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Grant Richards, 1872-1948
Literary File, Photography Collection

103 items (2 boxes)

Acquisition: Internal transfers
Access: Open for research
Processed by: Susan McClellan, 2006
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Table of Contents

Scope and Contents
Item List
Index of Photographers

Scope and Contents

The Grant Richards Literary File consists of 103 items, about half of which are portraits of various people, including Finley Peter Dunne, Alfred Knopf, John Lane, John Masefield, Leonard Merrick, Walter Owen, Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch, Lynette Roberts, Elizabeth Robins, Rachel Annand Taylor, Louis Joseph Vance, and Gamel Woolsey. Some of these portraits are inscribed to Richards. The majority of the remaining images were used by Baron Albert Kaas and Fedor von Lazarovics in illustrating their book Bolshevism in Hungary: the Béla Kun Period, which was published by Richards' firm. An index at the end of this guide lists photographers whose work is featured in this file. Further descriptions of some items are available in a card catalog in the repository.

This file forms a part of the Literary File Collection, which is comprised of photographs and albums withdrawn from the libraries and/or papers of literary figures, and generally include portraits and images collected by or of those figures.

Item List

Container Accession / P No. Description
PH:LF:Richards, G., Box 1 P1Cabinet card portrait of Mary Antoinette Anderson.
PH:LF:Richards, G., Box 1 P2Cabinet card portrait of Cleo de Merode.
PH:LF:Richards, G., Box 1 P3Cabinet card portrait of F[inley] P[eter] Dunne signed and inscribed to Richards, 1899.
PH:LF:Richards, G., Box 1P4 Portrait of Jack Kahane.
PH:LF:Richards, G., Box 1 P5Cabinet card portrait of John Lane.
PH:LF:Richards, G., Box 1 P6Portrait of Philip Leigh-Smith.
PH:LF:Richards, G., Box 1 P7Portrait of Alfred Knopf signed and inscribed to Richards.
PH:LF:Richards, G., Box 1 P8 Cabinet card portrait of Hy[?] Mayer[?], signed and inscribed to Richards, 1901.
PH:LF:Richards, G., Box 1P9 Portrait of John Masefield.
PH:LF:Richards, G., Box 1 P10Cabinet card portrait of Leonard Merrick.
PH:LF:Richards, G., Box 1 P11Portrait of Marion Plarr (Mrs. Barwell).
PH:LF:Richards, G., Box 1 P12Portrait of Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch.
PH:LF:Richards, G., Box 1 P13A-P13B Portraits of Lynette Roberts.
PH:LF:Richards, G., Box 1 P14A-P14CCabinet card portraits of Elizabeth Roberts.
PH:LF:Richards, G., Box 1 P15A-P15BCabinet card portraits of Elizabeth Roberts and Marian Lea.
PH:LF:Richards, G., Box 1 P16A-P16C Portraits of Edwin H. Stout with his wife, 1931, with two unidentified women (his daughters?), and alone, 1940.
PH:LF:Richards, G., Box 1 P17Portrait of Rachel Annand Taylor signed and inscribed to Richards.
PH:LF:Richards, G., Box 1 P18Cabinet card portrait of W[illiam] Watson.
PH:LF:Richards, G., Box 1P19 Portrait of the Rainhill & Winton[?] murderer, 1892.
PH:LF:Richards, G., Box 1P20 Portrait of Louis Joseph Vance signed and inscribed to Richards, 1907.
PH:LF:Richards, G., Box 2 P21 Portrait of Gamel Woolsey signed and inscribed to Richards.
PH:LF:Richards, G., Box 2P22 Photographic reproduction of a painting of Francis Dodd.
PH:LF:Richards, G., Box 2 P23Portrait of Harry Puster[?].
PH:LF:Richards, G., Box 2 P24Photographic reproduction of a drawing of Catharine Gardner Boyer by Albert Ferner, 1914.
PH:LF:Richards, G., Box 2P25 Group portrait of four men seated in an early automobile, with eight other men and a boy standing around it, inscribed on verso: "Start of the successful attempt / by Charles Sarrott[?] to motor / from London (Piccadill[y]) to Monte / Carlo in 24 / hours See / his book."
PH:LF:Richards, G., Box 2 P26Portrait of an unidentified man in profile, smoking a pipe and reading.
PH:LF:Richards, G., Box 2 P27A-P27BTwo variant portraits of an unidentified man at work in an art studio.
PH:LF:Richards, G., Box 2 P28A-P28CPortrait of an unidentified man (P28B-P28C are cropped versions of P28A).
PH:LF:Richards, G., Box 2 P29-P31, P32A-P32E, P33, P34A-P34B, P35, P36 Images of Walter Owen.
PH:LF:Richards, G., Box 2 P37A-P37F Views of Walter Owen' s home (in Argentina?).
PH:LF:Richards, G., Box 2P38-P56, P57A-P57B, P58A-P58B, P59A-P59B, P60A-P60C, P61, P62A-P62B, P63A-P63B, P64A-P64D, P65A-P65B, P66, P67A-P67B, P68Images used in illustrating the book Bolshevism in Hungary: the Béla Kun Period by Baron Albert Kaas and Fedor von Lazarovics.
PH:LF:Richards, G., Box 2 P69Image of display promoting Richards' novel Caviare.
PH:LF:Richards, G., Box 2 P70View of "Montorguiel / Gorey / Jersey."
PH:LF:Richards, G., Box 2P71 View of a house and yard.
PH:LF:Richards, G., Box 2 P72 Photographic reproduction of leaf of unidentified script with notes in Spanish dated 1935 and related to attempts to decipher it.

Index of Photographers

Bourquin y Kohlman--P37F
Clarke, Frederic Colburn--P26
ddowes Bros.--P20
Elliott and Fry (Firm)--P1
Foto Maipú--P32A-P32E
G. & R. Lavis--P10
Hollyer, Frederick H., 1837-1933--P5
Juley, Peter A., 1862-1937--P24
Kollerutoda, Izenes--P45, P48-P54, P60A
La Marche, Bernard--P3
London Stereoscopic Co.--P14A-P14C, P15A-P15B, P18
Reutlinger (Paris, France)--P2
Whiting, Mina--P23
Whitlock Bros.--P9
Wolfgang, W.--P8
Wykeham Studios Ltd.--P16A

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