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Maurice Goldberg (b. Russia, 1881-1949)
Lazyboy radio cabinet
Gelatin silver print

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Norman Bel Geddes Database

Job 199, Philco Radio, 1930-1932, 1946, 1955

Summary: Bel Geddes conducted a market survey and designed a line of radio cabinets for Philadelphia Storage Battery Company. Philco Radio (job 199) consolidates job files for individual cabinet designs: Highboy; Lowboy; Tabourette; Baby Grand Table Model; Lowboy #94; Baby Grand Console; Baby Grand Phonograph; Combination; Textiles for Cabinets; Grilles for Cabinets; Clock; Escutcheons; Grandfather's Clock; Window Display; Bookcase; Desk Radio Cabinet; Table Model Radio; and Midget.

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Box/Location Folder Description
box 10 199.1 Contract Sep1930. Patent application, amendments Sep1931. Copyright registration receipts of photos of Highboy, Lowboy, Radio Automatic Phonograph Combination, End Table Radio Cabinet.
box 10 199.2 Client correspondence 1931-1932. Case History 1946.
box 10 199.3 Meeting minutes 1931. Design assignments Dec1930. Cost estimates; budget remittances Oct1930-Apr1931.
box 11 199.4 Marketing survey questionnaires, correspondence, response summaries 1930-1931. Survey Cost (Philco and Standard Gas Equipment).
box 11 199.5 3 Sketches.
box 11 199.6-8 Record Copy Book, captions, labels.
box 11 199.9-10 Publicity clippings 1931-1932.
photo box 4 199.1-3 12 Record Copy Book photographs of prototypes. 33 photos of prototypes, 6 of existing product.
negative box 42 199.1 35 Negatives. [nitrate]
negative box 2 199.2a 35 Negatives. [continued]
negative box 42 199.2b 35 Negatives. (continued) [nitrate]
oversize box 7 199.1-2 Publicity clippings 1931-1932, 1955.
object 199.1 Prototype "Lazyboy" end table radio cabinet (23 x 23 x 13 3/4 inches).