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Presentation book for Geddes's Prefabricated House showing unassembled model

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Norman Bel Geddes Database

Job 400, Housing Corporation of America, 1939-1943

Summary: Included here are materials for a Housing Corporation of America prefabricated housing plan designed by Bel Geddes in 1940-1941, the Defense House No. 7 for Norman K. Winston, and model houses for Revere Copper and Brass advertisements.

For a more detailed description of holdings, see Kristen Noel Brown, House Designs of Norman Bel Geddes: Four Projects from the Collection of the Harry Ransom Center (University of Texas at Austin thesis, 2007).

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Box/Location Folder Description
box 23 400.1 Housing Corporation of America --- Summary Report on Design 1940. Presentation to President of US 1939.
box 23 400.2 Housing Corporation of America --- Design budget estimates; housing cost estimate 1940.
box 23 400.3 Housing Corporation of America --- Correspondence 1940-1941.
box 23 400.4 Winston Houses --- Prefabricated House No. 7 or Defense House - Correspondence; meeting minutes; specifications; cost estimates; clippings 1942.
box 23 400.5 Prefabricated House --- Correspondence 1941-1945.
flat file 400.1 Prefabricated House --- Publicity clippings 1941-1942.
box 23 400.6 Prefabricated House --- Publicity - Revere Copper and Brass "Better Living" booklet, photo captions, negative envelope.
photo box 11 400.1 24 Photographs of model.
negative box 10 400.1 18 Negatives. [14 damaged]
photo box 11 400.2 8 Photos --- Not for Publication - Popular Mechanic.
flat box 11c 400.1 Presentation book.