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Maurice Goldberg (b. Russia, 1881-1949)
Mode of Streamlined Railway Train
Ca. 1932
Gelatin silver print

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Norman Bel Geddes Database

Job 245, Streamlined Railway Train, 1930-1933

Summary: Increased passenger comfort was Geddes’s principal objective in this 1931 design. Planned amenities included conditioned air, swivel armchairs, three-quarter size beds rather than berths in sleeping cars, and a full in-train telephone system. Geddes introduced material and maintenance improvements as well. Aluminum bodies increased train speed, and lowered car heights reduced the risks of tipping. All projections were enclosed in a smooth shell of metal and glass, and cars were connected with telescoping bellows to eliminate vacuums. Modern materials reduced overall maintenance needs.

Geddes's high-speed, light-weight "train of the future" was a design featured in Horizons (job 237).

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Box/Location Folder Description
box 12 245.1 1 Preliminary sketch, 1 drawing, 1930, 1932. Patent filing, 1934.
flat box 2 245.1 Preliminary sketch, [1930].
box 12 245.2 Photostats of drawings & page layout for Horizons. Exhibit labels.
box 12 245.3 Photograph Record Copy Book captions, labels.
photo box 5 245.1 24 Record Copy photographs of renderings and of model (some with captions).
negative box 3 245.1 6 Negatives (separation sheet indicates 8).
photo box 5 245.2 1 Photostat of Horizons plate.
oversize box 7 245.1 Data --- Clippings of existing RR locomotives, interiors.
photo box 5 245.3 Data --- 1 Photograph of locomotive.
damaged box 11 245.1 Data --- Clippings 1933-1950s.
box 12a 245.4 Publicity --- Clipping "R.R. Futurity" 1933.
box 12a 245.5 Publicity --- 17 Exhibit labels.