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Norman Bel Geddes (American, 1893-1958)
Second floor cutaway for House Number 3
Ink, wash, and gouache on board

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Norman Bel Geddes Database

Job 206, Ladies' Home Journal House #3, 1929-1956

Summary: Geddes’s House Number 3 included numerous advances that he hoped would make domestic life simpler and more hygienic. One such innovation was the house’s two-car garage with a turntable that allowed motorists to easily drive in and out. The house also had hermetically sealed windows for germ-free living and mechanized one-piece bath units.

Geddes designed the small house, its arrangement, furnishings and furniture. The material was used in a Ladies Home Journal article in April 1931 and in Horizons, Chapter 6, "New Houses for Old."

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Box/Location Folder Description
object 206.1 Model (model is 22 x 22 1/4 x 8 1/2 inches; box is 17 x 28 x 28 inches).
box 11 206.1 Outline, notes, drafts "Upstairs, Downstairs and in My Lady's Chamber" for NBG articles numbered 2,3,4,6,7.
box 11 206.2 Research Data --- Transcriptions of articles by others Nov1929-Jan1931.
box 11 206.3 43 Preliminary sketches of kitchen, study, and furniture.
damaged flat box 6 206.1 7 Presentation renderings.
box 11 206.4 1 Rendering. Schedule of renderings. Captions for photos of renderings.
photo box 4 206.1 13 Photographs of renderings of rooms, details, and exterior & floor cutaways.
flat file 206.1a Renderings --- First floor cutaway view.
flat file 206.1b Renderings --- Second floor cutaway view.
damaged flat files, drawer 1 206.1 8 Drawings of elevations, 1st & 2nd floor plans, 2 sketches of rooms. 4 blueprints isometrics.
box 11 206.5 Captions c1930.
photo box 4 206.2 23 Photographs of model.
flat file 206.2 2 Photographs of model.
box 11 206.6 Photograph Record Copy Book --- Mounted photos of model with labels.
negative box 2 206.1a 7 Negatives (7 only found 10Dec1990, folder labeled 8). [1 damaged]
negative box 42 206.1b 7 Negatives. (continued) [nitrate]
box 11 206.7 Publicity photostat of "Ten Years from Now". Edison clipping 1931. Letter rec. 1956. 4 Exhibit labels.
oversize box 7 206.1 Ten Years from Now LHJ (Jan1931) offprint.
flat box 1e 206.5 Duplicates of "Ten Years from Now" LHJ (Jan1931) offprint.
oversize box 7 206.2 The House of Tomorrow LHJ (Apr1931) offprint.
flat file 206.3 The House of Tomorrow LHJ (Apr1931) mounted offprint.
box 11 206.8 Ten Years from Now Readers Digest (Feb1931).
box 11 206.9 The House of Tomorrow Readers Digest (May1931).