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Scope and Contents
Item List
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Scope and Contents

The James F. Drake, Inc. Literary File consists of 35 photographs, including several cabinet cards and cartes-de-visite, and six diacetate or nitrate negatives. The firm of James F. Drake, Inc. was established in 1911 by James Frederick Drake (1863-1933) for the sale of rare books and manuscripts. The bulk of the images in the file are portraits of various people, including John Burroughs, Bret Harte, Henry Irving, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, James Russell Lowell, and Mark Twain. An index at the end of this guide lists photographers whose work is featured in this file.

This file forms a part of the Literary File Collection, which is comprised of photographs and albums withdrawn from the libraries and/or papers of literary figures, and generally include portraits and images collected by or of those figures.

*Items are located at PH:LF:James F. Drake, Inc., unless otherwise noted.

Item List

Container Accession / P No.     Description
*P1 Interior of a room (Arents' Tobacco Collection in New York Public Library); signed presentation copy "To James H. Drake from George Arents, 6/14/50."
*957:0002:0001 Portrait of Mark Twain.
* 957:0002:0002Portrait (cabinet card) of Mark Twain.
* 957:0002:0003Portrait of John Burroughs.
*957:0002:0004 Portrait (cabinet card) of Henry W[adsworth] Longfellow.
*957:0002:0005 Portrait (cabinet card, autographed) of James Russell Lowell.
*957:0002:0006 Portrait (cabinet card) of Frank R. Stockton.
*957:0002:0007 Portrait (carte-de-visite) of Henry Irving.
*957:0002:0008 Snapshot of an unidentified man (Drake?) in a library or bookstore.
*957:0002:0009 Portrait of Bret Harte.
* 957:0002:0010Portrait of Francis Wilson, American actor.
* 957:0002:0011Portrait (cabinet card) of an unidentified woman.
* 957:0002:0012Portrait (cabinet card) of Adelina Patti, 1882.
* 957:0002:0013Portrait (carte-de-visite) of Sir John Barrow.
* 957:0002:0014View of the birthplace of Sir John Barrow.
* 957:0002:0015Snapshot of John L. Hines, John J. Pershing, and Joseph T. Dickman, March 14th, 1919.
* 957:0002:0016Portrait (autographed) of Alfred E. Smith.
* 957:0002:0017Portrait (cabinet card, autographed) of Rutherford B. Hayes, 1883.
* 957:0002:0018Portrait (unmounted carte-de-visite) of Jules Michelet.
* 957:0002:0019Portrait (unmounted, cropped carte-de-visite) of Ernst Curtius.
* 957:0002:0020-0027Portraits (unmounted cartes-de-visite) of unidentified men.
* 957:0029:0001Image of window display of books by John Carter.
NV:LF Boxes 997:0105:0420-0425Six badly degraded, diacetate or nitrate negatives.

Index of Photographers

Bogardus, A. (Abraham), 1822-1908--957:0002:0017
Dickinson Bros. & Foster--957:0002:0005
Elliott and Fry (Firm)--957:0002:0007
Hoffert, W., fl. ca. 1880s-1890s--957:0002:0011
Mill, Ernst H.--957:0002:0001
Pach Brothers--957:0002:0003
Parker, Charles, fl. ca. 1880s--957:0002:0006
Sarony, Napoleon, 1821-1896--957:0002:0012
Warren's Portraits--957:0002:0004

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