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Job 119, Pit and the Pendulum, 1927, 1947

Summary: Bel Geddes's scenarios and sketches for a projected film (not produced) were used in preparation for his autobiography (Miracle in the Evening, 1960, pages 323-326). On the scheduled day of shooting he postponed the film, being in a depressed state at his wife's leaving him. He revived the project idea in 1947 but the film was never made.

Hunter Code: MP 5
Hunter Guide: page 128

Box/Location Folder Description
theater box 113 e 1-3 Preliminary Sketches --- 32 Settings and scene sketches, 4 costumes, 3 properties, stage plot.
theater box 113 j 1, 1a Correspondence --- NBG - Leland Hayward. Howard Dietz - Paul Strand 1927. George Haight 1947. Work plan, notes, copyright application.
theater box 113 k 1 Script --- Scenario 3rd revision w/ ms. notes.
theater box 113 k 2 Script --- Sixth rev. w/ ms. notes.
theater box 113 k 3-4 Script --- 'The Pit and the Pendulum of Edgar Allen Poe' c1927.
theater box 113 p 1 Production Specifications --- Settings, costumes, properties, lighting.
theater box 113 p 2 Production Specifications --- Budgets and cost estimates 1927.
theater box 113 y 1 Autobiograpy draft excerpts.