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Norman Bel Geddes Database

Job 286, Drawings and Designs of Others, ca. 1835, 1914-1950s

Summary: This material includes various artist's renderings, prints, sketches, and clippings given to or collected by Bel Geddes, and having no direct connection with his work.

Hunter Code: PD
Hunter Guide: page 313

Box/Location Folder Description
theater box 136 PD 1 Abstract designs from a variety of sources.
flat file PD 2 Costume Renderings --- Clippings of Bakst designs.
theater box 136 PD 3 Scene Renderings --- Clippings and photographs re Robert Edmond Jones.
theater box 136 PD 4 Clippings.
theater box 136 PD 5 Preliminary Sketches.
theater box 136 PD 6 Sketches by unidentified artists.
flat file PD 7 Etching by Edward Penfield.
flat file PD 8 Pattern design by Matt Kahn.
flat file PD 9 Caricatures by S.E.M.
flat file PD 10 Sketches by Claude Bragdon.
flat file PD 11 Photograph 'Still Life' by Bruguière.
flat file PD 12-14 Designs by Simon Lissim.
theater box 136 PD 15 Simon Lissim exhibits and data.
flat file PD 16-19 Designs by Alexandra Exter.
flat box 5a PD 20 Costume design by Robert Edmond Jones for Portia in The Merchant of Venice, 1938.
flat file PD 21 "Crater in the Island of Volcano" [Stromboli]. Lithograph pub. by R. Bowyer, 1809.
object PD 22 English juggler marionette, ca. 1835, suspended in plexiglass case.
theater box 136 PD 23 Undated sketchbook with drawing of English juggler marionette; exhibit label for marionette.
flat file PD 24 Undated photograph of set design for Winterset by Jo Mielziner.