M. P. (Matthew Phipps) Shiel, 1865-1947
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Scope and Contents
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Scope and Contents

The M. P. (Matthew Phipps) Shiel Literary File consists of 38 images of or pertaining to Shiel, including portraits of his first wife Carolina ("Lina") Garcia Gomez, their daughter Lola, his sisters-in-law Mica and Salva, and his illegitimate daughter Ada Phipps Seward. Also included are six cartes-de-visite of Shiel's acquaintances on whom he based various characters in his works (P28A-P28F). An index at the end of this guide lists photographers whose work is featured in this file. Further descriptions of some items are available in a card catalog in the repository.

This file forms a part of the Literary File Collection, which is comprised of photographs and albums withdrawn from the libraries and/or papers of literary figures, and generally include portraits and images collected by or of those figures.

*All items are located at PH:LF:Shiel, M. P.

Item List

Accession / P No. Description
P1Carte-de-visite portrait of Shiel as a boy, circa 1870s; inscribed on recto: "M. P. Shiel, Montserrat"
P2Carte-de-visite portrait (very faded) of Shiel as a student; inscribed on recto: "M. P. Shiel, King's College, Strand"
P3Carte-de-visite portrait (heavily stained) of Shiel taken while he was a student teacher at Hunt Bridge House, Matlock; inscribed on recto: "M. P. Shiel, Hunt Bridge House, Matlock;" inscribed on verso: "with M. P. Shiel's compliments"
P4 Carte-de-visite portrait of Shiel taken while he was a master at Hunt Bridge House, Matlock; inscribed on recto: "M. P. Shiel, Hunt Bridge House, Matlock;" inscribed on verso: "when a master, Hunt Bridge House School"
P5Bust portrait of Shiel, circa 1929
P6 Bust portrait of Shiel, 1929
P7-P10 Four similar snapshots of Shiel standing outdoors, Horsham, Sussex, 31 Aug. 1931
P11Cabinet card portrait of "M. P. Shiel and Lina (during engagement!), Paris," circa 1898
P12Carte-de-visite portrait of "Sal" [Shiel's sister?], inscribed on verso: "Sal, died BWI [illegible]"
P13Cabinet card childhood portrait of Lina (right), and her sisters Salva (left) and Mica (center)
P14Portrait of Lina (seated), and "Jeanne," posed outdoors in front of a trellis and a brick wall
P15Half-length cabinet card portrait of Lina, taken during her engagement to Shiel in Paris
P16Cabinet card portrait of Lina (left) and her sister, Salva (right)
P17Portrait of Lina (forefront) with small dog, her sister Mica (left), and their servant Louise (right)
P18Cabinet card portrait of Shiel's daughter (by his first wife), Lola Katherine Shiel as an infant, circa 1903
P19Cabinet card portrait of "Lina & Lola at Keffel St.," circa 1903
P20 Cabinet card portrait of "Ada Phipps Seward, natural d. [i.e., daughter] of M. P. S.," as an infant; inscribed on verso by Ada's mother: "Your Valentine. Baby aged four months"
P21Cabinet card childhood portrait of "Ada Seward" standing on a chair
P22Snapshot of "Ada (Seward) Shiel" as a little girl, standing next to a dog seated on a table
P23Snapshot (very poor condition) of Shiel's sister-in-law, Mica, seated among a group of people in an artist's studio; inscribed on verso: "Mica in center"
P24 Informal carte-de-visite portrait of Shiel's sister-in-law, Salva, seated on the edge of a boat drawn up at the water's edge; inscribed on verso: "Your loving sister, Salva"
P25Snapshot of Shiel's sister-in-law, Salva
P26 Portrait of Shiel's sister-in-law, Salva (seated at right), and two unidentified women
P27Carte-de-visite portrait (torn in half) of "Max Friederichs, [a] teacher in Devon with M.P.S.," and an unidentified woman [his wife?]
P28A Carte-de-visite portrait of Henry Dyett; inscribed on verso: "Henry Dyett, strong man," "Baron Kolar," uncle of Harry Dyett
P28B Carte-de-visite portrait of Harry Dyett; inscribed on verso: "Harry Dyett, son of local preacher, got a girl to give him 12 kisses"
P28C Carte-de-visite portrait of Paddy Burke; inscribed on verso: "Paddy Burke, son of local grocer, M.P.S. kind of adopted son to him, took MPS to a shop where won wheel, MPS deformed his toe with it, P.B.'s mother smacked his head with soap box, 'Mr. Shiels son' (see Children of Wind)"
P28DCarte-de-visite portrait of Percy Trott; inscribed on verso: "Percy Trott, [illegible] beat with police, Plymouth. Montserrat. Shan fighting Police [in] White Wedding. The stranger [illegible]. Jack Hay in Weird o' It [illegible]"
P28E Carte-de-visite full-length portrait (very faded and stained) of Dr. Cyril Horsford as a young boy; inscribed on verso: "Horsford"
P28F Carte-de-visite half-length portrait of "Dr. Cyril Horsford" as a young man
P29Streetscape with a two-storey house; inscribed on the verso "Shiel's property in Plymouth, Montserrat, [illegible]"
P30AHalf-tone postcard of "Parliament St., (looking North) Plymouth, Montserrat, B.W.I."
P30BHand-colored photographic postcard of "Wesleyan Church. Montserrat. B.W.I. after the hurricane of 1928 and after restoration, 1929"
980:0049:0001 Snapshot (very faded) of Lina and three unidentified women standing on a beach
997:0079:0002Photographic reproduction of a circa 1899 photographic portrait of W. T. Stead

Index of Photographers

Borke y Ferriz--P13
Clark, J. (John)--P4
Cooper, W. G.--P3
Disderi, Ladrey--P11, P15
Done & Ball--P28F
Elliott and Fry--P5
Emberson, George, Jr.--P2
Gawsworth, John, 1912-1970--P7-P10
Greenway Bros.--P20
Lyon, C. C.--P28A-28D
Pinnock, C. A.--P21
Sanders, George L.--P12
Soleil du Dimanche--P16
Spoerl, Oscar--P27

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