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Job 125, Hansel and Gretel, 1927-1930

Summary: Hansel and Gretel was adapted for marionettes by the puppeteer Harry Burnett. The production was part of a partnership between Burnett and Bel Geddes. Burnett had spent a few months in the winter of 1927 in Europe researching marionette theaters, and upon his return he engaged Geddes to design two marionette productions and a traveling marionette theater. Geddes designed the puppets, settings, lighting, costumes, and properties for the play, which was staged and performed in the Mobile Marionette Theatre.

Harry Burnett's Marionettes, formerly the Yale Puppeteers, toured Geddes's Hansel and Gretel and Bluebeard around the northeastern United States in the mobile theater from 1928 to 1930. The puppeteers included Dorothy Scott, George Cotton, and Robert Cressy. The production also featured music by Forman Brown. Some of the puppets from Hansel and Gretel were later hung on the celebrity wall of Harry Burnett's Turnabout Theatre in Hollywood, California.

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Hunter Guide: page 109

Box/Location Folder Description
flat file b 1-2 Renderings --- 'Sandman' and 'Father'.
theater box 96 c 1-3 Costume Renderings --- Photostats of sketches.
theater box 96 c 4 Costume specifications.
flat file d 1 Drawings --- Details.
theater box 96 h 1 Photographs --- Prints of renderings, captions.
negative box 38 h 2a Photographs --- 2 Negatives of Ariane. [1 damaged]
negative box 38 h 2b Photographs --- 4 Negatives. [2 damaged]
theater box 96 h 3 Photographs --- Photos of Burnett puppet.
flat file n 1 Photostats --- Puppet rendering.