986 New American Library was purchased by Penguin Group USA, which still uses the NAL imprint. See the NAL page of
Newspaper Enterprise AssociationSee: The NEA archives was bought by CORBIS, which controlled the copying of NEA images physically housed in its archives in New York City. In 2016, CORBIS was, in turn, sold to Visual China Group (VCG), which arranged to have Getty Images be the exclusive distributor of CORBIS images outside of China. Neither VCG nor Getty Images controls the copying of NEA images housed in the Library of Congress. However, any copyright held by NEA that is still current would now be owned by VCG, administered by Getty Images. Getty Images can be contacted at:
Oakley and MasonThe firm of D. F. Robinson and Company was founded in Hartford, Connecticut in 1828, and is the original predecessor firm of Baker and Taylor. The name of Baker and Taylor was adopted in 1885, and between 1828 and 1885 the firm had many names, including Robinson, Pratt and Company; Pratt, Woodford and Company; Farmer, Brace and Company; Blakeman and Mason; Oakley and Mason; Mason, Baker and Pratt; and Baker, Pratt and Company. See 'Dictionary of Literary Biography' 49 (1986), pp. 34-35 and see the Our History page of
Oliver and BoydThe date of foundation of the publishing firm of Oliver and Boyd is sometimes given as 1778 and sometimes as 1798. See Alan Bell: 'Some recent acquisitions of publishing archives by the National Library of Scotland', Publishing history 3 (1978). The firm was acquired by Longman in 1962 and is now part of Pearson plc. See and
Osgood, McIlvaine and CompanyThe firm of Osgood, McIlvaine and Company was established in London in 1891 by James Ripley Osgood and Clarence W. McIlvaine, but it was never an independent company. From the beginning the firm was wholly owned by Harper & Brothers. From 1897 the firm ceased publishing and its titles transferred to Harper & Brothers. See the FOB entry for Harper & Brothers.2009
Otis, Broaders and CompanyThe publishing firm of Otis, Broaders and Company was founded in Boston in 1836 by James Otis and Edward R. Broaders. The firm went out of business in 1850. See 'Dictionary of Literary Biography' 49 (1986), p. 348.2009
P. F. Collier & Son'Collier's Weekly' was founded in 1888 (as 'Collier's Once A Week') and formed the early basis of the publishing house of P. F. Collier & Son. Peter Fenelon Collier died in 1909. In 1919 P. F. Collier & Son was purchased by Crowell and the firm was renamed Crowell-Collier Publishing Company. Crowell-Collier was purchased by the Macmillan Company of New York in 1960. The Crowell-Collier business and imprints formed part of the purchase of Macmillan Inc. by Simon & Schuster in 1994. See
P. J. Kenedy and SonsThe publishing firm of P. J. Kenedy was founded in New York in 1866 as the successor firm to John Kenedy and Son (q.v.), on the death of John Kenedy. The firm was initially in the sole ownership of Patrick John Kenedy. His sons Arthur and Lewis Kenedy became directors of the firm in 1904 and it was renamed P. J. Kenedy and Sons. P. J. Kenedy died in 1906. In 1969 the firm was acquired by Macmillan Inc. of New York and the use of its name came to an end around 1982. See 'Dictionary of Literary Biography' 49 (1986), pp. 237-239, and see the FOB entry for Macmillan Inc.2009
Payson and ClarkeThe publishing firm of Payson and Clarke was founded by William Farquhar Payson and James L. Clarke in New York in 1924. Clarke sold his share of the company in 1927 and Payson left in 1928, leaving the firm in the hands of Edward K. Warren and Joseph Brewer. In 1930 the firm was renamed Brewer and Warren and in 1932 Brewer and Warren was purchased by Harcourt, Brace & Company. See the FOB entry for Harcourt, Brace & Company, which traces the firm to the formation of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in 2008, and see the account of Payson and Clarke in 'Dictionary of Literary Biography' 46 (1986), p. 277.2008

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