John Gawsworth, 1912-1970
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Scope and Contents
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Scope and Contents

The John Gawsworth Literary File consists of 42 photographic prints, most of which are portraits of various people, including one of Gawsworth (also known as Terence Ian Fytton Armstrong), three of his friend and associate M. P. Shiel, and several of Shiel's family members as well as the heir to his cottage, Patrick Miller. An index at the end of this guide lists photographers whose work is featured in this literary file. Further descriptions of some items are available in a card catalog in the repository.

This file forms a part of the Literary File Collection, which is comprised of photographs and albums withdrawn from the libraries and/or papers of literary figures, and generally include portraits and images collected by or of those figures.

*All items are located at PH:LF:Gawsworth, J.

Item List

Accession / P No. Description
P1Photographic postcard bust portrait of Gawsworth wearing a hat; inscribed on verso: "Mrs. Palmer, as ever, 'Fytton,' 6 Nov. 32, alias John Gawsworth"
P2 Bust portrait of Anthony M. Ludovici, signed and dated "19.12.28" by Ludovici
P3Cabinet card bust portrait of Matthew Arnold
P4-P5 Two similar snapshots of M. P. Shiel standing outdoors, Horsham, Sussex, 31 Aug. 1931
P6 Cabinet card portrait of "Ada Phipps Nellie Seward," the illegitimate daughter of M. P. Shiel and Nellie Seward, as an infant
P7Carte-de-visite full-length portrait of "MPS's [i.e., M. P. Shiel's] sister Augusta (Gussie) [Shiel Horsford]"
P8Vignetted bust portrait of M. P. Shiel's niece, Kathleen; inscribed on verso: "Toujours à toi, Kathleen"
P9Vignetted bust portrait (small, faded) of "Salva, sister of MPS [i.e., M. P. Shiel's] first wife," Carolina Garcia Gomez
P10Portrait of "T. [Thomas] Patrick Miller, 9 1/2 mos. old," (son of M. P. Shiel's American friend Anne Marie Gross Miller and heir to Shiel's cottage) seated outdoors on a bench next to a toy horse
P11Snapshot of "Patrick Dunleigh Miller, 2 1/2 years, May 8, 1936," seated on a house stoop
P12Bust portrait (heavily stained) of "Patrick Miller, 4 years old"
P13 Portrait (moderately stained) of "Thomas Patrick Miller, December, 1938"
P14Portrait of Patrick Miller seated indoors on a bench in front of a framed photograph of M. P. Shiel, circa 1938
P15Full-length portrait of Walter Owen, Gawsworth's editor, seated outdoors on a bench; inscribed on mount recto: "Wishing you a Happy New Year, W. Owen;" inscribed on mount verso: "To His Gracious Majesty King Philip the First of Redonda"
P16 Carte-de-visite half-length portrait of Annie Besant
P17Carte-de-visite three-quarter length portrait of Catherine Burke
P18 Carte-de-visite vignetted portrait of C. P. Chambers
P19Snapshot of Edmund Blunden and (his?) dog "at Cleave's [School], Yalding, Kent, in the summer of 1931"
P20Bust portrait of Hamish Maclaren in uniform; inscribed on recto: "John, from Harry, March 1938"
P21Bust portrait of Hamish Maclaren in civilian clothes; inscribed on recto: "Hamish Maclaren & J.G. [illegible];" inscribed on verso: "John from Harry"
P22 Bust portrait of Hamish Maclaren in civilian clothes (different image from P21); inscribed on recto: "at the demand of John Gawsworth Esq., signed Hamish Maclaren, 13.12.52;" inscribed on verso: "John [illegible] the object on the other side"
P23Cabinet card group portrait of Edgar Jepson (with dog) and seven other men, seated and standing on a pile of rubble, Barbados
P24News photograph of Douglas Hyde and an unidentified man, standing on the steps of a building, 1939
P25Photographic postcard portrait of Kenneth Hare in uniform, signed on recto: "Yours ever, K. H."
P26Photographic reproduction of a painting of Romualdo Pantini.
P27 Photographic postcard half-length portrait of "Romualdo Pantini [in uniform], Bologna, 1917"
P28 Photographic postcard bust portrait of "Romualdo Pantini [in uniform], 1918"
P29 Carte-de-visite portrait of an unidentified woman
P30 Hand-colored carte-de-visite portrait of an unidentified woman
P31Portrait of an unidentified man, inscribed on verso: "A friend of Gaws"
P32 Left profile bust portrait of an unidentified man
P33 Group portrait of an unidentified wedding party
P34 Snapshot of an unidentified woman lying in the grass
P35Snapshot of an unidentified couple
P36Snapshot of an unidentified family (a man, a woman, and two small children), seated outdoors by a stone wall
P37Snapshot of a tabby cat lying in the grass
P38 Photograph of a paint horse, 1938
P39Photographic reproduction of a streetscape painting by David Tirdle, 1954; inscribed on verso: "To John G. [i.e., Gawsworth], who knows this place. David"
P40 Photographic postcard of a painting of a pirate; inscribed on recto: "To John Gawsworth from E. H. Visiak"
P41 Right three-quarter profile bust portrait of M. P. Shiel; inscribed on recto: "F. A. from M. P. Shiel"
999:0036:0001 Halftone reproduction of an inscribed drawing by Helen M. G. Wilson of F. Britten Austin

Index of Photographers

Bell, Lionel R.--P39
Berkeley Studios--P14
Elliott and Fry--P3
Gawsworth, John, 1912-1970--P4-P5, P19
Greenway Bros.--P6
Irish Times, Ltd. (Dublin, Ireland)--P24
Le Dernier Cri--P22
Leo, J. V. S.--P10
Loeser, Frederick--P13
Lyon, C. C.--P17, P30
Rees, Pitcher & Co.--P29
Swaine, F. A.--P2

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