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Avon BooksAvon Books was founded by the American News Corporation in 1941. In 1959 the firm was sold to the Hearst Corporation, and in 1999 it was sold by Hearst to News Corporation, where it was incorporated into HarperCollins. See and
B. B. Russell and CompanyBenjamin B. Russell founded his publishing firm in Boston in 1865. The firm went out of existence around 1897. See 'Dictionary of Literary Biography' 49 (1986), p. 407.2009
B. C. DeckerThe Philadelphia publishing firm B. C. Decker was founded by Brian C. Decker in 1981. It was purchased by Mosby (a division of Times Mirror) in 1990. Mosby was purchased by Harcourt Brace & Company from Times Mirror in 1998, and the Harcourt Group was in turn purchased by Reed Elsevier in 2001. After the sale of the Harcourt businesses in 2007-2008 Decker remains part of Reed Elsevier. See
B. J. Brimmer CompanyB. J. Brimmer was a literary publishing firm which was founded in Boston in 1921. The firm went bankrupt and out of business in 1927. See 'Dictionary of Literary Biography' 46 (1986), p. 71.2008
B. T. Batsford LtdThe publishing firm of B. T. Batsford Ltd was founded in 1843. The firm went into receivership in the 1990s and was subsequently acquired by Chrysalis Books. For a few years the imprint Batsford/Chrysalis was used. In 2005 Chrysalis Books became Anova Books, with Batsford as one of its main imprints. See
B. W. Dodge and CompanyB. W. Dodge and Company was established as a publishing firm in New York around 1903. In 1911 the firm was acquired by William Rickey and Company of New York. There is a brief FOB entry for William Rickey and Company, which went out of business before World War I. See 'Dictionary of Literary Biography' 46 (1986), p. 119.2008
B. W. HuebschBenjamin W. Huebsch published his first book in 1902, and continued as an independent publisher until 1925 when he merged his firm with the newly-formed Viking Press, of which he became Vice-President. See 'Dictionary of Literary Biography' 46 (1986), p. 194, and see the FOB entry for Viking Press.2008
Baillière, Tindall & CoxThe medical publishing firm of Baillière, Tindall & Cox was founded in 1869, when A. A. Tindall and William Cox purchased the business of the late Jean-Baptiste Baillière. The firm was purchased by Cassell and traded as Baillière, Tindall & Cassell in the 1960s and 1970s. It formed part of the purchase of Cassell by CBS in 1982, and then the purchase of the book-publishing business of CBS by Harcourt Brace Jovanovich in 1986. The Harcourt Group was in turn purchased by Reed Elsevier in 2001. After the sale of the Harcourt businesses in 2007-2008, Baillière, Tindall & Cox remains part of Reed Elsevier. See
Baker, Crane and DayThe publishing firm of Baker, Crane and Day was founded in New York in 1846 by George Baker, Stephen M. Crane and Edward M. Day, as the successor firm to Mahlon Day (q.v.). The firm went out of business in 1848. See 'Dictionary of Literary Biography' 49 (1986), p. 114-115.2009
Baker, Pratt and CompanyThe firm of D. F. Robinson and Company was founded in Hartford, Connecticut in 1828, and is the original predecessor firm of Baker and Taylor. The name of Baker and Taylor was adopted in 1885, and between 1828 and 1885 the firm had many names, including Robinson, Pratt and Company; Pratt, Woodford and Company; Farmer, Brace and Company; Blakeman and Mason; Oakley and Mason; Mason, Baker and Pratt; and Baker, Pratt and Company. See 'Dictionary of Literary Biography' 49 (1986), pp. 34-35 and see the Our History page of

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