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Walter Willard Johnson, 1897-1968
Literary File, Photography Collection

1,619 items (15 boxes)

Acquisition: Internal transfers
Access: Open for research
Processed by: Mary Foster, 2006
RLIN Record ID: None

Table of Contents

Scope and Contents
Item List
Index of Photographers

Scope and Contents

The Walter Willard (Spud) Johnson Literary File contains 1,619 items (1,369 photographic prints and safety negatives, and 250 nitrate negatives). Images include portraits and snapshots of Johnson both alone and with many of his friends and associates, some of whom are unidentified. Further descriptions of some items are available in a card catalog in the repository.

Additional images pertaining to Johnson can be found in the Literary Files of: Dorothy Brett, Witter Bynner, Robinson Jeffers, D.H. Lawrence, Haniel Long, Mabel Dodge Luhan, Eliot Porter, and Adlai E. Stevenson.

This file forms a part of the Literary File Collection, which is comprised of photographs and albums withdrawn from the libraries and/or papers of literary figures, and generally include portraits and images collected by or of those figures.

Item List

Container Accession / P No. Description
PH:LF:Johnson, W.W., Box 1 P9, P13, P17, P21-P77DPhotographs of Johnson, except P17 which is of Cornelia Otis Skinner.
PH:LF:Johnson, W.W., Box 2P78-P121A Photographs of Johnson.
PH:LF:Johnson, W.W., Box 3P121B-P182B Photographs of Johnson (P121B-P146); photographs of Johnson with others including Hal Binner, D.H. Lawrence, Mrs. Wellington, Mrs. Sterne, Idella Purnell Stone, Lee Faron, Dorothy Brett, Becky James, Ruth Swaine, Ted Cabot, Chris Schwarzenbach, Francis Crone, Angelo Ravagli, Belle McCausland, Mrs. Art Noble, Mrs. Charles Reynolds, Leona Kahl, Winnie Berninghaus, Barbara Sherman, Dick Dicus, Gertrude and Ralph Casey, Mario Larrinaga, Al Rosen, Romon Dernardy, Ray Deueaux, Margot Grainger, Dick Grainger, and Art Merrill (P147-P182B).
PH:LF:Johnson, W.W., Box 4 P183A-P240Photographs of Johnson with various unidentified people.
PH:LF:Johnson, W.W., Box 5P241-P291Photographs of Johnson with various unidentified people (P241-P244) and with a German Shepherd dog (P245); individual portrait photographs of Johnson痴 friends and associates, including: Senator Clinton P. Anderson, Juan Arenas, Bobby Berg, W. S. Bill, Dorothy Brett, Bobby Bright痴 daughter, Witter Bynner, Senator Dennis Chavez, Judson Crews, Andrew Dasburg, W. Ely, Lee Faron, Tsya Feshina, Joe Foster, Ted Egris, Sally Gillespie, John Goldmark, Bob Gribbock, Mrs. Hughes, Gen. Patrick J. Hurley, Inez Haynes Irwin, Lucius Kutchin, Joel Lacy, Mabel Dodge Luhan, Loren Mosley, Bob Murray, Orlando Ortiz, Ralph Paden, Otto Pitche, Juan Sedillo, Juan Silveti, Felix Valdez, Caroline Van Rensselaer, Gen. Francisco "Pancho" Villa (postcard), John Vos, Maj. Gen. Stephen Watts, Mrs. Wellington, and Dr. Victor J. Westphall (P246-P291).
PH:LF:Johnson, W.W., Box 6 P292-P358EPhotographs of individuals identified by one name only (P292-P299); photographs of two or more people, some identified, including Gilbert Archuleta, Dennis Herrera, Fred Bacc, Tom and Dorothy Benrimo, O.G. and Winnie Berninghaus, Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett (postcards), Hal Binner with Patricio and Raphael, Dorothy Brett (P306-P307), Ted Cabot (P308-P313), Lee Faron (P317-P318), Orlando Garcia, Panky Romero, Leo Martinez, Raul Miera, Ricky Garcia, Suzie and Terry Golden, Robinson Jeffers and Albert Bender (P321), Eleanore Kissel with Dorothy Brett and Luther Cook (P322), Gordon Lacy (P323-P324), D.H. Lawrence (P325-P326), Frieda Lawrence and Dorothy Brett (P327A-P327B), Frieda Lawrence and others (P328-P329), Mabel Luhan (P330, negative only), Art Noble and Bud Romney, Tony Salazar, Felix Valdez, and Cruz Truyillo.
PH:LF:Johnson, W.W., Box 7P359A-P399 Photographic prints and negatives of various unidentified or partially identified people.
PH:LF:Johnson, W.W., Box 8 P400-P465IPhotographic prints and negatives of various unidentified men.
PH:LF:Johnson, W.W., Box 9 P466A-P545EPhotographic prints and negatives of various unidentified men and women.
PH:LF:Johnson, W.W., Box 10P546A-P639B Photographic prints and negatives of unidentified men, women, and children.
PH:LF:Johnson, W.W., Box 11 P640-P744BPhotographic prints and negatives of: unidentified children, some with adults (P640-P665), people, places, things, and events related to The Horse Fly and El Crepusculo, a Taos, N.M., periodical (P666-P734), and views of Johnson痴 house (P735-P744B).
PH:LF:Johnson, W.W., Box 12P745A-P789 Photographic views of Johnson痴 house (P745-P772AB),and various ranches, including the Lawrence ranch (P773-P774) and the Luhan ranch (P777A-P777D).
PH:LF:Johnson, W.W., Box 13 P790A-P840Photographs of: unidentified homes and ranches (P790A-P797B); various churches, missions, and cathedrals (P798-P827); native American houses near Taos, N.M. (P828-P838B); an art Gallery in Taos, N.M. (P839A-P839C); and an archway in Mexico (P840).
PH:LF:Johnson, W.W., Box 14 P841A-P876HPhotographs of miscellaneous scenes in Taos, N.M., and Mexico, including a parade featuring "Laughing Horse," and snapshots from a Dorothy McGuire movie set in Taos.
PH:LF:Johnson, W.W., Box 15P877-P904 Photographs of miscellaneous objects and animals, except P904 which is a small (5.5" x 4.125") oval portrait of Johnson at age 2 (image in very poor condition).
PH:LF:OV Box, Small P1-P8Photographic portraits of Johnson.
PH:LF:OV Box, Small P18Photograph of an old adobe church.
PH:LF:OV Box, Small P169Photocollage of unidentified people in party wear.
PH:LF:OV Box, MediumP10 "Spud Johnson & his laughing horse," 18" x 14" photographic print.
PH:LF:OV Box, Medium P11Photographic print, 18" x 14," of Johnson setting type.
PH:LF:OV Box, MediumP12 Photographic print, 18" x 14," of Johnson seated at a kitchen table.
PH:LF:OV Box, Medium P15Photographic print, 19" x 14.25," of Johnson seated at kitchen table.
PH:LF:OV Box, MediumP16Portrait photograph, 19.5" x 15," of K. Wells (bust, 3/4 right profile), circa 1934.
PH:LF:OV Box, LargeP14 Portrait photograph, 20" x 15," of Johnson (bust, full front).
PH:LF:OV Box, LargeP19 Photographic print, 20" x 15," of a desert scene.
PH:LF:OV Box, LargeP20 Photographic print, 20" x 15," of a dead horse.
NV:LF:Johnson, W.W., Box 1P28-P32, P40-P44, P45A-P45B, P53, P55, P57, P62, P64-P65, P67, P70-P71, P77A-P77D, P82, P90A-P90D, P91, P96C, P106A-P106D, P107-P108, P110A-P110F, P150-P153, P170-P172, P181, P188A-P188B, P191, P193A-P193B, P196, P204, P209, P269E-P269G, P326A-P326D, P361A-P361B, P368, P373A, P380A-P380H, P380L-P380M, P385, P387, P390Negatives of images pertaining to Johnson.
NV:LF:Johnson, W.W., Box 2 P404A-P404B, P422A-P422B, P428, P429A-P429B, P433A-P433B, P437A, P440A-P440F, P466B, P525, P542, P545A-P545D, P557A-P557K, P562-P563, P587, P599, P602A-P602B, P602G-P602J, P660, P668, P669B, P670B, P688, P690-P704, P706-P718, P719B, P724, P727A-P727B, P728A-P728E, P733B, P736A, P736D, P737, P738A-P738B, P742, P748-P749 Negatives of images pertaining to Johnson.
NV:LF:Johnson, W.W., Box 3P750-P751, P753, P758-P764, P765A-P765C, P766, P769-P771, P775, P779A-P779W, P781, P786A, P788-P789, P792, P795, P798-P800, P806-P807, P825A-P825E, P839A-P839C, P841M-P841N, P843, P858B, P864A-P864B, P878A-P878B, P880, P885, P895Negatives of images pertaining to Johnson.

Index of Photographers

Blair, Don, 1905-2000--P111B, P319, P721, P729, P732-P733
Boussum, Charles W.--P278
Bynner, Witter, 1881-1968--P27A-P27B
Caplin, Harvey--P246, P253, P265
Cerdá, J.--P324
Collier, John, 1913- --P13
Connell, Will, 1898-1961--P10-P12
Knee, Ernest--P1-P8, P314B
Lange, Dorothea--P9
Lewis, Earl V.--P47A-P47B
Peter A. Juley & Son--P146
Porter, Eliot, 1901- --P14-P15, P18-P20
Sackett, Verne, 1913-1997--P157, P312-P313, P314B-P314D, P315, P331, P333A-P333B, P355, P667A-P667B, P734
Scott, Ned, 1907-1964--P16
Shaffer Studios--P52, P68, P111C, P145B
Sylls, Alan--P23A-P23B, P24
Tolbert, Mildred--P250
Van Vechten, Carl, 1880-1964--P43
Williams, Bill, photographer--P283
Wyeth, W. M.--P875A-P875C

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