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Artine Artinian, 1907-
Literary File

632 items (2 boxes)

Acquisition: Internal transfers
Access: Open for research
Processed by: Susan McClellan, 2006
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Scope and Contents
Item List
Index of Photographers

Scope and Contents

The Artine Artinian Literary File consists of 632 pictures, the bulk of which are photographic prints of prominent 19th-century individuals contained in a published collector's album. Artinian was a distinguished professor of French literature whose interests as both scholar and collector focused on Guy de Maupassant. The loose prints include both portraits of Maupassant and views of monuments to him in Rouen and Paris. There are also portraits of Maupassant's valet, François Tassart, and views of various places in France, including the vicinity of Etretat, and Portofino, Italy. An index at the end of this guide lists photographers whose work is featured in this file. Further descriptions of some items are available in a card catalog in the repository.

This file forms a part of the Literary File Collection, which is comprised of photographs and albums withdrawn from the libraries and/or papers of literary figures, and generally include portraits and images collected by or of those figures.

Item List

Container                          Accession / P No.       Description
PH:LF:Artinian, A. Box 1 957:0097:0001-0002Cabinet card portrait of Maupassant (957:0097:0001) and a photographic postcard of the same image (957:0097:0002).
PH:LF:Artinian, A. Box 1 957:0097:0003-0005Photomechanical postcards of the Maupassant monument in Rouen; handwritten note on 957:0097:0003 to (or from?) Armand Netter(?).
PH:LF:Artinian, A. Box 1 957:0097:0006-00093 photomechanical and 1 photographic postcards of the Maupassant monument in the Parc Monceau, Paris.
PH:LF:Artinian, A. Box 1 957:0097:0010Group portrait of 5 unidentified people in a boat, one of whom may be Maupassant.
PH:LF:Artinian, A. Box 1957:0097:0011 Photomechanical postcard portrait of an unidentified woman.
PH:LF:Artinian, A. Box 1 957:0097:0012-0016Photomechanical postcards of various places; handwritten notes addressed to Mlle. M. Cournet(?) (957:0097:0012) and "enfants Bessereau" (957:0097:0013).
PH:LF:Artinian, A. Box 1 957:0097:0017-0019Photographs of Maupassant's yacht, the "Bel Ami," (957:0097:0017-0018) and a plaque pertaining to it (957:0097:0019; see also 957:0097:0084).
PH:LF:Artinian, A. Box 1957:0097:0020 Cabinet card portrait of Maupassant; circa 1863.
PH:LF:Artinian, A. Box 1957:0097:0021 Portrait of Maupassant; signed presentation on image recto to [Edouard] Maynial from A. [Albert] Lumbroso, dated 1903.
PH:LF:Artinian, A. Box 1957:0097:0022 Carte-de-visite of Maupassant.
PH:LF:Artinian, A. Box 1957:0097:0023 Portrait of Maupassant; printed on image: "Collection de Félix Potin."
PH:LF:Artinian, A. Box 1 957:0097:0024-0026Cabinet card portrait of Maupassant with his signed presentation to Mme. Macchetta d但llegri (957:0097:0024); duplicate prints of the same portrait (957:0097:0025-0026).
PH:LF:Artinian, A. Box 1 957:0097:0027-0028Portrait of Maupassant (957:0097:0027; same image as 957:0097:0001) and a photographic postcard of the same image (957:0097:0028).
PH:LF:Artinian, A. Box 1 957:0097:0029Portrait of Maupassant; mounted on an illustrated card, with an inscription mostly on the image recto but ending on the mount recto.
PH:LF:Artinian, A. Box 1 957:0097:0030Photogravure portrait of Maupassant with his (facsimile?) signature.
PH:LF:Artinian, A. Box 2 957:0097:0031Cabinet card portrait of Maupassant, Robert Pinchon, and Louise de Miramont (in a scene from a play?).
PH:LF:Artinian, A. Box 2957:0097:0032 Photogravure portrait of Maupassant (right) and Paul Bourget standing in front of tropical vegetation, 1889.
PH:LF:Artinian, A. Box 2957:0097:0033 Portrait of François Tassart (Maupassant's valet).
PH:LF:Artinian, A. Box 2 957:0097:0034-0044Scenes of the dedication of the Maupassant monument in Rouen(?), 27 May 1900.
PH:LF:Artinian, A. Box 2957:0097:0045Strip of 3 negatives of letters from Maupassant to various people.
PH:LF:Artinian, A. Box 2957:0097:0046 View of the Maupassant monument in the Parc Monceau, Paris.
PH:LF:Artinian, A. Box 2 957:0097:0047-0049Interior views of Maupassant's house.
PH:LF:Artinian, A. Box 2 957:0097:0050-0073Views of Rouen, Aix-les-Bains, Nice, and other places in France; each identified by inscription on verso.
PH:LF:Artinian, A. Box 2 957:0097:0074-0083Views of the cliffs, beaches, and villages in the vicinity of Etretat, France; 957:0097:0074-0081 identified by inscription on verso.
PH:LF:Artinian, A. Box 2 957:0097:0084-0087Views of Portofino, Italy, 1955 (957:0097:0084 shows the same plaque pictured in 957:0097:0019).
PH:LF:Artinian, A. Box 2 957:0097:0088-0090Snapshots of Lucie Delarue-Mardrus at Monfleur.
PH:LF:Artinian, A. Box 2 957:0097:0091Photograph of Anatole France and others, on a rooftop in Paris, with Notre Dame Cathedral in background.
PH:LF:Artinian, A. Box 2 957:0097:0092Photographic reproduction of a painting by Henry de Groux of Remy de Gourmont; presented to Professor Artinian by H. C. R.
PH:LF:Artinian, A. Box 2957:0097:0093 Portrait of Larguier.
PH:LF:Artinian, A. Box 2957:0097:0094-0095 Portrait of Edouard Maynial (957:0097:0094), and a group portrait with Maynial in it (957:0097:0095).
PH:LF:Artinian, A. Box 2957:0097:0096 Carte-de-visite portrait of George Sand.
PH:LF:Artinian, A. Box 2997:0105:0023-0024 Portraits of François Tassart.
PH:LF:Artinian, A. Box 2997:0105:0025 View of Maupassant's chalet, "La Guillette," with a man (Maupassant?) and 2 women on the balcony.
PH:LF:Artinian, A. Box 2997:0105:0026 Photograph of a group of people at the "Banquet annuel des Amis de Guy de Maupassant / Paris, le 18 février 1955."
PH:LF:Artinian, A. Box 2 997:0105:0027-0029Photographs of a sculpted bust by Jack Dalton of Maupassant (see also 997:0105:0034-0035).
PH:LF:Artinian, A. Box 2997:0105:0030 Photographic reproduction of a watercolor portrait (by Jean-Baptiste Guth?) of Maupassant.
PH:LF:Artinian, A. Box 2 997:0105:0031View of the Maupassant monument in the Parc Monceau, Paris.
PH:LF:Artinian, A. Box 2997:0105:0032Portrait of Maupassant.
PH:LF:Artinian, A. Box 2 997:0105:0033View of a hot air balloon on the ground with a group of people including Maupassant gathered around it.
PH:LF:Artinian, A. Box 2 997:0105:0034-0035Photographs of a sculpted bust by Jack Dalton of Maupassant.
PH:LF:Artinian, A. Box 2 997:0105:0368Photograph of a basketball game.
PH:LF:Artinian, A. Box 2 2005:0035:0001-0003Portraits of Maupassant.
PH:LF:Albums:Artinian, A. [unnumbered]Published collector's album, titled 500 Célébrités Contemporaines (Collection Félix Potin), containing 519 photographic prints (513 mounted, 6 laid in) of prominent 19th-century individuals, with printed text about each person pictured.

Index of Photographers

Boyer (Berlin, Germany)--957:0057:0023
Bulloz, Jacques-Ernest, 1858-1942--997:0105:0030
Collins, John, photographer--957:0097:0082-0083
Dietrich (Dreux, France)--997:0105:0023
Husiac, C.--957:0097:0031
Lafaye, Jean--957:0097:0084-0087
Liébert, A. (Alphonse), 1826-1913 or 14--957:0097:0024, 0026
Melandri (Paris, France)--957:0097:0022
Nadar, Félix, 1820-1910--957:0097:0096
Nadar, Paul, 1856-1939--957:0097:0001, 00027
Shneour, Elie A.--997:0105:0027-0028, 0034-0035

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