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Reviewed Titles

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James and Nora: Portrait of Joyce's Marriage
James Joyce
James Joyce - Paul Léon Papers in the National Library of Ireland: A Catalogue
James Joyce & Medicine
James Joyce & the Perverse Ideal
James Joyce 1: "Scribble" 1, Genèse des Textes
James Joyce 1882-1982: Essays
James Joyce 2: "Scribble" 2, Joyce et Flaubert
James Joyce 3: "Scribble" 3, Joyce et l'Italie
James Joyce A to Z: The Essential Reference to the Life and Work
James Joyce als Inspirationsquelle für Joseph Beuys
James Joyce and Absolute Music
James Joyce and After: Writer and Time
James Joyce and Catholicism: The Apostate's Wake
James Joyce and Censorship: The Trials of Ulysses
James Joyce and Critical Theory: An Introduction
James Joyce and German Theory: The Romantic School and All That
James Joyce and Heraldry
James Joyce and His Contemporaries
James Joyce and His Work: Proceedings of the Thirteenth METU British Novelists' Confere...
James Joyce and His World
James Joyce and Italo Svevo: The Story of a Friendship
James Joyce and Medicine
James Joyce and Modern Literature
James Joyce and Modernism: Beyond Dublin
James Joyce and Nationalism
James Joyce and Paul L. Léon: The Story of a Friendship
James Joyce and Sexuality
James Joyce and the Act of Reception: Reading, Ireland, Modernism
James Joyce and the Art of Mediation
James Joyce and the Beginnings of Ulysses
James Joyce and the Burden of Disease
James Joyce and the Craft of Fiction: An Interpretation of Dubliners
James Joyce and the Cultic Use of Fiction
James Joyce and the Difference of Language
James Joyce and the Exilic Imagination
James Joyce and the Fabrication of an Irish Identity
James Joyce and the German Novel, 1922-1933
James Joyce and the Language of History: Dedalus's Nightmare
James Joyce and the Making of Ulysses
James Joyce and the Making of Ulysses and other Writings
James Joyce and the Mullingar Connection
James Joyce and the Mythology of Modernism
James Joyce and the Nineteenth-Century French Novel
James Joyce and the Phenomenology of Film
James Joyce and the Philosophers at Finnegans Wake
James Joyce and the Plain Reader
James Joyce and the Politics of Desire
James Joyce and the Politics of Egoism
James Joyce and the Problem of Justice: Negotiating Sexual and Colonial Difference
James Joyce and the Problem of Psychoanalysis
James Joyce and the Question of History
James Joyce and the Revolt of Love: Marriage, Adultery, Desire
James Joyce and the Revolution of the Word
James Joyce and the Russians
James Joyce and the Tradition of Anti-Colonial Revolution
James Joyce and Trieste
James Joyce and Victims: Reading the Logic of Exclusion
James Joyce Archive
James Joyce auf Deutsch: Möglichkeiten der literarischen Übersetzung
James Joyce Chronology
James Joyce Collection of Alexander Neubauer
James Joyce e la fine del romanzo
James Joyce e sua obra literária
James Joyce és Thomas Mann: Dekadencia és modernség
James Joyce et la création d'Ulysse
James Joyce in 90 Minutes
James Joyce in Context
James Joyce in Italia
James Joyce in Padua
James Joyce in Paris: His Final Years
James Joyce in Spain: A Critical Bibliography (1972-2002)
James Joyce in the Nineteenth Century
James Joyce in the Seventies: The Expanding Dimensions of His Art [Special issue of Stu...
James Joyce in Wiesbaden
James Joyce Liquid Memorial Theatre
James Joyce Literary Supplement
James Joyce Miscellany
James Joyce Miscellany: Second Series
James Joyce Murder
James Joyce ou l'écriture matricide
James Joyce Quarterly
James Joyce Remembered
James Joyce Review, 1, i
James Joyce Revisited
James Joyce Songbook
James Joyce Today: Essays on the Major Works
James Joyce travesti par trois clercs parisiens
James Joyce und die Gegenwart
James Joyce und sein Ulysses
James Joyce Unplugged
James Joyce y la explosión de la palabra: Approximación a la lectura de Finnegans Wake
James Joyce Yearbook
James Joyce, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
James Joyce, Authorized Reader
James Joyce, la vita, le lettere
James Joyce, l'Irlande, le Québec, les mots: essai hilare
James Joyce, Race, and Colonialism
James Joyce, Reader
James Joyce, Science, and Modernist Print Culture: "The Einstein of English Fiction"
James Joyce, scrivere pericolosamente: riflessioni su vita, arte, letteratura
James Joyce, Sexuality and Social Purity
James Joyce, Ulysses, and the Construction of Jewish Identity: Culture, Biography, and ...
James Joyce, Urban Planning, and Irish Modernism: Dublins of the Future
James Joyce. A Student's Guide
James Joyce. Bzzlletin: Literair Magazine
James Joyce. The Citizen and the Artist
James Joyce/Paul Léon Papers in the National Library of Ireland
James Joyce: "gedacht durch meine Augen"
James Joyce: A Beginner's Guide
James Joyce: A Bibliography
James Joyce: A Biography
James Joyce: A Collection of Critical Essays
James Joyce: A Concert of Music
James Joyce: A Critical Guide
James Joyce: A Critical Introduction
James Joyce: A Definitive Biography
James Joyce: A Documentary Volume, Dictionary of Literary Biography, Volume 247
James Joyce: A Guide to Research
James Joyce: A Lecture Delivered in Milan in 1927 by His Friend, Italo Svevo, and Now T...
James Joyce: A Literary Life
James Joyce: A Literary Reference
James Joyce: A New Biography
James Joyce: A New Language: Actas/Proceedings del Simposio Internacional en el Centena...
James Joyce: A Passionate Exile
James Joyce: A Penguin Life
James Joyce: A Portrait of the Artist
James Joyce: A Post-Culturalist Perspective
James Joyce: A Short Introduction
James Joyce: A Student's Guide
James Joyce: A Study of the Short Fiction
James Joyce: An International Perspective: Centenary Essays in Honour of the Late Sir D...
James Joyce: Authorized Reader
James Joyce: Common Sense and Beyond
James Joyce: Dubliners
James Joyce: Dubliners and A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man: A Casebook
James Joyce: Dubliners, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
James Joyce: Ein Leben in sieben Stationen
James Joyce: Epiphanies
James Joyce: Epoche--Werk--Wirkung
James Joyce: Finnegans Wake
"James Joyce: From Stephen to Bloom," [in Psychoanalysts and Literary Process, ed. Fred...
James Joyce: Genie im Patriarchat
James Joyce: His First Forty Years
James Joyce: His Place in World Literature
James Joyce: His Way of Interpreting the Modern World
James Joyce: Interviews and Recollections
James Joyce: introducción crítica
James Joyce: Itinerari Triestini/ Triestine Itineraries
James Joyce: Letters, Manuscripts, and Photographs at Southern Illinois University
James Joyce: Life, Work, and Criticism
James Joyce: límites de lo diáfano
James Joyce: Metamorphosis and Re-Writing
James Joyce: Modern Critical Views
James Joyce: Mündlichkeit und Schriftlichkeit im Spiegel experimenteller Erzählkunst
James Joyce: New Perspectives
James Joyce: Oral and Written Discourse as Mirrored in Experimental Narrative Art
James Joyce: Passionate Exile
James Joyce: portrait de l'auteur en autre lecteur
James Joyce: Portrait of a Dubliner
James Joyce: Reflections of Ireland
James Joyce: Research Opportunities and Dissertation Abstracts
James Joyce: Studien zu Dubliners und Ulysses
James Joyce: Suburban Tenor
James Joyce: Texts and Contexts
James Joyce: The Artist and the Labyrinth
James Joyce: The Augmented Ninth: Proceedings of the Ninth International James Joyce Sy...
James Joyce: The Centennial Symposium
James Joyce: The Citizen and the Artist
James Joyce: The Complete Recordings
James Joyce: The Critical Heritage
James Joyce: The Last Journey
James Joyce: The Lost Notebook
James Joyce: The Study of Languages
James Joyce: The Undiscover'd Country
James Joyce: The Years of Growth, 1882-1915
James Joyce: Two Decades of Criticism
James Joyce: Ulysses
James Joyce: Ulysses; A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
James Joyce: with 124 illustrations
James Joyce`s "Work in Progress": Pre-Book Publications of Finnegans Wake Fragments
James Joyce—Chronik von Leben und Werk
James Joycen Odysseus: kielen ja kerronnan sokkelo
James Joyce's "Fraudstuff"
James Joyce's "Ulysses": Leitbild und Sonderfall der Modern. Vom psychologischen Realis...
James Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
James Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man: A Casebook
James Joyce's Aesthetic Theory: Its Development and Application
James Joyce's Books, Portraits, Manuscripts, Notebooks, Typescripts, Page Proofs, Toget...
James Joyce's Catholic Categories
James Joyce's Catholic Moments
James Joyce's Chamber Music: The Lost Song Settings
James Joyce's Disunited Kingdom and the Irish Dimension
James Joyce's Dublin
James Joyce's Dublin Houses & Nora Barnacle's Galway
James Joyce's Dublin Houses and Nora Barnacle's Galway
James Joyce's Dublin: A Topographical Guide to the Dublin of Ulysses
James Joyce's Dublin: An Annotated Edition
James Joyce's Dubliners
James Joyce's Dubliners: An Annotated Edition
James Joyce's Dubliners: An Illustrated Edition
James Joyce's Dubliners: Critical Essays
James Joyce's Early Fiction: The Biography of a Form
James Joyce's Exiles: A Textual Companion
James Joyce's Finnegans Wake: A Casebook
James Joyce's Ireland
James Joyces Irland
James Joyce's Italian Connection: The Poetics of the Word
James Joyce's Judaic Other
James Joyce's Letters to Sylvia Beach, 1921-1940
James Joyce's Manuscripts & Letters at the University of Buffalo: A Catalogue
James Joyce's Manuscripts: An Index
James Joyce's Metamorphoses
James Joyce's Negations: Irony, Indeterminacy and Nihilism in Ulysses and Other Writing...
James Joyce's Odyssey: A Guide to the Dublin of Ulysses
James Joyce's Other Image: Essays in Joyce Criticism
James Joyce's Own Image: Über die allmähliche Verfertigung der Begriffe "Image" und "Im...
James Joyce's Painful Case
James Joyce's Pauline Vision: A Catholic Exposition
James Joyce's Schooldays
James Joyce's Teaching Life and Methods: Language and Pedagogy in A Portrait of the Art...
James Joyce's Techno-Poetics
James Joyce's The Dead
James Joyce's The Index Manuscript: Finnegans Wake Holograph Workbook VI.B.46
James Joyce's Trieste Library: A Catalogue of Materials at the Harry Ransom Humanities ...
James Joyce's Ulysses
James Joyces Ulysses in vier deutschen Übersetzungen: Samt einem Ausblick auf die niede...
James Joyce's Ulysses: A Book of Many Happy Returns
James Joyce's Ulysses: A Casebook
James Joyce's Ulysses: A Reference Guide
James Joyce's Ulysses: A Study
James Joyce's Ulysses: Critical Essays
James Joyces Ulysses: Leitbild und Sonderfall der Moderne, Von psychologischen Realismu...
James Joyces Ulysses: Versuch einer kultursoziologischen Deutung
James Joyce's World
James, Joyce, and Others
Jazz Modernism: From Ellington and Armstrong to Matisse and Joyce
"Je" devient écrivain: Essai sur Proust et Joyce
Jewish Ireland in the Age of Joyce: A Socioeconomic History
Jewishness and Masculinity from the Modern to the Postmodern
Jews of Ireland: From the Earliest Times to the Year 1910
Jocoserious Joyce: The Fate of Folly in Ulysses
John Millington Synge: A Biography
John Stanislaus Joyce: The Voluminous Life and Genius of James Joyce's Father
Joisu no rabirinsu: wakaki hi no geijutsuka no shozo ni hamaru hoho
Joisu no wana: daburinazu ni hamaru hoho
Joisu o yomu
Joisu tanken
Joisu to shikaku geijutsu: Modanizumu no ninshikironteki tenkai
Journal of Modern Literature
Journey Westward: Joyce, Dubliners and the Literary Revival
Journeys through the Labyrinth: Latin American Fiction in the Twentieth Century
Joyce & Betrayal
Joyce & His Publishers
Joyce & Jung: The "Four Stages of Eroticism" in A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
Joyce & Liberature
Joyce & Paris: 1902.....1920-1940.....1975. Papers from the Fifth International James J...
Joyce & Vico & Linguistic Theory
Joyce Against Theory: James Joyce After Deconstruction
Joyce Among the Jesuits
Joyce and Aquinas
Joyce and Company
Joyce and Dante: The Shaping Imagination
Joyce and Feminism
Joyce and Hagiography: Saints Above!
Joyce and Hauptmann: Before Sunrise: James Joyce's Translation
Joyce and Ibsen: A Study in Literary Influence
Joyce and Jung: Four Stages of Eroticism in A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
Joyce and Militarism
Joyce and Nora: A Portrait of Joyce's Marriage
Joyce and Popular Culture
Joyce and Prose: An Exploration of the Language of Ulysses
Joyce and Reality: The Empirical Strikes Back
Joyce and Shakespeare: A Study in the Meaning of Ulysses
Joyce and the Anglo-Irish: A Study of Joyce and the Literary Revival
Joyce and the Art of Shaving
Joyce and the Bible
Joyce and the City: The Significance of Place
Joyce and the Early Freudians: A Synchronic Dialogue of Texts
Joyce and the G-men: J. Edgar Hoover's Manipulation of Modernism
Joyce and the Invention of Irish History: Finnegans Wake in Context
Joyce and the Jews: Culture and Texts
Joyce and the Joyceans
Joyce and the Law
Joyce and the Law of the Father
Joyce and the Narrative Structure of Incest
Joyce and the Police. Novel: A Forum on Fiction
Joyce and the Scene of Modernity
Joyce and the Subject of History
Joyce and the Two Irelands
Joyce and the Victorians
Joyce and Wagner: A Study of Influence
Joyce and/ in Translation
Joyce Annotated: Notes for Dubliners and A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
Joyce as an Italian Writer: Regarding Scritti Italiani di James Joyce
Joyce at Texas: Essays on the James Joyce Materials at the Humanities Research Center
Joyce avec Lacan
Joyce between Freud and Jung
Joyce Beyond Marx: History and Desire in Ulysses and Finnegans Wake
Joyce Book
Joyce Calendar: A Chronological Listing of Published, Unpublished and Ungathered Corres...
Joyce Country
Joyce Country: Literary Scholarship and Irish Culture
Joyce County: Galway and James Joyce
Joyce e il cinema delle origini: 'Circe'
Joyce Effects: On Language, Theory, and History
Joyce en España (I)
Joyce en España (II)
Joyce et Mallarmé
Joyce et Rabelais: Aspects de la création verbale dans Finnegans Wake
Joyce for Beginners
Joyce für Jedermann: Eine Einführung in das Werk von James Joyce für den einfachen Lese...
Joyce Girl
Joyce i Sverige
Joyce Images
Joyce in America: Cultural Politics and the Trials of Ulysses
Joyce in Art: Visual Art Inspired by James Joyce
Joyce in Context
Joyce in Court
Joyce in Court: James Joyce and the Law
Joyce in Italy, l'italiano in Joyce
Joyce in June
Joyce in Nighttown: A Psychoanalytic Inquiry into Ulysses
Joyce in Rome: The Genesis of Ulysses
Joyce in the Hibernian Metropolis: Essays
Joyce in Trieste: An Album of Risky Readings
Joyce in Zurich
Joyce nel Giardino di Svevo
Joyce of Cooking: Food & Drink from James Joyce's Dublin
Joyce of Music
Joyce og Danmark
Joyce on the Threshold
Joyce Paradox: Form and Freedom in His Fiction
Joyce Studies Annual
Joyce Studies in Italy
Joyce Studies in Italy, 2
Joyce Studies in Italy, n.s. 2: James Joyce, The Recirculation of Realism
Joyce the Creator
Joyce Through Lacan and Žižek: Explorations
Joyce through the Ages: A Nonlinear View
Joyce to the World
Joyce' Ulysses
Joyce und Menippos: "A Portrait of the Artist as an Old Dog"
Joyce und Zürich
Joyce upon the Void: The Genesis of Doubt
Joyce We Knew: Memoirs of Joyce
Joyce y España = Joyce and Spain
Joyce, "Penelope," and the Body
Joyce, Bakhtin, and Popular Literature: Chronicles of Disorder
Joyce, Bakhtin, and the Literary Tradition: Toward a Comparative Cultural Poetics
Joyce, Benjamin and Magical Urbanism
Joyce, Chaos, and Complexity
Joyce, Dante, and the Poetics of Literary Relations: Language and Meaning in Finnegans ...
Joyce, Decadence, and Emancipation
Joyce, Derrida, Lacan, and the Trauma of History
Joyce, Family, Finnegans Wake
Joyce, Give and Take
Joyce, Huston, and the Making of The Dead
Joyce, Imperialism, & Postcolonialism
Joyce, Ireland, Britain
Joyce, Joyceans, and the Rhetoric of Citation
Joyce, Lacan, Ulysse en questions
Joyce, Medicine, and Modernity
Joyce, Milton, and the Theory of Influence
Joyce, Modernity, and Its Mediation
Joyce, O'Casey, and the Irish Popular Theatre
Joyce, Race and Finnegans Wake
Joyce, Race, and Empire
Joyce/ Shakespeare
Joyce/Foucault: Sexual Confessions
Joyce/Lowry: Critical Perspectives
Joyce: A Collection of Critical Essays
Joyce: A Guide for the Perplexed
Joyce: Feminism/ Post/ Colonialism
Joyce: Il mestiere dello scrittore
Joyce: The Man, the Work, the Reputation
Joyce: The Return of the Repressed
Joyce:--A Clew
Joyce’s Dante: Exile, Memory, and Community
Joyce’s Nietzschean Ethics
Joyce-again's Wake: An Analysis of Finnegans Wake
Joycean Cultures/ Culturing Joyces
Joycean Economies: Making Ends Meet
Joycean Frames: Film and the Fiction of James Joyce
Joycean Labyrinth: Repetition, Time, and Tradition in Ulysses
Joycean Legacies
Joycean Monologue: A Study of Ulysses
Joycean Murmoirs: Fritz Senn on James Joyce
Joycean Occasions: Essays from the Milwaukee James Joyce Conference
Joycean Scrapbook from the National Library of Ireland
Joycean Society
Joycean Temporalities: Debts, Promises, and Countersignatures
Joycean Unions: Post-Millennial Essays from East to West
Joycean Way: A Topographic Guide to Dubliners and A Portrait of the Artist as a Young M...
Joyceana: literatura hibernica
Joycechoyce: The Poems in Verse and Prose of James Joyce
Joyceful of Talkatalka: From Friendshapes for Rosa Maria Bollettieri Bosinelli
JoyceMedia: James Joyce, Hypermedia & Textual Genetics
Joyce's "Ithaca"
Joyce's "Wandering Rocks"
Joyce's Abandoned Female Costumes, Gratefully Received
Joyce's Allmaziful Plurabilities: Polyvocal Explorations of Finnegans Wake
Joyce's Anatomy of Culture
Joyce's Audiences
Joyce's Benefictions
Joyce's Book of Memory: The Mnemotechnic of Ulysses
Joyce's Book of the Dark: Finnegans Wake
Joyce's Catholic Comedy of Language
Joyce's Cities: Archaeologies of the Soul
Joyce's City: History, Politics, and Life in Dubliners
Joyce's Comic Portrait
Joyce's Creative Process and the Construction of Characters in Ulysses: Becoming the Bl...
Joyce's Critics: Transitions in Reading and Culture
Joyce's Disciples Disciplined: A Re-Exagmination of the 'Exagmination' of 'Work in Prog...
Joyce's Dislocutions: Essays on Reading as Translation
Joyce's Dublin: A Walking Guide to Ulysses
Joyce's Dubliners: Substance, Vision, and Art
Joyce's Feast of Languages: Seven Essays and Ten Notes
Joyce's Ghosts: Ireland, Modernism, and Memory
Joyce's Grand Operoar: Opera in Finnegans Wake
Joyce's Grandfathers: Myth and History in Defoe, Smollett, Sterne, and Joyce
Joyce's Iritis and the Irritated Text: The Dis-Lexic Ulysses
Joyces Irland
Joyce's Kaleidoscope: An Invitation to Finnegans Wake
Joyce's Lives: The Uses and Abuses of the Biografiend: A Paper to the James Joyce Socie...
Joyce's Love Stories
Joyce's Messianism: Dante, Negative Existence, and the Messianic Self
Joyce's Metamorphosis
Joyce's Misbelief
Joyces Mistakes: Problems of Intention, Irony, and Interpretation
Joyce's Modernism
Joyce's Modernist Allegory: Ulysses and the History of the Novel
Joyce's Moraculous Sindbook: A Study of Ulysses
Joyce's Music and Noise: Theme and Variation in His Writings
Joyce's Notebooks: Publicizing the Private Sphere of Writing
Joyce's Notes and Early Drafts for Ulysses: Selections from the Buffalo Collection
Joyce's Politics
Joyce's Quotations from Aristotle: "Allwisest Stagyrite"
Joyce's Rare View: The Nature of Things in Finnegans Wake
Joyce's Revenge: History, Politics, and Aesthetics in Ulysses
Joyce's Ulysses
Joyce's Ulysses and the Assault upon Character
Joyce's Ulysses as National Epic: Epic Mimesis and the Political History of the Nation ...
Joyce's Ulysses Notesheets in the British Museum
Joyce's Ulysses: A Reader's Guide
Joyce's Ulysses: An Anatomy of the Soul
Joyce's Ulysses: The Larger Perspective
Joyce's Uncertainty Principle
Joyce's Use of Colors: Finnegans Wake and the Earlier Works
Joyce's Victorians
Joyce's Visible Art: The Work of Joyce and the Visual Arts, 1904-1922
Joyce's Voices
Joyce's Waking Women: An Introduction to Finnegans Wake
Joyce's Web: The Social Unraveling of Modernism
Joyicity: Joyce con McLuhan e Lacan
Joysprick: An Introduction to the Language of James Joyce
Justice, History, and Language in James Joyce's Finnegans Wake