Alice Corbin Henderson, 1881-1949
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Scope and Contents
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Scope and Contents

The Alice Corbin Henderson Literary File consists of 199 photographs (188 photographic prints, 4 tintypes, 1 glass negative, and 6 nitrate negatives), many of which are portraits of Henderson, members of her family, and various friends and associates, including Harriet Tilden Brainerd, Witter Bynner, Robert Hunt, Mabel Dodge Luhan, and Carl Sandburg. An index at the end of this guide lists photographers whose work is featured in this file.

This file forms a part of the Literary File Collection, which is comprised of photographs and albums withdrawn from the libraries and/or papers of literary figures, and generally include portraits and images collected by or of those figures.

*Items are located at PH:LF:Henderson, A.C., Box, unless otherwise indicated.

Item List

Container             Accession / P No.     Description
*988:0119:0001-0010 Portraits of Henderson, circa 1885-1900.
*988:0119:0011-0014 Portraits of Lula Carradine Corbin (Henderson's mother).
*988:0119:0015 Tintype of Henderson at about age 10.
*988:0119:0016 Tintype of Rosa Dunham, 1892.
*988:0119:0017-0034 Portrait proofs of Henderson; accompanied by an envelope with Ansel Adams' return address, postmarked 1929.
* 988:0119:0035-0043Portraits of Kate Brockenbrough and Sallie Ball, Rev. Beverly Carradine, J. G. Alinne(?), Margaret Corbin, Jack Richardson, and Alice Mallory Richardson (Henderson's relatives).
*988:0119:0044-0049 Photographs of Henderson's cousins at Lake Bluff and Cobb's Island; the ruins of St. Johns; the Church of Virginia Beach; Alice and Samuel Richardson.
*988:0119:0050-0054 Portraits of Alice and Samuel Richardson.
*988:0119:0055 Invitation to the 20th Wedding Anniversary party of Samuel H. Richardson and Alice W. Mallory on a rectangular porcelain plate with a photographic portrait of them adhered to it; accompanied by a non-photographic invitation for their 15th Wedding Anniversary.
* 988:0119:0056-0058Portraits of Harriet Tilden Brainerd (Mrs. William Vaughn Moody).
* 988:0119:0059Tintype of Harriet Tilden Brainerd (Mrs. William Vaughn Moody) and two unidentified men.
*988:0119:0060 Tintype of Harriet Tilden Brainerd (Mrs. William Vaughn Moody).
*988:0119:0062-0063 Cartes-de-visite of Mary Brockenbrough and Charles O'Connor Mallory (Henderson's cousins) as young children.
* 988:0119:0064-0067Snapshots of unidentified people (988:0119:0067 is a cyanotype); accompanied by an envelope inscribed: "Could be Sherrill, Rudolphe --?"
* 988:0119:0068Group portrait at Lake Bluff.
* 988:0119:0069-0073Snapshots including Henderson and others.
*988:0119:0074-0077 Snapshots of Carl Sandburg in Santa Fe, N.M., 1921 and 1922.
*988:0119:0078-0080 Small snapshots of Erwin Furman, Glenway Wescott, and Hardin Masters.
*988:0119:0082 Photographic Christmas card from Natalie, Nancy, Letitia and Alice [Evans] at El Cuervo Ranch; accompanied by an envelope addressed to Mrs. F. M. Corbin, Kansas City, Mo., postmarked Santa Fe, N.M., 1933.
* 988:0119:0083Photograph of Henderson posing with Tesuque Indians, Santa Fe, N.M.
* 988:0119:0084-0088Portraits of Carl Sandburg.
* 988:0119:0092Photographs of Carl Sandburg posing for his bust sculpture with the sculptor (Jo Davidson) at work, 1939; one original print (signed presentation from Davidson to Henderson) and three copies.
*988:0119:0096-0100 Portraits of Witter Bynner and Robert Hunt.
*988:0119:0101-0107 Photographic prints of "Davidson's Heads" (four images of a bust sculpture of Henderson[?], two of a bust sculpture of John Evans, and one of Evans and Jo Davidson posing with Evans' bust sculpture); from nitrate negatives (see 988:0119:0108-0112).
*988:0119:0113-0118 Portraits of Henderson, circa 1890-1920.
*988:0119:0119-0128 Nine portrait proofs of Henderson from two different sittings and one of an unidentified man (William P. Henderson?). Also, an unrelated newspaper clipping on Brown Lung and cotton dust in textile mills, with a handwritten notation to Alice (Corbin Henderson?) from Robert (Hunt?).
* 988:0119:0129-0140Snapshots of a picnic, including men, children, and an elderly woman.
* 988:0119:0141-0147Miscellaneous unidentified snapshots.
* 988:0119:0148-0151Photographic postcards of the Arizona Biltmore hotel in Phoenix, and one group portrait (unidentified location; subjects partially identified on verso: "Surgeon Gen. Blue, Sir John Jordan, Congressman Porter, Mrs. Hamilton Wright, CHB, and E.L. Neville").
*988:0119:0152-0170 Snapshots of the Arizona Biltmore hotel in Phoenix, some kind of trail ride or stage coach re-enactment, and an unidentified young man with a horse.
*988:0119:0171-0190 Copy prints of Mabel Dodge Luhan's family photographs (parents Charles and Mrs. Ganson, first husband Karl Evans, second husband Edward S. Dodge, son John Ganson Evans, and the Dodges' villa in Florence, Italy); inscriptions transcribed to verso of copy prints (most attributed to "MFGA").
* 988:0119:0191-0196Mabel Dodge Luhan's family photographs (Mrs. Ganson, John Evans, and Mabel Ganson); accompanied by a handwritten transcription of a poem by Arthur Guiterman and a typed letter, signed, and dated 1957, from Samuel R. Campbell, regarding the disposition of Mrs. Edgar L. Rossin's photographs.
*988:0119:0197-0203 Exterior and interior views of the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Evans, Buffalo, N.Y.
* 997:0079:0001Photographic postcard of a girl (Alice C. Henderson?) posing with a cat.
* 998:0018:0001View of the Cathedral of St. Francis of Assisi, Santa Fe, N.M.
PH:FC-01:DR-03 988:0119:0061Glass negative of Harriet Tilden Brainerd (Mrs. William Vaughn Moody).
NV:LF Boxes988:0119:0081Nitrate negative; accompanied by envelope with return address of Valentine Photographs, Taos, N.M., with handwritten note in first hand: "Mable House / Negative"; and "Spud Johnson" written in second hand.
NV:LF Boxes 988:0119:0108-0112Nitrate negatives of "Davidson's Heads" (see 988:0119:0101-0107 for contact prints).

Index of Photographers

Abbott, R. R., 1847-1888--988:0119:0058
Adams, Ansel, 1902- --988:0119:0017-0034
Alland, Alexander--988:0119:0092
Brand, E. L. (Edwin L.)--988:0119:0041
Buehrmann, Elizabeth, 1886-1962--988:0119:0088, 0118
Farsari & Co.--988:0119:0038
Fenn, Albert--988:0119:0083
Genelli Studio--988:0119:0001
Godfrey, William, fl. ca. 1890s--988:0119:0010
Hall, photographer--988:0119:0191
Hare, commercial photographer--988:0119:0101-0112, 0197-0203
Harrison (Chicago, Ill.)--988:0119:0002, 0113-0114
Harrison (Far Rockaway, N.Y.)--997:0079:0001
Larrabee, W. F. (William F.), b. 1841--988:0119:0045
Mosher, C. D. (Charles Delevan), 1829-1897--988:0119:0042-0043
Norman, Henry C., 1850-1913--988:0119:0037
Platz, Max--988:0119:0056
Richmond Photograph Co.--988:0119:0062
Scholten, J. A. (John A.), 1829-1886--988:0119:0011-0013, 0040, 0050-0051, 0053-0054
Sipprell, Francis J. (Francis James), 1878-1958--988:0119:0194
Smith, R. C., photographer--988:0119:0097
Taylor, J. H., photographer--988:0119:0084-0085
Thomson, D. P., fl. ca. 1870s-1880s--988:0119:0039
Van Vechten, Carl, 1880-1964--988:0119:0098-0100
Walter's Art Gallery (Norfolk, Va.)--988:0119:0063
Weber, photographer--988:0119:0192-0193
Wolcott, Frank, photographer--988:0119:0117

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