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Job 19, New York International Theatre Exhibitions, 1926, 1934

Summary: The Theatre Guild, the Provincetown Players, the Greenwich Theatre, and the Neighborhood Playhouse presented the International Theatre Exposition in 1926. Included were models, masks, figures, and renderings for Divine Comedy, and models for Arabesque, Jeanne D'Arc, and Mother of Christ.

The International Exhibition of Theatre Art at the Museum of Modern Art in January 1934 presented material from Divine Comedy, King Lear, Lazarus Laughed, and Aida.

Hunter Code: XH 7
Hunter Guide: page 252

Box/Location Folder Description
theater box 200 i 1 Publicity --- Clippings 1926.
theater box 200 i 2 Publicity --- Little Review XI (Winter 1926).
theater box 200 j 2 Correspondence --- NBG - John Mason Brown et al. Jan-Oct1926.
theater box 200 m 1 Programs --- Museum of Modern Art Catalog Jan1934.
theater box 200 o 1 Inventory and insurance valuation.
theater box 200 x 1 4 Exhibit Labels.