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Hugh Walpole, 1884-1941
Literary File

517 items (6 boxes)

Acquisition: Internal transfers
Access: Open for research
Processed by: Susan McClellan, 2006
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Table of Contents

Scope and Contents
Item List
Index of Photographers

Scope and Contents

The Hugh Walpole literary file consists of 517 items, including portraits of Walpole alone at various ages and with his sister Dorothea, his mother Mildred, other authors, and Hollywood notables. An index at the end of this guide lists photographers whose work is featured in this file. Further descriptions of some items are available in a card catalog in the repository.

This file forms a part of the Literary File Collection, which is comprised of photographs and albums withdrawn from the libraries and/or papers of literary figures, and generally include portraits and images collected by or of those figures.

Item List

Container Accession / P No. Description
PH:LF:Walpole, H., Box 1 P1, P2A-P2D, P3A-P3C, P4, P5A-P5C, P6A-P6B, P7-P8, P9A-P9B, P10-P11, P12A-P12B, P13-P14, P15A-P15B, P16A-P16D, P17A-P17D, P18A-P18B, P19, P20A-P20C, P21-P22, P23A-P23C, P24, P25A-P25B, P26A-P26B, P27A-P27B, P28A-P28B, P29A-P29G, P30A-P30H, P31-P32, P33A-P33B, P34, P35A-P35C, P36A-P36C, P37A-P37B, P38-P39 Portraits of Walpole at various ages.
PH:LF:Walpole, H., Box 2P40A-P40AA, P41, P42A-P42D, P43, P44A-P44D, P45-P46, P47A-P47E, P48, P49A-P49B, P50, P51A-P51D, P52-P54, P55A-P55C, P56-P64, P65A-P65B, P66, P67A-P67B, P68A-P68UPortraits of Walpole (P65A-P65B, P66, P67A-P67B, P68A-P68U include his mother Mildred and/or his sister Dorothea).
PH:LF:Walpole, H., Box 3 P69A-P69C, P70-P71, P72A-P72E, P73A-P73C, P74A-P74B, P75-P76, P77A-P77B, P78-P81, P82A-P82B, P83, P84A-P84C, P85, P86A-P86B, P87A-P87B, P88, P89A-P89C, P90A-P90B, P91-P92, P93A-P93C, P94A-P94B, P95A-P95B, P96-P98, P99A-P99B, P100, P101A-P101B, P102A-P102D, P103A-P103B, P104-P106, P107A-P107I, P108A-P108B, P109-P111, P112A-P112C, P113-P115 Images of Walpole with various people, including John Barrymore, Arnold Bennett, Richard Boleslavsky, George Cukor, John Galsworthy, Cary Grant, Rupert Hart-Davis, Katherine Hepburn, Jean Hersholt, Leslie Howard, Frances Marion, John Masefield, Lauritz and Kleinchen Melchior, J.B. Priestley, Basil Rathbone, Carl Van Vechten, and Dorothea Walpole.
PH:LF:Walpole, H., Box 4 P116A-P116B, P117-P122, P123A-P123B, P124-P128, P129A-P129B, P130-P133, P134A-P134D, P135-P137, P138A-P138R, P139, P140A-P140C, P141-P147, P148A-P148B, P149-P150, P151A-P151G, P152Images of Walpole with various people, including a tintype portrait (P147), as well as snapshots from his trip to Egypt (P138A-P138R).
PH:LF:Walpole, H., Box 5 P153A, P153C-P153K, P153M-P153R, P154A-P154D, P155A-P155E, P156A-P156Q, P157A-P157B, P158, P159A-P159C, P160-P162, P163A-P163B, P164-P165, P166A-P166B, P167A-P167B, P167D-P167HImages of Walpole with his dogs (P153A, P153C-P153K, P153M-P153R); portraits of various people, including Walpole's mother Mildred and sister Dorothea, Kleinchen and Lauritz Melchior, and Evelyn Waugh.
PH:LF:Walpole, H., Box 6P168-P178, P179A-P179E, P180A-P180D, P181-P203, P206, P218-P221, P226-P229 Chiefly portraits of Walpole (after his knighthood).
PH:LF:OV Box, SmallP204-P205, P207-P217 12 portraits of Walpole (after his knighthood) and one group portrait (P217) which includes him.
PH:LF:Albums:Walpole, H.[unnumbered] 56 photographic prints; chiefly architectural views, ca. 1880s, including exterior and interior views of churches representing various styles; most with ms. captions.

Index of Photographers

A. & L. Slingsby--P87A-P87B
Abraham, G. P.--P33A-P33B, P34, P35A-P35C, P36A, P56, P149, P153C, P180B-P180D, P204, P207, P217, P219-P221
Apger, Virgil--P20A-P20C, P47A-P47E
Argall, Ernest C.--P156G-P156H
Associated Press--P205
Bassano, Alexander--P167D-P167F, P201
Blackstone Studios--P51A-P51D
Blake Studios--P178
Brandenburg (New York, N.Y.)--P189
Bull, Clarence Sinclair, 1896-1979--P30A-P30G, P196
Clarke, J. Palmer--P5A-P5C
Clarke, Mary Dale--P191
Coburn, Robert, 1900- --P19
D. Milne & Son--P4
Daniels, Ernest--P169A
Drummond, Young & Watson--P156L
Éder, Gábor, 1889-1970--P214-P216
Edis, Walter, fl. 1860s--P156A-P156B
Elliott & Fry--probably P155C, P155D, P156E-P156F
Glasgow Daily Record--P146
Graybill--P30H, P116A-P116B
Hanna, John Robert--P65A-P65B
Hardman, J.--P158
Harris & Ewing--P200
Haworth, W. G.--P36B-P36C, P42A-P42D, P44A-P44D, P153F-P153G, P153R, P179D-P179E
Heath & Bullingham--P168
Hemus & Hanna--P1
Hughes (London)--P194
J. Russell & Sons--P167A-P167B
Kahle, Alex--P97-P98, P99A-P99B
Keystone View Company--P29A-P29G
Kollar, François, 1904- --P63
Lafayette Ltd.--P21
Laib, Paul--P60, P62
Le Mesurier, Eva, and Winifred Marshall--P156J-P156K
Lesty, Dorothy--P156N
Lowther, Hugh--P203
MacDonald, Pirie, 1867-1942--P9A-P9B
Marshall, Winifred--P156J-P156K
Maull & Fox--P192
Mayson, Henry--P86B, P108A-P108B, P134A-P134D, P153M-P153P
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer--P20A-P20C, P30A-P30H, P47A-P47E, P116A-P116B
National Broadcasting Company, inc.--P161
Pinchot, Ben--P198-P199
Raphael Studios--P22
RKO Radio Pictures, inc.--P19, P97-P98, P99A-P99B
Rockwood, George Gardner, 1832-1911--P167C
Schaal, Eric--P18A-P18B
Schell, Sherril--P190
Smith, Albert--P165
Sport & General Press Agency, Ltd.--P105
Tuttle & Co. (Auckland, N.Z.)--P2A, probably P2B-P2D
Ulmann, Doris, d. 1934--P208-P213
Universal Pictorial Press & Agency--P49A-P49B
Warrington, C.--P80
Warren (South Shields, England)--P160
Watkins, Herbert--P156C-P156D
Whitlock, Henry John--P156I

Hugh Walpole Literary File Finding Aid
(Last modified: 22 February 2008)

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