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Golden BooksLittle Golden Books and Golden Books were a joint publishing venture between Simon & Schuster and Western Publishing founded in 1943. In 1958 Western Publishing bought out the Simon & Schuster share of the firm. In the 1980s Western Publishing changed its name to Golden Books Family Entertainment. In 1999 the firm filed for bankruptcy. In 2001 all the publishing assets of the firm were acquired by Random House, which is owned by Bertelsmann. See
Gomme and MarshallThe publishing firm of Gomme and Marshall was founded in New York in 1915 by Laurence James Gomme and John J. Marshall. It was the successor firm to Vaughan and Gomme (q.v.). Marshall withdrew from the firm in 1916, and it continued as Laurence James Gomme, before Gomme closed the firm and ended his publishing career in 1917. Lawrence James Gomme was born in 1882 and died in 1974. See 'Dictionary of Literary Biography' 46 (1986), p. 163.2008
Green Light ReadersGreen Light Readers was established as a children's imprint of Harcourt, Brace & Company. See the FOB entry for Harcourt, Brace. From 2007 Green Light Readers is an imprint of Harcourt Children's Books, within Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. See and 2008
Harborough Publishing Co. LtdHarborough Publishing was a publisher of popular fiction in the post-war period. In 1948, the firm was acquired by Raymond and Lilian Locker. In January 1954 Harborough Publishing "suddenly ceased trading". See Steve Holland: 'The mushroom jungle: a history of postwar paperback publishing' (1993), p. 26.2008
Harvill PressHarvill Press was founded in 1946 by Manya Harari and Marjorie Villiers. The firm was purchased in 1955 by William Collins, but became independent again in 1995 through a management buyout. In 2002 Harvill Press was purchased by the Random House Group. Random House is a "corporate division" of Bertelsmann AG. See, and In 2004 Random House merged its imprints Harvill Press and Secker & Warburg to form Harvill Secker.2008
Heinemann Educational Books LtdHeinemann Educational Books Ltd (HEB) was created in 1961 from the educational department of William Heinemann Ltd, and established as a separate company with many overseas offices. See the FOB entry for William Heinemann Ltd for the sales of the company during the 1980s and 1990s. Unlike William Heinemann Ltd, however, Heinemann Educational remained part of the Reed Elsevier group, as an imprint of Harcourt Education International. Harcourt Education International (including the African Writers Series) was sold by Reed Elsevier in 2007 to Pearson. See and
Herbert Jenkins LtdThe novelist Herbert Jenkins founded his own publishing company in 1912. The firm of Herbert Jenkins Ltd merged with Barrie & Rockliff in 1964 to form Barrie & Jenkins. Barrie & Jenkins is now a subsidiary and imprint of Random House UK, which is owned by Bertelsmann. See and
Hodder & StoughtonHodder & Stoughton was founded in 1868. In 1993 the firm merged with Headline to form Hodder Headline. Hodder Headline was purchased by Hachette from W. H. Smith in 2004. See
Hogarth Press LtdThe Hogarth Press, originally founded by Leonard and Virginia Woolf, was acquired by Chatto & Windus after World War II. See the FOB entry for Chatto & Windus, which indicates that any surviving rights will now belong to the Random House UK division of Bertelsmann. 2008
Hollis and Carter LtdHollis and Carter was part of the the Bodley Head publishing house from 1962 until 1987. The Bodley Head was sold to Random House in 1987. Random House was purchased by Bertelsmann AG in 1998 and now functions as a "corporate division" of Bertelsmann. See

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