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Compton Mackenzie, 1883-1972
Literary File

2,615 items (10 boxes)

Acquisition: Internal transfers
Access: Open for research
Processed by: Susan McClellan, 2006
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Table of Contents

Scope and Contents
Item List
Index of Photographers

Scope and Contents

The Sir Compton Mackenzie Literary File consists of 2,615 items, the majority of which are contained in 16 albums. Albums 1-8 contain chiefly portraits, almost all of which are cabinet cards or cartes-de-visite, while Album 9 contains views of Egypt. Albums 10-15 depict Mackenzie, his wife Faith Stone, and others in various places from circa 1903 to circa 1932. Finally, Album 16 contains studio portraits of Mackenzie and a panoramic group portrait of a banquet in his honor signed by each guest. There are also numerous portraits of Mackenzie throughout his life among the loose prints, as well as portraits of family members, and views of various places. An index at the end of this guide lists some of the photographers whose work is featured in this file. Further descriptions of some items are available in a card catalog in the repository.

This file forms a part of the Literary File Collection, which is comprised of photographs and albums withdrawn from the libraries and/or papers of literary figures, and generally include portraits and images collected by or of those figures.

Item List

Container                                               Accession / P No. Description
PH:LF:Mackenzie, C., Box 1 P1-P23Portraits of Mackenzie as Phidippides in Aristophanes’ The Clouds (P1-P10), as Gratiano (P11-P13) in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, as the Duke of Milan in Shakespeare’s Two Gentleman of Verona (P14-P21), and as a character whose name is illegible (P22), all for the Oxford University Dramatic Society; portrait of a middle-aged man (Mackenzie?) in (18th century?) costume (P23).
PH:LF:Mackenzie, C., Box 2 957:0034:0000Chiefly portraits of Mackenzie both alone and with others, including nine variant portraits by Alvin Langdon Coburn (folder 2.11); 111 items.
PH:LF:Mackenzie, C., Box 3.1-3.7957:0034:0000 Portraits of Mackenzie both alone and with others, including a plate from Alvin Langdon Coburn's More Men of Mark, 67 items.
PH:LF:Mackenzie, C., Box 3.8957:0034:0000 Views of Holiday Haunt, most of which include a man (Harry Gall?) with two dogs and a cat, 8 items.
PH:LF:Mackenzie, C., Box 3.9957:0034:0000 Portraits of Mackenzie talking to the Asian Club, 9 items.
PH:LF:Mackenzie, C., Box 3.10-3.14 957:0034:0000Portraits of members of the Bateman family, including Mackenzie’s mother Virginia, 28 items.
PH:LF:Mackenzie, C., Box 4957:0034:0000 Portraits of Mackenzie’s wife Faith Stone and other members of Mackenzie’s family, including his mother Virginia Bateman and father Edward Compton, his aunts Ellen, Isabel, and Kate Bateman and Kate and Fay Compton, his brother Frank and his sisters Viola and Katie; 93 items.
PH:LF:Mackenzie, C., Box 5.1-5.3957:0034:0000Views of various places, including Italy, Greece, North Africa, and India, from Mackenzie’s travels, 124 items.
PH:LF:Mackenzie, C., Box 5.4 957:0034:0000Views of three residences (in England or Scotland?) and images of Mackenzie’s mother and several unidentified women, including five nuns, 11 items.
PH:LF:Mackenzie, C., Box 5.5957:0034:0000 Photographic reproductions of war-related art by Imre Hofbauer, 33 items.
PH:LF:Mackenzie, C., Box 5.6 957:0034:0000Views of war cemeteries in Italy and Greece, 36 items.
PH:LF:Mackenzie, C., Box 6957:0034:0000Chiefly portraits of various people; 83 items.
PH:LF:Mackenzie, C., Box 7.1-7.14957:0034:0000 Views of Capri, Jethou, and other places, 81 items.
PH:LF:Mackenzie, C., Box 7.15 957:0034:0000Views (5 hand-tinted engravings and 1 photomechanical print) of places in England, including Cothelstone House, Wells Palace, and Dundry Tower in Somersetshire.
PH:LF:Mackenzie, C., Box 7.16957:0034:0000View of the altar of a Gothic church and a photographic reproduction of a 17th century Italian painting of a young woman, 2 items.
PH:LF:Mackenzie, C., Box 7.17 957:0034:0000Photographic reproduction of a drawing of a young woman (likeness of Mackenzie’s mother?) selling newspapers.
PH:LF:Mackenzie, C., Box 7.18 957:0034:0000Individual portraits of Mackenzie’s parents in costume, printed on one sheet.
PH:LF:Mackenzie, C., Box 7.19 957:0034:0000Group portrait of Mackenzie’s parents and brother Frank (as a baby) with Alice Burton, all in costume.
PH:LF:Mackenzie, C., Box 7.20957:0034:0000 Individual portraits of two women, one signed Adelaide Neilson and the other Auriol(?), 2 items.
PH:LF:Mackenzie, C., Box 8957:0034:0000Cabinet card holders and original envelopes.
PH:LF:Mackenzie, C., Box 9.1-9.7957:0034:0000 Portraits (chiefly cabinet cards) of various people, including members of Mackenzie’s family, 112 items.
PH:LF:Mackenzie, C., Box 9.8-9.9 957:0034:0000Postcards depicting France, Greece, Poland, and other places, 64 items.
PH:LF:Mackenzie, C., Box 10.1-10.9957:0034:0000 Images (chiefly portraits) removed from frames, 10 items.
PH:LF:Mackenzie, C., Box 10.10 957:0034:0000Portraits of Mackenzie’s father Edward Compton and paternal grandparents(?), 13 items.
PH:LF:Mackenzie, C., Box 10.11957:0034:0000 Portraits of Mackenzie’s mother Virginia Bateman, her sister Isabel, and other Bateman family members, 3 items.
PH:LF:Mackenzie, C., Box 10.12 957:0034:0000Portrait of Mackenzie’s brother Frank Compton.
PH:LF:Mackenzie, C., Box 10.13-10.23957:0034:0000 Portraits of Mackenzie, 18 items.
PH:LF:Mackenzie, C., Box 10.24-10.25957:0034:0000 Group portraits with Mackenzie, 2 items; also original envelopes with handwritten notes on them.
PH:LF:Mackenzie, C., Box 10.26-10.27 988:0035:0001-0010, 997:0105:0238 11 items withdrawn from books in the Compton Mackenzie Collection.
PH:LF:OV Box, Small[957:0034:0000] 3 portraits of Mackenzie, a group portrait with Mackenzie, a portrait of Mackenzie’s wife Faith Stone with her father, 3 portraits of Mackenzie’s brother Frank Compton in character, a portrait of Mackenzie’s aunt Kate Bateman (Mrs. Crowe) with his great grandfather Joseph Cowell ("Whitshed / real name"), and a portrait of a middle-aged man with illegible signature dated 23 December 1931; 10 items.
PH:LF:OV Box, Medium[957:0034:0000] Portrait (photogravure) of Mackenzie’s aunt Kate Josephine Bateman.
PH:LF:OV Box, Large [957:0034:0000]7 portraits of Mackenzie, 2 group portraits with Mackenzie, an interior and an exterior view of Mackenzie’s residence at 31 Drummond Place, and a portrait of the Maharaja of Nepal dated 1947; 12 items.
PH:LF:Albums:Mackenzie, C., 1 [958:0023:0074 assigned to entire album] 75 items (16 cabinet cards and 59 cartes-de-visite in album designed for these formats).
PH:LF:Albums:Mackenzie, C., 2 [unnumbered]37 items (27 cartes-de-visite and 4 cabinet cards in album designed for these formats, plus 6 loose cabinet cards housed separately); chiefly studio portraits but also views of various places and art reproductions.
PH:LF:Albums:Mackenzie, C., 3 [unnumbered]128 items (cartes-de-visite, cabinet cards, miniatures); dated 1873 in inscription on first page.
PH:LF:Albums:Mackenzie, C., 4 [unnumbered]182 items (174 cartes-de-visite and 8 cabinet cards in album designed for these formats).
PH:LF:Albums:Mackenzie, C., 5 [unnumbered]12 items (cartes-de-visite in folding album designed for this format).
PH:LF:Albums:Mackenzie, C., 6[unnumbered]15 items (cartes-de-visite); 1 portrait partially hand-tinted; "Bateman family pictures" inscribed on verso of front free endpaper.
PH:LF:Albums:Mackenzie, C., 7[unnumbered] 73 items (22 cabinet cards and 51 cartes-de-visite); presented to Edward Compton (Compton Mackenzie's father?) by his brother Percy, Birmingham, 9 December 1876.
PH:LF:Albums:Mackenzie, C., 8 [unnumbered]25 items (photographic prints, 2 cartes-de-visite); chiefly portraits; handwritten captions for 6 items.
PH:LF:Albums:Mackenzie, C., 9 [958:0023:0221 assigned to entire album]17 items (photographic prints); views of Egypt; handwritten captions for all.
PH:LF:Albums:Mackenzie, C., 10 [was P24]169 items (photographic prints, BW snapshots, 1 halftone color postcard, 6 drawings) depicting Mackenzie and others in England (mainly Burford) circa 1903-1907 and Italy(?) circa 1916; most with handwritten captions; also several newspaper clippings and theater programs; 1 item almost completely torn out (not counted).
PH:LF:Albums:Mackenzie, C., 11 [was P25]321 items (photographic prints, BW snapshots, 1 photogravure, 1 halftone print, 1 pencil sketch) depicting Mackenzie, his wife and others, mainly in Capri but also in other places, circa 1914-1924; most with handwritten captions; also 1 telegram; 1 item cut out of a page and 1 leaf torn out.
PH:LF:Albums:Mackenzie, C., 12 [unnumbered]181 items (177 BW snapshots, 1 panoramic photograph, 1 photographic postcard, 2 drawings) depicting Mackenzie and others on the Isle of Herm (in the Channel Islands), 1920-1923; several blank spaces where items had apparently once been pasted in.
PH:LF:Albums:Mackenzie, C., 13 [was P26]133 items (photographic prints) depicting Mackenzie and others in the Channel Islands (Herm and Jethou) and Scotland, circa 1926-1928.
PH:LF:Albums:Mackenzie, C., 14 [was P27]138 items (photographic prints, BW snapshots, 1 sketch in color pencil) depicting visits by Mackenzie and his wife to the Channel Isles (Jethou), the Shiant Islands, and Capri circa 1925-1930; handwritten captions for most items; also 1 newspaper clipping; 2 items almost completely torn out (not counted) and 1 page partially cut out.
PH:LF:Albums:Mackenzie, C., 15[unnumbered] 91 items (photographic prints, BW snapshots, 3 photographic postcards, 1 photomechanical postcard) depicting Mackenzie and others in Scotland (Barra in the Western Isles, and Glasgow) circa 1920s and Poland circa 1932; handwritten captions for only a few items.
PH:LF:Albums:Mackenzie, C., 16 [unnumbered]Portfolio of 14 items (photographic prints); studio portraits of Mackenzie and 1 panoramic group portrait of a banquet in his honor signed by each guest.
PH:28:3:5957:0024:0001-001313 cased portraits (photoceramics, ambrotypes, hand-colored albumen prints) containing mostly posed studio portraits of various men and women, circa 1880 to 1910.
PH:FC-0l:DR-04[unnumbered] Portrait of a young (French army?) officer in uniform, inscribed to Mackenzie, 19 July 1917 (framed photographic print adhered to glass).
NV:LF Boxes[unnumbered] Views of a beach (13 nitrate negatives).

Index of Photographers

Bayfield, W. G.--957:0024:0006
Bellingard, P. (Pierre), fl. ca. 1890s--957:0024:0011
Boxell & Co.--957:0024:0006
Brinkley, John R.--10.21
Chancellor, fl. ca. 1890s--957:0024:0011; 10.10
Coburn, Alvin Langdon, 1882-1966--2.11, 3.3
Cooper, A. C.--10.6
Copperfield (London, England)--10.11
Coster, Howard, 1885-1959--10.5, 10.16
Cowen, George B.--10.10
Elliott & Fry--10.10, Small OV Box
Faulkner, photographer--957:0024:0001-0003
Foto Vaquero--10.23
H. P. Robinson & Son--10.10
Harrods Studio--10.19
Henry Dixon & Son--10.10
Hickling, Dorothy--10.15
Hills & Saunders--P1-P22, 10.7
Instead, Howard--10.20
Kaye, Vernon--10.10
Kelley, E., photographer--10.10
L. P. E.--10.18
Lawson & Co.--Small OV Box
Lerner (Cordoba, Spain)--10.15, Small OV Box
Naudin, C., fl. 1870s--957:0024:0006
North, Peter, photographer--10.16
Paterson, Andrew, photographer--10.17
Rosher, Charles, 1885-1974--Small OV Box
Saidman, Reuben--10.14
Stone, J. Harris (John Harris)--10.10
Vandyk, C. (Carl), fl. 1880s-1900s--10.12

Compton Mackenzie Literary File Finding Aid
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