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Page from presentation book for Office of Naval Intelligence ship identification
20 February 1942

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Norman Bel Geddes Database

Job 446, Ship Identification - USN, 1941-1944

Summary: This job for the Office of Naval Intelligence involved photographing 50 naval vessel models for target identification.

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Box/Location Folder Description
box 29 446.1 Contract 30Dec1941.
box 29 446.2 Calendar of documents sent and received 30Dec1941-6Mar1942.
box 29 446.3 Correspondence, memos Oct1941-May1942. Schedule of Work Jan1942. Clipping. "A Submarine Range Finder" presentation book.
box 29 446.4 Photographic Schedules Feb1942.
box 29 446.5 Ship numbers, wire specifications for models.
box 29 446.6 Blueprint, 2 photostats with ms. notes Jan1942.
photo box 14 446.1 20 Photographs of ship models, ship, and model making.
negative box 46 446.1 27 Negatives. [nitrate]