Edgar Lee Masters, 1868-1950
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Scope and Contents
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Scope and Contents

The Edgar Lee Masters literary file consists of approximately 1,075 items, including portraits of Masters throughout his life, both alone and with others, as well as portraits of his wives Helen Jenkins and Ellen Coyne, mistresses Tennessee Mitchell and Lillian Wilson, parents, siblings, children, grandchildren, and other family members. There are also portraits of various other people and views of houses and places pertaining to Masters, including Petersburg and Lewistown, Ill. An index at the end of this guide lists photographers whose work is featured in this file. Further descriptions of some items are available in a card catalog in the repository.

This file forms a part of the Literary File Collection, which is comprised of photographs and albums withdrawn from the libraries and/or papers of literary figures, and generally include portraits and images collected by or of those figures.

Item List

Container Accession / P No. Description
PH:LF:Masters, E.L., Box 1P1, P2A-P2C, P3, P3A, P4-P5, P6A-P6B, P7, P8A-P8B, P9A-P9B, P10, P11A-P11C, P12-P25, P26A-P26B, P27, P30A-P30B, P31-P33, P34A-P34B, P36-P52, P53A-P53C, P54-P55, P57A-P57B, P58-P64, P68-P70 Portraits of Masters throughout his life.
PH:LF:Masters, E.L., Box 2P71-P72, P73A-P73C, P74A-P74B, P75B, P76A-P76C, P77A-P77C, P78-P79, P80A, P81-P114, P115A-P115B, P116A-P116B, P117-P118, P119A-P119C, P120-P121, P122A, P122C-P122D, P123A-P123I, P125, P126A-P126G, P127A, P128-P139 Portraits of Masters alone and with various people, including his parents, sister Madeline, brother Tim, son Hilary, and second wife Ellen Coyne; portraits of Masters’ paternal grandparents Squire Davis and Lucinda Masters (P131-P135) and maternal grandparents (P136-P138). Includes 4 tintype portraits of Masters with his grandmother Lucinda Masters (P73A-P73B), with his sister Madeleine (P74A), and of his father Hardin Wallace Masters (P139).
PH:LF:Masters, E.L., Box 3 P140A-P140B, P141-P151, P153-P155, P156A-P156C, P157A-P157B, P158-P199, P200A-P200B, P201A-P201B, P202, P203A-P203B, P204-P205, P206A-P206B, P207-P210 Portraits of Masters’ parents, second wife Ellen Coyne, children with both wives, grandchildren, and other members of Masters’ extended family, as well as various other people, including his mistresses Tennessee Mitchell (P202) and Lillian Wilson (P203A-P203B, P204-P205). Includes 2 tintype portraits of Masters’ mother, Emma Jerusha Dexter Masters (P145-P146).
PH:LF:Masters, E.L., Box 4P211-P212, P213A-P213B, P214-P236, P238B, P239-P244, P245A, P246, P247A-P247D, P248A-P248B, P249, P250A-P250B, P251-P254, P255A-P255B, P256A-P256C, P257-P260, P261A-P261B, P262-P272, P273A-P273C, P274-P286, P290-P294, P295A-P295B, P296A-P296B, P297, P300A-P300CChiefly portraits of various people, including Kimball Flaccus (P219) and Lillian Wilson (P228), and views of houses and places pertaining to Masters, including Petersburg, Ill. (P247A-P247D, P248A-P248B, P249), Lewistown, Ill. (P262-P272, P274-P281) and the Spring Lake house (P250A-P250B, P282-P294). Includes 2 tintype portraits of 4 unidentified people (P235-P236).
PH:LF:Masters, E.L., Box 5 P301-P302, P303A, P306A-P306B, P307A-P307B, P308A-P308E, P309A-P309C, P310, P311A-P311C, P312, P313A-P313E, P314A-P314B, P315-P330, P331A-P331G, P332, P333A-P333B, P334-P340, P341A-P341B, P342-P357Portraits of Masters alone (P308A-P308E, P344, P355) and with others, including his son Hilary; portraits of various other people, including his first wife Helen Jenkins (P347), his second wife Ellen Coyne (P320-P322, P350-P354), his paternal grandparents Squire Davis and Lucinda Masters (P318-P319, P343), Kimball Flaccus (P332), Vachel Lindsay (P329-P330, P331A-P331G), and H.L. Mencken (P328); images of places pertaining to Masters and graves of various people, including Masters (P307A-P307B).
PH:LF:Masters, E.L., Box 6 957:0043:0000 (340 items); 982:0013:0001-0011 Images of or pertaining to Masters (photographic prints and negatives).
PH:LF:Masters, E.L., Box 7 983:0062:0001; 988:0033:0009; 997:0108:0001-0020; 79 unnumbered itemsImage of Masters’ grave (983:0062:0001); view of Masters’ boyhood home in Lewistown, Ill., withdrawn from letter from "Adaline" (988:0033:0009); portraits of Hilary Masters, Ellen Masters’ parents, and others (997:0108:0001-0020); photographic prints withdrawn from a letter from Lillian Wilson (2 items), letters from Ellen Masters to Kimball Flaccus (3 items), and books belonging to Ellen Masters (7 items); 65 views of houses, churches, cemeteries, and countryside, chiefly in Vermont, by Kimball Flaccus; 2 photographic reproductions of maps of Vermont.
PH:LF:Albums:Masters, E.L.[unnumbered] 170 photographic prints depicting "Edgar Lee Masters country" by Kimball Flaccus, dated 1955.
NV:LF:Masters, E.L. P8, P35 (no print), P50, P67 (no print), P75A-P75B, P76A-P76B, P77, P122C, P123A, P124, P237 (no print), P245A, P250A-P250B, P287-P289, P295A-P295B, P298-P299 (no prints), P303A-P303B, P304A-P304B (no prints), P305 (no print), 2 unnumbered itemsImages of Masters alone and with others, including his son Hilary; images of various places pertaining to Masters, including his birthplace in Garnett, Ks; nitrate and acetate negatives (same number assigned to corresponding prints, if available).

Index of Photographers

Acme Newspictures--P128
Associated Press--P308A-P308E
Bachrach, Fabian, 1917- --P324
Bell, C. M. (Charles Milton), ca. 1849-1893--P223
Black, Stuart--P195
Dexheimer, H. P.--P229
Dimock, A. W. (Anthony Weston), 1842-1918--P205
Dreyer, Louis H.--P69, P243
Ewing Studio--P1, P2C, P194
Fenwick, Richard, 1845-1917--P182-P183
Flaccus, Kimball, 1911-1972--unnumbered items in Boxes 6-7 and in album
Gamage, M. R.--P281
Garber, S. B. (Samuel B.)--P140A-P140B
Genthe, Arnold, 1869-1942--P321, P333B
Georg, Herbert W., 1893?-1964--P329, P331A-P331G
German, C. S. (Chris S.)--P217
Gurrad, J. L. (John L.)--P181, P186, P188
Hagan & Halvey--P129, P322, P327
Harris, T. E.--P230
Harrison (Chicago, Ill.)--P347
Henry, E. E., 1826-1917--P193
Hinton, J. J.--P227
Hirschburg, Roy, 1893-1957--P330
Hummer Studio--P280
Hutchins, Ernest--P9
J. C. Merine & Co.--P132
J. K. Stevens & Son--P3, P8
Kimball Bros.--P192
Lane (Lewistown, Ill.)--P337, 4 unnumbered items in Box 6
Mack Photo Service--4 unnumbered items in Box 6
Mayes & Bell--P210
McDonald, N., b. 1844--P97
Merrill, Helen--P175
Peyton, Strauss--P158
Pinchot, Ben: P332
Revenaugh & Co.--P226
Root, W. J. (William J.), b. 1854--P4
Scott, O. P. (Oliver P.), b. 1853--P74B, P189
Siegel, Cooper & Co.--P3A
Smith & Morton (Kansas City, Mo.)--997:0108:0020
Stone, Paul--P160
Sullivan, A. M.--P30A-P30B, P31-P33, P119C, P126A
Sykes (Chicago, Ill.)--P323
Taylor & Preston--P191, P224
Tresize, J. Q. A., 1827-1881--P222
White Studio (Schenectady, N.Y.)--P57A-P57B
Woltz, Lewis--P239, P336

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