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Hoblitzelle Interstate Theatre Circuit:

A Container List of the Advertising Collection at the Harry Ransom Center

Creator: Hoblitzelle Interstate Theatre Circuit
Title: Hoblitzelle Interstate Theatre Circuit Advertising Collection
Dates: 1930s-1970s
Extent: 85 document boxes (35.70 linear feet)
Abstract: This collection features movie stills, posters, lobby cards, and other advertising ephemera from the Hoblitzelle Interstate Theatre Circuit dating from the 1930s-1970s.
Call Number: Film Collection FI-00015
Language: English
Access: Open for research. Researchers must create an online Research Account and agree to the Materials Use Policy before using archival materials. Part or all of this collection is housed off-site and may require up to three business days’ notice for access in the Ransom Center’s Reading and Viewing Room. Please contact the Center before requesting this material:
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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation Hoblitzelle Interstate Theatre Circuit Advertising Collection (Film Collection FI-00015). Harry Ransom Center, The University of Texas at Austin.
Processed by: Kevin O'Sullivan, 2010

Harry Ransom Center, The University of Texas at Austin

Related Material

The Ransom Center has several other collections of material from the Hoblitzelle Interstate Theatre Circuit, including the Interstate Business and Historical Records Collection, the American Cinema Theater Collection, the Texas Cinema Theater Collection, the James O. Cherry Collection, the Grady Wilson Collection, and the Hoblitzelle Interstate Theatre Circuit Sheet Music Collection.

Container List

The Abductors Container 1.1   
Abdullah’s Harem Container 1.2   
The Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas Container 1.3   
About Mrs. Leslie Container 1.4   
The Absent-Minded Professor Container 1.5   
The Accused Container 1.6   
Ace High Container 1.7   
Across 110th Street Container 1.8   
Act of the Heart Container 1.9   
Action of the Tiger Container 1.10   
Ada Container 1.11   
Adios Sabata Container 1.12   
Advance Toward the Rear Container 1.13   
Adventures of a Young Man Container 1.14   
The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin Container 1.15   
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Container 1.16   
The Adventures of Hajji Baba Container 1.17   
The Adventures of Omar Khayyam Container 1.18   
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Container 1.19   
Advise and Consent Container 1.20   
Affair in Reno Container 1.21   
The Affairs of Dobie Gillis Container 1.22   
Africa Ablaze Container 1.23   
The African Elephant Container 1.24   
After the Fox Container 1.25   
Agent 8 ¾ Container 1.26   
Agent for H.A.R.M. Container 1.27   
The Agony and the Ecstasy Container 1.28   
Aida Container 1.29   
Air Patrol Container 1.30   
Airborne Container 1.31   
Aladdin and His Lamp Container 1.32   
The Alamo Lives Again Container 1.33   
The Alaskan Eskimo Container 1.34   
Albert Schweitzer Container 1.35   
Alex in Wonderland Container 1.36   
Alfie Container 1.37   
Alfred the Great (The Dissenter King) Container 1.38   
Alice in Wonderland (animated) Container 1.39   
Alice’s Restaurant Container 1.40   
All at Sea Container 1.41   
All Hands on Deck Container 1.42   
All I Desire Container 1.43   
All in a Night’s Work Container 1.44   
All Neat in Black Stockings Container 1.45   
The Alley Cats Container 2.1   
An Alligator Named Daisy Container 2.2   
Along the Great Divide Container 2.3   
The Alphabet Murders Container 2.4   
Alvarez Kelly Container 2.5   
Ama Girls Container 2.6   
The Amazing Colossal Man Container 2.7   
The Amazing Transparent Man Container 2.8   
Amazons of Rome Container 2.9   
The Ambassador’s Daughter Container 2.10   
Ambush at Tomahawk Gap Container 2.11   
Ambush Bay Container 2.12   
The Ambushers Container 2.13   
America, America Container 2.14   
An American Dream Container 2.15-16   
American Graffiti Container 2.17   
Anatomy of a Murder Container 2.18   
And God Created Woman Container 2.19   
And Now Miguel Container 2.20   
And Soon the Darkness Container 2.21   
The Anderson Tapes Container 2.22   
The Andromeda Strain Container 2.23   
Andy Hardy Comes Home Container 2.24   
Angel Baby Container 2.25   
Angel in my Pocket Container 2.26   
The Angel Levine Container 2.27   
Angels Die Hard! Container 2.28   
Angels from Hell Container 2.29   
Angels in Disguise Container 2.30   
Angels in the Outfield Container 2.31   
Angels’ Alley Container 2.32   
The Angry Breed Container 2.33   
The Angry Hills Container 2.34   
The Angry Red Planet Container 2.35   
The Animal World Container 2.36   
Anna Lucasta Container 2.37   
Anne of the Thousand Days Container 2.38   
Annie Get Your Gun Container 2.39   
Annie Oakley Container 2.40   
Anybody…Anyway Container 2.41   
Any Number Can Win Container 2.42   
Anything Can Happen Container 2.43   
Anzio Container 2.44   
Apache Drums Container 3.1   
Apache Territory Container 3.2   
Apache Uprising Container 3.3   
Apache War Smoke Container 3.4   
Appointment with a Shadow Container 3.5   
April Love Container 3.6   
Arabella Container 3.7   
Arena Container 3.8   
The Aristocats and Song of the South Container 3.9   
Armored Command Container 3.10   
Aroused Container 3.11   
The Arrangement Container 3.12   
Arrivederci, Baby Container 3.13   
Arrowhead Container 3.14   
Arsenic and Old Lace and The Inspector General Container 3.15   
Artists and Models Container 3.16   
As the Sea Rages Container 3.17   
As You Like It Container 3.18   
As Young As We Are Container 3.19   
Ash Wednesday Container 3.20   
The Asphyx Container 3.21   
Assault on a Queen Container 3.22   
At Sword’s Point Container 3.23   
At the End of the Rainbow Container 3.24   
At War With the Army Container 3.25   
Atlantis, The Lost Continent Container 3.26   
Atlas Container 3.27   
The Atomic Kid Container 3.28-29   
The Atomic Submarine Container 3.30   
Atragon Container 3.31   
Attack of the Puppet People and War of the Colossal Beast Container 3.32   
Attack on the Iron Coast Container 3.33   
Attack! Container 3.34   
Attila Container 3.35   
Auntie Mame Container 3.36   
Avanti! Container 3.37   
B. S. I Love You Container 4.1   
Babes in Toyland Container 4.2   
Babette Goes to War Container 4.3   
Baby Love Container 4.4   
The Baby Maker Container 4.5   
Baby the Rain Must Fall Container 4.6   
The Babysitter Container 4.7   
Bachelor Flat Container 4.8   
Bachelor in Paradise Container 4.9   
Back at the Front Container 4.10   
Back Door to Hell Container 4.11   
Back from Eternity Container 4.12   
Back from the Dead Container 4.13   
Back Street Container 4.14   
Back Track Container 4.15   
The Bad and the Beautiful Container 4.16   
Bad Company Container 4.17   
The Badge of Marshall Brennan Container 4.18   
Badlands of Montana Container 4.19   
Badman’s Country Container 4.20   
Bailout at 43,000 Container 4.21   
Ballad of a Gunfighter Container 4.22   
The Ballad of Cable Hogue Container 4.23   
Bambi Container 4.24   
Bambole! Container 4.25   
Bambuti Container 4.26   
Bananas Container 4.27   
Bananas and Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex… Container 4.28   
Band of Angels Container 4.29   
The Bang Bang Gang Container 4.30   
Bang! Bang! You’re Dead Container 4.31   
The Bank Dick and Never Give a Sucker an Even Break Container 4.32   
Barabbas Container 4.33   
The Barbarian and the Geisha Container 4.34   
The Barefoot Executive Container 4.35   
Barquero Container 4.36   
The Barretts of Wimpole Street Container 4.37   
The Bashful Elephant Container 4.38   
The Bat People Container 4.39   
Batman and Robin Container 4.40   
Batman Container 4.41   
The Battle at Apache Pass Container 5.1   
Battle Beyond the Sun Container 5.2   
Battle Cry Container 5.3-4   
Battle for the Planet of the Apes Container 5.5   
Battleground Container 5.6   
Battle Hell Container 5.7   
Battle in Outer Space Container 5.8   
Battle of Blood Island Container 5.9   
Battle of Britain Container 5.10   
The Battle of Gettysburg Container 5.11   
Battle of Neretva Container 5.12   
Battle of Rogue River Container 5.13   
Battle of the Coral Sea Container 5.14   
The Battle of the Sexes Container 5.15   
The Battle of the Villa Fiorita Container 5.16   
Battle of the Worlds Container 5.17   
Battle Taxi Container 5.18   
Bayou Container 5.19   
Beach Ball Container 5.20   
Beach Blanket Bingo Container 5.21   
Beach Party Container 5.22   
The Beachcomber Container 5.23   
The Beach Girls and the Monster Container 5.24   
The Beast from Twenty Thousand Fathoms Container 5.25   
The Beast Must Die Container 5.26   
The Beast of Budapest Container 5.27   
The Beast of Hollow Mountain Container 5.28   
The Beasts of Marseilles Container 5.29   
Beast of Paradise Isle and Creatures of the Jungle Container 5.30   
The Beast of Yucca Flats and Walk with the Damned Container 5.31   
The Beast with Five Fingers Container 5.32   
The Beat Generation Container 5.33   
Beau Brummell Container 5.34   
Beau James Container 5.35   
Beautiful but Dangerous Container 5.36   
Beauty and the Beast Container 5.37   
Because They’re Young Container 6.1   
The Bed Container 6.2   
Bedazzled Container 6.3   
The Bedford Incident Container 6.4   
Bedknobs and Broomsticks Container 6.5   
Bedtime Story Container 6.6   
The Beguiled Container 6.7   
Behind the High Wall Container 6.8   
Behold a Pale Horse Container 6.9   
Bell, Book and Candle Container 6.10   
The Bellboy Container 6.11   
Belle Sommers Container 6.12   
Bells are Ringing Container 6.13   
Ben Container 6.14   
Ben and Me Container 6.15   
Ben-Hur Container 6.16   
Bend of the River Container 6.17   
Beneath the Planet of the Apes Container 6.18   
Bengazi Container 6.19   
Benjamin Container 6.20   
The Best House in London Container 6.21   
The Best of Enemies Container 6.22   
The Best Things in Life are Free Container 6.23   
Better a Widow Container 6.24   
Between Heaven and Hell Container 6.25   
Between Time and Eternity Container 6.26   
Beware of Children Container 6.27   
Beyond a Reasonable Doubt Container 6.28   
Beyond All Limits Container 6.29   
Beyond Mombasa Container 6.30   
Beyond the Time Barrier Container 6.31   
Beyond the Valley of the Dolls Container 6.32   
Bhowani Junction Container 6.33   
The Bible Container 6.34   
Les Biches Container 6.35   
The Big Beat Container 6.36   
The Big Caper Container 6.37   
The Big Combo Container 6.38   
The Big Doll House Container 6.39   
The Big Fisherman Container 6.40   
The Big Gamble Container 7.1   
A Big Hand for the Little Lady Container 7.2   
The Big House Container 7.3   
Big Jake Container 7.4   
The Big Knife Container 7.5   
The Big Land Container 7.6   
The Big Night Container 7.7   
The Big Operator Container 7.8   
Big Red Container 7.9   
The Big Show Container 7.10   
The Big Sky Container 7.11   
The Big TNT Show Container 7.12   
The Big Trees Container 7.13   
Billy Jack Container 7.14   
Billy Liar Container 7.15   
Billy the Kid Container 7.16   
Billy Two Hats Container 7.17   
Bimbo the Great Container 7.18   
Birdman of Alcatraz Container 7.19   
The Bird with the Crystal Plumage Container 7.20   
The Birds Container 7.21   
The Biscuit Eater Container 7.22   
Bitter Sweet Container 7.23   
Bitter Victory Container 7.24   
Black Beauty Container 8.1   
The Black Dakotas Container 8.2   
Black Glove Container 8.3   
Black Gold Container 8.4   
The Black Knight Container 8.5   
Black Orpheus Container 8.6   
Black Patch Container 8.7   
Black Pit of Dr. M Container 8.8   
The Black Scorpion Container 8.9   
Black Spurs Container 8.10   
Black Sunday Container 8.11   
The Black Tent Container 8.12   
Black Tights Container 8.13   
A Black Veil for Lisa Container 8.14   
The Black Whip Container 8.15   
Black Widow Container 8.16   
Black Zoo Container 8.17   
Blackbeard the Pirate Container 8.18   
Blackjack Ketchum, Desperado Container 8.19   
Blaze of Noon Container 8.20   
The Blind Dead Container 8.21   
Blitzkrieg Container 8.22   
Block Busters Container 8.23   
Blonde Bait Container 8.24   
Blonde Blackmailer Container 8.25   
Blood Alley Container 8.26   
Blood and Black Lace Container 8.27   
Blood and Lace Container 8.28   
Blood and Roses Container 8.29   
Blood Arrow Container 8.30   
Blood of Dracula’s Castle and Nightmare in Wax Container 8.31   
Blood Mania Container 8.32   
Blood on the Arrow Container 8.33   
The Blood Rose Container 8.34   
Bloodhounds of Broadway Container 8.35   
Bloodthirsty Butchers Container 8.36   
The Blue Angel Container 8.37   
Blue Men of Morocco Container 8.38   
Bluebeard’s Ten Honeymoons Container 8.39   
Blueprint for Robbery Container 8.40   
Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice Container 9.1   
The Bobbikins Container 9.2   
The Bobo Container 9.3   
Boccaccio ‘70 Container 9.4   
The Body Stealers Container 9.5   
La Boheme Container 9.6   
Boinng! Container 9.7   
The Bold and the Brave Container 9.8   
Bon Voyage Container 9.9   
Bonjour Tristesse Container 9.10   
La Bonne Soupe Container 9.11   
Bonnie’s Kids Container 9.12   
Bonzo Goes to College Container 9.13   
Bootleggers Container 9.14   
Boots Turner Container 9.15   
Bora Bora Container 9.16   
Born Reckless Container 9.17   
Born to be Loved Container 9.18   
Born to the Saddle Container 9.19   
Born to Win Container 9.20   
Born to Speed and Devil on Wheels Container 9.21   
Born Wild Container 9.22   
The Boss Container 9.23   
Botany Bay Container 9.24   
The Bounty Hunter Container 9.25   
The Bounty Killer Container 9.26   
Bowery Battalion Container 9.27   
Bowery Buckaroos Container 9.28   
Bowery to Bagdad Container 9.29   
The Boy and the Pirates Container 9.30   
The Boy from Oklahoma Container 9.31   
A Boy Named Charlie Brown Container 9.32   
The Boy Next Door Container 9.33   
Boy on a Dolphin Container 9.34   
A Boy Ten Feet Tall Container 9.35   
Boy Who Caught a Crook Container 9.36   
The Boy Who Stole a Million Container 9.37   
A Boy, a Girl, and a Dog Container 9.38   
The Boys in the Band Container 9.39   
The Boys of Paul Street Container 9.40   
The Brain Machine Container 10.1   
The Brain Container 10.2   
The Brain that Wouldn’t Die and Invasion of the Star Creatures Container 10.3   
Brainwashed Container 10.4   
The Bravados Container 10.5   
The Brave Bulls Container 10.6   
The Brave Little Tailor Container 10.7   
The Brave One Container 10.8   
Brave Warrior Container 10.9   
Break in the Circle Container 10.10   
A Breath of Scandal Container 10.11   
Breezy Container 10.12   
Brewster McCloud Container 10.13   
The Bride and the Beast Container 10.14   
Brides of Blood and Blood Fiend Container 10.15   
The Bridge Container 10.16   
The Bridges at Toko-Ri Container 10.17   
Broken Lance Container 10.18   
The Broken Land Container 10.19   
Brother John Container 10.20   
The Brotherhood Container 10.21   
The Brothers Karamazov Container 10.22   
The Brothers Rico Container 10.23   
Brushfire Container 10.24   
The Brute and the Beast Container 10.25   
Brute Force Container 10.26   
The Buccaneer Container 10.27   
Buchanan Rides Alone Container 10.28   
A Bucket of Blood and The Giant Leeches Container 10.29   
A Bucket of Blood Container 10.30   
The Buckskin Lady Container 10.31   
Buffalo Bill Container 10.32   
A Bullet for the General Container 10.33   
Bullfight Container 10.34   
The Bullfighter and the Lady Container 10.35   
Bullwhip Container 10.36   
Bunny Lake is Missing Container 10.37   
Bunny O’Hare Container 10.38   
Buona Sera, Mrs. Campbell Container 10.39   
The Burglar Container 10.40   
Burn Witch Burn Container 10.41   
Burn Container 10.42   
Bury Me an Angel Container 10.43   
The Bus is Coming Container 10.44   
The Buster Keaton Story Container 10.45   
The Busy Body Container 10.46   
The Buttercup Chain Container 10.47   
Bwana Devil Container 10.48   
By the Light of the Silvery Moon Container 10.49   
Bye Bye Birdie Container 10.50   
C. C. and Company Container 11.1   
Cabaret Container 11.2   
The Cabinet of Caligari Container 11.3   
Cactus Flower Container 11.4   
Cage of Evil Container 11.5   
Cahill: United States Marshall Container 11.6   
Cain’s Way Container 11.7   
California Container 11.8-9   
Caltiki Container 11.10   
Camelot Container 11.11   
Camille 2000 Container 11.12   
The Camp on Blood Island Container 11.13   
Campbell’s Kingdom Container 11.14   
Can Heironymus Merkin Ever Forget Mercy Humppe and Find True Happiness? Container 11.15   
Can–Can Container 11.16   
Cancel My Reservation Container 11.17   
Candy Container 11.18   
The Candy Snatchers Container 11.19   
Cannibal Attack Container 11.20   
Cape Fear Container 11.21   
Captain Apache and A Town Called Hell Container 11.22   
Captain John Smith and Pocahontas Container 11.23   
Captain Lightfoot Container 11.24   
Captain Nemo and the Underwater City Container 11.25   
Captain Newman, M.D. Container 11.26   
The Captain’s Table Container 11.27   
Capture That Capsule Container 11.28   
The Cardinal Container 11.29   
Career Container 11.30   
The Caretakers Container 11.31   
The Carey Treatment Container 11.32   
Carmen Jones Container 11.33   
Carousel Container 11.34   
The Carpetbaggers Container 11.35   
Carry On Cleo Container 11.36   
Carry On Constable Container 11.37   
Carry On Teacher Container 11.38   
Carry On Nurse Container 11.39   
Carry On Sergeant Container 11.40   
Carson City Container 11.41   
Carthage in Flames Container 11.42   
The Case Against Brooklyn Container 12.1   
Cash McCall Container 12.2   
Cash On Delivery Container 12.3   
Cash On Demand Container 12.4   
Cast a Giant Shadow Container 12.5   
Castle Keep Container 12.6   
Castle of Evil and Blood Beast from Outer Space Container 12.7   
The Cat o’ Nine Tails Container 12.8   
Cattle Empire Container 12.9   
Cattle King Container 12.10   
Cattle Queen Container 12.11   
Cattle Queen of Montana Container 12.12   
Cattle Town Container 12.13   
Cavalry Charge and The First Marines Container 12.14   
Cavalry Charge Container 12.15   
Cavalry Command Container 12.16   
Cease Fire Container 12.17   
Celebration at Big Sur Container 12.18   
The Centurion Container 12.19   
The Ceremony Container 12.20   
A Certain Smile Container 12.21   
Champ for a Day Container 12.22   
The Champagne Murders Container 12.23   
Chance Meeting Container 12.24   
Chandler Container 12.25   
Change of Mind Container 12.26   
Change of Habits Container 12.27   
Charge of the Lancers Container 12.28   
The Charge of the Light Brigade Container 12.29   
Chariots of the Gods Container 12.30   
Charlie Brown Container 12.31   
Charlie One-Eye Container 12.32   
Charro! Container 12.33   
Chartroose Caboose Container 12.34   
Chase a Crooked Shadow Container 13.1   
The Chase Container 13.2   
Chastity Container 13.3   
Checkpoint Container 13.4   
Cheyenne Autumn Container 13.5   
The Cheyenne Social Club Container 13.6   
Chicago Confidential Container 13.7   
Child’s Play Container 13.8   
Children of the Damned Container 13.9   
China Gate Container 13.10   
Chisum Container 13.11   
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Container 13.12   
The Choppers Container 13.13   
The Christine Jorgensen Story Container 13.14   
A Christmas Carol Container 13.15   
The Christmas that Almost Wasn’t Container 13.16   
The Christmas Tree Container 13.17   
Circle of Deception Container 13.18   
Circle of Love Container 13.19   
Circus of Horrors Container 13.20   
The Circus Container 13.21   
Circus Stars Container 13.22   
City Beneath the Sea Container 13.23   
City of Bad Men Container 13.24   
City of Fear Container 13.25   
City of Shadows Container 13.26   
Clarence, the Cross-Eyed Lion Container 13.27   
The Class of ’74 Container 13.28   
Claudelle Inglish Container 13.29   
Clay Pigeon Container 13.30   
Clockwork Orange Container 13.31   
Closely Watched Trains Container 13.32   
The Clown and the Kids Container 13.33   
Coast of Skeletons Container 13.34   
The Cobra Container 13.35   
The Cobweb Container 13.36   
The Cockeyed Cowboys of Calico County Container 13.37   
Code of Silence Container 13.38   
Code 7…Victim 5 Container 13.39   
Cold Turkey Container 13.40   
Colditz Story, The Container 13.41   
Cole Younger, Gunfighter Container 13.42   
Colorado Container 13.43   
The Colossus of New York Container 13.44   
The Colossus of Rhodes Container 13.45   
Comanche Station Container 14.1   
The Comancheros Container 14.2   
Come Blow Your Horn Container 14.3   
Come Dance with Me Container 14.4   
Come Fly with Me Container 14.5   
Come Next Spring Container 14.6   
Come Together Container 14.7   
The Comic Container 14.8   
Commando Container 14.9   
The Committee Container 14.10   
Companeros! Container 14.11   
The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes Container 14.12   
The Condemned of Altona Container 14.13   
El Condor Container 14.14   
The Confession Container 14.15   
Confessions of an Opium Eater Container 14.16   
Confidentially Connie Container 14.17   
Conquered City Container 14.18   
The Conqueror Worm Container 14.19   
Conquest of Cochise Container 14.20   
Conquest of the Planet of the Apes Container 14.21   
Conspiracy of Hearts Container 14.22   
The Constant Husband Container 14.23   
Contest Girl Container 14.24   
Convict Stage Container 14.25   
Convicts 4 Container 14.26   
The Cool Ones Container 14.27   
Cop Hater Container 14.28   
Copacabana Container 14.29   
Copper Sky Container 14.30   
Cops and Robbers Container 14.31   
Corky Container 14.32   
The Corrupt One Container 14.33   
The Cosmic Man Container 14.34   
Cossacks Container 14.35   
Cotton Comes to Harlem Container 14.36   
Cottonpickin’ Chickenpickers Container 14.37   
The Couch Container 14.38   
Count Five and Die Container 14.39   
The Count of Monte Cristo Container 14.40   
Count the Hours! Container 14.41   
Count Your Blessings Container 14.42   
The Counterfeit Killer Container 14.43   
The Counterfeit Plan Container 14.44   
Counterplot Container 14.45   
A Countess from Hong Kong Container 14.46   
A Country Coyote Goes Hollywood Container 14.47   
The Country Girl Container 14.48   
Country Music on Broadway Container 14.49   
Courage of Black Beauty Container 14.50   
The Court Martial of Billy Mitchell Container 14.51   
Cowboy Container 14.52   
The Cowboys Container 14.53   
Cowdog Container 14.54   
Crack in the Mirror Container 15.1   
Crack in the World Container 15.2   
The Cranes Are Flying Container 15.3   
Crash Landing Container 15.4   
Crashing Las Vegas Container 15.5   
The Crawling Eye and Comic Monsters Container 15.6   
Crazy Joe Container 15.7   
Crazy Legs Container 15.8   
Crazy Over Horses Container 15.9   
Creature from the Black Lagoon Container 15.10   
Creature from the Haunted Sea Container 15.11   
Crest of the Wave Container 15.12   
Cries and Whispers Container 15.13   
Crime Against Joe Container 15.14   
Crime and Punishment U.S.A. Container 15.15   
Crime of Passion Container 15.16   
The Crimson Blade Container 15.17   
The Crimson Cult Container 15.18   
The Crimson Kimono Container 15.19   
Cripple Creek Container 15.20   
Critic’s Choice Container 15.21   
Cromwell Container 15.22   
The Crooked Circle Container 15.23   
The Crooked Road Container 15.24   
The Cross and the Switchblade Container 15.25   
Cross-Up Container 15.26   
The Crowded Sky Container 15.27   
Cry Danger Container 15.28   
Cry of Battle Container 15.29   
Cry of the Banshee Container 15.30   
Cry Tough Container 15.31   
Cry Vengeance Container 15.32   
Cult of the Damned Container 15.33   
Curucu, Beast of the Amazon Container 15.34   
The Cycle Savages Container 15.35   
Cycles South Container 15.36   
D-Day, the Sixth of June Container 16.1   
Dagmar’s Hot Pants Inc. Container 16.2   
The Dalton Girls Container 16.3   
Damn Citizen! Container 16.4   
Damn the Defiant! Container 16.5   
Damn Yankees Container 16.6   
Damon and Pythias Container 16.7   
Dangerous Charter Container 16.8   
Dangerous Exile Container 16.9   
Dangerous Youth Container 16.10   
Daniel Boone, Trail Blazer Container 16.11   
Darby’s Rangers Container 16.12   
The Daring Dobermans Container 16.13   
Daring Game Container 16.14   
Dark Purpose Container 16.15   
Darling Container 16.16   
Darling Lili Container 16.17   
Date Bait Container 16.18   
A Date with Death and Hideous Sun Demon Container 16.19   
The Dave Clark Five Container 16.20   
David and Goliath Container 16.21   
Davy Crockett and the River Pirates and Man in Space Container 16.22   
Dawn at Socorro Container 16.23   
The Day Mars Invades Earth Container 16.24   
Day of the Bad Man Container 16.25   
The Day the Earth Caught Fire Container 16.26   
The Day the Earth Froze Container 16.27   
The Day the Fish Came Out Container 16.28   
The Day They Robbed the Bank of England Container 16.29   
De Sade Container 16.30   
Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round Container 16.31   
Dead of Night Container 16.32   
The Dead One Container 16.33   
Dead Run Container 16.34   
Dead to the World Container 16.35   
The Deadly Affair Container 16.36   
The Deadly Companions Container 16.37   
Deadly Duo Container 16.38   
The Deadly Mantis Container 16.39   
The Deadly Trap Container 16.40   
Deadwood ‘76 Container 16.41   
Dear Brigitte Container 16.42   
Dear Heart Container 16.43   
Dear John Container 16.44   
Death of a Scoundrel Container 16.45   
Death Rides a Horse Container 16.46   
Decision Against Time Container 17.1   
Decision Before Dawn Container 17.2   
The Decks Ran Red Container 17.3   
Decline and Fall of a Birdwatcher Container 17.4   
The Deep Blue Sea Container 17.5   
The Deep Six Container 17.6   
The Deerslayer Container 17.7   
The Defector Container 17.8   
A Degree of Murder Container 17.9   
The Delicate Delinquent Container 17.10   
The Delinquents Container 17.11   
The Delta Factor Container 17.12   
Demetrius and the Gladiators Container 17.13   
Derby Container 17.14   
Desert Attack Container 17.15   
Desert Hell Container 17.16   
Desert Legion Container 17.17   
Desert Passage Container 17.18   
Desert Warrior Container 17.19   
The Deserter Container 17.20   
Desire in the Dust Container 17.21   
Desire Under the Elms Container 17.22   
Desk Set Container 17.23   
The Desperados Container 17.24   
The Desperados are in Town Container 17.25   
Destination Gobi Container 17.26   
Destroy All Monsters Container 17.27   
Detective Story and Roman Holiday Container 17.28   
The Detective Container 17.29-30   
Devil Girl from Mars Container 17.31   
The Devil in Love Container 17.32   
Devil in the Flesh Container 17.33   
The Devil’s Bride Container 17.34   
The Devil’s Brigade Container 17.35   
Devil’s Canyon Container 17.36   
The Devil’s Disciple Container 17.37   
The Devil’s 8 Container 17.38   
The Devil’s General Container 17.39   
The Devil’s Hand and Bloodlust Container 17.40   
The Devil’s Messenger Container 17.41   
The Devil’s Own Container 17.42   
The Devil’s Partner Container 17.43   
Devil-Ship Pirates Container 17.44   
Diamond Head Container 18.1   
Diamond Safari Container 18.2   
The Diamond Wizard Container 18.3   
Diamonds are Forever Container 18.4   
The Diary of Anne Frank Container 18.5   
Diary of a Bachelor Container 18.6   
Diary of a High School Bride and Ghost of Dragstrip Hollow Container 18.7   
Diary of a Mad Housewife Container 18.8   
Die! Die! My Darling! Container 18.9   
Dig That Uranium Container 18.10   
Dillinger Container 18.11   
Dillinger and The Gangster Container 18.12   
Dingaka Container 18.13   
Dinosaurs Container 18.14   
Dirty Dingus Magee Container 18.15   
The Dirty Game Container 18.16   
Dirty Harry Container 18.17   
Dirty Mary Crazy Larry Container 18.18   
The Dirty Outlaws Container 18.19   
The Disorderly Orderly Container 18.20   
Distant Drums Container 18.21   
Divorce Italian Style Container 18.22   
Doc Container 18.23   
Doctor at Large Container 18.24   
Doctor Dolittle Container 18.25   
Doctor in the House Container 18.26   
Doctor in Love Container 18.27   
Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde Container 18.28   
Dr. No and From Russia with Love Container 18.29   
Dr. Terror’s Gallery of Horror Container 18.30   
Doctor, You’ve Got to be Kidding Container 18.31   
Doctor Zhivago Container 18.32   
The Doctor’s Dilemma Container 18.33   
Doctors’ Wives Container 18.34   
A Dog's Best Friend Container 18.35   
Dollars Container 18.36   
Domino Kid Container 18.37   
The Don is Dead Container 18.38   
Dondi Container 18.39   
Donovan’s Reef Container 18.40   
Don’t Look Now Container 18.41   
Door-to-Door Maniac Container 18.42   
Dorian Gray Container 18.43   
Double Jeopardy Container 18.44   
Dough and Dynamite; His Trysting Place; His Prehistoric Past; Caught in a Cabaret; The Running, Jumping and Standing Still Container 18.45   
Downhill Runner Container 18.46   
Dracula Has Risen From the Grave Container 19.1   
Dragnet Container 19.2   
Dragoon Wells Massacre Container 19.3   
Dragstrip Riot Container 19.4   
The Dream Maker Container 19.5   
A Dream of Kings Container 19.6   
Dreams of Glass Container 19.7   
Drums of Africa Container 19.8   
Duck, You Sucker Container 19.9   
Duel at Apache Wells Container 19.10   
Duel in the Jungle Container 19.11   
Duffy of San Quentin Container 19.12   
Dumbo Container 19.13   
The Earth Dies Screaming Container 19.14   
East of Kilimanjaro Container 19.15   
East of Sudan Container 19.16   
Easy Rider Container 19.17   
Easy to Love Container 19.18   
Ecco Container 19.19   
Edge of Eternity Container 19.20   
Edge of Fury Container 19.21   
Edge of Hell Container 19.22   
Eegah Container 19.23   
The Egg and I Container 19.24   
The Egyptian Container 19.25   
Eighteen and Anxious Container 19.26   
Eighteen in the Sun Container 19.27   
Electra Glide in Blue Container 19.28   
The Electronic Monster Container 19.29   
An Elephant Called Slowly Container 19.30   
Elephant Gun Container 19.31   
Eleventh Commandment Container 19.32   
Elmer Gantry Container 19.33   
Emil and the Detectives Container 19.34   
Emily Container 19.35   
The End of the Affair Container 20.1   
The Endless Summer Container 20.2   
Ensign Pulver Container 20.3   
The Entertainer Container 20.4   
Erika’s Hot Summer Container 20.5   
Escapade Container 20.6   
Escapade in Japan Container 20.7   
Escape by Night Container 20.8   
Escape from East Berlin Container 20.9   
Escape from Red Rock Container 20.10   
Escape from San Quentin Container 20.11   
Escape from Zahrain Container 20.12   
Ester and the King Container 20.13   
Eugenie Container 20.14   
Eve Container 20.15   
Evel Knievel Container 20.16   
An Evening with the Royal Ballet Container 20.17   
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask Container 20.18   
Everything Is Ducky Container 20.19   
The Evil Eye Container 20.20   
Excuse My Dust Container 20.21   
The Executioner Container 20.22   
Executive Action Container 20.23   
Executive Suite Container 20.24-25   
The Exodus Container 20.26   
Experiment in Terror Container 20.27   
Explosion Container 20.28   
The Explosive Generation Container 20.29   
Expresso Bongo Container 20.30   
The Extraordinary Seaman Container 20.31   
Eye of the Devil Container 20.32   
The Eyes of Annie Jones Container 20.33   
The Fabulous World of Jules Verne Container 21.1   
The Fabulous World of Jules Verne and Bimbo the Great Container 21.2   
A Face in the Crowd Container 21.3   
Face of Fire Container 21.4   
The Face of Fu Manchu Container 21.5   
Faces Container 21.6   
The Facts of Life Container 21.7   
Fahrenheit 451 Container 21.8   
Fail Safe Container 21.9   
Fair Wind to Java Container 21.10   
The Fall of the Roman Empire Container 21.11   
Fallguy Container 21.12   
Family Band and Three Little Pigs Container 21.13   
The Family Way Container 21.14   
Fancy Pants Container 21.15   
Fandango Container 21.16   
Fanny Container 21.17   
Fantasia Container 21.18   
The Fantastic Plastic Machine Container 21.19   
Far from the Madding Crowd Container 21.20   
A Farewell to Arms Container 21.21   
The Farmer’s Other Daughter and Spree Container 21.22   
Fascination Container 21.23   
The Fat Black Pussy Cat Container 21.24   
Fate is the Hunter Container 21.25   
Father Goose Container 21.26   
Father’s Little Dividend Container 21.27   
Fathom Container 21.28   
FBI Code 98 Container 21.29   
The FBI Story Container 21.30   
Fear No More Container 21.31   
The Fearmakers Container 21.32   
The Female Container 21.33   
The Female Animal Container 21. 34   
The Female Bunch Container 21.35   
Female Fiends Container 21.36   
Female on the Beach Container 21.37   
Ferry Cross the Mersey Container 21.38   
Ferry to Hong Kong Container 21.39   
A Fever in the Blood Container 21.40   
Feverheat Container 21.41   
A Few Bullets More Container 21.42   
The Fighting Chance Container 22.1   
Fighting Coast Guard Container 22.2   
Fighting Fools Container 22.3   
The Fighting Lawman Container 22.4   
The Fighting Prince of Donegal Container 22.5   
Fighting Wildcats Container 22.6   
Finders Keepers Container 22.7   
A Fine Madness Container 22.8   
The Finest Hours Container 22.9   
Finian’s Rainbow Container 22.10   
Fire Down Below Container 22.11   
Fire Over Africa Container 22.12   
Fireball 500 Container 22.13   
Fireball Jungle Container 22.14   
The Firebrand Container 22.15   
First Man into Space Container 22.16   
The First Marines and Cavalry Charge Container 22.17   
The First Texan Container 22.18   
First to Fight Container 22.19   
A Fistful of Dollars Container 22.20   
A Fistful of 44’s Container 22.21   
Five Bold Women Container 22.22   
Five Branded Women Container 22.23   
5 Card Stud Container 22.24   
Five Easy Pieces Container 22.25   
Five Finger Exercise Container 22.26   
Five Fingers of Death Container 22.27   
Five Golden Hours Container 22.28   
Five Guns to Tombstone Container 22.29   
The Five-Man Army Container 22.30   
The Five Pennies Container 22.31   
Five Steps to Danger Container 22.32   
Fixed Bayonets Container 22.33   
The Fixer Container 22.34   
The Flame and the Arrow Container 22.35   
Flame and the Fire Container 22.36   
The Flame Barrier Container 22.37   
Flame of the Islands Container 22.38   
Flame Over India Container 22.39   
Flaming Frontier Container 22.40-41   
Flap Container 22.42   
Flareup Container 22.43   
Flash the Teenage Otter Container 22.44   
Flesh and Flame and This Rebel Age Container 23.1   
Flesh and the Spur Container 23.2   
The Flesh Eaters Container 23.3   
Flesh Feast, A Taste of Blood and Teenage Strangler Container 23.4   
The Flesh is Weak and Blond in Bondage Container 23.5   
The Flesh Merchant Container 23.6   
Flight Nurse Container 23.7   
Flight of the Doves Container 23.8   
Flight of the Lost Balloon Container 23.9   
The Flight of the Phoenix Container 23.10   
Flight to Tangier Container 23.11   
The Flim-Flam Man Container 23.12   
Flipper Container 23.13   
Flipper’s New Adventure Container 23.14   
Floods of Fear Container 23.15   
Flower Drum Song Container 23.16   
Fluffy Container 23.17   
The Flying Fontaines Container 23.18   
Follow Me, Boys! Container 23.19   
The Fool Killer Container 23.20   
Fools Container 23.21   
Footsteps in the Night Container 23.22   
For a Few Dollars More and A Fistful of Dollars Container 23.23   
For the First Time Container 23.24   
For Love of Ivy Container 23.25   
For the Love of Mike Container 23.26   
For Members Only Container 23.27   
For Those Who Think Young Container 23.28   
For Whom the Bell Tolls Container 23.29   
Forbidden Container 23.30   
Forbidden Island Container 23.31   
The Forbidden Land Container 23.32   
The Forbin Project Container 23.33   
The Forest Rangers Container 23.34   
Forever Darling Container 23.35   
Forever My Love Container 23.36   
Fort Bowie Container 23.37   
Fort Dodds Container 23.38   
Fort Massacre Container 23.39   
Fortune and Men’s Eyes Container 23.40   
The Fortune Cookie Container 23.41   
Forty Acre Feud Container 23.42   
48 Hours To Live Container 23.43   
Forty Guns Container 23.44   
Forty Pounds of Trouble Container 23.45   
The Fountain of Love Container 24.1   
4 Clowns Container 24.2   
Four Days in November Container 24.3   
The Four Days of Naples Container 24.4   
Four Fast Guns Container 24.5   
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Container 24.6   
Foxy Brown Container 24.7   
Francis in the Haunted House Container 24.8   
Francis Joins the WACS Container 24.9   
Francis of Assisi Container 24.10   
Francis Goes to West Point Container 24.11   
Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster and Curse of the Voodoo Container 24.12   
Frasier Container 24.13   
Fraulein Container 24.14   
Fraulein Doktor Container 24.15   
Freeway Phobia Container 24.16   
Frenzy Container 24.17   
Friends Container 24.18   
The Friends of Eddie Coyle Container 24.19   
The Frightened City Container 24.20   
Frogs Container 24.21   
From The Earth to the Moon Container 24.22   
From Hell it Came and The Disembodied Container 24.23   
From Russia with Love Container 24.24   
From the Terrace Container 24.25   
Frontier Gun Container 24.26   
Frontier Uprising Container 24.27   
The Fugitive Kind Container 24.28   
Fugitive Lady Container 24.29   
Full of Life Container 24.30   
Funeral in Berlin Container 24.31   
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum Container 24.32   
Fury at Showdown Container 24.33   
Fury of the Pagans Container 24.34   
Fuzz Container 24.35   
The Fuzzy Pink Nightgown Container 24.36   
Gaby Container 24.37   
Gaily, Gaily Container 24.38-39   
Gala Day at Disneyland Container 24.40   
The Gallant Hours Container 24.41   
The Gallant Rebel Container 24.42   
Gambit Container 24.43   
Gambler From Natchez Container 24.44   
The Gambler Wore a Gun Container 24.45   
The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight Container 24.46   
Gang War Container 24.47   
The Gangster Container 24. 48   
Garden of Eden Container 24.49   
The Garment Jungle Container 24.50   
A Gathering of Eagles Container 25.1   
Gator Bait Container 25.2   
The Gay Deceivers Container 25.3   
The Gene Krupa Story Container 25.4   
Generation Container 25.5   
Genevieve Container 25.6   
Genghis Khan Container 25.7-8   
Gentlemen Marry Brunettes Container 25.9   
The George Raft Story Container 25.10   
Georgy Girl Container 25.11   
Get On With It Container 25.12   
Get Yourself a College Girl Container 25.13   
The Getaway Container 25.14   
Getting Straight Container 25.15   
The Ghastly Ones Container 25.16   
Ghost Chasers Container 25.17   
Ghost Diver Container 25.18   
Ghost in the Invisible Bikini Container 25.19   
Ghosts, Italian Style Container 25.20   
The Giant Behemoth Container 25.21   
The Giant Claw Container 25.22   
Giant from the Unknown Container 25.23   
The Giant Gila Monster Container 25.24   
The Giant Leeches Container 25.25   
Gideon of Scotland Yard Container 25.26   
Gidget Goes Hawaiian Container 25.27   
Gidget Goes to Rome Container 25.28   
The Gift of Love Container 25.29   
Gigantis, the Fire Monster Container 25.30   
Gigi Container 25.31   
Gigot Container 25.32   
The Girl He Left Behind Container 25.33   
The Girl Hunters Container 25.34   
The Girl in the Black Stockings Container 25.35   
Girl in the Kremlin Container 25.36   
The Girl in Lover’s Lane Container 25.37   
Girl in Room 13 Container 25.38   
A Girl Named Tamiko Container 25.39   
Girl of the Night Container 25.40   
The Girl on the Bridge Container 25.41   
The Girls on the Beach Container 25.42   
The Girl Who Knew too Much Container 25.43   
Girlsapoppin Container 25.44   
Girls in the Night Container 25.45   
Girls in Prison Container 25.46   
Girls Marked Danger Container 25.47   
Girls on the Loose Container 25.48   
Git! Container 25.49   
Gladiators 7 Container 26.1   
The Glass Bottom Boat Container 26.2   
The Glenn Miller Story Container 26.3   
The Glory Guys Container 26.4   
Go Ape Container 26.5   
Go for Broke Container 26.6   
Go-Go Big Beat! Container 26.7   
Go Naked in the World Container 26.8   
God Forgives-I Don’t! Container 26.9   
God Is My Partner Container 26.10   
God’s Little Acre Container 26.11   
The Goddess Container 26.12   
The Goddess of Love Container 26.13   
The Godfather Container 26.14   
Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster Container 26.15   
Godzilla vs. the Thing Container 26.16   
Godzilla’s Revenge and Island of the Burning Damned Container 26.17   
Gog, the Creature of Tomorrow Container 26.18   
Going Home Container 26.19   
Going Steady Container 26.20   
Gold of the Seven Saints Container 26.21   
The Golden Arrow Container 26.22   
Golden Blade Container 26.23   
The Golden Fish Container 26.24   
The Golden Goose Container 26.25   
The Golden Mistress Container 26.26   
Golden Operettas Container 26.27   
Goliath and the Dragon Container 26.28   
Goliath and the Sins of Babylon and Samson and the Slave Queen Container 26.29   
Goliath and the Vampire Container 26.30   
Gone with the Wind Container 26.31   
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Container 26.32   
Good Day for a Hanging Container 26.33   
The Good Die Young Container 26.34   
The Good Guys and the Bad Guys Container 26.35   
Good Morning, Miss Dove Container 26.36   
Good Neighbor, Sam Container 26.37   
Goodbye Again Container 26.38   
Goodbye Charlie Container 26.39   
Goodbye Mr. Chips Container 26.40   
Good-bye My Lady Container 26.41   
Gorgo Container 26.42   
Gorilla at Large Container 26.43   
A Gospel According to St. Matthew Container 27.1   
The Gospel Road Container 27.2   
The Grand Rhine-Alpine Tour Container 27.3   
Grand Tour ‘70 Container 27.4   
The Grasshopper Container 27.5   
The Great Adventures of Captain Kidd Container 27.6   
The Great Bank Robbery Container 27.7   
Great Catherine Container 27.8   
Great Day in the Morning Container 27.9   
The Great Diamond Robbery Container 27.10   
The Great Escape and The Thomas Crown Affair Container 27.11   
The Great Gatsby Container 27.12   
The Great Man Container 27.13   
The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid Container 27.14   
The Great Race Container 27.15   
The Great Sioux Uprising Container 27.16   
The Great Spy Mission Container 27.17   
The Greatest Show on Earth Container 27.18   
The Green Glove Container 27.19   
The Green Man Container 27.20   
Green Mansions Container 27.21   
The Green Slime Container 27.22   
The Green-Eyed Blond Container 27.23   
Greyfriars Bobby Container 27.24   
The Grissom Gang Container 27.25   
Grounds for Marriage Container 27.26   
Guess What We Learned in School Today? Container 27.27   
Gulliver’s Travels Container 27.28   
Gun Brothers Container 27.29   
Gun Duel in Durango Container 27.30   
Gun Fever Container 27.31   
Gun Fight Container 27.32   
Gun Girls Container 27.33   
Gun Glory Container 27.34   
The Gun Hawk Container 27.35   
Gun the Man Down Container 27.36   
The Gun That Won the West Container 27.37   
The Gun Fight at Dodge City Container 27.38   
Gun Fight at the O.K. Corral Container 27.39   
Gunfighters Container 27.40   
Gunfighters of Casa Grande Container 27.41   
Gunfire at Indian Gap Container 27.42   
Gunman’s Walk Container 27.43   
Gunmen from Laredo Container 27.44   
Gunmen on the Loose and Baby Face Killers Container 27.45   
Guns at Batasi Container 28.1   
Guns Don’t Argue Container 28.2   
The Guns of August Container 28.3   
Guns of Darkness Container 28.4   
Guns of the Magnificent Seven Container 28.5   
Guns of Navarone Container 28.6   
Guns of the Timberland Container 28.7   
Gunsight Ridge Container 28.8   
Gunsmoke in Tucson Container 28.9   
The Guru Container 28.10   
Guys and Dolls Container 28.11   
Gypsy Container 28.12   
Gypsy Colt Container 28.13   
Gypsy Girl Container 28.14   
The H Man Container 28.15   
Hagbard and Signe Container 28.16   
Half a Hero Container 28.17   
Half Human Container 28.18   
The Half-Breed Container 28.19   
The Hallelujah Trail Container 28.20   
Halls of Anger Container 28.21   
Hallucination Generation Container 28.22   
Hamlet Container 28.23-24   
The Hand Container 28.25   
Hand in Hand Container 28.26   
Hand of Death Container 28.27   
Handle with Care Container 28.28   
Hands of a Stranger Container 28.29   
Hang ‘Em High Container 28.30   
Hang Your Hat on the Wind Container 28.31   
The Hangman Container 28.32   
Hangman’s Knot Container 28.33   
Hannibal Container 28.34   
Hansel and Gretel Container 28.35   
Happy Anniversary Container 28.36   
Happy Birthday Show Container 28.37   
Happy Is the Bride Container 28.38   
The Happy Time Container 28.39   
Harbor Lights Container 28.40   
A Hard Day’s Night Container 28.41   
The Hard Man Container 28.42   
The Hard Ride Container 28.43   
Harlow Container 28.44-45   
Harold and Maude Container 28.46   
Harold Lloyd’s World of Comedy Container 28.47   
Harry Black and the Tiger Container 28.48   
The Haunting Container 29.1   
Have Rocket, Will Travel Container 29.2   
Having a Wild Weekend Container 29.3   
The Hawaiians Container 29.4   
He Rides Tall Container 29.5   
The Head Container 29.6   
Head of a Tyrant Container 29.7   
Hear Me Good Container 29.8   
The Heart of Show Business Container 29.9   
The Heartbreak Kid Container 29.10   
Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison Container 29.11   
Heavens Above! Container 29.12   
Heidi, The Three Little Pigs, The Pink Panther and Tweety & Sylvester Container 29.13   
The Helen Morgan Story Container 29.14   
Helga Container 29.15   
Hell and High Water Container 29.16   
Hell Below Zero Container 29.17   
Hell Canyon Outlaws Container 29.18   
Hellfighters Container 29.19   
Hell, Heaven, or Hoboken and Missiles from Hell Container 29.20   
Hell in Korea Container 29.21   
Hell in the Pacific Container 29.22   
Hell Is a City Container 29.23   
Hell Is for Heroes Container 29.24   
Hell on Devil’s Island Container 29.25   
Hell Squad and Tank Battalion Container 29.26   
Hell’s Angels ‘69 Container 29.27   
Hell’s Crossroads Container 29.28   
Hell’s Horizons Container 29.29   
The Hellcats Container 29.30   
Hellcats of the Navy Container 29.31   
Heller in Pink Tights Container 29.32   
The Hellions Container 29.33   
Hello-Goodbye Container 29.34   
Her Twelve Men Container 29.35   
Hercules Against the Moon Men Container 29.36   
Here Come the Girls Container 29.37   
Here Come the Canadians Container 29.38   
Here Come the Jets Container 29.39   
Here Comes That Nashville Sound Container 29.40   
Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush Container 29.41   
Hero’s Island Container 29.42   
Herod the Great Container 29.43   
Heroes Die Young! Container 29.44   
The Heroes of Telemark Container 29.45   
Hey Boy! Hey Girl! Container 29.46   
Hey There, It’s Yogi Bear Container 29.47   
Hiawatha Container 30.1   
Hidden Fear Container 30.2   
Hidden Homicide Container 30.3   
Hide and Seek Container 30.4   
The High and the Mighty Container 30.5   
The High Cost of Loving Container 30.6   
High Flight Container 30.7   
The High Powered Rifle Container 30.8   
High School Hellcats and Hot Rod Gang Container 30.9   
High Society Container 30.10   
High Time Container 30.11-12   
High, Wild and Free Container 30.13   
Highway Pick-Up Container 30.14   
The Hill Container 31.1   
Hippodrome Container 31.2   
The Hired Hand Container 31.3   
His Majesty O’Keefe Container 31.4   
Hit and Run Container 31.5   
Hit the Deck Container 31.6   
Hold On! Container 31.7   
Hold That Baby! Container 31.8   
Hold That Hypnotist Container 31.9   
Hold That Line Container 31.10   
Holiday Affair Container 31.11   
Holiday for Lovers Container 31.12   
Hombre Container 31.13   
Home from the Hill Container 31.14   
Homer Container 31.15   
Honeymoon Hotel Container 31.16   
The Honeymoon Machine Container 31.17   
The Hong Kong Affair Container 31.18   
Hong Kong Confidential Container 31.19   
The Honkers Container 31.20   
The Hoodlum Priest Container 31.21   
The Hook Container 31.22   
Hooked! Container 31.23   
Hootenanny Hoot Container 31.24   
Hoppity Goes to Town Container 31.25   
The Horizontal Lieutenant Container 32.1   
Hornet’s Nest Container 32.2   
The Horror Chamber of Dr. Faustus and The Monster Container 32.3   
Horror Hotel Container 32.4   
Horror House and The Crimson Cult Container 32.5   
Horror of the Blood Monsters Container 32.6   
The Horror of Party Beach and The Curse of the Living Corpse Container 32.7   
Horror on Snape Island Container 32.8   
The Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit and Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day Container 32.9   
The Horse’s Mouth Container 32.10   
The Hot Angel Container 32.11   
Hot Car Girl and The Cry Baby Killer Container 32.12   
Hot Cars Container 32.13   
Hot Head Container 32.14   
Hot Millions Container 32.15   
The Hot Rock Container 32.16   
Hot Rod Action Container 32.17   
Hot Rod Gang and High School Hellcats Container 32.18   
Hot Rod Girl Container 32.19   
Hot Rod Hullabaloo Container 32.20   
Hot Rod Rumble Container 32.21   
Hot Spell Container 32.22   
Hot Summer Night Container 32.23   
Hotel Container 32.24   
Hotel Paradiso Container 32.25   
Houdini Container 32.26   
House of Bamboo Container 32.27   
The House of Intrigue Container 32.28   
The House of Missing Girls Container 32.29   
House of Numbers Container 32.30   
House of the Damned Container 32.31   
The House of the Seven Hawks Container 32.32   
House of Wax Container 32.33   
House of Women Container 32.34   
The House that Dripped Blood Container 32.35   
The House that Screamed Container 32.36   
Houseboat Container 32.37   
How Do I Love Thee Container 32.38   
How the West was Won Container 32.39   
How to be Very, Very Popular Container 32.40   
How to Frame a Figg Container 32.41   
How to Murder a Rich Uncle Container 32.42   
How to Steal a Million Container 32.43   
How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying Container 32.44   
How to Make a Doll Container 32.45   
How to Make a Monster and Teenage Caveman Container 32.46   
How to Save a Marriage and Ruin Your Life Container 32.47   
Huckleberry Finn Container 33.1   
Hud Container 33.2   
Huk! Container 33.3   
The Huns Container 33.4   
Hurricane Smith Container 33.5   
The Hustler Container 33.6   
The Hypnotic Eye Container 33.7   
I Aim at the Stars Container 33.8   
I Bombed Pearl Harbor Container 33.9   
I Bury the Living Container 33.10   
I Died a Thousand Times Container 33.11   
I Escaped From Devil’s Island Container 33.12   
I Like Money Container 33.13   
I Love My Wife Container 33.14   
I Married a Monster From Outer Space Container 33.15   
I Need Container 33.16   
I Never Sang for my Father Container 33.17   
I Passed for White Container 33.18   
I Saw What You Did Container 33.19   
I Shot Billy the Kid Container 33.20   
I Thank a Fool Container 33.21   
I Want to Live! Container 33.22   
I Was a Communist for the F. B. I. Container 33.23   
I Was a Teenage Frankenstein Container 33.24   
I, A Woman, Part II Container 33.25   
I’d Rather Be Rich Container 33.26   
I’ll Cry Tomorrow Container 33.27   
Ice Station Zebra Container 33.28   
The Idol Container 33.29   
If Container 33.30   
The Illustrated Man Container 33.31   
Imitation of Life Container 33.32   
The Immoral Mr. Teas Container 33.33   
The Imperfect Lady Container 33.34   
The Impossible Years Container 33.35   
In Cold Blood Container 33.36   
In Enemy Country Container 33.37   
In Harm’s Way Container 33.38   
In Love and War Container 33.39   
In Search of Gregory Container 33.40   
In Search of Castaways Container 33.41   
In the French Style Container 33.42   
In the Cool of the Day Container 33.43   
In the Wake of a Stranger Container 33.44   
The In-Between Age Container 33.45   
Incident at Phantom Hill Container 34.1   
The Incredible Journey Container 34.2   
The Incredible Mr. Limpet Container 34.3   
The Incredible Petrified World Container 34.4   
The Incredible Sex Revolution Container 34.5   
Indian Paint Container 34.6   
Inferno Container 34.7   
Information Received Container 34.8   
Inherit the Wind Container 34.9   
The Innocents Container 34.10   
Inside Daisy Clover Container 34.11   
Inside the Mafia Container 34.12   
The Inspector General Container 34.13   
Intent to Kill Container 34.14   
Interstate Promotion – Books of Theatre Tickets Container 34.15   
Interstate Promotion – Buck Night $1.00 Container 34.16   
Invasion Quartet Container 34.17   
The Invisible Boy Container 34.18   
The Invisible Horror and Terror of the Mad Doctor Container 34.19   
Invisible Invaders Container 34.20   
Invitation to a Gunfighter Container 34.21   
The Ipcress File Container 34.22   
Irma la Douce Container 34.23   
Iron Man Container 34.24   
The Iron Mistress Container 34.25   
The Iron Petticoat Container 34.26   
Is Paris Burning? Container 34.27   
Island in the Sky Container 34.28   
Island in the Sun Container 34.29   
Island Women Container 34.30   
Islands of the Sea Container 34.31   
Istanbul Container 34.32   
It Came from Outer Space Container 34.33   
It Started in Naples Container 34.34   
It Takes All Kinds Container 34.35   
It! Container 34.36   
It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World Container 34.37   
It’s Only Money Container 34.38   
It’s Tough to be a Bird! Container 34.29   
The Italian Job Container 34.30   
Ivanhoe and Knights of the Round Table Container 34.31   
J. W. Coop Container 35.1   
Jack and the Beanstalk Container 35.2   
Jaguar Container 35.3   
Jailbreakers Container 35.4   
Jamaica Run Container 35.5   
Jamboree Container 35.6   
Jason and the Argonauts Container 35.7   
Jazzboat Container 35.8   
Jennie: Wife/Child Container 35.9   
Jenny Container 35.10   
Jeopardy Container 35.11   
Jeremy Container 35.12   
Jessica Container 35.13   
Jet Attack and Suicide Battalion Container 35.14   
Jet Storm Container 35.15   
Joe Container 35.16   
Joe Dakota Container 35.17   
Joe Hill Container 35.18   
Joe Kidd Container 35.19   
Joe Macbeth Container 35.20   
John and Julie Container 35.21   
John Goldfarb, Please Come Home Container 35.22   
John Paul Jones Container 35.23   
Johnny Cash – The Man, His World, His Music Container 35.24   
Johnny Concho Container 35.25   
Johnny Gunman Container 35.26   
Johnny Hamlet Container 35.27   
Johnny Reno Container 35.28   
Johnny Rocco Container 35.29   
Johnny Tiger Container 35.30   
Johnny Tremain Container 35.31   
Johnny Trouble Container 35.32   
The Joker is Wild Container 35.33   
Jonathan Livingston Seagull Container 35.34   
Journey to the Beginning of Time Container 35.35   
Journey to the Center of the Earth Container 35.36   
Journey to the Far Side of the Sun Container 35.37   
Journey to Freedom Container 35.38   
Journey to the Lost City Container 35.39   
Journey to the Seventh Planet Container 35.40   
Journey to Shiloh Container 35.41   
Joy in the Morning Container 35.42   
Jubal Container 35.43   
Juggernaut Container 35.44   
Juke Box Rhythm Container 35.45   
Juliet of the Sprits Container 35.46   
Julius Caesar Container 35.47   
Jump into Hell Container 35.48   
Jumping Jacks and Scared Stiff Container 35.49   
Jungle Cat Container 36.1   
Jungle Heat (three lobby cards) Container 36.2   
Jungle Man-Eater Container 36.3   
Jungle Moon Men Container 36.4   
Jungle Safari and Savage Fury Container 36.5   
Junior Bonner Container 36.6   
Jupiter’s Darling Container 36.7   
Just for Fun Container 36.8   
Just for You Container 36.9   
Justine Container 36.10   
Kaleidoscope Container 36.11   
Kelly and Me Container 36.12   
Kelly’s Heroes Container 36.13   
Kentucky Rifle Container 36.14   
Kenner Container 36.15   
Key Witness Container 36.16   
Khartoum Container 36.17   
Khyber Patrol Container 36.18   
Kid Dynamite Container 36.19   
Kid Rodelo Container 36.20   
Kidnapped Container 36.21-22   
Kill Baby Kill and Sound of Horror Container 36.23   
Kill or Cure and Trial and Error Container 36.24   
Killer Bait Container 36.25   
The Killer is Loose Container 36.26   
Killer Leopard Container 36.27   
The Killer Shrews and The Giant Gila Monster Container 36.28   
Killers of Kilimanjaro Container 36.29   
The Killers Container 36.30   
The Killing Game Container 36.31   
The Killing of Sister George Container 36.32   
The Killing Container 36.33   
Kimberly Jim Container 36.34   
King Kong and The Leopard Man Container 36.35   
King Kong Escapes Container 36.36   
King Kong vs. Godzilla Container 36.37   
King of the Grizzlies Container 36.38   
King of Hearts Container 36.39   
King of Kings Container 37.1-2   
King of Khyber Rifles Container 37.3   
King Rat Container 37.4   
King Solomon’s Mines Container 37.5   
Kingdom in the Clouds Container 37.6   
Kismet Container 37.7   
Kiss and Kill Container 37.8   
A Kiss Before Dying Container 37.9   
Kiss Me, Stupid Container 37.10   
Kiss of Fire Container 37.11   
Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die Container 37.12   
Kisses for my President Container 37.13   
Klute Container 37.14   
The Knack Container 37.15   
Knock on any Door Container 37.16   
Knock on Wood Container 37.17   
Knockers Up Container 37.18   
Kona Coast Container 37.19   
Konga Container 37.20   
Krakatoa, East of Java Container 37.21   
The Kremlin Letter Container 37.22   
Kronos Container 37.23   
The L-Shaped Room Container 37.24   
Lad: A Dog and The Adventures of the Road Runner Container 37.25   
The Ladies Man Container 37.26   
Ladies Who Do Container 37.27   
Lady and the Tramp and Almost Angels Container 37.28   
Lady in a Cage Container 37.29   
Lady in the Car with Glasses and a Gun Container 37.30   
Lady L Container 37.31   
Lady of Vengeance Container 37.32   
Lafayette Container 38.1   
Land of Fury Container 38.2   
Land Raiders Container 38.3   
The Landlord Container 38.4   
Las Vegas Hillbillys Container 38.5   
Las Vegas Shakedown Container 38.6   
Lassie Come Home Container 38.7   
Lassie in Hills of Home Container 38.8   
Lassie’s Great Adventures Container 38.9   
The Last Angry Man Container 38.10   
The Last Escape Container 38.11   
The Last Frontier Container 38.12   
The Last Grenade Container 38.13   
Last House on the Left Container 38.14   
Last of the Comanches Container 38.15   
Last of the Mobile Hot Shots Container 38.16   
Last of the Red Hot Lovers Container 38.17   
The Last of the Secret Agents? Container 38.18   
Last of the Vikings Container 38.19   
The Last Rebel Container 38.20   
The Last Run Container 38.21   
The Last Shot You Hear Container 38.22   
Last Summer Container 38.23   
Last Tango in Paris Container 38.24   
The Last Time I Saw Archie Container 38.25   
The Last Time I Saw Paris Container 38.26   
The Last Valley Container 38.27   
The Last Voyage Container 38.28   
The Last Wagon Container 38.29   
The Last Woman on Earth and The Pirate and the Slave Girl Container 38.30   
Latitude Zero Container 38.31   
Laughing Anne Container 38.32   
The Lavender Hill Mob Container 38.33   
The Law and Jake Wade Container 38.34   
The Law vs. Billy the Kid Container 38.35   
The Lawless Eighties Container 38.36   
A Lawless Street Container 38.37   
Lawman Container 38.38   
Lawrence of Arabia Container 38.39   
The Lawyer Container 38.40   
Le Mans Container 39.1   
The League of Gentlemen Container 39.2   
The Learning Tree Container 39.3   
Lease of Life Container 39.4   
The Leech Woman Container 39.5   
The Left Hand of God Container 39.6   
The Left Handed Gun Container 39.7   
The Legend of the Boy and the Eagle Container 39.8   
The Legend of Frenchie King Container 39.9   
The Legend of Hell House Container 39.10   
The Legend of Hillbilly John Container 39.11   
Legend of Horror and Diabolic Wedding Container 39.12   
Legend of the Lost Container 39.13   
The Legend of Nigger Charley Container 39.14   
The Legend of Tom Dooley Container 39.15   
Legions of the Nile Container 39.16   
The Leopard Container 39.17   
The Leopard Man Container 39.18   
A Lesson in Love Container 39.19   
Let’s Scare Jessica to Death Container 39.20   
Libel Container 39.21   
The Liberation of L. B. Jones Container 39.22   
Lt. Robin Crusoe, U.S.N. and Run, Appaloosa, Run! Container 39.23   
The Lieutenant Wore Skirts Container 39.24   
The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean Container 39.25   
Life Begins at 17 Container 39.26   
A Life of Her Own Container 39.27   
The Light at the Edge of the World Container 39.28   
The Light in the Forest Container 39.29   
Lili Container 39.30   
Lilies of the Field Container 39.31   
Lilith Container 39.32   
Limbo Container 39.33   
The Lion Container 39.34   
The Liquidator Container 39.35   
Lisa Container 39.36   
Lisbon Container 39.37   
The List of Adrian Messenger Container 39.38   
Little Big Horn Container 39.39   
Little Big Man Container 39.40   
Little Fauss and Big Halsey Container 39.41   
The Little Kidnappers Container 39.42   
The Little Nuns Container 39.43   
Little Red Riding Hood Container 39.44   
The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come Container 39.45   
The Little Shop of Horrors Container 39.46   
The Littlest Hobo Container 39.47   
Live and Let Die Container 40.1   
Live Fast, Die Young Container 40.2   
Live for Life Container 40.3   
Live Wires Container 40.4   
The Lively Set Container 40.5   
The Living Desert Container 40.6   
The Living Desert and The Vanishing Prairie Container 40.7   
The Living Idol Container 40.8   
Living It Up Container 40.9   
Lizzie Container 40.10   
Lonely are the Brave Container 40.11   
The Lonely Man Container 40.12   
Lonely Hearts Container 40.13   
The Long Day’s Dying Container 40.14   
Long Day’s Journey Into Night Container 40.15   
The Long Gray Line Container 40.16   
The Long Haul Container 40.17   
The Long, Hot Summer Container 40.18   
The Long, Long Trailer Container 40.19   
The Long Ships Container 40.20   
The Longest Day Container 40.21   
Look in Any Window Container 40.22   
Looking for Danger Container 40.23   
The Looking Glass War Container 40.24   
Loose in London Container 40.25   
Lord Jim Container 40.26   
Lord of the Flies Container 40.27   
Loser Takes All Container 40.28   
The Losers Container 40.29   
Loss of Innocence Container 40.30   
Lost Battalion Container 40.31   
Lost Command Container 40.32   
Lost Flight Container 40.33   
Lost Horizon Container 40.34   
Lost Lagoon Container 40.35   
The Lost Man Container 40.36   
The Lost Missile Container 40.37   
The Lost World of Sinbad Container 40.38   
Louisa Container 40.39   
Louisiana Hussy Container 40.40   
Love and Kisses Container 40.41   
The Love Bug Container 40.42   
Love Cycles Container 40.43   
The Love Doctors Container 40.44   
The Love God? Container 41.1   
Love Has Many Faces Container 41.2   
Love Is a Four Letter Word Container 41.3   
Love in a Goldfish Bowl Container 41.4   
Love Is a Ball Container 41.5   
Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing Container 41.6-7   
Love Is Better than Ever Container 41.8   
Love Is my Profession Container 41.9   
The Love Lottery Container 41.10   
Love Minus One Container 41.11   
Love on the Riviera Container 41.12   
Love Slaves of the Amazons Container 41.13   
Love Story Container 41.14   
The Lovers Container 41.15   
Lovers and Other Strangers Container 41.16   
The Loves of Isadora Container 41.17   
The Loves of Salammbo Container 41.18   
Loving Container 41.19   
Lucky Losers Container 41.20   
Lure of the Sila Container 41.21   
Lure of the Swamp Container 41.22   
Lust to Kill Container 41.23   
Lust Weekend Container 41.24   
The Lusty Men Container 41.25   
Ma and Pa Kettle at Home Container 41.26   
Ma and Pa Kettle at the Fair Container 41.27   
Ma and Pa Kettle at Waikiki Container 41.28   
Ma and Pa Kettle at the Farm Container 41.29   
Ma and Pa Kettle Go to Town Container 41.30   
Ma and Pa Kettle on Vacation Container 41.31   
Macabre Container 42.1   
Macbeth Container 42.2   
Machine Gun McCain Container 42.3   
Macho Callahan Container 42.4   
The Mackintosh Man Container 42.5   
Macon County Line Container 42.6   
Macumba Container 42.7   
Mad Doctor of Blood Island and Blood Demon Container 42.8   
Mad Dog Coll Container 42.9   
Mad Dogs Container 42.10   
The Mad Executioners Container 42.11   
The Mad Room Container 42.12   
Madame Container 42.13   
Madame Butterfly Container 42.14   
Madame X Container 42.15   
Mademoiselle Container 42.16   
Madison Avenue Container 42.17   
Madmen of Mandoras Container 42.18   
Madron Container 42.19   
The Madwoman of Chaillot Container 42.20   
Magic Boy Container 42.21   
The Magic Garden of Stanley Sweetheart Container 42.22   
The Magician Container 42.23   
The Magnetic Monster Container 42.24   
The Magnificent Matador Container 42.25   
The Magnificent Seven Container 42.26   
Magnificent Sinner Container 42.27   
The Magus Container 42.28   
Mail Order Bride Container 42.29   
The Main Attraction Container 42.30   
The Main Chance Container 42.31   
A Majority of One Container 42.32   
Make Haste to Live Container 42.33   
Make Mine Mink Container 42.34   
Make Way for Lila Container 42.35   
Malaga Container 42.36   
Malamondo Container 42.37   
The Maltese Bippy Container 42.38   
A Man Called Dagger Container 42.39   
The Man Called Flintstone Container 42.40   
A Man Called Gannon Container 42.41   
A Man Called Horse Container 42.42   
A Man Called Sledge Container 42.43   
A Man Could Get Killed Container 42.44   
A Man for All Seasons Container 42.45   
The Man from Button Willow Container 43.1   
The Man from the Diner’s Club Container 43.2   
Man from God’s Country Container 43.3   
The Man from Laramie Container 43.4   
The Man from Nowhere Container 43.5   
Man in the Dark Container 43.6   
Man in the Middle Container 43.7   
Man in the Moon Container 43.8   
The Man in the Net Container 43.9   
The Man in the Road Container 43.10   
Man in the Shadow Container 43.11   
Man in the Vault Container 43.12   
The Man in the White Suit Container 43.13   
The Man in the Wilderness Container 43.14   
The Man Inside Container 43.15-16   
The Man is Armed Container 43.17   
Man on Fire Container 43.18   
Man on the Prowl Container 43.19   
Man on a String Container 43.20   
Man on a Tightrope Container 43.21   
Man or Gun Container 43.22   
The Man Outside Container 43.23   
Man Trap Container 43.24   
The Man Who Could Cheat Death Container 43.25   
The Man Who Died Twice Container 43.26   
The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing Container 43.27   
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance Container 43.28   
The Man Who Understood Women Container 43.29   
Man with a Million Container 43.30   
The Man with the Golden Arm Container 43.31   
Man with the Gun Container 43.32   
The Man with the X-Ray Eyes Container 43.33   
The Man without a Body and Fright Container 43.34   
The Manchurian Candidate Container 43.35   
Manfish Container 43.36   
Manhunt of the Jungle Container 43.37   
The Maniac Container 43.38   
Maracaibo Container 44.1   
Marco the Magnificent! Container 44.2   
Marco Polo Container 44.3   
Mardi Gras Container 44.4   
Marines, Let’s Go! Container 44.5   
Marjorie Morningstar Container 44.6   
The Mark Container 44.7   
Marlowe Container 44.8   
Marnie Container 44.9   
Marooned Container 44.10   
Marriage on the Rocks Container 44.11   
The Marriage-Go-Round Container 44.12   
Marriage Italian Style Container 44.13   
Married Too Young Container 44.14   
Marry Me! Marry Me! Container 44.15   
The Marrying Kind Container 44.16   
Martin Luther Container 44.17   
Marty Container 44.18   
Mary Jane Container 44.19   
Mary Poppins Container 44.20   
Mary, Queen of Scots Container 44.21   
The Mask Container 44.22   
Masquerade Container 44.23   
Massacre Container 44.24   
Massacre Canyon Container 44.25   
Masters of the Congo Jungle Container 44.26   
The Mating Game Container 44.27   
Mating Time Container 44.28   
The Mating Urge Container 44.29   
A Matter of Innocence Container 44.30   
A Matter of Who Container 44.31   
The Maverick Queen Container 44.32   
Maya Container 44.33   
Mayerling Container 44.34   
McCabe & Mrs. Miller Container 44.35   
The McConnell Story Container 44.36   
McHale’s Navy Container 44.37   
McHale’s Navy Joins the Air Force Container 44.38   
The McKenzie Break Container 44.39   
McLintock Container 44.40   
McQ Container 44.41   
Me, Natalie Container 45.1   
The Mechanic Container 45.2   
Mediterranean Holiday Container 45.3   
Medium Cool Container 45.4   
Mein Kampf Container 45.5   
Menace in the Night Container 45.6   
The Mephisto Waltz Container 45.7   
The Mercenary Container 45.8   
Merrill’s Marauders Container 45.9   
Michael Strogoff Container 45.10   
Michael and Helga Container 45.11   
Midnight Cowboy Container 45.12   
The Midnight Story Container 45.13   
The Mighty Crusaders Container 45.14   
The Mighty Jungle Container 45.15   
Mighty Ursus Container 45.16   
The Mikado Container 45.17   
Mill of the Stone Women Container 45.18   
The Miller’s Beautiful Wife Container 45.19   
Minnesota Clay Container 45.20   
The Minotaur Container 45.21   
The Minx Container 45.22   
Miracle of Fatima Container 45.23   
Miracle of the White Stallions Container 45.24   
The Miracle Worker Container 45.25   
The Miracles of the Hills Container 45.26   
Mission Batangas Container 45.27   
Mission to Hell Container 45.28   
The Mississippi Gambler Container 45.29   
The Mississippi Gambler and Up Front Container 45.30   
The Missouri Traveler Container 45.31   
Mister Buddwing Container 45.32   
Mister Cory Container 45.33   
Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation Container 45.34   
Mr. Majestyk Container 45.35   
Mister Roberts Container 45.36   
Mister Rock and Roll Container 45.37   
Mr. Sardonicus Container 45.38   
Misty Container 45.39   
Model for Murder Container 46.1   
Model Shop Container 46.2   
Modesty Blaise Container 46.3   
The Moment of Truth Container 46.4   
Moment to Moment Container 46.5   
Mondo Cane Container 46.6   
Money from Home Container 46.7   
Monique Container 46.8   
The Monkey’s Uncle Container 46.9   
Monkeys, Go Home! Container 46.10   
The Monolith Monsters Container 46.11   
Monster from Green Hell Container 46.12   
Monster on the Campus Container 46.13   
Montana Belle Container 46.14   
The Monte Carlo Story Container 46.15   
Monte Walsh Container 46.16   
Monterey Pop Container 46.17   
Moon Pilot Container 46.18   
Moon Zero Two Container 46.19   
The Moon-Spinners Container 46.20   
Moonfleet Container 46.21   
Moonlighting Mistress and The Female Bunch Container 46.22   
More Dead than Alive and Impasse Container 46.23   
Morgan the Pirate Container 46.24   
Morituri Container 46.25   
Moro Witch Doctor Container 46.26   
Mothra Container 46.27   
Motorcycle Gang Container 46.28   
Moulin Rouge Container 46.29   
The Mountain Road Container 46.30   
The Mouse on the Moon Container 46.31   
The Mouse that Roared Container 46.32   
Move Container 46.33   
Movie Star, American Style or; LSD, I Hate You Container 46.34   
Mrs. Pollifax-Spy Container 46.35   
The Mugger Container 46.36   
Murder at the Gallop Container 46.37   
Murder by Contract Container 46.38   
Murder Clinic and Kill Baby Kill Container 46.39   
Murder is my Beat Container 46.40   
Murder Reported Container 46.41   
Murder, Inc. Container 46.42   
Murderer’s Row Container 46.43   
Murphy’s War Container 46.44   
Muscle Beach Party Container 47.1   
The Music Box Kid Container 47.2   
Music City U.S.A. Container 47.3   
The Music Lovers Container 47.4   
Musical Mutiny and Weekend Rebellion Container 47.5   
Mutiny Container 47.6   
My Blood Runs Cold Container 47.7   
My Fair Lady Container 47.8   
My Friend Irma Goes West Container 47.9   
My Man Godfrey Container 47.10   
My Pal Gus Container 47.11   
My Sister Eileen Container 47.12   
My Sister, My Love Container 47.13   
My Uncle Container 47.14   
My Wife’s Best Friend Container 47.15   
Myra Breckinridge Container 47.16   
Mysterious Island Container 47.17   
Mystery Submarine Container 47.18   
Naked Alibi Container 47.19   
The Naked and the Dead Container 47.20   
The Naked Dawn Container 47.21   
Naked Earth Container 47.22   
The Naked Edge Container 47.23   
Naked in the Sun Container 47.24   
The Naked Jungle and Elephant Walk Container 47.25   
The Naked Prey Container 47.26   
Naked Sea Container 47.27   
The Naked Street Container 47.28   
Naked Under Leather Container 47.29   
The Name of the Game is Kill Container 47.30   
Namu, the Killer Whale Container 47.31   
Nana, a French Coquette Container 47.32   
The Nanny Container 47.33   
Napoleon and Samantha Container 47.34   
Nashville Rebel Container 47.35   
The Natchez Trace Container 47.36   
Nature Girl and the Slaver Container 47.37   
Nature’s Secret of Life Container 47.38   
Nature’s Strangest Creatures Container 47.39   
The Naughty Girl Container 47.40   
Naughty New Orleans and Swamp Woman Container 47.41   
The Navy vs. the Night Monsters Container 47.42   
Nearly a Nasty Accident Container 48.1   
The Nebraskan Container 48.2   
Ned Kelly Container 48.3   
Neptune’s Daughter Container 48.4   
Nevada Container 48.5   
Nevada Smith Container 48.6   
The Nevadan Container 48.7   
Never Love a Stranger Container 48.8   
Never Put it in Writing Container 48.9   
Never Too Late Container 48.10   
New Faces Container 48.11   
A New Leaf Container 48.12   
New Orleans After Dark Container 48.13   
New York Confidential Container 48.14   
Next to Me Container 48.15   
A Nice Girl Like Me Container 48.16   
A Nice Little Bank that Should be Robbed Container 48.17   
Nicholas and Alexandra Container 48.18   
Night Ambush Container 48.19   
Night Creatures Container 48.20   
The Night Fighters Container 48.21   
Night Must Fall Container 48.22   
Night of Dark Shadows Container 48.23   
The Night of the Generals Container 48.24   
The Night of the Hunter Container 48.25   
The Night of the Quarter Moon Container 48.26   
The Night Runner Container 48.27   
The Night the World Exploded Container 48.28   
The Night They Killed Rasputin Container 48.29   
The Night They Raided Minsky’s Container 48.30   
Night Tide Container 48.31   
A Night to Remember Container 48.32   
Night Train to Paris Container 48.33   
Night Visitor Container 48.34   
The Night Walker Container 48.35   
Night Watch Container 48.36   
The Nightcomers Container 48.37   
Nightfall Container 48.38   
Nightmare Container 48.39-40   
The Nights of Lucretia Borgia Container 48.41   
Ninety-Nine Women Container 48.42   
No Blade of Grass Container 48.43   
No Drums, No Bugles Container 48.44   
No Holds Barred Container 48.45   
No Tears for the Damned Container 48.46   
No Time for Sergeants Container 48.47   
No Way to Treat a Lady Container 48.48   
Noah’s Ark Container 48.49-50   
None But the Brave Container 48.51   
Noose for a Gunman Container 48.52   
North to Alaska Container 48.53   
Not as a Stranger Container 49.1   
Not With my Wife, You Don’t Container 49.2   
Nothing but the Best Container 49.3   
The Notorious Mr. Monks Container 49.4   
Nowhere to Go Container 49.5   
The Nun and the Sergeant Container 49.6   
Nurses on Wheels Container 49.7   
O Lucky Man! Container 49.8   
Oasis Container 49.9   
Ocean’s 11 Container 49.10   
Odongo Container 49.11   
Of Love and Desire Container 49.12   
Oh, Men! Oh, Women! Container 49.13   
Okefenokee Container 49.14   
Oklahoma! Container 49.15   
Oklahoma Territory Container 49.16   
The Oklahoma Woman Container 49.17   
The Old Dark House Container 49.18   
The Oldest Profession Container 49.19   
Ole Rex Container 49.20   
Oliver Container 49.21   
The Omega Man Container 49.22   
On a Clear Day You Can See Forever Container 49.23   
On Any Sunday Container 49.24   
On My Way to the Crusades Container 49.25   
On the Double Container 49.26   
On the Threshold of Space Container 49.27   
Once a Thief Container 49.28   
Once Before I Die Container 49.29   
Once More, With Feeling! Container 49.30   
Once You Kiss a Stranger Container 49.31   
One Foot in Hell Container 49.32   
One Hundred and One Dalmatians Container 49.33   
One Man’s Way Container 49.34   
$1,000,000 Duck Container 49.35   
One Minute to Zero Container 49.36   
One More Time Container 49.37   
One Spy Too Many Container 49.38   
1,000 Convicts and a Woman! Container 49.39   
1001 Arabian Nights Container 49.40   
One Way Wahine Container 49.41   
Only the Cool Container 50.1   
Only When I Larf Container 50.2   
Operation Amsterdam Container 50.3   
Operation Bikini Container 50.4   
Operation Bottleneck Container 50.5   
Operation Camel Container 50.6   
Operation Crossbow Container 50.7   
Operation Eichmann! Container 50.8   
Operation Mad Ball Container 50.9   
Operation Pacific Container 50.10   
The Opposite Sex Container 50.11   
The Optimists Container 50.12   
Oregon Passage Container 50.13   
The Oregon Trail Container 50.14   
OSS 117: Mission For a Killer Container 50.15   
Othello Container 50.16   
Our Man in Havana Container 50.17   
Our Miss Brooks Container 50.18   
Our Very Own Container 50.19   
Out of It Container 50.20   
The Out-of-Towners Container 50.21   
Outback Container 50.22   
The Outcast Container 50.23   
Outcasts of Poker Flat Container 50.24   
Outcasts of the City Container 50.25   
The Outlaws Is Coming Container 50.26   
The Outrage Container 50.27   
The Outsider Container 50.28   
Over-Exposed Container 50.29   
The Owl and the Pussycat Container 50.30   
The Pace that Thrills Container 50.31   
The Pagans Container 50.32   
Paint Your Wagon Container 50.33   
Palaces of a Queen Container 50.34   
Panama Sal Container 50.35   
Pancho Villa Container 50.36   
Panda and the Magic Serpent Container 50.37   
Pandora and the Flying Dutchman Container 50.38   
Panic Button Container 50.39   
Paper Lion Container 51.1   
Paper Moon Container 51.2   
Papillon Container 51.3   
Paranoia Container 51.4   
Paratrooper Container 51.5   
The Parent Trap Container 51.6   
Paris Blues Container 51.7   
Paris When It Sizzles Container 51.8   
La Parisienne Container 51.9   
The Parson and the Outlaw Container 51.10   
The Party Container 51.11   
The Party Crashers Container 51.12   
Passage West Container 51.13   
Passion Holiday Container 51.14   
The Passion of Anna Container 51.15   
Passport to China Container 51.16   
A Patch of Blue Container 51.17   
Paths of Glory Container 51.18   
The Patsy Container 51.19   
Patterns Container 51.20   
Patton Container 51.21   
The Pawnbroker Container 51.22   
Pay or Die Container 51.23   
Payroll Container 51.24   
Peeping Tom Container 51.25   
Peking Express Container 51.26   
Pendulum Container 51.27   
The People Next Door Container 51.28   
Pepe Container 51.29   
Percy Container 51.30   
Performance Container 51.31   
Perri Container 51.32   
Pete Kelly’s Blues Container 51.33   
Peter Pan Container 51.34   
The Phantom Planet and Assignment-Outer Space Container 51.35   
The Phantom Stagecoach Container 51.36   
The Phantom Tollbooth Container 51.37   
The Pharaoh’s Woman Container 51.38   
The Phony American Container 51.39   
Pickup Alley Container 51.40   
Picnic Container 51.41   
Picture Mommy Dead Container 51.42   
Pieces of Dreams Container 51.43   
Pier 5, Havana Container 51.44   
The Pigeon that Took Rome Container 51.45   
Pillars of the Sky Container 51.46   
The Pink Panther and A Shot in the Dark Container 52.1   
Pinocchio Container 52.2   
Pinocchio in Outer Space Container 52.3   
Pirate and the Slave Girl Container 52.4   
The Pirate of the Black Hawk Container 52.5   
The Pirates of Blood River Container 52.6   
Pirates of Tortuga Container 52.7   
Pirates of Tripoli Container 52.8   
P. J. Container 52.9   
A Place for Lovers Container 52.10   
The Plainsman Container 52.11   
Planet of the Vampires Container 52.12   
Platinum High School Container 52.13   
Play Dirty Container 52.14   
The Playgirl and the War Minister Container 52.15   
Playmates Container 52.16   
Plaza Suite Container 52.17   
Please Murder Me! Container 52.18   
Please, Not Now! Container 52.19   
Please Turn Over Container 52.20   
Plunder Road Container 52.21   
The Plunderers Container 52.24