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Simmons Company Twin Day Bed

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Norman Bel Geddes Database

Job 136, Simmons Company, 1928-1939

Summary: In 1928 Bel Geddes was commissioned by the Simmons Company of Chicago to create a line of modern bedroom furniture. Unlike the modernized classicism of American furniture inspired by French designers, Geddes’s steel furniture, with its right-angled lines and smooth surfaces, looked to the designers of the German Bauhaus or the Dutch DeStijl movement. For the company, Geddes not only designed individual pieces but full ensembles. Previously, Simmons only made beds and nightstands, to which Geddes added dressing tables, a highboy, and various chairs.

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Box/Location Folder Description
box 7 136.1 Memo of agreement (copy) 1Oct1928 (1939).
box 7 136.2 69 Sketches.
flat file 136.1 1 Sketch, 2 drawings.
damaged flat files, drawer 1 136.1 9 Drawings, 1 sketch, drawing fragments.
box 7 136.3 Photo Record Copy Book captions and Photograph Record sheets.
photo box 2 136.1 30 Record Copy photographs of furniture and of renderings.
box 7 136.4 Photostat. Captions.
photo box 2 136.2 51 Publicity photographs.
box 7 136.5 Publicity clippings, 1929-1930.
flat box 1b 136.1 Publicity clippings, 1929-1930 (continued).