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Scope and Contents

The Joseph Hergesheimer Literary File consists of 179 items (123 loose photographic prints and 56 photographic prints in one album), many of which are portraits of Hergesheimer, both alone and with others. An index at the end of this guide lists identified photographers whose work is featured in this file. Further descriptions of some items are available in a card catalog in the repository.

This file forms a part of the Literary File Collection, which is comprised of photographs and albums withdrawn from the libraries and/or papers of literary figures, and generally include portraits and images collected by or of those figures.

*Items are located at PH:LF:Hergesheimer, J., Box 1, unless otherwise indicated.

Item List

Container Accession / P No.  Description
*P1 Cabinet card portrait of Hergesheimer at age 10, leaning on a rail fence.
*P2 Mounted portrait of Hergesheimer as a teenager, standing in a country road.
*P3 Snapshot of Hergesheimer at 25.
*P4 Cropped photographic postcard of Hergesheimer in Chelsea, N.J., with a cane under his arm, circa 1910.
*P5-P7 Portraits of Hergesheimer.
*P8-P9 Portraits of Hergesheimer with a golf iron, at Southern Pines, N.C.
*P10 Snapshot of Hergesheimer (at Southern Pines, N.C.?).
*P11Portrait of Hergesheimer holding a large fish, in Longport, N.J.
* P12-P14Portraits of Hergesheimer in Cuba.
*P15 Portrait of Hergesheimer reflected in the shards of a broken mirror.
*P16-P18, P19A-P19B, P20A-P20C, P21A-P21DPortraits of Hergesheimer.
*P22 Snapshot of Hergesheimer from the rear, carrying a backpack, while on a walking trip in Virginia.
*P23-P27 5 snapshots of Hergesheimer at Dower House, his residence in West Chester, Penn.
* P28Snapshot of Hergesheimer (at Dower House?).
*P29 Photographic postcard of Hergesheimer seated at a table on the S.S. Bremen (see also P42 and P63).
*P30A-P30B Portrait of Hergesheimer at home in Palm Beach, seated on the patio with his dog, 1930 (P30B is a sepia tone enlargement of P30A).
*P31-P32 Portraits of Hergesheimer.
*P33Photographic reproduction of a drawing of Hergesheimer.
* P34Snapshot of the Hergesheimers on their wedding day; inscribed on the verso: "Dreadful: but it still is our wedding picture."
*P35 Photographic reproduction of a painting of the Hergesheimers.
*P36 Photographic postcard of the Hergesheimers, James Arden Harriman, and his doctor in Paris, 1908 (Hergesheimer on right).
*P37Mounted portrait of the Hergesheimers and a friend, 1909 (inscription on verso in German).
*P38 Snapshot of the Hergesheimers and Richard Barthelmess (Hergesheimer on left) in Virginia, during the filming of Tol'able David, circa 1922 (see also P75).
*P39 Snapshot of the Hergesheimers with Bertha Cone.
*P40Faded snapshot of the Hergesheimers, Douglas Fairbanks, Charlie Chaplin, and Frank Cone (Hergesheimer on left, Cone on right).
*P41 Snapshot of the Hergesheimers, Richard Barthelmess, and Frank Cone (Hergesheimer on right).
* P42Photographic postcard of the Hergesheimers with an unidentified man, seated at a table (Hergesheimer on right) on the S.S. Bremen (see also P29 and P63).
* P43-P44Photographic prints of the Hergesheimers in Nassau (Bahamas) seated in a boat (P43) and standing on a dock with the boat captain (P44).
*P45 Snapshot of the Hergesheimers with an unidentified man (Hergesheimer on left) (same as 997:0105:0613).
*P46Snapshot of Hergesheimer with Bertha Cone, standing in the yard of Dower House.
*P47 Snapshot of Hergesheimer with Richard Barthelmess and Frank Cone (Hergesheimer in center).
*P48 Snapshot of Hergesheimer and Hugh Kahler(?), standing on a porch at Southern Pines, N.C. (Hergesheimer on left).
* P49Snapshot of Hergesheimer and Hugh Walpole seated, with Hergesheimer's arm around Walpole's shoulders, taken in West Chester, Pa.
*P50 Group portrait with Hergesheimer in center behind the cake, taken at a party for him in Hollywood; others identified on verso as: Henry Mencken, John Hemphill, Jim Knirk, May Allinson, Walter Wanger, Helen Cluff, John Emerson, Aileen Pringle, and Anita Loore.
*P51 Photographic print of Hergesheimer with Jock and Evalyn McLean seated on a bench in New York (Hergesheimer on left).
*P52-P53Photographic prints of Hergesheimer and Huntington Cairns at Kitty Hawk, N.C. (P52: Cairns standing and Hergesheimer reclining; P53: on beach with unidentified man, Hergesheimer on right).
*P54 Matted portrait of Hergesheimer and Lillian Gish at a costume party.
*P55-P56 Snapshots of Hergesheimer alone (P55) and with Huntington Cairns (P56; same as 997:0105:0615), May 1954.
* P57Group portrait of Hergesheimer's boyhood school class.
* P58-P647 miscellaneous snapshots and portraits of Hergesheimer with unidentified companions.
*P65 Photographic print of Hergesheimer and Evelyn McLean at "Friendship" banquet in Washington (D.C.?).
*P66 Carte-de-visite of George Hergesheimer (Hergesheimer's paternal grandfather).
*P67-P68 Two variant cabinet card portraits of Thomas MacKellar (Hergesheimer's maternal grandfather), each identified on verso.
*P69 Cabinet card portrait of Joseph Hergesheimer (father of the author).
*P70 Snapshot of Joseph Hergesheimer (father of the author) with a dog.
*P71 Photographic print of Samuel Hendrickson (Hergesheimer's best man at his wedding) in a horse-drawn carriage.
* P72Portrait of Peter Thys (?), Hollywood, 1945.
*P73 Group portrait of unidentified men, women, and children on the porch and steps of a house (Hergesheimer's extended family, taken when he was a boy?).
*P74 Still photograph from the (English?) film production of The Bright Shawl.
* P75A-P75G7 snapshots taken in Virginia during the filming of Tol'able David (see also P38).
PH:LF:Hergesheimer, J., Box 2P77 Snapshot of a window display of the "original bright shawl" which figures in Hergesheimer's novel The Bright Shawl.
PH:LF:Hergesheimer, J., Box 2P87-P108 22 interior and exterior views of buildings and other photographic prints pertaining to Salem, Mass., used for Hergesheimer's novel Java Head.
PH:LF:Hergesheimer, J., Box 2P109-P112 4 views of "Woodnest," residence of Thomas Mackellar (Hergesheimer's maternal grandfather); includes two cabinet cards (P111-P112).
PH:LF:Hergesheimer, J., Box 2P113 Snapshop of the Hergesheimer home in Chelsea, N.J., viewed from the street; unidentified man and woman seated on the front steps.
PH:LF:Hergesheimer, J., Box 2P114A-P114D Bust portrait of Hergesheimer as a middle-aged man (4 identical prints).
PH:LF:Hergesheimer, J., Box 2 997:0105:0613Snapshot of the Hergesheimers and an unidentified man (same as P45).
PH:LF:Hergesheimer, J., Box 2 997:0105:0614Portrait of Hergesheimer.
PH:LF:Hergesheimer, J., Box 2 997:0105:0615 Snapshot of Hergesheimer with Huntington Cairns (same as P56).
PH:LF:Albums:Hergesheimer [was P114]Black album containing 56 photographic prints of Dower House, Hergesheimer's residence in West Chester, Penn.

Index of Photographers

Associated Press--P74
Belt, Joseph W. (West Chester, Pa.)--P114A-P114D
Brooks (Philadelphia, Pa.)--P110
Eddy's Studio--P8-P9
El Morocco (New York, N.Y.)--P51
Freeman, M. D.--P7
Gutekunst, Frederick, 1831-1917--P67-P68
Hinkle, D. (David), fl. 1860s-1890s--P1
Hoppé, E. O. (Emil Otto), 1878-1972--P17
Mitchell, J. S. (John S.), b. 1845--P69
Monarch (Philadelphia, Pa.)--P59
Muray, Nickolas, 1892-1965--P20A-P20C, P21A-P21D
Northend, Mary Harrod, b. 1850--P88, P94, P96-P99, P102, P105, P107
Phyfe, Hal--P18, P19A-P19B, P65; 997:0105:0614
Rehn & Hurn--P66
Webb, Paul, photographer--P44

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