Edouard Dujardin, 1861-1949
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Scope and Contents
Item List
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Scope and Contents

The Edouard Dujardin Literary File consists of 70 photographic prints, including cabinet cards, cartes-de-viste, and various images of Dujardin, his family and friends, and his home. Identified subjects include Marie Dujardin, Andrée de Mora, Lony Bauen, and Valchangis. An index at the end of this guide lists photographers whose work is featured in this file. Further descriptions of some items are available in a card catalog in the repository.

See also the Carlton Lake Literary File, which includes an album containing 6 photographic prints of Edouard and Marie Dujardin's wedding party.

This file forms a part of the Literary File Collection, which is comprised of photographs and albums withdrawn from the libraries and/or papers of literary figures, and generally include portraits and images collected by or of those figures.

*All items are located at PH:LF:Dujardin, E.

Item List

Accession / P No. Description
P1Cabinet card portrait of Dujardin.
P2 Duplicate portrait of Dujardin (same image as P1).
P3Carte-de-visite of an unidentified bearded man wearing a monocle.
P4 Portrait of Dujardin.
P5 Snapshot of Dujardin inside an apartment or house.
P6Portrait of Dujardin (small).
P7Portrait of Dujardin (large, same image as P6, damaged).
P8 Snapshot of Dujardin at his desk in a bedroom lined with books. Inscribed on verso: "December 1945."
P15 Snapshot of Edouard Dujardin and his wife Marie Dujardin standing in front of an automobile.
P16 Snapshot of Edouard Dujardin and his wife Marie Dujardin sitting on a sofa.
P17Snapshot of Edouard Dujardin and his wife Marie Dujardin standing in a field with three unidentified people.
P18Large snapshot of Edouard Dujardin and his wife Marie Dujardin in Hungary with two unidentified people (perhaps at a conference in Hungary).
P19 Large snapshot of Edouard Dujardin and his wife Marie Dujardin with an unidentified woman in Hungary.
P20 Snapshot of Dujardin and an unidentified man standing in front of a house.
P21Snapshot of Dujardin and a woman, possibly his wife, sitting in a park; the woman is holding an infant.
P22Mounted snapshot of Dujardin having tea on a veranda with six unidentified people, possibly members of his family.
P23Snapshot of Dujardin with three unidentified people.
P24 Snapshot of Dujardin sitting at a dinner table with three unidentified women.
P25 Mounted snapshot of Dujardin sitting at a table on a veranda with several unidentified people.
P26 Mounted portrait of Aristide Marie's daughters: Odette Marie-Ponthus, Gisèle Marie, and Irène Marie.
P27 Mounted portrait of Marie Dujardin (?).
P28"Carte d'identité" for Marie Louise Henriette Chenou (Dujardin's wife; 7 March 1922).
P29Small portrait of Marie Dujardin.
P30Snapshot of Alphonsine Beau (?) standing in front of a house.
P31 Snapshot of an unidentified person sitting in a garden.
P32-P33Snapshots of an unidentified person standing near a wall in the country and in the forest (same person as in P31).
P34-P35Snapshots of Marie Dujardin sitting at a table outdoors with six unidentified people, [1929].
P36Signed snapshot of P. Fr. Bauen sitting at a table; unidentified woman standing. Inscribed on verso: "Souvenir du 20 juillet 1919; 'Sternen' à Muri, 9 heures soir, P. Fr. Bauen."
P37-P41Cabinet card portraits of Andrée de Mora, model for Lea d'Arsay in Les lauriers sont coupés.
P42Snapshot of two people sitting by the side of a dirt road in the country; verso signed by Maurice Wullens and Jeannette: "Pour ses bons amis Edouard Dujardin, Marie Dujardin, le bien sincere souvenir de Maurice Wullens, les respectueuses amitiés de Jeannette."
P43Mounted snapshot of an unidentified man standing in front of a house.
P44 Cabinet card portrait of an unidentified woman.
P45Mounted snapshot of two unidentified people: a man standing and a woman sitting in a meadow.
P46Mounted snapshot of five unidentified people: three women sitting and two children standing on a veranda (one woman is possibly Marie Dujardin).
P47 Snapshot of a man, possibly Dujardin, sitting at a desk.
P48Carte-de-visite of a woman, possibly Dujardin's aunt. Incribed on verso: "Dédié à l'amiable Mons. Edouard Dujardin par la vieille Tante [Touyhiedl], Leipz. 19 Octobre 1883."
P49-P50Cabinet card portraits of an unidentified young woman. Inscribed on verso of P49: "A Ebénezer, Souvenir de [Déruchette]."
P51 Small portrait of Lony Bauen.
P52-P61Photographs of Valchangis, Easter 1975.
P62 Mounted photograph of an unidentified office/study/library.
P63Photographic postcard of a house.
P64Photograph of a chandelier with measurements on verso.
P65-P66 Photographic reproductions of drawings of a room.
P67Photographic reproduction of a painting of an unidentified bearded man (same man as in P3).
P68Photographic reproduction of an unidentified man, inscribed on verso: "Lautrec."
P69 Photographic reproduction of a painting (portrait). Inscribed on verso: "Houston Stewart Chamberlain / [Gemiwe] von Franz Stassen / Foto Seibold, Bayreuth. Stamped on verso: Städt. Verkehrsamt Bayreuth."
P70Photographic reproduction of a painted portrait.

Index of Photographers

Bouillant, Paul--P62
Castéla, Léon--P3
Cautin & Berger--P49-P50
De Jongh, photographer--P70
Faissat, J.--P26
Foto Seibold--P69
Gras, Janie--P53-P61
Lear, photographer-- P37-P41
Morin, Anne-Catherine--P53-P61
Mulnier, Ferdinand J., b. 1825--P44
Nadar, Paul, 1856-1939--P6-P7, P29
Naumann, Alfred--P48
Testvérek, Gárdonyi--P18-P19
Waléry, fl. 1880s-1920s--P1

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